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G2A hits back at TinyBuild after studio claimed it lost $450k to key reseller

“Finding a better medium price here would give a true overview. TinyBuild should explain to the media why they omitted their sales data from the revenue projection.” …

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Sony’s Bend Studio Unveils Post-Apocalyptic Biker Game Days Gone

Sony's Bend Studio announced Days Gone, a post-apocalyptic game starring what looks like a surviving motorcycle gang.

Not much is known about Days Gone at this point, but it looks like from the trailer that you'll be playing as a biker in a hopeless world. It looks to hold a theme of loss, as the main character recalls the memory of a loved one as he rides down the road on his motorcycle.

Gameplay shows some harrowing survival, motorcycle traversal, and brutal combat with other humans – and ghastly, zombie-like creatures. There's a lot of shooting, running, and holding out for survival against swarms of these monsters. The chase gets more and more intense as hordes of zombies corner our hero high atop a tower before the gameplay demo ends.

You can see the full trailer below.

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No release date was given for Days Gone. – The Feed

Ubisoft Closes Casablanca Studio

Ubisoft has announced that it is closing its studio in Casablanca, Morocco. The company informed employees earlier last week, with operations ceasing on June 13.

Those affected have been offered transfers to one of Ubisoft’s 29 other studios or other assistance if they will be leaving the company. The Casablanca studio was in operation worked on Valiant Hearts, Child of Light, Rayman Fiesta Run, Rayman Legends, and a number of handheld games, including Rabbids 3D on 3DS and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on DS.

Ubisoft says it closed the studio to “increase efficiency and effectiveness of its cross-collaboration studio model.” The publisher is also under threat of hostile takeover from Vivendi, which recently seized control of Gameloft, which was founded by Ubisoft’s Guillemot family.


Our Take
With Casablanca having worked primarily on handheld games, it put the studio at risk. The Vita is nearly dead and Ubisoft doesn’t have a huge investment on 3DS. There are five other locations working exclusively on mobile games.

Closing a studio like this might not have been necessary without the Vivendi threat, but chances are that wasn’t the only reason. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the closure. – The Feed

In the wake of Quantum Break, Remedy is becoming a two-game studio

Remedy is making a public show of becoming a dual-developing studio following the launch of its latest, Quantum Break, in an effort to “create more games and hopefully get them out more often.” …

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Brookhaven Experiment developers found new VR studio

The two developers of The Brookhaven Experiment have founded a new studio focusing on virtual reality. …

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EA’s Motive Studio Now Employs 65, Work On Star Wars Game Underway

It’s been 11 months since EA announced it had hired Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond and founded the new Motive studio. In that time, the developer has grown to 65 people and is still looking to expand.

Work has begun on the Star Wars game recently revealed on an EA earnings call. The studio is also beginning to flesh out its original game that was also discussed.

Visceral’s own Star Wars game is well underway, too. There’s no guarantee that we’ll see it at E3, but we have our fingers crossed. Titanfall developer Respawn is working on yet another Star Wars game led by God of War 3 lead Stig Asmussen.

EA says that it plans to release a new Star Wars game annually. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is targeted for 2017, Visceral’s game will launch in 2018, and Respawn and Motive will follow (though in what order is as yet unclear).

Both Motive and Visceral are also hiring. If you are interested, you can read more in Raymond’s post on EA’s site.

[Source: EA]


Our Take
In a time when we often hear about layoffs and closures, it’s nice to be able to share that two studios are hiring. EA is building up its internal studios, while also placing faith in experienced external teams like Respawn. Star Wars games are a tremendous undertaking, but have enormous potential for reward. – The Feed

Failbetter co-founder Alexis Kennedy leaving studio after 7 years

“We’ve built something that’s changed the world, ever so slightly. But it’s been seven years in one place, and I’m too busy running the company to do enough of the creative work I love.” …

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Kojima aims to keep his new studio at 100 people or less

The newly-reborn Kojima Productions closed out last year with less than ten staffers, and now as the studio staffs up frontman Hideo Kojima says he intends to cap the venture at 100 people, max. …

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How we ran a small-scale game jam at our indie studio

“It was great to get out of our office for two days and focus solely on game development. I think we made three exciting games, each very different.” …

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Get a job: Hinterland Studio is looking for a Sandbox Gameplay Designer

“You need to be able to communicate clearly, document well, and have a demonstrable sense of how to tune experiences for both balance and player engagement.” …

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