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Check Out This Sweet BioShock-Themed Desk

What did you do with your weekend? One talented BioShock fan and woodworker made and stained a desk in honor of their favorite franchise.

Reddit user marino1310 posted the fruits of their labor on the site. Marino mentions that the images were cut out of tape and used to block the stain in certain areas.

Check out the full desk image on the creator's original imgur post.

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Anna Sweet is the latest Valve employee to join Oculus

The longtime Valve frontwoman has recently joined Oculus (alongside Google’s Mary Lou Jepsen) and will be serving as the VR company’s head of developer strategy going forward. …

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Free Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000 on GOG now, not a sweet music festival

“Hello, Internet!” screams Good Old Games as it steps to the mic. “Are you ready to rock?!” Guitars squall, a banner covered with snarling beasts drops from the background, and fireworks erupt from the back of the stage: It’s Alien vs. Predator…
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Costume Quest 2 review: Sweet tarts

PC, Mac and Linux. Also coming to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3

A pterodactyl, a wizard and Thomas Jefferson walk into a bar that exclusively serves candy. No, this isn’t the set-up for an old-school joke; this is Costume Quest 2 from…
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Check out your sweet Xbox One achievements online

Xbox has updated its site to include achievement listings for Xbox One games you’ve played. You’ll need to log in, but all of your wonderful Xbox One accomplishments should be on display right here….
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Free peas, sweet: Plants vs. Zombies is latest Origin freebie

You can return to your roots by grabbing Plants vs. Zombies: Complete Edition for free on Windows PC and Mac, now that it’s Origin’s new On the House game. The EA portal’s free-for-all program started back in March with Dead Space, and now the…
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Minecraft grows a sweet tooth, turns into Candy Lan-uhh, Candycraft

If you don’t celebrate Easter, you can still treat today like Candy Overload day! Once you start crashing from your sugar high, you can remain relatively immobile on the couch while crafting sweet desserts out of Minecraft’s Candy Texture Pack, now…
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Investors unfriend Facebook stock, Candy Crush dev IPO not so sweet

Facebook’s current status after the $ 2 billion acquisition of virtual reality outfit Oculus yesterday? It’s complicated. The social media company’s stock didn’t rally on the news today, dropping nearly seven percent to $ 60.38/share (-4.51). Reaction…
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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy review: Such Sweet Sorrow

Professor Layton games have always been all-consuming, everything-else-on-hold affairs. I vividly remember playing The Curious Village, the first Layton, as I was drudging through a dank November London. It was essentially a collection of puzzles…
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Olympic Village Features Sweet Soviet Union-Era Arcade Machines

Everyone's eyes are appropriately transfixed on the Olympics, but they aren't the only games that are taking place in Sochi, Russia. At least one of the Olympic villages has an arcade in it, with a few fully functional games from the Soviet Union-era on display. Take a look at them in our gallery.

My brother is a coach for the U.S. Ski Team, and he says he thought of me when he walked past the machines (Awwww…). As you can see, they're hard to ignore. I bugged him to take a few more pictures for me, and got his impressions of the games, too. Matt wrote a story about arcade machines from the Soviet Union a few years back, and it's worth a look, in case you're interested in learning more.

Магистраль ("Highway"):
"This reminds me of the old Atari 2600 game 'Enduro,' or maybe 'Bump 'n' Jump' (without the jumping, and not the NES version)," he writes. "It also reminds me of one of the battery-operated, mechanical driving games I had when I was little, with the little steering wheel and the stationary car you moved around the rolling mat of obstacles." 

Here's a closer look at the unit's instruction card. "This is particularly 2600-esque, as there's only a gas pedal, and no brake," my brother says.

Cнайпер-2 ("Sniper-2")
"I don't know what 'Sniper-1' was like, but this appears to be a basic light-operated gun target-shooting game like you'd see in Northern Wisconsin bars circa 1978," writes my brother. "I didn't have any rubles to play this one, and I wasn't inspired to get any after looking at the set-up."

In addition to the old-school games, Nintendo has set up an array of Wii U kiosks at Sloboda Endurance Village. There is a mirror, my brother helpfully points out, so there aren't quite as many as you might think. 

There are also some other arcade machines…

…As well as the planet's loneliest disco. As it turns out, athletes either don't like disco dancing during daytime or they're too busy competing. Go figure. – The Feed