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Ratchet And Clank Join Dead Star, But Only If You Play At Certain Times

The universe's favorite Lombax and his tin friend are joining Dead Star tomorrow. Dead Star is Armature Studio's 10v10 twin-stick shooter that is available for free to PlayStation Plus members for the month of April. While the duo is available at no cost to all Dead Star players, they can only be obtained at certain times.

The Ratchet portrait is obtainable between April 29 (starting at 10 a.m. Central) and May 2. The Ratchet portrait also brings unique in-game events that will only occur this weekend. Clank's portrait unlocks the following weekend between May 6 (at 10 a.m. Central) and May 9. Adding Clank to your collection also adds new weekend-exclusive events to the game. – The Feed

Fire Emblem Fates Sells Five Times As Many Copies As Awakening In Opening Weekend

Nintendo has shared that Fire Emblem Fates now holds the record for best United States launch in franchise history. More than 300,000 copies were sold in the first three days.

The sales number includes all versions of the game: Birthright, Conquest, and the Collector’s Edition. This bests Awakening’s opening weekend performance by a factor of five. 

Birthright outsold the more challenging Conquest, but players will be able to get the opposite version for $ 19.99 via the eShop. For those that didn’t purchase the collector’s edition, the third chapter, Revelation, will be available on March 10.

A free DLC map has already been made available, and paid maps are on the way. An $ 18 map pack offers a discount over the total cost of individual map purchases.

For more, check out our reviews of Birthright and Conquest. We also have some tips to get you started if you need a nudge.


Our Take
After Fire Emblem: Awakening’s critical and fan reception, it’s no surprise that the franchise has finally pierced the North American consciousness. Chances are that with this kind of growth, we’ll be seeing more Fire Emblem down the road. – The Feed

Microsoft Adapts To The Times With Digital Halo 5 Midnight Launch Event

Midnight launches for huge games, including Halo titles, are an institution. With more players purchasing their games digitally though, the phenomenon doesn’t have the same impact that it used to.

Microsoft is adapting its strategy for the launch of Halo 5 on October 27. For six hours leading up to the release (on the United States West Coast), the publisher is teaming up with YouTube for a slate of programming to celebrate the game.

The event will feature the first streaming episode of The Fall of Reach animated series, a roundtable with Halo 5’s writers and actor Nathan Fillion, and documentaries featuring Halo superfans. There will also be live events held in New Zealand, Hong Kong, New York, and others.

Those in London can enter for a chance to attend the launch event happening at The Roundhouse. New York fans can visit the Microsoft store at 53rd and Fifth.

Additional details will be revealed closer to the event. For more on Halo 5, you can read our recent hands-on preview of the campaign. 


Our Take
In my younger years, I used to love attending midnight openings. I’m sad that younger gamers might not be able to have those same community experiences as more people move to digital purchase. On the flip side, there is something quite nice about a game unlocking at midnight and being able to play immediately. – The Feed

Watch Link Explore An Unreal Engine 4 Version Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’s Kakariko Village

Nintendo's iconic characters continue to be unofficial spokespeople for Unreal Engine 4 with a new creation showcasing a young Link exploring Kakariko village in all of Unreal Engine 4's graphical splendor.

The creation comes from artist Ioannis Papazis' YouTube channel. In the video we see Link walking around Papazis' creation for awhile before looking at a bit of the behind-the-scenes of Unreal's software.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

This isn't the first time Nintendo's characters have appeared in Unreal Engine 4. They're unofficial fan creates (like the one above) but you can head here and here to see Mario exploring the engine.

[Source: Ioannis Papazis on YouTube] – The Feed

Angry Birds 2 Was Downloaded One Million Times In Half A Day

Angry Birds 2 released on Thursday, and within 12 hours, the game had already been downloaded one million times.

It's completely free-to-play this time around, adopting the standard model of forcing players to wait to play more if they use up their continues. It also has a ridiculous number of levels strewn across a huge map, a bit like Candy Crush.

We recently played through a couple of the levels to see if it is truly deserved of the number two after its name. You can find that video here.


Our Take
I generally have a good times with the Angry Birds games, even if its formula is beginning to wear after all these years. The free-to-play mechanics are a big turnoff. Frankly I'd be more interested in playing the game if it was just one price, but I that complaint extends to pretty much every free-to-play mobile game I play. – The Feed

From Software ‘Exploring’ Patch To Improve Bloodborne Load Times

If you’ve been playing Bloodborne since its midnight launch this morning, you may have noticed that load times aren’t quite ideal. Sony and developer From Software are aware and have addressed the matter.

In a statement provided to Game Informer, there’s hope that the load times might improve through an update. “The development team is currently exploring another patch for Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimizations and miscellaneous bug fixes,” the statement reads. “We will provide more information as soon as possible.”

Despite the less-than-ideal loading situation, we had some nice things to say about Bloodborne. You can check out our review, spoiler-free beginner’s guide, and some spoiler-filled tips to bone up on your bloodletting.


Our Take
While it’s not ideal for this to be addressed in a post-launch patch, it’s certainly better than not at all. For now, we can just assume that From Software wanted us to contemplate all the terrible ways we have (and will continue to) die horribly. – The Feed

Joystiq Giveaway: SteelSeries Stratus XL iOS controller times 2

So you’re playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on your iPhone and you’re thinking, “Man, it sure would be a lot easier to slice this Dark Jedi directly in their stupid cowled faces if I was using a controller.” Than you’re playing BioShock …
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Twitch out-ranks cable news networks, MTV at times

Amazon certainly thinks that Twitch is a good investment, as it just spent nearly $ 1 billion to buy Twitch and all of its live-game-streaming accoutrement. It turns out Twitch stacks up well against a lineup of cable networks, drawing in more viewers…
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Metro Redux ‘pushes three times as much, twice as fast’

This lengthy trailer for Metro Redux examines the improvements made to 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic first-person shooters Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light in their transition to next-gen platforms. The remastered games will launch August 26 for PC, PS4…
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Long build times? You’re doing it wrong

“When I hear developers complain about long build times, it immediately makes me suspicious about the quality of their code base. Here’s the TL;DR version of this article: do not include header files in header files.” …

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