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Europe says ‘be our guest’ to Disney Magical World

It’s the circle of life; first a game hits Japan, then North America and then Europe. Heigh-ho, Europe, maybe you should let it go and be happy 3DS game Disney Magical World will be a part of your world on October 24. So, Euro-friends, can you feel…
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Blog: One simple hack to crack IAPs in the developing world

“Why is it that you are able to get the same levels of engagement and retention from the developing world but not the same percentage of payers and pretty much no monetization at all?” …

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How Big Is Sunset Overdrive’s World? That’s The Wrong Question

In the latest episode of Insomniac’s Sunset TV, we get a new look at Sunset City. A number of people have inquired about the city’s size. It turns out that question might not be the right one.

“It’s kind of hard to compare it to other games sizewise just because the game is so dense,” says Insomniac’s Brandon Winfrey, the host of Sunset TV. “It wasn’t built flat, it was built with many layers.”

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There’s a lot of verticality, and traversal is a big part of Sunset Overdrive gameplay. Winfrey does share that there is a fast-travel system, though.

Sunset Overdrive will be at San Diego Comic Con. There’s a panel hosted by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb at 5:00 p.m. Pacific on July 24. There, Insomniac will be talking about more of the character customization options. Additionally, the game is playable at the Xbox booth and the Xbox Gaming Lounge. For more Sunset Overdrive, check out our hands-on preview. – The Feed

FIFA 15′s global cover star just lost the World Cup

FIFA 15′s cover athlete is Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, marking the Argentinian footballer’s third consecutive year on the series’ box (his fourth being 2012′s FIFA Street). Messi will be the lone global star on the game’s cover, though EA says regional…
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New Nintendo eShop releases: One Piece Unlimited World Red, Bases Loaded

Just five new releases on the eShop in North America this week, and … nope, not one of them is Pokemon Trading Card Game. Sorry, Poke-trainers, the 3DS Virtual Console port of the Game Boy Color classic is staying in Europe for now, it seems.

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PSN Tuesday: Another World, The Wolf Among Us finale

This week’s PSN Tuesday is out of this world, headlined by classic adventure game Another World 20th Anniversary Edition on PS4, PS3 and Vita as a Cross-Buy for $ 8. In other tri-platform Cross-Buy news, there’s cheesy puzzle game Mousecraft for $ 15….
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Create A New World And History In Dwarf Fortress With Updated Visuals

Dwarf Fortress, possibly one of the deepest
and most complex video games you've never heard about, is now playable in isometric
3D thanks to Stonesense, a team of modders.

The base game, released in 2006, has visuals
composed entirely of ASCII. Stonesense has taken upon itself to create a more
visually appealing way to play the game.

Click to enlarge.

Dwarf Fortress is a city-builder type game that has gained plenty of popularity throughout the years due to
its complexity. Each playthrough seeks to create a deep and unique procedurally
generated adventure. To get a glimpse of how large these worlds can get, click the image below.

Click to enlarge.

For those who
feel like they're up for the challenge, the game is free-to-play. Keep in
mind though: this game is notoriously difficult and you may lose quite a number
of times. If that's your cup of tea, check out some more games that'll have you
dying left and right.

[Source: Wired]


Our Take
I had heard of Dwarf Fortress in the past but I
never got around to checking it out. Knowing more about it now, however, I might give it a look. – The Feed

Sales in the Brave New Steam World

“In the past a few developers have been open… but nothing for this quickly changing Steam world. I want to continue this spirit of open development and share what the first month of sales on Steam has been like for Crea.” …

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Stiq Figures, June 23 – 29: Never want to leave this world edition

Crafting enticing fantasy content is tough. Plenty of games struggle just with developing an enjoyable protagonist, let alone an entertaining cast and an involving reason to see the journey’s end. All of that imagination ultimately constructs a…
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Motor World: Car Factory studio receives $4M in funding

Oh Bibi, the French studio behind popular mobile free-to-play game Motor World: Car Factory, has received 3 million euros ($ 4.1 million) in funding for its next game. …

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