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Blizzard To Allow Players To Buy World Of Warcraft Gold With Real Money

Blizzard has taken a significant step away from subscriptions in World of Warcraft. The company has announced a plan to let players exchange in-game gold for game time, but also real money for gold.

This will work via the “WoW Token” system. Players will be able to purchase tokens via the real money shop. These are then sold at the auction house, where players can spend gold on them. When redeemed, each token is worth one month of game time.

The flip side is that players will be able to receive in-game gold via a real money purchase (via a two-step process). The amount of gold will be set by the WoW economy, which varies by server and time. Players will receive the amount quoted at the time of listing regardless of sale price. 

The token system will arrive in an upcoming patch. Pricing details have yet to be announced.

Blizzard says it is implementing the system to provide a secure method for players to purchase gold (something that was previously prohibited). The publisher says that third-party gold purchases are a leading cause of compromised accounts.

[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
This is an enormous change to World of Warcraft, even though it mirrors the PLEX system used in EVE Online. It will be extremely interesting to watch the in-game economy once this goes into effect. – The Feed

Square Enix Removes The World Ends With You From iOS App Store

Square Enix has removed one of its titles from the iOS App Store. The World Ends With You, originally released on Nintendo DS in 2008, received an iOS overhaul that made it compatible with a single screen in 2012.

Unfortunately, the game had significant problems on Apple’s latest mobile operating system (iOS 8). The issues were so widespread that Square Enix decided to remove the game from the storefront while it works on repairs.

“Upon examining the impact of recent iOS updates to the title, we determined that the affected areas were greater than originally assumed,” a representative told us via email. “We were working to address this matter, however, the title has been regrettably pulled from the Store. Square Enix is actively working with all related parties to make available the software update; however at this time, we are unable to communicate a clear and adequate timeline.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to determine a solution.”

The iPhone version of the game was priced at $ 18, with the iPad version at $ 20. While those that did purchase it can still download the title, if you’ve upgraded your operating system, you’re likely to have problems. 

We’ll let you know as soon as we receive word of the title’s return to the app store.

[Source: Siliconera]


Our Take
When this returns to the App Store (and gets a clean bill of health), I strongly urge you to check this out. Even if you’ve played the original on DS, the changes made to put things on single touch screen are brilliant. It’s worth the $ 20 price of entry. I just hope I can play it again some time soon. – The Feed

World Of Tanks Fires On Xbox One This Year

World of Tanks took the number five spot in MMO revenue in 2014 with active communities on PC and Xbox 360. Last year, World of Tanks beat out Dota 2, Hearthstone, and Counter-Strike Online in the online gaming earnings list.

Wargaming has announced plans to add another platform this year, giving console gamers more opportunity to take to the battlefield. The company says that an Xbox One version is in development, with plans to launch some time in 2015. 

Xbox 360 players will be able to transfer their accounts and progress when the new version launches. The platforms will communicate also, so you can continue playing with your friends, even if they haven’t upgraded consoles yet.

[Source: IGN, Superdata Image: World of Tanks on Xbox 360]


Our Take
With Wargaming’s continued success, this is a logical move. As more players upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, this ensures that World of Tanks fans will be able to keep playing (and spending money). – The Feed

World Video Game Hall of Fame coming, from noted museum ICHEG

Nominations are soon to open for an exhibit to showcase games that have had an enduring legacy — and the first inductees will be revealed in June at The Strong National Museum of Play. …

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct Showcases Vast World, 4 Player Online Quests Confirmed

Earlier this morning Nintendo released a promotional video for Xenoblade Chronicles X showcasing the expansive size of the world. The trailer begins with showing the player-created character (who can be male or female) landing on the outskirts of New Los Angeles after escaping an epic space battle. The first party member Elma discovers our hero and guides them back to New Los Angeles.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Elma and new characters Rin, a mechanic with monado hair pins, and a Noppon named Tashi narrate the video going forward. Elma walks us through New Los Angeles showing off the urban areas that include restaurants and shops, a garage housing all the Dolls (the mechs in Xenoblade Chronicles X), a large park area, and finally a residential area. A brief explanation is provided that there are different factions you can join up with.

Rin walks us through how to explore the vast environments in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She starts by directing us through the gamepad functions and how the map is divided into hexagons. The hexagonal grid is most important. One of your goals in Xenoblade Chronicles X is to create an information network by establishing data probes on the map. Once a probe is set, you can reveal information on surrounding areas such as treasure and monster data. Rin wishes us “good luck on getting 100%!”

Quests are returning in Xenoblade Chronicles X as well as the affinity system that shows the map of character relationships. The trailer shows you accepting quests from multiple characters throughout new Los Angeles including a burly guy named Vandam.

At this point we are given a walkthrough of each of the continents by Tashi. In addition to the starting continent, we are shown the forest, the desert, the arctic tundra and finally the volcanic continents. Landmarks are back providing fast travel destinations and not only can you jump across the environment, you can now dash. Two new features are added to make exploring the environments easier than ever. The Navigation Ball guides you to the waypoints you set on the map, while the Hover Camera allows you to survey the surroundings from above.

The Dolls are perhaps the most exciting way to navigate the environment. As seen previously the Dolls can transform into a car to travel the ground quickly or enter a flight mode to fly around. The trailer confirms that the Dolls can enter areas that you can’t reach on foot.

From here the trailer showcases off the large variety of enemies you fight from the human-sized alien animals up to the giant dinosaurs. We also get a look at the races that populate the world including the Noppon and new races like the Mano. The trailer concludes promising more information next time.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is now up for preloading in Japan, and from the product listing on the Japanese eShop we've learned the game will feature 4 player online quests. Siliconera confirms there will be a 32 player online mode where you can exchange information and items.

[Source : Nintendo, Siliconera] – The Feed

Westone co-founder working on Monster World successor

Westone Bit Entertainment co-founder Ryuichi Nishizawa has partnered with indie developer Game Atelier to produce a spiritual successor to Sega’s Monster World series, publisher FDG Games confirmed this week.

Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze will…
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Lego Jurassic World, Lego Marvel’s Avengers announced

No word yet if Lego Chris Pratt will feature those Guardians of the Galaxy abs, but he will feature in the upcoming Lego Jurassic World. Also announced this morning is Lego Marvel’s Avengers. Although that’s quite exciting, there’s still a part of us…
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The Witcher 3 on consoles can simulate world states, can’t import Witcher 2 saves

On PC, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can import a Witcher 2 save file to “impact your playthrough” of the third entry, but on consoles CD Projekt is taking a different approach. In a roundtable interview Level Designer Miles Tost told Joystiq that The Wit…
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Silence: The Whispered World 2 also has words for the PS4

Alongside its “early 2015″ PC, Mac and Xbox One debut, publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced that lovely, snowbound adventure Silence: The Whispered World 2 will be released on the PlayStation 4.

A sequel to 2010′s The Whispered World, Sile…
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Theatrhythm’s new DLC Beat stars The World Ends with You

Theatrhythm Curtain Call continues to ignore its Final Fantasy prefix by adding The World Ends with You music as part of the latest DLC batch. “Twister,” the 2007 JRPG’s theme song , and “Calling” are two of six new tracks available now in the 3DS rh…
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