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A Corgi Gun? XCOM 2 Mod Support Is Working As Intended

XCOM 2 is out today, and modders are already starting to flex their muscles. You can add submachine guns to your arsenal. A Muton Centurion enemy type can show up and give your squad trouble with another user-created add-on. Oh, and then there’s a corgi gun.

The ACORG-47 transforms your weapon into the most vicious of animals: the Welsh Corgi. This diminutive dog should not be underestimated. Because it shoots bullets.

Creator JonTerp set out to replace the floating Gremlin bot with a corgi, but was unable to make it work. In a freak experiment, he was able to get the gun model to change and, thus, the ACORG-47 was born.

As we all know, aliens and dogs don’t get along. Or is that Terminators. Whatever. Shoot stuff with a dog gun. 

You can grab this mod (and a few others currently available) by subscribing via Steam Workshop.

[Source: Steam via GameRanx] – The Feed

Payday Creator’s New Studio Working On Cooperative First-Person Shooter

In 2015, Payday creator and Overkill co-founder Ulf Andersson left behind the studio he helped found in 2009. Upon his departure, he founded 10 Chambers Collective, which today revealed some details about its first game.

While the title doesn’t yet have a name, Andersson suggests that it will follow Payday’s cooperative pedigree. "The best and most memorable moments in life are often ones that you share with others and we believe the same goes for gaming" Andersson says. "In our new game, cooperation will be essential as you progress through the game, the further in you get the more you have to work together."

We’ll share more details as they become available. For now, it seems like Andersson is building upon what he knows from his time working on Payday.


Our Take
While I’m not the biggest Payday fan, I’m always eager to see developers find new ways to bring players together. I agree with Andersson about sharing breeding memorable experiences. The question is whether 10 Chambers Collective will be trying to play in the space Destiny defined and The Division is set to join. – The Feed

5 things I’ve learned from working in the game industry

A quick list of insights into game creation from a Liam Welton, Director of Game Development at Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea): short, practical, and helpful. …

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Video: Working with modders to make Starcraft II a better eSport

At GDC 2015 MIT researcher Philip Tan & Blizzard developer Ryan Schutter break down how they worked with Starcraft II modders to improve the game, as an eSport, by iterating on the viewer experience. …

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Kojima Productions is reborn as an indie studio working on a new PS4 exclusive

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has confirmed that PlayStation is collaborating with Kojima’s newly-formed indie studio, Kojima Productions, on the development of a new PS4-exclusive game. …

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Best of 2015: How working on gross, violent games affects developers

We often hear how playing violent or otherwise disquieting games affects people, but how does the process of working on these projects affect developers? Gamasutra chatted with a few to find out. …

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Polish Developer The Farm 51 Working On VR Chernobyl Documentary

Virtual reality has the capacity to transport us to distant planets and fantasy worlds born of imagination. The technology also holds the power of education and discovery when turned inward. Polish studio The Farm 51 is working on a project based on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that will meld documentary filmmaking and gaming.

In order to capture the images needed for the clearly named Chernobyl VR Project, The Farm 51 obtained special scientific access in order to enter the Exclusion Zone and travel to the rarely-visited city of Pripyat located close by. There, the team took high resolution photos over dozens of hours to help capture the finer details, including peeling paint and rust.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

The resulting images have been scanned and imported to create a 3D world that most of us would never be able to experience first-hand in real life. The Chernobyl VR Project will have a narrative arc that places players in the role of a documentarian. With the help of a survivor, you’ll explore the ruins.

The Chernobyl VR Project is planned for Rift, PlayStation VR, Vive, and Gear VR. No release window has been specified. 


Our Take
Chernobyl VR Project represents the potential of virtual tourism and intimate narratives of which the upcoming immersive technologies are capable. I’m eager to see how this comes together. – The Feed

Working Minecraft smartphone lets players send video calls in-game

Verizon has created a Minecraft phone that can connect to the real world, letting players browse the internet, send texts, and even make video calls from within the game. …

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Sony Confirms It’s Working On PS2 Emulation On PS4

Update: Sony isn't ready to talk about its PS2 game emulation, but it is working on it.

Sony sent us this official comment: "We are working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation. We have nothing further to comment at this point in time."

Original Story: The Star Wars Battlefront PS4 hardware bundle launched a few days ago, giving players a Darth Vader-emblazoned console, a specially colored controller, and a copy of the game. It also included a voucher to download several older Star Wars games, perhaps inadvertently opening a window to Sony’s future emulation plans.

Digital Foundry noticed that several of those retro games – Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter – are running via emulation. That’s of particular interest to fans of the PlayStation 2 era, since the PlayStation 4 hasn’t supported emulation from that generation or the original PlayStation.

Wired got an official statement from Sony, which confirmed the news but declined to elaborate further at this time. 

There’s no word yet on what exactly this means for PlayStation 4, however, it’s unlikely that the company is going the same route as Microsoft. Sony already has its own PlayStation Now subscription service in place, and it wouldn’t make sense to devalue it by allowing consumers to access older games by popping them into their consoles. Instead, it’s likely that players will be able to eventually stream select PS2 games on the service or purchase downloads for older games via the PlayStation Store. 

[Sources: Digital Foundry, Wired]


Our Take
I like the idea of backward compatibility more than I do the idea of actually sitting down and playing older games, especially since my backlog of current titles doesn’t seem to be shrinking. It’s always nice to have options though, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Sony applied cross-buy ownership or promotional pricing for people who have already purchased PS2 classics on their PS3s. – The Feed

Electronic Arts Working On Assassin’s Creed-Style Game With Jade Raymond

EA continues to grow its influence across genres, building a stable of studios and wholly owned properties. The acquisition of DICE in 2006 delivered one of the biggest shooters. BioWare in 2007 gave the company solid RPG offerings. PopCap, purchased in 2011, gave EA a foothold in mobile. Most recently though, the publisher has decided to build rather than buy.

The company announced the hire of Jade Raymond, former producer on the Assassin’s Creed series, in July of this year. She’s heading up the new Motive studio, and now we have an idea of what she’s working on (in addition to helping guide Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game).

Speaking at the UBS Technology Conference yesterday, EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen spoke briefly about Raymond’s project. "We’ve never really operated in the largest genre of gaming," he says. "That’s the action genre. That’s the Assassin’s Creed style of games, more open world, more single play versus multiplayer. It’s not been an area we’ve operated in. We recently hired Jade Raymond, who was behind the Assassin’s Creed series for Ubisoft. She’s going to be building an action genre for us."

While that doesn't mean that Raymond is working on an Assassin's Creed clone, it does indicate that EA has her focusing on open world and single player style of action. This deviates from EA's more traditional focus on connected experiences with deep multiplayer components, like Need for Speed, Battlefield, and the slate of sports games.

[Source: UBS via Eurogamer]


Our Take
EA has typically published non-shooter action games from third-party studios. Bringing Raymond in, giving her own studio, and letter her do what she knows is a smart decision. EA has done a solid job of building major IPs that have perennial value. While we might not see whatever this new series is every year (like Ubisoft does with Assassin's Creed), this is a long-term investment in the future. – The Feed