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See Square Enix’s DirectX 12-powered Final Fantasy graphics in a new video

It’s become a game industry tradition that the Final Fantasy developer shows off its latest and greatest realtime facial animation as tech demos, and this one’s a doozy. …

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Video: How Naughty Dog modified its engine for The Last Of Us Remastered

At GDC 2015, Naughty Dog programmer Christian Gyrling explains how the studio redesigned its engine so The Last Of Us Remastered would run at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4. …

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ICHEG’s first World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists revealed

The Strong National Museum of Play’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games has announced the 15 finalists for its first slate of hall of fame inductees. …

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Giving kids the feeling of feeding a real lion, with interactive video

“I’m well aware that many interactive videos have been ghastly failures. But I suggest that Virry shows it is possible to do something worthwhile by adding interactivity to videos.” …

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Facebook aims to bring players back to desktop games with video ads

New system primed to “drive installs” of desktop games on Facebook — a segment of the site that is still vibrant but continues to decline. …

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Facebook aims to bring players back to desktop games with video ads

New system primed to “drive installs” of desktop games on Facebook — a segment of the site that is still vibrant but continues to decline. …

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Video: Brian Moriarty’s classic postmortem of Loom

At GDC 2015 Loom creator Brian Moriarty delivered a Classic Game Postmortem on the game’s intriguing development, its unique innovations and its lasting impact on the industry. …

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ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Says He Would Quit If Forced To Cover Video Games

On his radio show The Herd today, ESPN's Colin Cowherd ripped the network for allowing coverage of the weekend's Heroes of the Dorm tournament. During a rant that clocked in at around three minutes, Cowherd expressed his disgust for the tournament's appearance on ESPN2 and repeatedly vowed that he would quit if ever forced to cover video games.

"If I am ever forced to cover guys playing video games, I will retire," Cowherd said today on his show over a bed of the theme from Tetris. The radio host also took the opportunity to throw some insults the way of the participants, the announcers, and those who would enjoy ESPN2's coverage, including a soundboard clip of Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds yelling "nerds!"

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"Somebody lock the basement door at mom's house and don't let 'em out," he said. "I tagged out at Harry Potter. I tolerated Donkey Kong. I'll tell you what that was the equivalent of there: of me putting a gun in my mouth and having to listen to that. Unbelievable. You know what the funny thing is? Listen to how intense they are. Those guys are totally into it."

The tournament, which saw college students competing for tuition prizes in Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm, was the first video game tournament to be broadcast live on a major network.

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2015 Video Game Release Schedule

It wasn’t even September when readers started asking when we’d publish the initial list of 2015 release dates. Our ever-popular and regularly updated roster of launch dates for the new year is here.

If you see anything we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments. Please note that games will not get assigned to a month until they have confirmed release dates. Prior to that, they will appear in the bottom grouping.

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (Vita) – January 6
Warhammer Quest
(PC, Mac, Linux) – January 7
Chariot (Wii U) – January 8
Funk of Titan (Xbox One) – January 9
Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – January 13
Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk (Vita) – January 13
Evolve Open Beta (Xbox One) – January 15
Blackguards 2 (PC) – January 20
Citizens of Earth (PS4, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, PC) – January 20
Gunman Clive 2 (3DS) – January 20
Ironclad Tactics (PlayStation 4) – January 20
Planetside 2 Beta (PS4) – January 20
Resident Evil Remastered (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – January 20
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected / Gat Out of Hell Expansion (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – January 20
Grey Goo (PC) – January 23
Dying Light (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – January 27
Grim Fandango (PS4, Vita) – January 27
Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition (PC) – January 29
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (PC) – January 29
Supreme League of Patriots (PC) – January 29
Life is Strange: Episode 1 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – January 30 
Unmechanical: Extended Edition (Xbox One) – January 30 

(Xbox One) – February 1
Apotheon (PS4) – February 3
Criminal Girls: Invite Only (Vita) – February 3
Kick & Fennick (Vita) – February 3
SpongeBob HeroPants (360, 3DS, Vita) – February 3
Deathtrap (PC) – February 4
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy (3DS) – February 10
Evolve (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – February 10
Minutes (PS4, Vita) – February 10
Super Stardust Ultra (PS4) – February 10
Unmechanical: Extended (PS4, PS3) – February 10
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 (Vita) – February 11
Blek (Wii U) – February 13
Decay – The Mare (PC) – February 13
The Escapists (Xbox One) – February 13
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS) – February 13
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) – February 13
New 3DS XL – February 13
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3) – February 17
Deadrock (PC) – February 17
Hand of Fate (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – February 17
Pillar (PS4) – February 17
Total War: Attila (PC) – February 17
Frozen Cortex (PC) – February 19
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PC) – February 20
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U) – February 20
The Order: 1886 (PS4) – February 20
Roundabout (Xbox One) – February 20
Auru's Awakening (PC, Mac, Linux) – February 24
Desert Ashes (Vita) – February 24
Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – February 24
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC) – February 24
htol#NiQ: The Firefly Diary (Vita) – February 24
Hyperdevotion Noire­: Goddess Black Heart (Vita) – February 24
Limbo (PS4) – February 24
Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 1 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – February 24 (PSN) and 25 (XBL, PC)
Rugby 15 (Xbox One, PS4, PS3) – February 24
Starwhal (PS4, PS3) – February 24
There Came an Echo (PC) – February 24
Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late (PS3) – February 24
Homeworld Remastered (PC) – February 25
Isbarah – The First Journey (PC, Mac, Linux) – February 25
Republique Remastered (PC) – February 26

(PS4, PS3, Vita) – March 3
La Mulana EX (Vita) – March 3
OlliOlli 2 (PS4, Vita) – March 3
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (Vita) – March 3
Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 2 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – March 3 (PSN) and 4 (XBL, PC)
ScreamRide (Xbox One, Xbox 360) – March 3
Shiftlings (PS4, PC) – March 3, (Xbox One) – March 4
Tormentum – Dark Sorrow (PC) – March 4
White Night (PS4, PC) – March 3, (Xbox One) – March 4
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (Wii U, 3DS) – March 5
OlliOlli (Wii U, 3DS) – March 5, (Xbox One) – March 6
Proun+ (3DS)
Zombie Army Trilogy (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – March 6
Assassin’s Creed Rogue (PC) – March 10
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea (PS3) – March 10
Cities: Skylines (PC) – March 10
DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition (Xbox One, PS4) – March 10
Flame Over (Vita) – March 10
Hotline Miami 2 (PS4, PS3, Vita, PC) – March 10
Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble (PC) – March 10
Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 3 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – March 10 (PSN) and 11 (XBL, PC)
Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3) – March 10
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters (PS3, Vita) – March 10
Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One, PC) – March 11
Sid Meier's Starships (PC, Mac, iOS) – March 12
Trine Enchanted Edition (Wii U) – March 12
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS) – March 13
Awakened Fate Ultimatum (PS3) – March 17
Battlefield Hardline (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – March 17
Bladestorm: Nightmare (Xbox One, PS4, PS3) – March 17
Final Fantasy Type-0 (Xbox One, PS4) – March 17
Jamestown+ (PS4) – March 17
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (PC) – March 17
Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 4 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – March 17 (PSN) and 18 (XBL, PC)
Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlus Mugged (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, iOS, Android) – Week of March 17
Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries (PC) – March 17
Elliot Quest (Wii U) – March 19
Worlds of Magic (PC) – March 19
Mario Party 10 (Wii U) – March 20
Fossil Fighters: Frontier (3DS) – March 20
Out of the Park 16 (PC) – March 23
Bloodborne (PS4) – March 24
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Xbox One, PS4) – March 24
Glorkian Warrior (PC) – March 24
Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (Vita, 3DS) – March 24
Slender: The Arrival (PS4) – March 24, (Xbox One) – March 25
Etherium (PC) – March 25
Infinite Crisis (PC) – March 26
Pillars of Eternity (PC) – March 26
Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast & Furious (Xbox One, 360) – March 27
Oddworld New 'n' Tasty (Xbox One) – March 27
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (PC) – March 30
Axiom Verge (PS4) – March 31
MLB 15 The Show (PS4, PS3, Vita) – March 31
Neverwinter (Xbox One) – March 31
Paperbound (PS4, PC) – March 31
Rack 'n' Ruin (PS4)
RBI Baseball 15 (Xbox One, PS4) – March 31
Story of Seasons (3DS) – March 31
Toukiden: Kiwami (PS4, Vita) – March 31 

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Wii U) – April 2
BoxBoy (3DS) – April 2
Bubble Gum Popper (Wii U) – April 2
Excave: II: Wizard of the Underworld (3DS) – April 2
Mon Premier Karaoke (Wii U) – April 2
Psycroir (Wii U) – April 2
Underground (Wii U) – April 2
Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (Xbox One, PC) – April 7
Aaru's Awakening (PS4, PS3) – April 7
Bastion (PS4) – April 7
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Edition (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – April 7
Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS) – April 7
MonsterBag (Vita) – April 7
Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (PS4, PS3, Vita) – April 7
Tower of Guns (PS4, PS3) – April 7
Pokemon Rumble World (3DS) – April 8
Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U) – April 9
I Am Bread (PC) – April 9
Stardrive 2 (PC, Mac, Linux) – April 9
Dead Synchronicity (PC) – April 10
Tower of Guns (Xbox One) – April 10
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS) – April 10
Bloxiq (Vita) – April 14
Grand Theft Auto V (PC) – April 14
Mortal Kombat X (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – April 14
Titan Souls (PS4, Vita) – April 14
Telepath Tactics (PC, Mac, Linux) – April 16
Goat Simulator (Xbox One) – April 17
We are Doomed (Xbox One) – April 17
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – April 21
Convoy (PC) – April 21
Oddworld New 'n' Tasty (PS3) – April 21
Shovel Knight (PS4, PS3, Vita) – April 21
Infinity Runner (PS4) – April 22
Crypt of the Necrodancer (PC) – April 23
Car Mechanic Simulator (PC) – April 24
Dungeons II
(PC) – April 24
Broken Age (PS4, Vita, Act II on PC) – April 28
Magicka: Wizard Wars (PC) – April 28
Omega Quintet (PS4) – April 28
Project Root (PS4, Vita, Xbox One) – April 28
State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (Xbox One) – April 28
Tropico 5 (PS4) – April 28
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (PC) – April 28
The Weaponographist (PC) – April 29
Chroma Squad (PC, Mac, Linux) – April 30 

Space Hulk (Wii U) – May 2
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker (3DS) – May 5
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – May 5
High Strangeness (Wii U, PC) – May 6
Vertiginous Golf (PC, Mac, Linux) – May 6
Not a Hero (PC) – May 7
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS4) – May 12
Project CARS (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – May 12
Axiom Verge (PC) – May 14
Galactic Civilizations III (PC) – May 14
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – May 19
Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U) – May 21
Puzzle & Dragons Z / Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition (3DS) – May 22
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (3DS) – May 26
Magicka 2 (PS4, PC) – May 26
Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4) – May 26
Splatoon (Wii U) – May 29 

Heroes of the Storm (PC) – June 2
The Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox One, PS4) – June 9
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (Vita) – June 9
Kholat (PC) – June 10
Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – June 23
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (PS4, PS3, PC) – June 23
Ride (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC) – June 23
J-Stars Victory VS+ (PS4, PS3, Vita) – June 30 

God of War III Remastered (PS4) – July 14
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (Xbox One, PS4) – July 14 

Madden 16 (Platforms TBA) – August 25

Mad Max (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – September 1
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3) – September 1
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PC) – September 15
Rodea The Sky Soldier (Wii U, 3DS) – September 22
Lego Dimensions (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U) – September 27 

Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One) – October 27

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – November 6
Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – November 17



Confirmed for 2015, but undated

6180 The Moon (Wii U)
A Virus Named Tom (PS3)
Adr1ft (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Adventures of Pip (Wii U)
Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (PC)
Alienation (PS4)
Alone with You (PS4, Vita)
Amiibo Tap (Wii U)
Amplitude (PS4, PS3)
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS)
Antipole DX (Wii U, 3DS)
APB Reloaded (Xbox One, PS4)
Armikrog (PS4, Wii U, PC)
Art Academy (Wii U)
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (Vita)
Assassin's Creed Chronicles (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC)
Assault Android Cactus (PS4, Vita)
Astebreed (PS4)
Asteroids: Outpost (PC)
Astral Breakers (Wii U)
Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (3DS)
Axiom Verge (Vita, PC)
Aztez (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Vita)
Baboon (Vita)
Back to Bed (Wii U)
Badland: Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Vita, PC, Mac, Linux)
The Banner Saga (PS4, Vita)
The Banner Saga 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Bastion (Vita)
Battlecry (PC)
Beatbuddy (Wii U)
Bedlam (PC)
Before (PC)
Below (Xbox One, PC)
Bigfest (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Xbox One, Wii U, New 3DS)
Blast 'em Bunnies (PS4, Vita, 3DS)
Blood Bowl 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Bodycheck (Vita)
Bombshell (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Broforce (PS4, Vita)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Platforms TBA)
Capsule Force (PS4, PC)
Carmageddon: Reincarnation (Xbox One, PS4)
The Castle Game (PS4)
Chasm (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Chroma Squad (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director's Cut (Wii U)
Chronicle: Runescape Legends (PC)
Color Guardians (PS4, Vita)
Cosmic Star Heroine (PS4, Vita, PC, Mac)
Crookz – The Big Heist (PC)
Cube Creator 3D (3DS)
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (Vita)
Darkest Dungeon (PS4, Vita, PC)
Darksiders II (PS4)
Day of the Tentacle Special Edition (PS4, Vita)
Dead Island 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Death Ray Manta (Vita, PC)
Death Tales (Vita)
Deathtrap (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion (iOS)
Dementium: The Ward (3DS)
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (PS3, Vita)
Desert Ashes (Vita)
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (Xbox One, PS4)
The Devil’s Third (Wii U)
Discstorm (Vita)
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (PS4)
Distance (PS4)
The Division (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Don Bradman Cricket 14 (360, PS3)
Don't Starve: Giant Edition (Wii U)
Doors (3DS)
Dot Arcade (Wii U)
Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria (Wii U, 3DS, PC)
Dragon Fin Soup (PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
Drawn to Death (PS4)
Dreadnought (PC)
The Dreamfall Chapters (PS4)
Dream Pinball 3D II (360, PS3, Wii, PC, Mac, iOS)
Drifter (PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, Linux)
Dungeon Defenders II (PS4, PC)
EarthNight (PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
Elite Dangerous (Xbox One)
Energy Hook (PS4, Vita, PC)
Enter the Gungeon (PS4, PC, Mac)
Ether One (PS4)
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4)
Extreme Exorcism (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Fable Legends (Xbox One)
Fairy Fencer F (PC)
Farming Simulator `15 (PS4, PS3)
Fat Princess Adventures (PS4)
Fatal Frame (Wii U)
Fenix Rage (Xbox One, PS4, Vita)
Final Fantasy VII (PS4)
Firewatch (PC)
Flame Over (PS4, Vita)
The Forest (PS4)
Forma.8 (PS4, Vita, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS)
Fortified (Xbox One)
Fortnite (PC)
Foul Play (PS4, Vita)
FutureGrind (PS4)
Galak-Z: The Dimensional (PS4, Vita)
Gang Beasts (PS4, PC)
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (Vita)
Get Even (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Giana Sisters 2 (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U)
Gigantic (Xbox One, PC)
Goat Simulator (360)
Godzilla (PS4, PS3)
Grand Ages: Medieval (PC)
Grave (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Guns of Icarus Online (PS4)
Guns Up! (PS4)
Gunship X (PS4, Vita)
Gunsport (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Habitat (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Halo: Spartan Strike (PC, Windows Phone)
Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4, Vita)
Hellblade (PS4)
Hellraid (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Henka Twist Caper (PS4)
Heroes of Loot (Vita)
Hex Heroes (Wii U)
Hollowpoint (PS4, PC)
HTR+ Slot Car Simulation (Vita)
Hyper Light Drifter (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Vita, PC)
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation (PC)
Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed (Vita)
Imagination is the Only Escape (PS4)
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III (PC)
Inside My Radio (Xbox One)
Invokers Tournament (PS4, Vita)
Ironfall (3DS)
Jet Car Stunts (PS4)
Journey (PS4)
Just Cause 3 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Killing Floor 2 (PS4, PC)
Kill Strain (PS4)
King's Quest (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC)
Kingdom Under Fire II (PS4, PS3, 360, PC)
Klaus (PS4, Vita)
Kodoku (PS4, Vita)
Krinkle Krusher (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Kyn (PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, Linux)
Legend of Raven (Xbox One, PS4, Vita)
Lego Jurassic World (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, Vita, PC)
Lego Marvel's Avengers (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, Vita, PC)
Let it Die (PS4)
Life of Pixel (Wii U)
Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails (3DS)
Lost Orbit (PS4, PC)
Lost Sea (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Lovely Planet (Xbox One)
Mario Maker (Wii U)
Massive Chalice (Xbox One, PC)
Mayan Death Robots (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Metal Slug 3 (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Miegakure (PS4)
Might & Magic Heroes VII (PC)
Mighty No. 9 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, PC)
MillitAnt (PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
Monster Bag (Vita)
Moon Chronicles: Episodes 2-4 (3DS)
Moon Hunters (PS4, Vita, PC)
Mortal Kombat X (360, PS3)
Murasaki Mist (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Wii U, 3DS)
N++ (PS4)
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Never Alone (Wii U)
Night in the Woods (PS4, PC, Mac, Linux)
Nihilumbra (Wii U)
Ninja Pizza Girl (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, iOS, Android)
Ninjin: Clash of Carrots (PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
No Man’s Sky (PS4)
Nom Nom Galaxy (PS4)
Not a Hero (PS4, Vita)
Nova-111: A Cosmic Voyage (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux)
Nuclear Throne (PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Xbox One, Wii U, Vita)
Oddworld New 'n' Tasty (Vita)
Once Upon Light (PS4)
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
One Way Trip (PS4, Vita)
Onigiri (PS4)
Orbit (Xbox One, PC)
Orcs Must Die Unchained (PS4)
Paparazzi (PS4)
Pavilion (PS4, Vita)
Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (Xbox One, PS4)
Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Vita)
Persona 5 (PS4, PS3)
Pier Solar and the Grand Architects (Vita)
Pix the Cat (PC)
Planetside 2 (PS4)
Primal Carnage: Extinction (PS4)
Project CARS (Wii U)
Project Treasure (Wii U)
Pure Hold 'Em (PS4)
Q*Bert Rebooted (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Race the Sun (Wii U)
Rack 'n' Ruin (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
Rainbow Six: Siege (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
Ray's The Dead (PS4, Vita)
Rebel Galaxy (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac)
Relativity (PS4, PC, Mac, Linux)
Resogun: Defenders DLC (PS4)
Rime (PS4)
Riot (PC)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
Rock Band 4 (Xbox One, PS4)
Rocket League (PS4)
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (PS4, Vita)
RocketsRocketsRockets (PS4, PC, Mac, Linux)
Roller Coaster Tycoon World (PC)
Roundabout (PS4)
Runbow (Wii U)
Salt & Sanctuary (PS4, Vita)
Samurai Gunn (PS4)
Savant Ascent (PS4)
Sayonara UmiharaKawase + (Vita)
Scalebound (Xbox One)
Scram Kitty (PS4, Vita)
Screencheat (Xbox One, PS4)
Sega 3D Classics (3DS)
Sentris (PS4)
Servo (PC)
Severed (Vita)
Shadow of the Beast (PS4)
Shadow Blade: Reload (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux)
Shadowrun: Hong Kong (PC)
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
Shantae: Risky's Revenge – Director's Cut (Wii U, 3DS) 
Shiftlings (PS4)
Shovel Knight (PS4)
Shroud of the Avatar (PC)
Shu (PS4, Vita, PC)
Shutshimi (Wii U, 3DS)
Silence: The Whispered World (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac)
The Sims 4 (Mac)
Sketchcross (Vita)
Skullgirls Encore (PS4, Vita)
Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition (PS4)
Skytorn (PS4)
Slain! (Wii U)
Smite (Xbox One)
Snow (PS4, PC, Mac, Linux)
Soft Body (PS4, Vita, PC)
Soldner X-2: Final Prototype (Vita)
Son of Scoregasm (Vita, PC)
Soul Axiom (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux)
Source (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC)
Space Engineers (Xbox One)
Space Hulk: Deathwing (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
Squares (Vita)
Star Fox (Wii U)
Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Starbound (PS4, Vita, PC)
Starwhal (PS4, PS3, Vita, Wii U, PC)
SteamWorld Dig (Xbox One)
SteamWorld Heist (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, PC, Mac, Linux)
Stealth Inc., 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Vita, PC)
Steins;Gate (PS3, Vita)
Street Fighter IV Ultra (PS4)
Strike Vector EX (Xbox One, PS4)
Super Exploding Zoo (PS4, Vita)
Super Time Force Ultra (PS4, Vita)
Superhot (Xbox One)
Supermagical (PS3, Vita)
The Swindle (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Vita, PC)
Table Top Racing: World Tour (PS4)
Tacoma (PC)
Tales of Zestiria (PS3)
The Talos Principle (PS4, PS3)
Tearaway Unfolded (PS4)
Teslagrad (PS4, Vita)
There Came an Echo (PS4)
Tinertia (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Titan Attacks (3DS)
Titan Souls (PS4, Vita, PC)
The Tomorrow Children (PS4)
Toren (PS4)
Toto Temple Deluxe (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, Android)
Tower of Guns (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Vita)
Towerfall Ascension (Vita)
Trans-Galactic Tournament (PS4)
Ultratron (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Vita)
Underground (Wii U)
Until Dawn (PS4)
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PS4)
Velocity 2X (Xbox One, PC)
Viking Squad (PS4)
VizionEck (PS4)
Volume (PS4, Vita)
Wander (PS4, PC)
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Wasteland 2 (Xbox One, PS4)
Wattam (PS4)
We Are All Doomed (Xbox One, PS4)
Windup Knight 2 (Wii U)
World of Tanks (Xbox One)
Whoa Dave (PS4, Vita, Wii U, 3DS, iOS)
The Witness (PS4)
Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)
Xeodrifter (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Y2K (PS4)
Yakuza 5 (PS3)
Yorbie – Episode 1: Payback's a Bolt (Xbox One, PS4)
Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U)
Zombie Vikings (PS4, PC) – The Feed

You started playing a story-based video game, and then this happened…

“Once you start letting some random, sentient entity (e.g. a human) poke around within the confines of the narrative framework of your video game, things often get broken.” …

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