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PSN Tuesday: Hohokum, Surgeon Simulator: AE, Disgaea 4

This week’s PlayStation Store update brings with it something new for every Sony system, from the PlayStation 4 to the oft-neglected PS Vita.

As of today, PlayStation 4 owners can purchase the adorably stylish (and cross-buy compatible) Hohokum for…
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PSN Tuesday: Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept, Ultra Street Fighter 4

This week’s PlayStation Network update delivers pre-orders on Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and LittleBigPlanet 3, while also serving as the standalone debut for both Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept and Ultra Street Fighter…
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PSN Tuesday: Fight the weird in Abyss Odyssey and Crimsonland

Today’s PlayStation Store update promises to cover our screens with “literally hundreds of aliens, giants spiders, mutant lizards and more.” That sort of thing hasn’t happened since we installed demonic beta firmware, so it should feel just like old…
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PSN Tuesday: Another World, The Wolf Among Us finale

This week’s PSN Tuesday is out of this world, headlined by classic adventure game Another World 20th Anniversary Edition on PS4, PS3 and Vita as a Cross-Buy for $ 8. In other tri-platform Cross-Buy news, there’s cheesy puzzle game Mousecraft for $ 15….
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PSN Tuesday: Sniper Elite 3, July’s PS Plus freebies

PSN this week gets a bunch of goodies for PS4, PS3 and Vita, and a sneak peek at the free games heading to PS Plus in July. PS4 gets Sniper Elite 3, Puddle and Guacamelee Super Turbo Champion Edition, and PS3 has Sniper Elite 3, ConstantC, Dynasty…
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PSN Tuesday: Valiant Hearts, BlazBlue, Farming Simulator

The PlayStation Store is packed with pre-orders and releases this week, headlined by the launch of Valiant Hearts: The Great War on PS4 and PS3, and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Farming Simulator 14 on Vita.

Sniper Elite 3 is up for pre-order on…
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PSN Tuesday: Ultimate fighting champs and cheap Clanks

This week’s PlayStation Store update submits a handful of new games, crowned by EA Sports UFC for PlayStation 4. There’s a demo available already, paired with a fighting primer from EA that should get you into tip-top shape (for putting your tips on…
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PSN Tuesday: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, Murdered: Soul Suspect

Gather ye ’round and steel your nerves, for this week’s PSN Store update contains a supernatural tale of murder and vengeance. Murdered: Soul Suspect has come to Sony’s digital storefront for PS3 and PS4. Don’t worry too much: PixelJunk Shooter…
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PSN Tuesday: Watch Dogs, Sly Collection

The PSN Store is updated today with Watch Dogs and the Watch Dogs Gold Edition on PS4 and PS3.

Meanwhile, Vita gets Lemmings Touch, Mind Zero, Monster Monpiece, The Sly Collection PS Vita and Fort Defense & Fort Defense North Menace. PS Plus members…
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PSN Tuesday: Octodad, Cel Damage HD, Walking Dead

Happy PSN Tuesday! This week on PS4 we get Octodad: Dadliest Catch ($ 15), Putty Squad ($ 25) and Cel Damage HD ($ 10). Even though Octodad is a new indie game on a Sony console, it’s not free for Plus members – and the developers at Young Horses put…
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