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BioWare working with indie studio on secret story-driven project

BioWare is working with indie studio Failbetter Games on an unannounced project, with the smaller London-based company helping the Mass Effect behemoth out with something story-driven. …

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Three design lessons from working with RPG legend Ken Rolston

Before working as a script producer on The Elder Scrolls Online, Alex Horn worked with Ken Rolston of Morrowind and Oblivion fame. Here’s what Hornlearned. …

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Cryptozoic Entertainment Working On Portal Board Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment announced that it is working on a tabletop game based on Valve's popular puzzle series Portal. Cryptozoic is also working on games based on The Walking Dead and NHL.

Cryptozoic Entertainment has previously worked on games for properties like Street Fighter, Penny Arcade, and Hawken, but during the American International Toy Fair last week, the company released a few details about its upcoming Portal game.

The game is tentatively titled Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game and is designed for two to four players. The company is working with some of the designers of the games to deliver a unique narrative experience. The retail package will come with custom playing pieces that include test subjects, sentry turret, weighted companion cube, and of course cake. Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game will release sometime in the fall for $ 50.

[Source: Cryptozoic via Polygon]


Our Take
This sounds cool to me. I love Portal and enjoy board games. However, I question how a board game can capture the spirit of Valve's popular puzzle game, but since Cryptozoic is working with some of the original designers, I'm willing to give them the benefit of a doubt. – The Feed

Gearbox Not Currently Working On Borderlands 3

In a recent interview, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford says
Borderlands fans shouldn't be expecting a new sequel anytime soon.

with Polygon
, Pitchford says that Gearbox definitely wants to do Borderlands
3, but isn't ready to tackle it just yet. "We love Borderlands, and we
know customers do too," Pitchford says. "So we will be doing more in
Borderlands. But the thing that – when you think of what Borderlands 3 should be…no.
We are not developing that right now. We don't know what that is yet. We can
imagine what it must achieve, but we don't know what it is yet."

Pitchford also told Polygon that the developer has a number
of projects in the works, including two new, unannounced IPs for next-gen
systems, and a new Homeworld game, which Gearbox bought
the rights to
in the THQ auction. Pitchford covers a lot of ground in the
interview, so click the link below to check it out.

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
Borderlands has become Gearbox's
signature franchise, so it's a bit surprising that the developer isn't starting
work on a sequel. However, Gearbox's missteps with Alien:
Colonial Marines
and Duke
Nukem Forever
have tarnished the developer's good name; I'm glad to see the
studio isn't rushing its most beloved franchise and wants to deliver something
that lives up to fans' expectations. I'm certainly willing to wait for it. – The Feed

Starbound developer Chucklefish working on a second game

Chucklefish is looking to ramp up development on another game. While the studio is hard at work on bringing Starbound out of beta, Chucklefish is putting together a second, separate team in the UK to work on something new.

Chucklefish assures this…
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Gunpoint dev working on stealth space game Heat Signature

Tom Francis, the developer behind Gunpoint, has announced one of his new projects, Heat Signature. It’s a stealth game, set in space, in which you stalk randomly generated ships and board them.

Stealth isn’t so much about the enemy ship’s …
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Ubisoft Working To Reinstate Watch Dogs Trademark

Since the delay of Watch Dogs in October 2013, there has been a number of rumors that the title has been canceled on one or more platforms. The latest flurry of activity comes from a Watch Dogs trademark (one of six) that is being reported as abandoned.

We spoke with Ubisoft, which clarified the matter for us. “We are working directly with the USPTO on reinstating the trademark for Watch Dogs and it will be active again in the coming days,” a representative told Game Informer. "The matter has no impact on Watch Dogs' development."

At this time, the game is reportedly still in development for all announced platforms. This includes Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC.

[Source: USPTO (1), (2)]


Our Take
The late-cycle delay of Watch Dogs was a surprise, which has left many wondering about the title’s future. At this time, there is no cause for alarm. As soon as Ubisoft resurfaces the title, we’ll have more information. – The Feed

Nintendo working on non-wearable health monitoring tech

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata revealed the company is looking into non-wearable health monitors during a financial briefing in Japan today. New details on this venture, Iwata said, would be revealed this year, with a planned launch for Nintendo’s fiscal …
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DuckTales Remastered dev working on new Wonder Momo game

DuckTales Remastered and Double Dragon: Neon developer WayForward revealed that it is working on a follow-up to Namco’s 1987 arcade game Wonder Momo, due for release in the first quarter of this year for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

The …
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Cliff Bleszinski Will Not Be Working On Next Gears Game

Since this morning’s announcement that the Gears of War franchise and series producer Rod Fergusson are both now with Microsoft, many have wondered whether former Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski would be lured back to the series. In a new blog post, Bleszinski puts the conversation to rest.

“I’m not going to move to Vancouver and work on it,” Bleszinski writes. “I’m not going to consult on it.” Despite the firm statement, he heaps praise on Fergusson, who will have a “key leadership role” at new Gears studio Black Tusk.

“I don’t think the franchise could be in better hands,” Bleszinski writes. He also notes that Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer went out of his way to make sure Bleszinski knew about the change before it happened. 

As for what Bleszinski will do next, he only offers hope. “Fingers crossed there will be news soon.”

[Source: Cliff Bleszinski]


Our Take
Even though Bleszinski has distanced himself from the Gears of War series, he still remains connected to it in the minds of fans. This well-written post acknowledges fans and offers support to colleagues during the transition. Bleszinski didn’t need to throw his support behind Microsoft and Fergusson, but doing so was a classy move that should put some fans’ minds at ease. – The Feed