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[Update] Sony Working To Re-enable Until Dawn Twitch Stream Archives Coming From PlayStation 4

Update: Sony has offered a statement regarding the inability to archive twitch streams of Until Dawn broadcasted from PlayStation 4s.

Sony says Until Dawn's Twitch archiving was deactivated by mistake and should not be an issue soon. Here's the statement from Sony:

We are currently working on a fix that will enable archiving of Until Dawn Twitch streams as this feature was unintentionally disabled. We are humbled by the community reception of the game and are excited to see fans sharing experiences on Twitch and YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide an update as soon as the issue has been resolved.

Original story published August 26, 7:28 p.m.:

According to Twitch, Sony is blocking PlayStation 4 Twitch stream archiving of Until Dawn.

It's unclear exactly why Twitch stream archives of Until Dawn are being blocked, but we've reached out to Sony for more details. It appears to only be archives coming from streamers who are broadcasting directly from their PlayStation 4s using the built-in Twitch app. For example, the archive of our Until Dawn stream, where we played the game through to completion, is available to watch online here. Note that it is broken into a few chunks. Our stream was not broadcasted through the PlayStation 4's built-in Twitch app.

As previously mentioned, we've reached out to Sony for more details and will update this story when if and we receive them.

[Source: @TwitchSupport, via NeoGAF, Kotaku]


Our Take
My assumption is that if Sony is actively blocking archiving of this game, it's because it wants people to experience the game live, as opposed to watching a rebroadcast. It's a game that benefits from live play – lots of jump scares, lots of important decisions that affect the fates of the characters. Despite that though, it still seems odd to go out of the way to prevent people from seeing the game played in an archive. – The Feed

UK studio Starship is working on a mobile VR social network app

Evolution Studios founder Martin Kenwright’s UK startup Starship is planning to develop a cross-platform virtual reality social network called “vTime” and roll it out to Android phones this fall. …

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Microsoft And Activision Working To Address Dead Black Ops III Beta Codes

If you’re having trouble redeeming your Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta code, you are not alone. It seems that a number of users have found their codes to be dead on arrival.

The responsibility for the fix seems to rest with Microsoft, as Xbox Support and Activision have both shared updates via Twitter to that effect.

We’ll keep an eye on things and let you know when the duo announce how they’ll be addressing this issue. Stay tuned.

[Source: Call of Duty on Twitter, Xbox Support on Twitter]


Our Take
With enough dead codes to warrant addressing this, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Xbox beta was opened up quickly. That would alleviate the need for codes entirely. – The Feed

The Banner Saga Developer Working On Miniatures Board Game

Indie developer Stoic is teaming up with miniatures board game creators MegaCon Games to produce a miniatures board game based on the critically acclaimed strategy franchise The Banner Saga.

Stoic, MegaCon, and publisher Versus Evil recently announced Banner Saga: Warbands, a miniatures board game based on one of last year’s cult hits. Production is already underway, and a Kickstarter campaign to help publish the game will soon be announced. We don’t have a lot of details yet about the game, but an office website has already been launched, and we expect to hear more about this game soon. Maybe we’ll even get a sneak peak at things at this year’s PAX. – The Feed

Tri-Force Heroes’ Director On Co-op Zelda, Four Swords Inspirations, And Working On Ocarina Of Time

During E3 last month, we had a chance to speak with the director of The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes, Hiromasa Shikata. Shikata most recently directed the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He has been involved with the Zelda series since Ocarina of Time, and hasn't strayed far from Nintendo's venerated franchise during his time with the company.

We spoke with Shikata about where Tri-Force heroes takes place in the Zelda timeline (though he didn't have much to offer), how Four Swords factored into the game's development, and about his history with the Zelda series focusing on Ocarina of time.

Where does Triforce Heroes take place in the Zelda timeline?

That’s a tough question. The Zelda timeline is quite complicated if you look at the history of Zelda I think you can see there are three branches. I can’t really designate which one of those branches we’re looking at, but as far as the design itself, it really is Link Between Worlds. But it’s not – as far as a timeframe – before or after. We haven’t really settled on or said that.

Does it take place in the same universe or world as A Link Between Worlds?

Again, with the history of Zelda we have these three parallel worlds. I can’t say which one it’s in at this point.

It seems like Four Swords is the main inspiration for Triforce Heroes.

There are points where you could definitely say that, but there are other points where, no, it’s not at all. We have the overall producer of the Zelda series, Mr. Eiji Aonuma, with four swords of course he incorporated multiplayer gameplay elements, but if you go back, his first title, Marvelous, also had multiplayer.

As for myself, I was the lead game designer on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and within that game we had the phantom Link element where you switched back and forth between controlling the phantom and Link and I was always interested in that type of gameplay, but not with a person switching between two, but with two people.

So, I didn’t come up with the idea or suggest the idea for Tri-Force Heroes because I wanted to do a sequel to Four Swords.

Why three and not four players? Is it just the magic number? Or is it just thematic for Zelda’s triforce?

Mr. Aonuma of course had Four Swords, and I had Spirit Tracks which had two players – so I just went with the one right in the middle. (laughs) That’s a joke actually.

I really wanted to adopt and use the camera we had in A Link Between Worlds because it worked so well with the 3D feature of the 3DS. Because of the way that camera works, and because we wanted to incorporate an element of height within the gameplay, we thought, “What’s one way we can take advantage of the fact that you can see that depth?” And so the idea came about of stacking things. Of course, when we’re talking about stacking things, we’re talking about having the characters stand on each other’s shoulders. We played around with the idea of four players, but to be honest, it just seemed too high. It was a little difficult to see and it just didn’t really quite get what we were going at, so we reduced it down to three.

There was a huge hurdle of accessibility when it came to Four Swords – getting people together with all the right hardware, etc. Did you keep this in mind when developing Tri-Force Heroes?

Not really, we just thought, “We want to do a multiplayer game. What’s the best approach?” It wasn’t like a, “Hey, this was a problem then. Let’s make sure we don’t repeat it.” We had a fresh start.

Is there a narrative to the game?

I can give you a brief overview. The story takes place in a world that is not Hyrule, but in a kingdom that is fashion-obsessed. In that kingdom, an event happens. The event involving the princess of the kingdom…

Is her name Zelda?

No. The king, of course, wants to solve this problem – to circumvent this happening – so he makes a general call out to the kingdom for heroes to assemble. Who answers the call? Link. And that’s the beginning of your adventure.

For details on the limitation of multiplayer, head to page two. – The Feed

Criterion Working On Burnout Paradise Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One

Developer Criterion has tweeted that it's talking with Microsoft about bringing Xbox 360's Burnout Paradise to the Xbox One via the system's backwards compatibility.

At E3, Microsoft stunned viewers by announcing that the Xbox One could do backwards compatibility for selected Xbox 360 titles, with the goal being 100 by this holiday season.

Currently preview members can try out 18 games on the Xbox One, and Microsoft is taking reader votes for what else should be backwards compatible. Currently, Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption leads the list.

Of the Burnout games, Paradise leads the voting.


Our Take
This is good news for Burnout fans, although perhaps Criterion's tweet intimates something more. When Microsoft announced the program, the company said that the approval process would be easy, only requiring the thumbs up from the developer. We're curious what exactly Criterion in particular, or any other studio, is talking to Microsoft in regards to the process, and whether these kinds of negotiations make the entire process more complicated than Microsoft made them sound. – The Feed

Bungie Working To Clean Up Destiny’s Online Community With Tactical Bans

Recently, Destiny received an update that adds matchmaking to weekly strikes. While that helps a number of players, it also compounds a problem found in the strike playlists: players idling (and ruining the experience for the rest of the fireteam).

Why might someone simply idle while the other players take on the strike’s challenges? Loot of course, the ill-gotten, unearned kind. The same thing happens in PvP, unfortunately.

In this weeks’ update, Bungie announced the first wave of temporary bans. The restrictions only apply to the activities in which the players were abusing the game, and only hit a small number of idlers. 

“There is no way you will accidentally be flagged under this policy unless you are a truly dedicated idler, someone who has really gone out their way to repeatedly cheat their teammates,” says user research lead John Hopson.

If you encounter players taking advantage of the system (by idling or otherwise), Bungie recommends that you use the reporting system. The developer says that data makes a difference.

Also in the weekly update, Bungie announced that the two Mars strikes (Dust Palace and Cerberus Vae III) are getting difficulty adjustments. They are the longest and most challenging of the strikes in disproportion to the others. 

Valus Ta’Aurc (the Cerberus Vae III boss) will have his shields (correction: health) reduced by one-third. The Psion Flayers at the end of the Dust Palace will each have their shields reduced by 15 percent. These changes were determined after a number of playtests and are intended to align the challenge more closely with the other strikes. These changes will hit in a few weeks.

[Source: Bungie]


Our Take
I’ve not run into idlers, but knowing how important teamwork is for strikes, I can imagine how frustrating it is. I’m excited about the upcoming changes to the two Mars strikes, too. Those are my least favorite largely because of how long they take to complete. – The Feed

From Software Working On Fix, Offers Workaround For Bloodborne Progression Bug

Sony has let us know that there is a progression bug affecting a small number of Bloodborne players. In order to avoid spoilers, we’ll not disclose the specific nature of the bug, but rather what you can do to avoid falling victim to it.

It happens when users attempt to join a game as a co-op guest or invader using the small resonant bell or sinister resonant bell respectively while in the Forbidden Woods. A hotfix is in the works right now, and those affected by the bug will have their games repaired by it.

Sony anticipates it will roll out the patch (1.02) sometime next week. For now, the company suggests that users not use those items until after the patch is available. For more on Bloodborne, check out our review.


Our Take
Sony let us know that users escalating this issue helped make it easier to identify and confirm it (and make it so that the first we heard of it was the email notice). We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. For now, just be mindful of where you use those bells. – The Feed

Rockstar Aware Of GTA Online Issues, Working Towards Resolution “As Quickly As Possible”

Today marks the launch of online heists for Grand Theft Auto V, and players are having trouble getting online to play.

Rockstar has posted an update on its website committing to getting players access to the new content as quickly as it can.

We are aware of some issues today with players having problems connecting to GTA Online, as well as issues with the Xbox Live service. We are working to restore full access to GTA Online as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please stay tuned to this page to monitor the performance of all platforms.

This is the page Rockstar is referring to in its post, which currently shows online play being being limited on all platforms.

The downtime affected our own plans for the online heists (aside from playing it on order to offer our impressions). We had planned to do a Grand Theft Auto Online live stream, but had to switch over to Mario Party 10 when we were not able to connect online earlier today.

[Source: Rockstar]


Our Take
I didn't expect Grand Theft Auto Online to experience these issues with this latest update, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the track record of so many online games in the last year. As it turns out, when one of the the best-selling games of all time gets a huge patch of new content, a lot of people are going to want to play it. It just goes to show how excited fans are for getting back online and playing more Grand Theft Auto Online. Hopefully the server issues will be cleared up soon. – The Feed

CryEngine sticking to $9.90 subscription, working hard to improve

Gamasutra speaks to Crytek’s director of production, David Bowman, about the company’s efforts in the last year to broaden its user-base, improve tools and capabilities, and speak to its community. …

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