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My First Game – Working On Rygar Instead Of Becoming A Scholar Of Classics

Yoshifuru Okamoto is a producer with Valhalla Game Studios working on Devil’s Third with Tomonobu Itagaki. Along with his producer duties, he also says he is Itagaki’s drinking buddy and bodyguard. Before all that, however, he was on an academic route on the road to be a scholar of classics or an excavation expert in the world of archeology.

Instead of all that, he decided to take a video game route and the first game he worked on was 2002’s Rygar: The Legendary Adventure for PlayStation 2.

While speaking to him at E3 earlier this year, I derailed the conversation about Devil’s Third to ask him about his work on Rygar and how he feels about God of War.

Was Rygar your first game? How did that come about?

Yoshifuru Okamoto: I originally thought I would become a scholar of classics. I’ve had various interests and at one time I was even interested in excavation techniques that would be able to aid archeologists. I had a moment where I was thinking about whether I wanted to go into games, having been such a big Nintendo fan, or whether I wanted to stay on the academic track for awhile.

I went with games, but I still got a chance to explore some of my interests. For example, in Rygar, you have sort of the excavation of these Greek and Roman artifacts and mythology elements, so I was able to work on that.

During that time we had opportunities to go on a couple research trips and I actually had three trips to Europe during that time. I’d finished the work we needed to do on Rygar. After my three trips to Europe I think my supervisor thought I was doing a little too much on my own and he said, “Okay, I think you need a little more supervision,” and he sent me over to Itagaki’s team [laughs]. At the time, Team Ninja was working on Ninja Gaiden on Xbox.

It bothers me when people talk about God of War that no one mentions Rygar, which came before it, and I feel influenced God of War in many ways. Do you feel the same way?

Yeah, I’ve said that, too [laughs]. But along with that I often say, “Oh man! They did all the things I wanted to do!” in God of War. Who knows – maybe that’s why we decided to make our main character [in Devil’s Third] bald, as well [laughs]. – The Feed

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Working Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout built for NASA challenge

A fully functional Pip-Boy 3000 has emerged from the vault of Team Reno, a five-member group of people way, way smarter than us. The device can display relative humidity, altitude, latitude and longitude, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature,…
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Chicago C2E2 2014 working with Twitch to stream panels

The fifth annual C2E2 convention, one of Chicago’s newer conventions, starts today.  This year’s convention looks to put the past four years to shame, with a huge number of entertainment and comic guests (Game of Thrones actors Alfie Allen, Kristian Nairn, and Natalia Tena, for example), as many exhibitors as they can squash into the room, and a crap-ton of panels to attend.  Fans will definitely have their schedules packed tight if they want to see a little bit of everything, and even then many of the panels overlap, meaning fans might have to choose one event over another.

With so many things going on this year, C2E2 is teaming up with Twitch to live stream a number of their panels online.  This lets both attendees see big panels that may be limited on space, as well as fans who we unable to make it to the conference watch from the comfort of their home.  Unfortunately, none of the live streams will be on their video game panels, but some of us here a TVGB will be reporting on those as we see them.  For now, keep an eye on the live stream for comics news and even some improv!
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This Working Fallout Pip-Boy 3000 Could Become Standard Astronaut Equipment

Wearables are becoming a big market here on Earth, and NASA has tasked our brightest minds with designing ways to apply the concept to space. The result? A working, 3D-printed Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout with sensor display, communications array, and geiger counter.

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The device was created by the team of Colin Loretz, Ashley Hennefer, Andrew Warren, Christopher Baker, and Ben Hammel (collectively known as “Team Reno”). The device can sense relative humidity, altitude, latitude and longitude, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, and radiation.

The most impressive part is that this was designed as part of a 48-hour challenge with readily available components and a housing created using a Makerbot Replicator 2. The team is planning on also adding a bluetooth heart rate monitor.

You can find out more about the NASA space apps challenge and the wearables category here.   

[Source: NASA via Kotaku] – The Feed

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