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Opinion: Why Guild Wars 2′s ‘execution’-style ban was a bad idea

ArenaNet recently banned an infamous hacker from its MMO Guild Wars 2 — by way of virtual execution. But public humiliation is not really the way to go about it, argues Katherine Cross. …

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Reader Discussion: The Console Wars

War never changes. You may recognize that adage from a watered-down
RPG that's not worth my time (i.e. a western RPG), but it just so happens to be
true when it comes to the video game industry. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo
have been locked in an endless battle over control of your living room (well,
Microsoft and Sony anyway – Nintendo seems content being the eternal loser). With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 supplying both sides (that
matter) with new reinforcements, it's time to pick a definitive winner once and
for all.

As the editor-in-chief of Game Infarcer, I'm obviously way
too important and influential to weigh in on the topic myself – whatever side I
chose would instantly become the fan favorite, hence tainting the debate. Therefore, I'll abstain from sharing my own opinions and let you, the idiot public, decide for yourselves. Do you think the LameStation 4's vast library of
exclusives (Bloodborne, a billion indie games no one wants to play, and umm…Knack?)
gives Sony the edge? Or does the XBONE win thanks to the unique functionalities
of Kinect (admit it, it's pretty hilarious when losers get tricked into turning
off their own consoles or pulling up Bing during the middle of a match). Or
hey, maybe you can actually come up with some bizzaro-world argument for why Nintendo's
tablet/last-gen console hybrid is the best. Now's your time for you to weigh in!


But don't stop there! The latest consoles are just one
aspect of this multi-faceted war. You also have to consider the entire history
of these companies when choosing a winner, or else your objective opinion won't
be valid. Remember, a big part of what makes your company the best is explaining why the
other companies are the worst, so make sure to lay out the laundry list of
grievances you have with the other companies. Any obscure, decades-old misstep is valuable ammunition for proving your point. Don't pull your
punches (leave that to mainstream hack "journalists"); if we're really going to
get to the bottom of the console war debate, we can't be held back by

Finally, don't wuss out: They're not all winners, and
neither are gamers for having a bunch of great games to play. There is a
correct answer here, people, and it's your job to figure it out and come to a
unanimous decision in the comments section below. – The Feed

Star Wars, Tron, And Iron Fist: Harnessing The Disney Empire

Disney has had a long and sometimes scattered history with games. While visiting Avalanche Software for our June cover story on Disney Infinity 3.0, we sat down with the vice president of production for Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, to learn more about Disney Interactive's approach to gaming and the shift in priorities toward Disney Infinity. Trying to channel the entire Disney empire into the most efficient content for the Disney Infinity series is a monumental task, and we wanted to talk to Vignocchi about the moving parts involved behind the scenes.

Watch the interview below to learn more about what the Star Wars purchase meant for Disney Infinity and how the team maps out the future of the series.

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Click on the banner below to enter our constantly updating hub of exclusive content for Disney Infinity 3.0. – The Feed

ArenaNet Tackles Guild Wars 2 Hacker By Stripping, Killing, And Deleting His Character

When you're playing in the same space as a hacker in an online game, things can get frustrating pretty quick. ArenaNet recently decided to make an example out of a problematic hacker in Guild Wars 2 and post the results on YouTube.

When Chris Cleary, game security lead, heard about the recent problems that an overpowered character called DarkSide was causing, he took matters into his own hands. First, he assumed control of the account behind DarkSide, then he stripped the character of all of his equipped gear, leaving him with nothing on but his boxer briefs. From there, it was a short march to a high ledge, which gave the character the perfect place to wave goodbye. You can witness the final moments of the character below.

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Following the long fall to the ground, Cleary deleted all characters associated with the account and banned the player. In a subsequent post in the Guild Wars 2 Forums, Cleary hinted that there were other accounts owned by the same player that were also banned.

[Source: Guild Wars 2 ForumsYouTube via BBC] – The Feed

Star Wars Meets Disney: Designing Infinity’s New Toys

Jeff Bunker never thought he would be a toy designer. As vice president of art development within Avalanche Software, the rise of Disney Infinity has forced him to become an expert on designing and manufacturing millions of figures. While visiting the studio for our cover story on Disney Infinity 3.0, we spoke to Bunker about creating the series' signature style and the difficulty of reimagining the Star Wars universe through that lens.

We journey back to the early days of Disney Infinity (to a time when it might have involved magnetic swappable body parts) before breaking down the new Star Wars characters and learning which actor was the toughest to adapt. If you keep your eyes peeled, the video even shows off some new gameplay footage from Disney Infinity 3.0.

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Please watch the video below as Jeff Bunker and members of his design team take us behind the scenes on creating the Star Wars figures for Disney Infinity 3.0. – The Feed

EA Expects To Ship 9 To 10 Million Copies Of Star Wars Battlefront This Fiscal Year

EA is anticipating some huge numbers from its first licensed Star Wars game. Battlefront is due out in November, and with the release of Episode VII shortly thereafter, the publisher anticipates a lot of buzz.

On its earnings call for the recently completed fiscal year, EA said that it plans to ship 9 to 10 million copies this fiscal year. "We certainly hope we can leverage a lot of the hype," said chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen. "We're thinking about it as two bookends. One bookend is the historical Battlefront, which did roughly 9 million units. The other bookend is our first-person shooter franchise, Battlefield, which typically does around 15 million units. Our guidance we've put in there roughly 9 to 10 million units for the title, which we believe is the upside if things go well. It is Gen-4 only and PC, so that needs to be factored into people's thinking."   

For more on EA, you can read our report on the company’s year-end financials and its slate for the remainder of the current fiscal year.


Our Take
Licenses are powerful. The Star Wars license, especially around the release of The Force Awakens, has the ability to pull off amazing performance. EA has reason to believe that new-gen uptake is strong, especially given the statistics around Battlefield Hardline. – The Feed

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Reimagined As A 16-Bit Game Trailer

Over the weekend, we shared a comical video of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight in the style of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! The team behind that, Noober Goober, put something special together for Star Wars Day, too.

While it’s now May the Fifth (or, Cinco de Mayo, if you’re eager for another celebration), it’s never too late to enjoy Star Wars. Noober Goober has adapted The Force Awakens trailer revealed at Star Wars Celebration with SNES-era graphics.

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For some reason, I really want to play Super Star Wars now. If you happened to miss out on Star Wars Day yesterday, be sure to check out our roundup of our favorite features from a long time ago. – The Feed

DeviantArt Celebrates Star Wars Day With Showcase Of Fan Art

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet today, you have probably already heard that today is Star Wars Day. Why today, you ask? It’s because the date seems tailor-made for fans of a galaxy far, far away (May the fourth be with you).

This year is a special one for Star Wars fans. The recent fan Celebration event in Anaheim saw the reveal of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, more news about this December’s release of Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and our first hints about what to expect from standalone Star Wars film Rogue One.

With all of that news, creative juices are flowing. DeviantArt is showcasing the works of a number of community creators.

You can check out the images below, with titles and links to the creators’ DeviantArt pages. Let us know which is your favorite. All images, including The Force Awakens – Stromtrooper by DarthTemoc above can be clicked to enlarge.

sith lord by DenisTsepelev

The Force Awakens by Dragonbaze

The Force Awakens – BB8 Sketch by Geekincognito

Star Wars the force awakens by Art-Calavera

the force awakens fan art contest by kurassus

The Force Awakens by LukeLDH – The Feed

Star Wars Battlefront Launches With 12 Multiplayer Maps

EA and DICE are sharing some new information on Star Wars Battlefront today. As we mentioned during Star Wars Celebration, one of the less familiar planets we’ll be fighting on is Sullust.

It was mentioned in Return of the Jedi, but never shown. And while this isn’t the first time we’ll be traveling there in a Star Wars game, this envisioning required a field trip to Iceland.

While Endor, Tatooine and Hoth reference photographs were easy to capture (the team visited the filming locations from the movies), Sullust was trickier. Iceland thankfully had the right combination of barren landscapes, rock formations, and the all-important lava.

EA says that Battlefront will launch with 12 multiplayer maps, and it seems like many of them will be different areas of the included planets. “The overall look and feel for Sullust is very much Imperial and under construction, playing in locations within the planet such as a lava theme, sulfur theme, Death Star-inspired theme, and lastly a mine theme,” EA writes. EA also mentions that something called Star Wars Battlefront Missions will further augment the number of locations in the game. 

For more on Star Wars Battlefront, check out our coverage from Star Wars Celebration. EA has also posted two wallpapers in different sizes of scenes from Sullust.

[Source: EA] – The Feed

Celebrate May The 4th With Our Favorite Star Wars Features

Today is May 4th, which used to be a day like any other until someone thought it would be funny to say "May the fourth be with you."  Now it's Star Wars day, on which we celebrate all things related to the iconic galaxy far, far away. We're observing the occasion by collecting some of our best Star Wars stories.

Whether you want to read about a canceled game or a tribute to the lightsaber, Star Wars fans of all sorts should find something interesting to read about in the links below.


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