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Light pink/white PS Vita announced for Japan

Sony announced a new pink PlayStation Vita system during its SCEJA Press Conference today. The back of the system is light pink and the front-facing part is white. Sony will launch the pretty new Vita on November 13 in Japan. It will cost players…
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Vita gets a personal touch with themes in new software update

Sony will soon allow players to give their Vita handhelds a personal touch, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Atsushi Morita announced during the company’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show briefing.

A new software update for the system will add…
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Nidhogg takes the duel on the road in upcoming Vita version

Developer Messhof has announced that its cult-hit, minimalist fighting game Nidhogg will soon coat Sony’s Vita handheld in a thick layer of pixelated blood.

Nidhogg drops players into a high-speed duel between two sword-wielding fighters rendered in…
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Glut Of Games Announced For PS4 & Vita

At PAX Prime Sony announced a slew of indie titles coming to the PlayStation 4, Vita, and even the PlayStation TV. Some of the new games are exclusives while others are making their debut on Sony platforms, but all the way around they show the company's continued commitment to indie games.

Salt and Sanctuary (Ska Studios) – PlayStation 4/Vita (2015)

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The team behind The Dishwasher franchise and Charlie Murder are bringing this side-scrolling action/RPG title exclusively to the PS4 and Vita next year. The game has a host of weapons and shields, and your loadout not only affects combat, but your ability to tackle the game's platforming.

Alone With You (Benjamin Rivers) – PlayStation 4/Vita (2015)

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Home developer Benjamin Rivers returns with an adventure that casts the player as the last colonist for a terraforming project gone wrong. You'll have an A.I. companion that you must work with to "recreate" key dead members of the colony in order to repair the last, damaged escape pod. How you interact with the A.I. and colonists will change how the game ends up.

Desert Ashes (Luc Bernard) – PlayStation Vita/PlayStation TV (Fall)

Desert Ashes is a turn-based, free-to-play strategy title that will allow online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer with PlayStation TV. The game boasts a timer system for online play that you can set so you're not waiting forever for the other player to take their turn. Your army is customizable, and the environments in the game will change with the game's time of day.

Nidhogg (Messhof) – PlayStation Vita (2014)

This game has been out on PC for a while and it's coming to the PlayStation 4, and today it's been announced for the Vita. The handheld version comes out simultaneously with the PS4 version (its exact release date hasn't been announced yet), and you can play PS4 players in cross-platform multiplayer matches. Nidhogg's gameplay is simple-yet-deep fencing where the first player to advance past their opponent and side-scroll to the goal line wins. There's a 3 to 8-player tournament mode, online ad-hoc play, and even the choice for two players to compete simultaneously on a single Vita system.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (Playdek) – PlayStation Vita (TBA)

Players in this deck-building title start out by making the best hands they can with the same 10 cards. Cards are taken from a center deck as well as won in the course of play as you use special abilities, runes, and more. Ascension also features solo play, global tournaments, and the developer says it has five expansions all ready to go. Ascension is also a real-life card game, and you can read more about it here.

Dust: An Elysian Tail (Humble Hearts) – PlayStation 4 (TBA)

Dust came out for the Xbox 360 a few years ago, and now it's hitting the PS4 with 1080p and 60 frames per second in tow. Humble Hearts says it's coming "soon," but hasn't given an exact release date. For more on Dust: An Elysian Tail, check out Joe's original review.

Metal Slug 3 (SNK) – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (Winter)

SNK hasn't divulged a lot of details about these versions of the game for Sony's platform, but it says that they will feature various online features, so perhaps cross-platform play is in the works.

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REVIEW / Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Vita)


Come with me on a trip to the Netherworld, Hades to be exact, to help Valvatorez the vampire keep a promise that he made to all the lost souls under his watch. Valvatorez is the trainer of the prinnies; the souls of sinners who are beyond redemption and have no chance of reincarnation. While holding a training class one day, a dark force interrupts his lessons and kidnaps many of his students. With that, it is clear to Valvatorez that in order for him to keep his promise, he must rescue the prinnies and destroy this new menace. NIS America brings to its fans the game that started it all and is the one that many agree is the best in the series. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is the revamped PS VITA version of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten which originally released on the PlayStation 3 in 2011. In addition to containing over 50 pieces of DLC content as well as all new characters, new spells and new scenarios, this new release features the popular game systems from Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. So strap yourself in and get ready to battle your way through waves of demons and help Valvatorez keep his promise. It’s going to be a Netherworld Revolution!


Detailed stats are available for each character.


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is a strategy role-playing game that combines the humorous characters and situations that the Disgaea series is known for with in-depth and engaging strategic gameplay. Battles take place in elaborate locations such as dungeons, demon laboratories and a myriad of other strange and wonderful locations in the Netherworld. The battle system is very detailed and allows you to use each character that you control to their strengths in order to dispatch of your enemies and level up your characters. Many attacks can involve up to four characters at once and makes for some really interesting ways to approach a particular foe. In addition, there is a very robust item system that allows you to purchase everything from weapons and armor to health and mana items that can be leveled up in order to help you best the monsters that you will face while on your quest. This is a strategy game through and through and provides a solid gaming experience for Sony’s versatile hand-held.

The visuals on the VITA are one of its standout features and Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited makes use of that feature in a very fantastic way. The game sports a very cartoon-y look with most elements being hand drawn. It looks a lot like anime and this really is where the charm of this game lays. The backgrounds and characters are all done in bright, fun colors which helps to complement the slapstick comedy that the story is built on. Being that this is an SRPG, there is a lot of dialogue and the subtitles are accompanied by the image of the person that is speaking at the time. These images are also hand drawn in an animation style that helps to bring the characters to life and gives a better presentation than just slapping a bunch of text on the screen. Overall, the visuals in this game are very pleasing to the eye and kept me engaged in the story and invested in the journey to save those prinnies.



The artwork is superb!


The soundtrack in Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited has been upgraded to compliment this new release and contains some really good music that fans have come to love. Most of the tunes in the game are upbeat and sets the mood for the entire game. Sound effects are of a high quality and are a real treat to hear when you are dispatching a baddie. Swords cut through the air as they come to bear on a foe with a satisfying clang. The crash of a fist to Valvatorez’ face from an opponent is also sufficiently pleasing. The voice acting is also another highlight to this new release. Although some of the lines that they deliver are often very ridiculous, they do a great job of bringing the characters to life. I don’t think that I have laughed so much from a video game and the comedy aspect of this game is a refreshing departure from all of the serious games on the market today.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited does a great job at what it does and strategy game aficionados would do well to pick this title up if they didn’t grab it on the PS3. The only thing that gave me pause was the amount of enemies that are on the screen at once in the battle areas. There could be up to five enemies on screen as well as up to seven or more allies that Valvatorez can call on in any particular battle. On the VITAs small screen, it often got hard to tell where my characters ended and the enemies began. The game does offer a way to swing the screen around in four different directions but I still had trouble picking out who was who in the middle of heated battles. To remedy this, I would only bring in one or two other allies just to keep the battlefield from getting too cluttered otherwise it just got to be a big mess.



Battlefields can get rather cluttered at times.


Those people that love strategy role-playing games will definitely love what Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited has to offer. The battle systems can be somewhat overwhelming if you are new to the series and this learning curve may turn some players away. However, if given enough time, the ways in which you can use the systems to be victorious in battles gets to be second nature and the genius of how it all works together becomes clear. In a time when game publishers are charging a premium price for game content, NIS America is offering a lot of gaming content for the money with this release. For those looking for an experience on the VITA that will last way longer than 6 to 8 hours, this game is a must buy.



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Mega Man X4 And X5 Heading To PlayStation 3 And Vita

PlayStation classics Mega Man X4 and X5 are coming to the PlayStation Network for play on PlayStation 3 and Vita very soon.

Mega Man X4 launches (or re-launches technically) on Tuesday September 2, while Mega Man X5 will be available on Tuesday the following week, September 9.

With the launch of Mega Man X3 on Wii U just around the corner, pretty soon you will be able to play your way through the first five Mega Man X games on modern systems.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

Our Take
I'm a huge Mega Man X fan, something regular readers will likely be fully aware. It's been years since I played either of these games, so I can't wait to have them on a portable platform. – The Feed

Vita looking for someone to share in Europe’s Adventure bundles

Did you follow the Adventure Line all the way to the end, Stanley? Did you? Because if you had, we wouldn’t be stuck here telling you about the new Vita Adventure Mega Pack that’s coming to Europe this fall, now would we? You silly goose.

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Square Enix bringing Chaos Rings 3 to mobile, Vita this year

A third entry in Media-Vision’s mobile JRPG series Chaos Rings is due to launch for smartphones and the PS Vita in October in Japan, publisher Square Enix announced this week (via Gematsu).

Chaos Rings premiered for iOS devices in 2010, finding a…
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Joystiq Giveaway: Score The Swapper and a free PS Vita

Say you were stranded on a derelict space station like the poor astronaut starring in Facepalm Games’ The Swapper. After you wander its crumbling halls, collect as much food, water, and emergency supplies as you can find, and secure life support out…
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Fat Princess returns in match-three spinoff for mobile, Vita

The Fat Princess series has been overloading on real-time strategy-flavored sweets since its 2009 debut on the PlayStation Network, but Fat Princess: Piece of Cake adds a layer of match-three puzzler frosting to the metaphorical gameplay cake. IGN…
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