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Blizzard taps pro Hearthstone player to join its design team

Competitive Hearthstone player Ryan Masterton announced this week that he is joining Blizzard’s ranks as an associate designer who will be “looking out for the interests of the player.” …

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Super Time Force Ultra adds Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 characters

Capybara Games has turned the proverbial Valve, and now three characters drawn from Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 are pouring forth into the upcoming game, Super Time Force Ultra. Zoey from L4D uses twin pistols and propane tanks to destroy her…
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EA banning FIFA Ultimate Team coin sellers from its online games

We’re roughly one month away from the launch of FIFA 15, and EA Sports is reminding the series’ fans that it won’t tolerate cheating, especially in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), the mode that continues to earn big bucks for the publisher. In a lengthy…
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Team up, hunt down Evolve’s beta beasts on Xbox One

We can’t hunt what lurks in Evolve’s winding maps until February 10, but at least now Xbox One owners have a sense of when they can get some practice in: During Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation, it was announced that beta access will be available in…
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Wii version of Skylanders Trap Team includes Wii U digital copy

The Wii edition of Skylanders Trap Team will include a download code for the Wii U version of the game, the series’ official Twitter account revealed this week. Fans can pre-order the Wii version (seen above) for $ 75, which includes a Traptanium…
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Here in my Pika-car, I feel safest of all from Team Rocket

Toyota chose our hearts when it unveiled two Toyopet Pokemon cars at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show, because they’re freaking delightful. The Pikachu car is lovely, even if the ears aren’t the most streamline design, but it’s the Fennekin model that has…
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Power Rangers studio goes after indie dev team over hero game

Saban Brands, the company that holds the Power Rangers IP, is targeting a rights-sharing deal for Behold Studios’ Chroma Squad. …

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Zynga’s Mattrick, Wargaming, and Nexon team up for new mobile startup fund

London Venture Partners — VCs who funded Supercell, NaturalMotion, Playfish, Applifier, and Unity — team up with big names in the game industry to fund European developers. …

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Founder Of Microsoft’s Bing Team Joins EA

EA has announced the hiring of Ken Moss as Chief Technology Officer. Moss, who most recently led marketplace technology on eBay, spent 20 years at Microsoft. There, he was instrumental in creating the Bing search engine (formerly called Search).

“We’re designing games as live services, with gamers playing more and for longer than ever before,” writes EA CEO Andrew Wilson. “Our digital platform provides the underlying infrastructure to deliver fun, seamless, and curated journeys for our players. And we’re moving faster as a company, with technology tools and solutions at the core. I’m thrilled to have Ken’s technical leadership on board as we navigate such a dynamic period for EA and the interactive entertainment industry.”

EA has had its share of technology and positioning woes over the past year. SimCity was one of the most disastrous launches in company history, leaving players unable to access the game for an extended period, and Battlefield 4 suffered from both client and server issues

The publisher has recently been ramping up its focus on the Origin marketplace with free games. It’s also considering early access for future titles, which changes to technology might enable.

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Our Take
Moss brings extensive experience, especially with eCommerce solutions. Hopefully, EA is tasking him with taking necessary steps to avoid the server issues that have been at the heart of so many of the company’s experiences over the past couple of years. – The Feed

Neversoft nevermore, team now fully merged with Infinity Ward

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series creator Neversoft is no more, as remaining team members have now merged with fellow Activision studio Infinity Ward to work on current and upcoming projects.

Neversoft’s Matt Canale posted the above image via Twitter,…
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