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Lego Jurassic World, Lego Marvel’s Avengers announced

No word yet if Lego Chris Pratt will feature those Guardians of the Galaxy abs, but he will feature in the upcoming Lego Jurassic World. Also announced this morning is Lego Marvel’s Avengers. Although that’s quite exciting, there’s still a part of us…
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The Witcher 3 on consoles can simulate world states, can’t import Witcher 2 saves

On PC, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can import a Witcher 2 save file to “impact your playthrough” of the third entry, but on consoles CD Projekt is taking a different approach. In a roundtable interview Level Designer Miles Tost told Joystiq that The Wit…
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Silence: The Whispered World 2 also has words for the PS4

Alongside its “early 2015″ PC, Mac and Xbox One debut, publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced that lovely, snowbound adventure Silence: The Whispered World 2 will be released on the PlayStation 4.

A sequel to 2010′s The Whispered World, Sile…
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Theatrhythm’s new DLC Beat stars The World Ends with You

Theatrhythm Curtain Call continues to ignore its Final Fantasy prefix by adding The World Ends with You music as part of the latest DLC batch. “Twister,” the 2007 JRPG’s theme song , and “Calling” are two of six new tracks available now in the 3DS rh…
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Gaming philosopher Pippin Barr takes on the art world


Pippin Barr – game developer, philosopher, artist – has launched a game within a picture frame, complete with the player’s own reflection transposed in real-time over the glass. The game is a snippet from one of Barr’s earlier works, Let’s Pl…
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2015 World Championship Screens Show Off Smite On Xbox One

The 2015 Smite World Championship happened this weekend, and with it comes new screens for the upcoming Xbox One version of the game.

You can check out the new screens collected below, as well as lots of pictures from the championship event.

The tournament came down to two teams (as competitive events typically do): Cognitive Prime from North America Titan from Europe. Cognitive Prime came out on top taking home the $ 2,612,610 prize.

The event had more than one million views watching on Twitch, making it the most viewed stream this weekend.

Smite is coming to Xbox One later this year.

For more on Smite, you can check out our review of the PC game by heading here. You can also check out a recent cinematic trailer for the game below.

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Reader Discussion: Do You Prefer Open World Or Linear Experiences?

There's plenty of room for both types of games, but do you have a preference?

One of the themes of my personal top five games of last generation list was how much I enjoy linear, directed experiences. I love games like The Last of Us and Half-Life 2 that have dedicated paths leading to specific storytelling and gameplay moments, but I have also been playing a lot of Far Cry 4 the last few weeks and have been having a great time.

What type of game do you prefer? Or do you like having a cross-section of both? – The Feed

Smite To Be Playable On Xbox One At World Championships

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that its Xbox One-bound MOBA Smite will be playable on that platform by the public for the first time soon. The game will make an appearance at the title’s World Championships event in January.

Eight teams will be competing for $ 1.7 million January 9 through 11. Visitors to the event will be able to catch the action live and try Smite on Microsoft’s latest console first.

Hi-Rez says that the Xbox One version will also have tournaments, with hopes that it will find purchase in the competitive scene on that platform. For more on Smite on Xbox One, you can read PC editor Dan Tacks’ take on why its an important title for the platform. A beta is planned for early 2015.

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I’ve dabbled in MOBAs and have enjoyed what I’ve played so far. I know I’m more likely to find a regular group to play with on console though, so I’m eager to check out Smite when it hits Xbox One. – The Feed

Play Elegy for a Dead World the write way on Steam today

Elegy for a Dead World is available now on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, 10 percent off ($ 13.50) through December 17. Elegy for a Dead World is a game about writing and a lesson in British Romantic poetry – players travel to far-off, alien planets and…
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Thank the Mario Maker for including SMB 3, World themes

As revealed at The Game Awards, Nintendo’s pumped some new features into Mario Maker since we last saw it at E3. The Wii U’s DIY outfit lets you switch between Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World themes, in addition to old-school SMB1 and new-s…
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