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Watch Street Fighter’s Ryu Hop A Toyota C-HR Over M.Bison’s Psycho Crusher

Cars and retro-style games are… a perfect match, I guess? Last year Nintendo partnered with Mercedes-Benz to add the GLA to Super Mario Maker, and Toyota saw that and said, I'd imagine, "Nope. Check this out."

What we get is Ryu driving the new Toyota C-HR around the world, starting in Japan, then driving across the Atlantic Ocean(!?) to the United States, then back to India, and a few other locales. He does take a pit stop to beat M. Bison while inside the car, the optional features of which include, from what this realistic ad tells us, a laser cannon.

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Are you buying this car or what?


Our Take
That was sick as heck. Dang! – The Feed

What To Watch This Weekend: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HearthStone, And Halo 5: Guardians

Several ongoing qualifiers have made it a long weekend if you keep track of multiple eSports. That's not terrible, per se, but let's get to the majors, already! Dota Asia Championships! Final Round! The LCS Mid-Season Invitational! That's maybe a little unfair: Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Super Smash Bros. are all having big events this weekend, so you should more than enough to watch this weekend.
Eight major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams will face off this weekend at the DreamHack Masters in Las Vegas this weekend for a shot at a $ 450,000 prize pool, $ 200,000 of which goes to first place. (Stream / Schedule)
One of the biggest Super Smash Bros. Melee/For Wii U tournaments in Sweden hits this weekend, bringing heavy-hitters like Adam "Armada" Lindgren and William "Leffen" Hjelte back to their home turf. (Stream 1 / Stream 2 / Schedule
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes the action to Paris, pitting teams like OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, and FaZe against each other for a $ 40,000 first-place prize. (Stream and Schedule)
This week we also have the Halo 5: Guardians Halo World Championship 2017 qualifiers in London, which will have its own prize pool of $ 25,000. (Stream / Schedule
The League of Legends Spring Split season is still going strong, as teams from around the world fight for a spot at the Mid-Season Invitational. (Europe Stream / Europe Schedule / North America Stream / North America Schedule)

Smite is also having its own Spring Split in the West and the Fall Split for the Oceanic region, which will pit eight teams from each region against each other for a spot in the Spring Finals event. (Stream / Schedule)
In the world of Hearthstone, The HCT Americas Winter Playoffs will determine which four players from the region will receive an invitation March's $ 250,000 Winter Championship. (Stream / Schedule)
That's it for this weekend! Let us know if we've missed out on any event going on this weekend in the comments below, and have a great weekend! – The Feed

Watch these 10 devs compete to pitch their game the best at GDC 2017

From Tourmaline to Digital Dreams Entertainment, these ten GDC Play developers have been chosen to compete in front of a panel of judges to make the best game pitch during the all-new GDC Pitch at GDC 2017! …

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Watch Our For Honor Livestream Today

Are you ready for all the in-your-face lopping of limbs and insane, samurai-versus-knights-versus-viking madness that is Ubisoft's For Honor? Today, we're going to play some of the game and explore several game modes, classes, progression systems, and more on a Game Informer livestream.

Join us at 2 PM CT and bring all your questions and comments. We'll be answering everything from which burger is the best to what class has the edge in close quarters combat. Get in here FOR HONOR.

Use the banner below or simply watch the embedded stream right on this page! – The Feed

Report: New Watch Dogs 2 Ending May Point To Series’ Future Location

Watch Dogs 2 has received a new update, and within it is an extended ending for the game that may point to the location of Watch Dogs 3 or other content expansion.

IGN has a clip of the additional ending that features a .wav file, the title of which appear to be coordinates pointing to London's Brixton area.

Watch Dogs 2 does have DLC on the docket, but as IGN points out, this has already been announced to take place in San Francisco.

[Source: IGN]


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Unless Ubisoft plans for more DLC outside of the scope of the game's already announced season pass, this seems like a good clue to the next game. – The Feed

Never Played Shenmue II? Watch Us Play The First 16 Hours

Last year, over the course of four months, we played through Shenmue for the Dreamcast in its entirety. It was an experimental video series, with an undefined schedule that allowed us to take in all the feedback for each episode by reading and responding to comments in (almost) real time. The experiment was a success! So we immediately decided (after playing through Dark Souls III, Tex Murphy: Under A Killing Moon, Shadow of the Colossus, and Resident Evil 4) that there was no time like the present to return to Yu Suzuki's masterpiece. For the sequel, we're playing the Xbox version that was published by Microsoft in 2002.

In the first episode we explore the city a little bit, make a friend with a fellow capsule toy collector, and get all our stuff stolen. There's also a lady who forgot to finish getting dressed who really likes her motorcycle. In episode two, we make some progress by giving a hungry guy who loves naps some money, and getting a job that's almost as cool as being a forklift driver. We punch a tree in episode three. In episode four we break a rock with our hand because a homeless porcupine asked us to. In episode five we follow a lady to her apartment in the middle of the day and sleep on her couch. In episode 6 we look for a book. Spoiler alert: we don't find it. In episode seven we calm our revenge nerves by catching some leaves, you know, as one does. In episode eight, we pursue duck races with every ounce of our being. In episode nine, we attend a Fight Club. In episode 10 we achieve something amazing. In episode 11 we punch a tree so hard a duck falls out. In episode 12, we get back to the actual game. I don't remember what we did in episode 13, but I am sure it is entertaining. In episode 14 we fight a caveman for way too long. In episode 15 we spend all the money we spent episode 14 trying to earn. In episode 16, we go to Kowloon and act out that one scene from Once Upon a Time In Mexico.

Stay tuned for more episodes at some point, and leave us lots of comments! We'll probably read yours on the next episode.

Episode 16
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Head here to watch on YouTube!

For more episodes of Replay, check out our Replay hub, or click on the banner below to watch episodes on YouTube. – The Feed

    What To Watch This Weekend: Call Of Duty, Smite, And Hearthstone

    You may be wracked with guilt over what to get your valentine this weekend before Tuesday rolls around, but that doesn't mean you can't take some of the edge off by watching some eSports! There's a lot of good stuff this weekend, and we all know it's the thought that counts anyway. Or at least, that's the line you should give when you have to tell your soon-to-be ex when they realize you spent the weekend watching Call of Duty when you should have been thinking about getting them a present.

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's having its CWL Atlanta Open, which will give viewers a chance to the see the game's high-flying movement options in full before the series returns to more traditional combat later this year. (Stream 1 / Stream 2Schedule)

    Meanwhile, Smite's Spring Relegations tournament is this weekend and will bring together some of the game's best talent for the first time in the game's fourth Season. (Stream / Schedule)

    The Hearthstone Championship Tour's Winter Europe Championship is this weekend, pitting some of the best players in the continent against each other for a $ 120,000 prize pool. (Stream / Schedule)

    If you're looking for some Super Smash Bros. Action this weekend, there should be more than enough to satiate your appetite. First, the 2GGC Midwest Mayhem tournament will feature doubles and singles tournaments for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U this weekend. (Stream 1 / Stream 2 / Schedule

    There's also the UK's Bailrigg tournament, which will feature tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Melee, and Shrek SuperSlam (Stream 1 / Stream 2 / Schedule)

    League of Legends's Spring Splits rages on. The rankings are starting to shake out, and just shy of a couple of upsets, it looks like our Mid-Season Invitational lineups are almost set in stone. (Europe Stream / Europe Schedule / North America Stream / North America Schedule)

    The Dota 2 Asia Championship qualifiers continue this weekend, as teams for the CIS region face off for one of the last remaining invitational spots in the tournament. (Stream

    That's it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below, and have a great weekend! – The Feed

    Watch GDC 2017 speakers try to pitch their talks to you in a minute or less!

    They’re very fun and personalized pitches for why you (yes you!) should carve out some time in your busy schedule to check out that each talk while you’re attending GDC 2017 later this month! …

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    Ubisoft Reports Disappointing Release For Watch Dogs 2, High Player Engagement For Other Titles

    Ubisoft held its third-quarter 2017 earnings call today and reported hitting $ 565 million dollars in sales, which is 5.7 percent down from last year. The publisher did not report specific sales numbers for its recent titles but instead vaguely described how they had performed.

    The publisher said that Watch Dogs 2's "launch was not as dynamic as expected" but noted that the game's "momentum" was now positive. Steep also had a slightly higher-than-expected performance.

    Ubisoft reported high player engagement in both Rainbow Six Siege (15 million registered players, record daily active users) and The Division (a 152-percent jump in Daily Active Users). CEO Guillemot released a statement about the company's financial projections that spent a fair amount of time focusing on player engagement:

    We are successfully pursuing our transformation into a more recurring and more profitable profile. The positive effects of this transformation are remarkable. They illustrate how far ahead of schedule we are in our digital development, which is one key element of our three-year targets. Our overall player community is growing rapidly. We hit record engagement levels during the period, with 33 percent more MAU year on year.

    The number of daily players of Rainbow Six Siege is at its highest ever, an exceptional performance given that the game was released 14 months ago. Meanwhile, The Division has continued its successful come-back, with engagement up by more than 150 percent by the end of December. This resulted in record back-catalog sales and digital revenue for the third quarter, and we saw another sharp rise in player recurring investment. 

    The publisher expects to hit between $ 686 million and $ 729 million sales in the fourth-quarter, lowering its projected annual sales goal by 10 percent. Its upcoming releases include For Honor, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Just Dance 2017, and DLC for Steep and The Division.


    Our Take
    Watch Dogs 2's lackluster performance definitely hurt Ubisoft's earnings. It'll be interesting to see if the Wildlands and For Honor can help the publisher regain its financial strength, and what effect these financials have on Vivendi's attempt to takeover Ubisoft. – The Feed

    Science-Fiction Weekly – The TV Shows You Should Watch, Divide, Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Friends often ask me if they should watch Doctor Who. I believe it's one of the most heartfelt, whimsical, and interesting shows on television today, but I can't in good conscience recommend it to most of the people I know. Why? I don't see an easy entry point. I don't think you need to go back the series' inception in 1963 – even I can't get into those episodes – but to understand what makes this show great, you have to start with the 2005 season, starring Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor. He's the least charismatic of the recent Doctors, but the events that unfold around him carry on into future seasons. To put it a better way, you want to watch the Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who. He's the showrunner, writer, and director who gave this series new legs. Watching over a decade worth of Doctor Who to "get it" is overkill, and something few people will do, but that's the completionish approach.

    The alternative is starting with Matt Smith's run in 2010. This means you'll miss the greatest Doctor Who era (with David Tennant as the Doctor), but Smith's first season is another solid entry point, as it almost feels like a reboot. If you want to see David Tennant's run from 2006-2010, I recommend starting with that Eccleston season first. He was only the Doctor for one year, but his story sets the table for Tennant's reign.

    If not Doctor Who, what science-fiction shows do I recommend to my friends? I have a handful that I divide up into levels of nerdom. The least nerdy and easiest to follow is Netflix's Stranger Things. The characters are front and center more than the experiments, science, and, well, strange things. The binge-worthy show is set in 1983 and focuses mostly on the disappearance of an 11-year-old boy. The mystery of what is happening at any given time is a driving force for this show. The second season begins on Halloween, so you have plenty of time to catch up. If you were living under a rock during the Super Bowl on Sunday, here's the teaser trailer for season two!

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    Sticking on the Netflix theme, I also recommend Travelers, a new show about time-travelers who journey back to the 21st century to save the planet. Their version of Earth in the future is mostly destroyed. They return to the past by entering the body of a human who is seconds away from death. Since that person would technically no longer exist, they aren't altering the timeline too much. Travelers is another show that tells a great science-fiction mystery by focusing intently on each character. The modern-day content is just as engaging as the sci-fi angles.

    If a big mystery is the hook you are looking for, HBO's Westworld is one of the best shows on television. The first season doesn't dawdle in ambiguity for long. It delivers just as many answers as it does new mysteries to unravel. This is another easy show to jump into, as the first season just concluded, and it tries to root itself in reality as much as possible. The sci-fi themes are heady, yet are communicated clearly enough that anyone should understand what is happening.

    If you are in the market for something a little different, Syfy's The Expanse is a must-watch show. Set roughly 200 years from now, mankind has taken to the stars and populated our solar system. Shocker: We haven't learned much about empathy in the time that has passed. A great social divide still exists, and people are fighting for survival. The show is mostly seen from three radically different perspectives; one focused on a noir-like detective, another on a political advisor, and one following an unlikely starship captain. The Expanse is beautifully shot and hasn't slowed in the slightest on delivering intrigue.

    Syfy has another little hit on its hands in Killjoys, a pulpy show about bounty hunters living on the fringe. I'd only go into this show if you have an appreciation for shows like Farscape or Stargate, as the tone often fluctuates between serious themes and camp. Other shows I enjoy are Continuum and Orphan Black, but both have hit rough spots later in their runs. I hope these picks help you find something fun to watch right now. If you dive into one, let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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    Next to Mass Effect Andromeda, the most exciting development in science fiction right now is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The  Super Bowl trailer is fantastic, and highlights new recruits for this ragtag crew. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in theaters on May 5.

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    Don't expect to be playing anything exciting this week. The only notable science-fiction game is Divide, a top-down adventure that focuses more on exploring offices designed like rat mazes than anything else. Divide gets off to a strong start with meaningful character development between your character David and his daughter, but quickly loses its story hooks in favor of exploration.

    After learning of an experiment his wife was working on, David becomes a stranger in a strange land, trapped in a different reality. Rather than figuring out what this world is, David is quickly tasked to hack computer terminals over and over again. The complex he inhabits is confusing in design. Getting lost is easy. Figuring out what to do next is mostly trial and error given the lack of clarity in the mission and map systems. I wanted to see David reunite with this daughter, but I grew bored of the simplistic gameplay, which sees the player walking from terminal to terminal and door to door. Combat is a part of the equation, but in the early stages of the game, running past enemies is the easiest solution, as their A.I. cannot pinpoint you quick enough. The combat itself doesn't offer anything you are missing. Just point your gun at an enemy and fire.

    The science-fiction world in Divide is fascinating. David uses augmented-reality contact lenses to reveal hidden information in his environment. A glistening glass city can be seen on the horizon. Storms prevent you from getting there. This is a rich world that we sadly don't learn enough about in the opening acts. The visuals and score set the tone perfectly, but again, the entertainment isn't there to back them up. I'm only three hours into the game, but it doesn't seem like it's going to evolve at this point. I just keep interacting with computers to unlock more doors, and more of the office complex. Bummer. I really wanted to see where this story went. If you are still intrigued by Divide, check out the trailer below.

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    That's it for this week's column, everyone. Thanks again for supporting this silly little editorial. I can't stress that enough. See you in seven days! – The Feed