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PSA: Overwatch Season 3 Ends Today

If you were holding off on finishing your placement matches or wanted to climb to the next tier, today is your last chance to do so in Season 3. Blizzard's third competitive season for the FPS ends today at 4 PM PST.

If you complete your placement matches, you'll be eligible for a player icon and spray, and those that participated in the season are also eligible for other rewards based on rank.

Competitive points earned in this fashion can be spent to acquire cool unique items that you can show off in seasons to come.

Season 4 is scheduled to begin on February 28 at 4 PM PST. – The Feed

Attend GDC 2017 and study how arcade culture has shaped eSports today

Tom Cannon, cofounder of Radiant Entertainment and, the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) fighting game tourney, is coming to GDC 2017 to talk about how competitive game design influences players. …

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Watch Our For Honor Livestream Today

Are you ready for all the in-your-face lopping of limbs and insane, samurai-versus-knights-versus-viking madness that is Ubisoft's For Honor? Today, we're going to play some of the game and explore several game modes, classes, progression systems, and more on a Game Informer livestream.

Join us at 2 PM CT and bring all your questions and comments. We'll be answering everything from which burger is the best to what class has the edge in close quarters combat. Get in here FOR HONOR.

Use the banner below or simply watch the embedded stream right on this page! – The Feed

PSA: Overwatch’s Year Of The Rooster Event Ends Today

If you've been waiting to open some fantastic skins from Blizzard's limited time Year of the Rooster event, today's the last day you'll be able to obtain those awesome flavors for your favorite heroes.

The world needs heroes, but maybe you need an A-Mei-Zing new outfit or the perfect emote, voice line, or win-screen loadout. 

Watch us open some loot crates from the event here, and watch us try out the CTF mode that was rolled out with the event here. – The Feed

Lego Batman Movie Story Pack Hits Lego Dimensions Today

The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters today, and Lego Dimensions has a new story pack timed to its release. The Lego Batman Movie story pack features Batman and Robin minifigs and a Batwing, which can be transformed into two other vehicles.

The story pack features six levels based on the movie, featuring gadgets galore and a host of the Joker's goons. The Batwing can be rebuilt into a Bat-Raptor and an Ultrabat. Take a look at the trailer below for a look at the pack in action.

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The story pack is priced at $ 29.99. – The Feed

Learn effective storytelling animation techniques for VR today at 3PM EST

If you’re working on a virtual reality game, you can get some animation tips for your game’s characters from veterans of Telltale games and Pixar today at 3PM EST. …

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Learn about making audio adventures for the Amazon Echo today at 3PM EST

If you’ve ever wanted to play a choose-your-own-adventure game with your voice, you should tune in to this conversation about making interactive audio adventures. …

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Learn how to build meditative games today at 3PM EST

We’re interviewing game designer Robin Arnott today at 3PM EST, who is set to give a talk at GDC 2017 about the art of meditative games. …

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PSA: Shadows of the Damned And Rocket Knight Come To Xbox One Backward Compatibility Today

A tweet by Major Nelson today confirmed that two titles, Shadows of the Damned and Rocket Knight, are coming to Xbox One backward compatibility today. If you were looking to play one of these games, well, now's your chance!


Pokémon Duel Hits Mobile Today

The Pokémon Company has released a surprise new mobile game today called Pokémon Duel, in which the collectable critters battle over territory.

In the online game, which is available on iOS and Android, players build out their roster and group them into teams of six. Pokémon have their own stats, including how many steps they can take toward the goal. When players meet on the grid-like board, they battle, spinning a disc to see what attacks they'll use. The first player to get their Pokémon to the goal wins.

You can check out a trailer for the game below.

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