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Test Chamber – A Bridge Troll With A Sweet Tooth In King’s Quest Chapter I

The Odd Gentlemen and Sierra Entertainment have allied to bring back the legendary adventure game series, King's Quest. The first chapter of the episodic game, A Knight to Remember, is available now, and it's a whimsical good time (read my review). Come along with us as we take a stroll down King Graham's memory lane, go ingredient hunting for a baker, and meet a…well-connected denizen of Daventry.

Andrew Reiner and I pick up from where his save last left off: on a mission to collect the eye of a hideous beast so that Graham can enter a tournament to become the knight he's destined to be. If you're sensitive to solutions for puzzle spoilers, then please avert your eyes. Otherwise, if you're looking for a good example of what players will be doing in Daventry, please join us by watching the episode below.

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King's Quest Chapter I: A Knight to Remember is available now on 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Minecraft grows a sweet tooth, turns into Candy Lan-uhh, Candycraft

If you don’t celebrate Easter, you can still treat today like Candy Overload day! Once you start crashing from your sugar high, you can remain relatively immobile on the couch while crafting sweet desserts out of Minecraft’s Candy Texture Pack, now…
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PS3 Owners Can Grab A Cool Sweet Tooth Mask In Payday 2

505 Games' excellent multiplayer heist game just got a little…sweeter. *Puts on sunglasses like David Caruso from CSI: Miami* *Roger Daltry scream from "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who*

To give the game's PlayStation fans a cool little item that harks back to the earlier days of Sony, you'll be able to download a free mask of the likeness of Twisted Metal's iconic Sweet Tooth character in the PlayStation Store.

Our Take:
It's a great-looking mask and a nice bit of fan service. Kudos to 505 Games. – The Feed

Axel free to all in Twisted Metal tomorrow, Sweet Tooth skin for Starhawk previewed


For those of you still firing missiles in Twisted Metal (but didn’t think of pre-ordering it ahead of time), good news! Axel was formerly only available as a pre-order bonus, but as of tomorrow, April 18, his vehicle will be available to all. You too can run around on two wheels, pushing smaller vehicles around with your special moves.

The PSBlog has also posted a video, embedded below, of the Sweet Tooth skin going to Starhawk when it launches early next month. Every (new) copy of Twisted Metal has a code for the Outcast skin, so you’ll just have to punch that in when the Starhawk comes out.

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