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Save the universe with a friend in Zheros on Xbox One, PS4, PC

Quick, the universe is in danger! What do you do? If you answered “punch stuff,” you might want to enlist in the Zhero Squad when Zheros launches later this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The cooperative action brawler will let players stomp out oppos…
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Deus Ex Universe lights up with next-gen ‘Dawn’ engine

Deus Ex Universe is not an MMO, despite the suspiciously grand name, Eidos Montreal says in a blog post. The studio announced Deus Ex Universe last year and some fans equated “Universe” with a potential MMO – but in reality, Deus Ex’s Universe is mor…
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Deus Ex Universe Is Not An MMO, New Engine To Power Upcoming Titles

Eidos Montreal has announced a new engine specifically designed for PCs and the latest consoles. The Dawn Engine as it’s called is based on a heavily modified version of IO Interactive’s Glacier 2, used for Hitman: Absolution.

Despite the heavy Deus Ex influence in the screenshot (and the fact we know there are more games in that series in development), Eidos cautions that there is nothing to be gleaned from the content. The purpose of the image is to show fidelity and detail capable using Dawn Engine (click the above image to see it at full size).

In the blog post introducing the new technology, Eidos community manager Sacha Ramtohul sets to assuaging concerns about a previous announcement. “Some of you have had concerns that ‘Universe’ meant ‘MMO,’” he writes. “Rest assured, it does not.”

Instead, he makes it clear that the “universe” appellation is being used to envelope all of the stories that might be told in the Deus Ex franchise. This includes primary games and other projects. You can read the entire blog post on Eidos Montreal’s website.

[Source: Eidos Montreal]


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I greatly enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution (and even managed a no-kill run on my first play through). I’m glad that there has been some gap in between releases, because when the next game is finally announced, I know I’ll be excited. – The Feed

Humble Weekly Simulators 2: Universe Sandbox, Tropico 4

Simulator games aren’t ways to escape reality – they exist to make real life better. Did you always want to be a train conductor, only to find that plan derailed by the demands of money and opportunity? Simulators have you covered. Do you wish you…
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Learning about our own universe by modeling it in Elite: Dangerous

The New Yorker investigates how the virtual universe generated in Elite: Dangerous based on actual astronomical data is helping us better understand our own place in the galaxy. …

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Sega’s 8-bit universe beats itself up in Master System Brawl

If the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS has you jonesing for a similar arena fighter featuring Sega’s classic characters, you’ll want to check out Sega Master System Brawl (direct download link), a recently updated homebrew…
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DC Universe Online Brings the Fury

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, imagine a tribe of scorned super powered Amazons rampaging through Gotham City. This is the setting for the new DC Universe Online DLC Amazon Fury Part 1.

Amazon Fury takes place in an alternate Gotham City called Gotham Under Siege, where the queen of the Amazons has attacked Gotham City because of Brainac’s attack on the Amazon home Paradise Island. The Amazon queen Hippolyta blames humans for Braniac’s attack and creates an alliance with Cerce to get her revenge, while Wonder Woman goes against her mother with an army of Amazons to help defend Gotham City and mankind.

The DLC will feature the new open area Gotham Under Siege, a four-player alert adventure and two new duos. Players will also be able to play as either Wonder Woman or Circe in new solo iconic visions, which will allow players to take part in events which have led up to the Amazon civil war.

The DLC is the first part of the Amazon Fury trilogy and is available today on PC, PS3, and PS4. For more, check out the DC Universe website here.

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Star Wars Expanded Universe (including games) no longer canon

Many bothans died to bring us this information: The Star Wars Expanded Universe – or EU for short – is getting cut from Star Wars canon like hands get cut from the Skywalker family. In a news post on the official Star Wars site, Lucasfilm announced…
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Transformers Universe Is A MOBA In Disguise

Jagex might be calling Transformers Universe a “MOTA” (that’s multiplayer tactical action game), but it looks an awful lot like a MOBA. A new gameplay trailer gives us a look at Hasbro’s ever-popular robots in disguise duking it out.

The Runescape developer has shifted the title from a traditional MMO that put players in control of a single Autobot or Decepticon to something more akin to toy collection. Commanders will assemble teams of transformers to do battle with other players.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

There is still an MMO undercurrent, but Jagex says the game isn’t an MMORPG or MOBA. It will feature both PvE and PvP gameplay. Transformers Universe is in beta now, and you can sign up for access on the official site. – The Feed

Entropia Universe couple gets married both in game and real life

Love is in the air here at That VideoGame Blog. In fact, I know of two TVGB authors and one Editor-in-Chief who are getting married this year! But I’m here to tell you about a couple that defied all odds, fell in love and got married through a video game.

Karen Oderkirk and Jetze Koole first met online back in 2011, thus beginning their online gaming career (and relationship) together. They eventually starting playing Entropia Universe, the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy game (or MMORCE).

I could tell you more about their love story myself but the press release discussing their marriage says it best.

“Not long afterwards they bought a two-person spaceship, and using their interceptor they toured the other planets eventually settling on Planet Cyrene.  During their time online together they got to know each other by talking in-game over Skype and developing a large group of mutual friends.  In 2012 they got married online in a ceremony officiated by a friendly starship captain.

“Real life took a little more time to get to the same stage as they were living in different countries.  Jetze lives in the Netherlands and Karen lived in the USA in California.  Karen decided to make the big move to be closer to Jetze and started on the long process of paperwork needed to get a permit to stay in the country.  In August of 2013 Karen finally got her permit, and a request for marriage approval was submitted to the town hall.  While it took a long time, the two are now a recently-married happy couple and continue to both play in Entropia Universe and in real life.”

Check out these amazing, love-filled photos of Karen’s and Jetze’s wedding (both virtual and real life) below.

On behalf of TVGB, I would just like to say that we love of all our readers, fans and advertisers. Thank you for being a part of our great community and remember, you never know where love will find you.

All images are courtesy of Game Press.

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