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Minecraft to hit PS4, Vita in Q2/Q3, can transfer PS3 worlds

Earlier this month, Minecraft developer Mojang announced May 16 (North America) and May 14 (Europe) release dates for the game’s boxed PS3 edition. In the comments of the PlayStation Blog announcement, Mojang’s Owen Hill noted that the developer is…
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Danganronpa 2, Fairy Fencer F, Disgaea 4 dated for Vita in North America

North American Vita owners are going to be busy this fall, with two RPGs and a mystery-centered adventure on the way from NIS America. IGN reports that Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited will lead the effort on August 12, followed by the…
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Origins headed to PS Vita

Konami has announced plans to bring a horrifying duo to the Vita via the PlayStation Network. Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are both planned for European release, with a date to be announced shortly.

A press release from…
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Dynasty Warriors 8 bug reports requested for PS4, Vita versions

Tecmo Koei has issued a public request for feedback from players experiencing bugs within the newly launched PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition in an effort to fix widely reported issues.

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PSA: Terraria upgraded to version 1.2 on Xbox 360, PS3, Vita

As expected, the console versions of Re-Logic’s 2D sandbox platformer Terraria have been updated to version 1.2 today. The update brings a large list of bug fixes as well as improved gameplay mechanics and graphical changes to the PS3, Xbox 360 and…
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Season 2 of The Walking Dead haunts Vita next week

While the Vita still lags behind its console and computer counterparts, fans of Telltale’s critically beloved The Walking Dead won’t have to wait much longer for the second season of the emotionally charged zombie adventure.

Barring any unforeseen…
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Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories combo set to hit the Vita through the PSN

Konami has teased that both Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will hit the PSN and be available for the Vita soon, though no actual release date was given.

She's a little chilly

Previously released on the PSP, both titles are priced at just £7.99 Euros each, so odds are the games will hit Europe at some point, with other regions hopefully following suit.

Origins is a prequel to the original Silent Hill. You play as Travis Grady, trucker, as he enters the fabled town to find information on a young girl he rescued from a fire. The title uses the series’ third-person perspective to follow Travis as he explores the town, collects items, and has nasty childhood memories manifest into nightmarish creatures because that is what Silent Hill ALWAYS DOES TO PEOPLE.

Shattered Memories is a bit different. Regarded as the most innovative entry in the series and originally created for Nintendo’s Wii, the title adapts its gameplay based on decisions the player makes. Basically a re-imagining of the first Silent Hill, Shattered Memories is framed by a visit to a psychotherapist that asks users questions as they recount the story of original protagonist Harry Mason’s search for his missing daughter. Characters in the game will react differently to the player based on how they are approached, the questions they are asked, or how Harry interacts with them physically. Combat is also taken out of the equation entirely, meaning gamers have to flee from the town’s creatures while simultaneously having heart attacks.

Anyone interested in picking these up? I think I might head to the store and pick up the Wii version of Shattered Memories for $ 5.

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REVIEW / Conception II (Vita)


The act of childbirth is often held as a wondrous event across the world. Within Conception II: Child of the Seven Stars, it’s a completely different story as you conceive countless children with various women and take them into battle with you to protect the world. If you thought that was weird, we are just getting started. Atlus has brought us a game that is unique in some ways and yet painfully dull in every other aspect.

Conception II starts off with an absolutely beautiful cinematic as you approach this island that only those with the blessed mark may enter. As you enter what seems to be a military camp fused with a Japanese high school, you meet various individuals who have also been blessed by the Star God. What are these blessed teens doing here? Well, saving the world of course! Dusk circles have begun to open all across the globe, spewing out monsters that wish to destroy the world and it’s up to you to save it!



You won’t be alone on this quest, though; you’ll take your children with you. Not long into the game, you can start building social links similar to that of the Persona series with many of the females. Then, you can begin “classmating” with them. Yes, that euphemism is an actual game term and gameplay mechanic. Doing this allows you and your heroine of choice to bring a tiny, individual “star child” into the world to fight alongside you. Up to nine of these little fellas can join you as you go fight monsters in the dusk circles, as they work in teams of three.

When you create a star child, you can assign a variety of classes to it. These classes are very varied as not only weapons make a difference but also skills that the child may learn. Creating a team of star children with various classes is probably the best strategy going forward in the game without any problems. Each child and heroine also has an element that contributes to the team in various ways.



The dusk circles are laid out as labyrinths, not unlike that of the Persona series. These labyrinths are bland and boring as they all look very similar and feature more than enough dead ends. These locations might be randomized, but they look and feel the same with their mazelike corridors and dreadfully similar design structures. Each floor has a way for you to escape and a way for you to climb up to fight the boss of that particular dusk circle.

The battles are what make this game different, but not necessarily in a good way. When you go into battle, you have your standard selection of actions: attack, defend, flee, use skills, use items, etc. You also have turn order for yourself, your heroine of choice, your star children teams, and then the enemies you may be facing. Strategy isn’t a huge factor with battles sadly, as the game features a mechanic that allows you to aim for the weak spot on each enemy. This mechanic might have been more interesting if the game didn’t blatantly tell you exactly where it is. Abusing this mechanic is incredibly easy and can take the fun out of the game very quickly until you near the end of the game, where enemies become much more complex and prepared for you to attempt and strike their obvious weakpoints.



While Conception II features the very usual JRPG elements we are used to such as dungeon crawling, grinding, and repetitive battles; they also mix in some parts of a dating sim. If you want to make stronger star children, then the females you classmate with need to have a strong bond with you. This makes you take time from the labyrinths to get to know all of the seven classmate-able females in the game.

While the game only cuts away to a 3D render of the two classmating individuals holding hands, presenting the act as an innocent ritual, the dialogue couldn’t be more blatant. Sexual humor floods the dialogue and innuendo is featured in almost every part of the game. From the dialogue mentioning bust sizes and sexual acts, to the females breasts performing gravity defying acts of bouncing at every possible moment, it is clear that it takes more than a handshake to make star children. The game tries to get away with talking about sex without talking about sex all too often and it left me setting down my Vita and walking away just to get a break from the high school maturity of it all.



The biggest problem with the game isn’t the battle system nor the sexual innuendos. It’s the plotline. All of them. The female heroines all have pretty dull plotlines; the main story is extremely dull and doesn’t give you the want or drive to continue forward in order to save the world. Nearly an hour or so into the game, I found myself strongly disliking the English voice acting, so I went to the options to change it to Japanese. The option wasn’t there – it was missing. So being stuck with what seemed like try-hard voice acting made me both disappointed and almost irritated towards the late parts of the game.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars starts off as a decent game but quickly heads south because of its lack of imagination and a strong plotline. The battle system is possibly the only saving grace, alongside the new and novel idea of having nine star children accompany you on your battles. This game just falls flat though, especially when compared to the ocean of other similar games available on both the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita. If you haven’t already played the other staple JRPG games on your handheld system, then try those before giving this one a try. While Conception II can satisfy the craving for a JRPG game, there are other more delicious offerings available.



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Vita Free-To-Play No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either Now Available

The free-to-play, oddly titled match-three Vita game, No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either, is available now.

The title is actually pretty tame considering the name of the previous two games in the series. The first game was called Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?, and its sequel was called What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2. You can read our review for the second game here. The latest entry in the series offers match-three puzzle gameplay with the option to buy special booster packs that let you play the game more often.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below, and download the game for your Vita today. For more on the game, head here.

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MechRunner coming to PS4, Vita, PC, Mac in July

MechRunner, an endless runner/action game featuring mechs and a wonderfully suitable name, is coming to the PS4, Vita, PC and Mac in July, developer Spark Plug Games has announced. To help add additional polish to the game, Spark Plug is turning to…
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