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Video: Videoball and video games’ superiority over sports

Videoball designer Tim Rogers takes the stage at GDC 2016 to lead attendees on a tour through various frustrating thought-experiments one might encounter on the quest to triangulate The Perfect Sport. …

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A Complete Visual History Of Video Game Controllers

Watch 58 years of video game controllers pass by in 60 seconds.

You’ll soon be able to design your own Xbox One controller, so maybe it’s time to look back at the history of our most popular gaming inputs, courtesy of Super Deluxe. If you like this, check out some of the strange early designs for the original Xbox controller.

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Video: Lessons learned developing 2 games for 4 VR platforms

So what’s it like to make games for all these different virtual reality headsets? That’s exactly what VR game developer E McNeill spoke to in this talk he gave at the inaugural VRDC during GDC 2016. …

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Video: Historians discuss Call of Duty: Black Ops

Historians Bob Whitaker, Christopher Dietrich, and Joseph Parrot discuss Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2. Topics include the Cold War, the CIA, Black Ops lawsuits, and secret operations. …

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Here’s An Entire YouTube Channel Devoted To Video Game Drowning Animations

What's everyone's favorite thing to do in all video games? Drown, of course.

Or at least, that's YouTube user Dextorin's answer. Currently their YouTube channel houses just under 80 videos that show assorted characters from a seemingly random collection of games grasping for air as they forget to simply swim up. You can find some sample videos below. Feel free to pick your favorite?

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Professional Wrestler Xavier Woods Credits Video Games For Making Him Who He Is Today

Video games aren't necessarily the first thing that jumps to mind when people think of influences for a professional athlete. But, according to professional wrestler Xavier Woods, he owes where he is today to the medium.

Xavier Woods is a bit of a renaissance man. He's one-third of the wrestling group New Day, which uses anime and internet memes as influence for their look, he's also working on his PhD in educational therapy, and is the founder of the successful YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown – which currently sits just under 600,000 subscribers.

Recently speaking to ESPN's eSports leg at the fighting game event Community Effort Orlando (CEO 2016) – which he attended to partake in a Street Fighter V tournament – Woods cited video games as part of the reason he became the man he is now. "Without video games, I don't think I'd be where I am today with anything else in life," Woods explained, saying when he was a kid he wanted to be a professional wrestler and a "pro video game developer."

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He credits video games for helping him overcome the troubles he had being social as a kid, and it's something he wants to give back through his channel and persona. "I always want to make sure that I'm able to put a spotlight on that for kids who might be in the same position and might feel a little awkward or might get made fun of for reading comic books and staying up till 4 in the morning playing Sonic," he told ESPN. "I want to show them that, no, that stuff is awesome and fun and that look, you can go be a CEO and make a ton of money, and you can be in an awesome fighting game community."

For more on Woods, you can check out his Twitter or YouTube channel.

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Blog: Classic vs. modern horror in video games and beyond

The horror medium has changed dramatically over the last two decades. So what has the game industry learned (and can still learn) from the horror genre? …

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Report: China is now the global leader in video game revenues

Heads up, game devs: China’s booming games market has now overtaken the U.S. (at least, in market research firm Newzoo’s estimation) to become the world’s biggest source of video game revenue. …

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Video: How to get the funding your game needs

Game industry veteran and Execution Labs cofounder Jason Della Rocca gives an indie financing reality check and shares advice on getting the funding your game needs in this GDC Europe 2015 talk. …

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The Strong Museum Welcomes The Desk Of The ‘Father Of Video Games’ Ralph Baer

The Strong National Museum of Play in New York is welcoming a new edition to their eGameRevolution exhibit: the desk of video game pioneer Ralph Baer.

Baer invented the first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, and adopted the affectionate nickname the '"father of video games" as a result. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 92 in 2014, and now admirers of his work can see where he crafted his inventions on his desk brought all the way from his Florida home. His desk includes many tools of his trade, including his soldering gun, oscilloscope, ohm meter, and drawers of electronic components. 

His home console creation helped bring the possibly for interactive play into the domestic sphere, and set the foundation for all future consoles that proceeded it. He is also well known for many of his other electronic creations, the most popular being handheld memory Simon, which is still selling four decades later.

The Strong museum and Baer have worked together in the past. Baer provided the museum with thousands of personal papers and artifacts documenting his life's work, as well as a working reproduction of his prototype for the Magnavox Odyssey system for the same exhibit his desk now resides in, and Baer traveled to New York himself to celebrate its installation in 2010. 

For more on Baer, you can check him out in a web series on contemporary inventors by filmmaker David Friedman, showing the gaming founding father working as hard as ever and inventing at the age of 90 in 2012

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