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Joystiq Streams: Evolve rematch pits Joystiq against Team Eggs

The last time Joystiq played Evolve, it didn’t go very well. We had plenty of fun hunting each other down, leveling up the respective hunter classes, and trying to be a good and proper monster. It’s just that we weren’t very good. Eggs defeated us. E…
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Former pro League of Legends team opens wallets to fantasy eSports

Former League of Legends team Vulcun started a new fantasy eSports website, offering a $ 250,000 prize pool for League of Legends spectators. Much like other fantasy sports such as baseball and football, players participate in daily challenges by sele…
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Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark expansions hit retail this weekend

Skylanders veterans will soon be able to master in-game elements never previously seen in the series via a pair of new Skylanders Trap Team expansion packs premiering at retail this weekend.

Trap Masters Knight Mare and Knight Light join the Skyland…
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Team up with Chun-Li, Blanka-themed Palicoes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Lest you somehow be underwhelmed with the crossover wardrobe planned for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Felyne Palicoes, Street Fighter-themed outfits inspired by Chun-Li and Blanka are the latest garment options announced for your sidekicks. The above …
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Team Fortress 2 reaches the End of the Line, finds ducks

The RED and BLU teams of Team Fortress 2 have reached the End of the Line, according to Valve. And no, that’s not a capitalization error on our part. A new update to the PC version of the game – dubbed “End of the Line” – has been released, bringing …
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Test Chamber – The Talos Principle Stumps Our Crack Team

Croteam is best know for it’s work on the silly FPS series Serious Sam, but its new game, The Talos Principle, is a different kind of first person game. Like Portal, this first person puzzler with leave you scratching your head, but it might also have you questioning your humanity.

The Talos Principle’s puzzles are so challenging that we have to wrestle with them twice. Join Ben Reeves, Jeff Cork, and Dan Tack as they check out this intriguing new indie title.

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For more Test Chamber, click the banner below, or check out our hub. – The Feed

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Team Forms Hazelight, Teases New Game

Brothers: A Tale of Two sons director Josef Fares and that game's core team have partnered with EA to form independent studio Hazelight, and have offered a very brief tease for its new game.

EA has set aside some space for the new team at the DICE studio in Stockholm so they can get started right away. In the video below, you will see some concept art for the game as well as some words from Fares and others ambiguously teasing the future of the studio and its game. Little can be derived from the game's teaser, but there are two men and they are on a train.

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For more from Fares, check out our Afterwords feature on Brothers, as well as Kimberly Wallace's The Art Of Endings feature, which contains more from Fares on the art of video game storytelling.

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Our Take
Brothers was one of my favorite games last year, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Fares and his team are working on. – The Feed

Team Fortress 2′s Heavy tries on Lara Croft’s hotpants

Valve recently held a contest asking players to design the best Tomb Raider-themed customization items for Team Fortress 2 as a sly, interactive way to promote the Steam debut of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

The publisher then specifically a…
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Team up with friends in Loadout to take down the Kroad

Loadout has hosted plenty of shootouts between cartoonish, human-guided opponents, but developer Edge of Reality is planning on giving players a chance to work together against a greater evil: aliens. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Loadout’s co…
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Socializing a new member in a Scrum team

“Adding a new member to a team can result in conflict. Changing the group dynamic so dramatically, and without the team’s input, conflicts with Agile development’s tenets of personal choice and team autonomy.” …

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