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In 1993, Mega Man X’s team was crunching on the SNES hit

A new translation of an old story documents (in an exaggerated way) the working conditions at a prominent developer on a landmark game, and offers a slice of history we don’t often get to see. …

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Artist Imagines The Star Fox Team As Drawn By Hanna-Barbera

An artist going by simply "Jonas" online has crafted the Star Fox team as though they exist in same universe as The Jetsons.

The Jetsons are of course just one of the many shows and characters created by Hanna-Barbera, but it seems to be the universe the Star Fox team would most likely exist when looking at Hanna-Barbera's large library.

You can see more of Jonas' work on their DeviantArt page, or their website. You actually won't find a lot of video game stuff (though there is this very cool one with Samus and a Metroid), but it's still definitely worth checking out.

[Source:, JonasDrawsStuff on DeviantArt, via Reddit] – The Feed

Sega And Pokémon Devs Team Up To Create Tembo The Badass Elephant

Sega and Game Freak, best known for their Pokémon franchise, have teamed up to bring the side-scrolling action platformer Tembo The Badass Elephant, coming this summer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be released as a digital download on each platform. The game has players racing through levels as a Rambo-styled elephant, creating as much rampage and destruction as possible. 

Shell City is being attacked by PHANTOM, a force led by a mysterious, masked commander. Tembo is called in by the National Army to help crush and stomp the enemy, whilst eating peanuts along the way. 

Just how badass is this elephant? Check out the humorous and cartoon-like game in the trailer below.

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Amplitude Introduces Team Multiplayer

Amplitude developer Harmonix has announced another facet of the summer game's multiplayer plans – team multiplayer – in a new trailer.

The game already has a Free-For-All multiplayer mode, and Team multiplayer allows players to section off into 2v2 or 3v1 gameplay.

For more on Amplitude, be sure to stay tuned as we're going to see the PS4/PS3 game at PAX East later this week, and check out this interview with Harmonix co-founder and chief creative officer Alex Rigopulos.

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[Source: Official PlayStation Blog] – The Feed

2K And Turtle Rock Team With ESL To Bring Evolve Tournament To PAX East

The tournament will feature both professional and amateur players in Turtle Rock's excellent 4v1 game.

The Evolve PAX East PRO-AM Tournament will be run by ESL and held during PAX East on Friday, March 6. The matches will begin at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. It will feature eight teams of "eSports professionals and up-and-coming amateurs." You'll be able to watch the action live on the Evolve Twitch Channel.

The event will be hosted by ESL'S Cameron "Camd0zer" Reed and feature commentary by DB Sinclair and Sacriel. For more information check out the tournament page on the official Evolve site.


Our Take
It's amazing how big the PAX conventions have become. This is just another indication. – The Feed

Valve Gives Developers Power To Create In-Game Steam Inventory Drops Like Team Fortress 2

Most Steam players are used to the little green notification that appears in top right of the application window. Coming out of a new game typically means you’ve got something new in your inventory (likely a trading card). Soon, this pop-up could get more interesting.

Valve has announced a new Inventory Service for developers. The company says the new features, which are now in beta for Steamworks developers, will allow games to put items in your Steam inventory based on different factors. 

"The Steam Inventory Service maintains a per-game list of items that have been defined for that game by the developer," Valve's Alden Kroll tells us. "So, it basically makes it easier for other developers to accomplish similar systems to what is present in Team Fortress 2, where customers can buy items or get items dropped based on in-game events or time. Those items can be crafted and could indeed impact the game, as they are all items that the game will understand and recognize."

Users can create items for eligible games via the workshop. To date, users have reaped over $ 57 million in payouts through the Steam Workshop platform. In order to take advantage of these new features, the player-created items will need to be intentionally implemented.

"The items need to be added to the game by the developer along with necessary code to understand how the items interact with the in-game world," Kroll tells us. "This system is independent from the Steam Trading Cards, and the use of Inventory Service will vary from game-to-game as developers use it in different ways and with different kinds of content."

[Source: Steam]


Our Take
This system has enormous potential. First, developers could further bolster the community entrepreneur relationship (which recently expanded to non-Valve games). It also means that Valve is giving players more reason to stay on the Steam platform for those games that support this new initiative. This innocuous announcement could herald a new wave of interactions in games that reap long-term rewards for developers through enhanced and prolonged engagement. – The Feed

Joystiq Presents: Team spirit

In this episode, Mike Suszek (@mikesuszek) chats with News Content Director Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski) about Team JOY and Team Joystiq. He also discusses the “Internet dating” side of working in the industry.

Listen to the MP3

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Add Team Game Informer Characters, Flags, And Music To Your #IDARB Game

Before you get your hopes too high, this is not a complete list of Game Informer editors, but you will find enough to add some GI flavor to your #IDARB games.

To redeem these items for your game, you should see a "scan" option in the creation screens. Once you open that up, all you have to do is scan the QR codes below using your Kinect. You should be able to hold your phone up to the camera, but you will likely need to turn down the brightness on your phone so the Kinect can pick it up.

First up is myself, which you can find below. It may look like another template character that I simply added some glasses to, and you would be right – that's exactly what I did. I assure you it's me, though.

Jeff Cork got a little more creative and actually made an avatar of himself from scratch. It looks exactly like him, complete with a beard and everything.

Jeff Cork also made this guy. He isn't anyone in particular, but I promised I would include him in this feature. I think Cork is proud of him. It might be Ben Hanson.

Next up is the Team Game Informer flag. You're welcome in advance, because I realize this would basically be impossible to make on your own.

Finally, I have a song that I made. It is a general approximation of the season two Replay theme. And by general, I mean very, very general. Some would argue it's a radical remix, and I wouldn't disagree with them.

There you go! Now you can add myself, Jeff Cork, a Lego minifig (I think), a Game Informer flag, and an amazing Game Informer theme song to your team.

For more on #IDARB, head here for a big list of ways to manipulate the games you are watching. You can also check out our review of #IDARB by heading here. For our #IDARB Test Chamber head here.

If you're up to the task of making more Game Informer editors or characters from Super Replay, etc., with #IDARB's creation tools, send them to me! You can either e-mail them to me, or tweet them to me at @kylemhilliard and I will add them to this feature! – The Feed

Joystiq Streams: Evolve rematch pits Joystiq against Team Eggs

The last time Joystiq played Evolve, it didn’t go very well. We had plenty of fun hunting each other down, leveling up the respective hunter classes, and trying to be a good and proper monster. It’s just that we weren’t very good. Eggs defeated us. E…
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Former pro League of Legends team opens wallets to fantasy eSports

Former League of Legends team Vulcun started a new fantasy eSports website, offering a $ 250,000 prize pool for League of Legends spectators. Much like other fantasy sports such as baseball and football, players participate in daily challenges by sele…
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