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Video: How you should harness your players as a QA resource

Crowdsourcing researcher Jedrzej Czarnota details some advanced QA approaches as part of the GDC 2014 QA Summit, and offered developers practical advice on how and why to implement them. …

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Total War: Attila Gets Insane Unboxing Video

The special edition of Creative Assemblies' newest strategy sim, Total War: Attila, will include three new playable factions, a 64-page biography, and a double-sided poster, but you don’t want me yammering on about this game. Watch someone take an arrow to the knee while trying to do an unboxing.

One of these developers is about to get the short straw when trying to do an unboxing video. It's actually a little funny. If you want some actual details about how the game plays, check out this video of the companion app or this trailer that shows the game in action.

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I usually don't care much for unboxing videos, but if you're going to do one then it seems like this is the way to do them. – The Feed

Track The History Of Pac-Man Fever In New This Exists Video

You may have heard of Bucker and Garcia’s hit song Pac-Man Fever before, or the similar Do The Donkey Kong. The novelty song actually managed to reach #9 on the Billboard top 100 soon after it released. A new This Exists video by Sam Sutherland delves into the history of not only Pac-Man Fever and the album of the same name, but also Buckner and Garcia’s careers and the early history of novelty songs in the music industry. You can check out the entertaining and informative video below.

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Thanks to reader Eric Poppe for the news tip. – The Feed

Video: Back to the future of QA in game development

QA experts from Blizzard, Riot, Microsoft, Sony and more share lessons learned and offer advice on doing QA on everything from eSports to Early Access games at GDC 2014. …

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10 lessons for the successful video game executive

Super Evil Megacorp’s Kristian Segerstrale shared 10 lessons he learned over his years as a game dev team leader and executive today at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas. …

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Video: Crowdsourcing the localization of Gone Home

At GDC 2014, Gone Home programmer Johnnemann Nordhagen reveals how the four-person indie dev team enabled, supported, and encouraged fan-made translations for the game to broaden its reach. …

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Video game storytelling: The basics of character

“Heroes aren’t the only characters who confront conflicts over the course of a story; nor are they the only ones who change and grow.” …

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Here’s a video

We’ve been debating publishing this video for weeks. Now, as imaginary armed men pound on the fictional doors of Joystiq’s nonexistent office, we have precious little time to debate any further. So here it is, a video of Satoru Iwata set to the theme…
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This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Madden to Monopoly

This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Jill Murray on topics ranging from Madden cheats to better board games for your children than Monopoly. …

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Video: How to make your dream games without going out of business

At GDC Next 2014, SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen identifies the major stumbling blocks that game companies face using real-world data, and examines how others have either overcome them or succumbed. …

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