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Devs laid off from Wooga’s Black Anvil join Snowprint, launch new Berlin studio

Remember late last year, when German game company Wooga shut down its internal studio Black Anvil Games? Snowprint has hired a number of the laid-off devs to open a new studio in Berlin. …

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Former Daybreak CEO John Smedley Tapped For New Amazon San Diego Studio

Amazon Game Studios has announced that John Smedley, who helped shape massive multiplayer games with his work on EverQuest and Planetside, will be heading up a new company studio based in San Diego.

"[John] helped create the blueprint for fusing massive game worlds with vibrant player communities, a vision that we share," a statement from Amazon Game Studios said. "His team is already hard at work on an ambitious new project that taps into the power of the AWS Cloud and Twitch to connect players around the globe in a thrilling new game world."

The company did not announce the name of the studio or provide concrete details on the project Smedley will work on. However, in an interview with, Smedley mentioned that he will be listening to fan feedback intently. "I learned two important lessons from Daybreak – first is to listen to customers no matter what. The second is to work with great people. I'm happy to say we're doing both," he said.



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It wouldn't surprise anyone for Smedley to be working on an MMO. But what an MMO looks like in 2017 is anyone's guess. Smedley did say in the interview that MMOs look very different from World of WarCraft now. "We'll still see great MMOs, we're just going to see them evolve from what they are now." – The Feed

FTL: Faster Than Light Studio, Subset Games, Announces Into The Breach

Subset Games burst onto the scene with FTL: Faster Than Light, the roguelike space simulator which fulfilled our dreams of being captain of an advanced starship. After knocking it out of the park with FTL, Subset is back with a new title in a whole new genre.

Into The Breach is a turn-based tactics game, calling to mind the likes of genre classics Final Fantasy Tactics and Front Mission. It's mechs vs subterranean monsters in a battle for control of planet Earth. The narrative features a unique time travel twist, where failure has the player traveling back in time and trying again in an alternate timeline. We're not yet sure what effect this mechanic will have on gameplay, but we're confident that Subset has some clever tricks up its sleeve.

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The game has been announced for PC, Mac, and Linux. According to Subset, Into The Breach will release "when we feel it's ready."

Check out GI's review of FTL: Faster Than Light here.

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Forza Horizon Dev Opening New Studio For Non-Racing Project

Forza Horizon developer Playground Games has announced that it is opening a second studio in order to start work on a new open-world, non-racing title. has the news, talking to Ralph Fulton, founder and creative director at the developer, who said, "We feel like we've become pretty good at racing games over the years. We can always get better, we can always strive to get better, but we'd love to prove ourselves in a different genre. That's another goal of Project 2, to allow us to do that."

The new studio will be close to the existing one in Leamington Spa, England, and Playground is in the process of hiring a leadership team for the project. Fulton didn't give any details about the game other than that it was open world and not a racing title, and stressed that the company remains committed to the Forza Horizon franchise.



Our Take
I don't know anything about starting up a studio, but Fulton's comments in the article (click the source link above) seem like Playground is approaching the project in the right way. Playground doesn't want to overload their existing staff, and yet the studio and project – even in a different genre – won't be a complete abandonment of what they've already learned or a start over from scratch. I'm excited to find out more about the game. – The Feed

Elite Dangerous Dev Signs Game Deal With Hollywood Studio

Elite Dangerous (shown) and Planet Coaster developer Frontier Developments has announced that the company's third video game franchise will be based on an "enduring movie franchise of global renown" from a Hollywood studio.

"We have chosen to license this particular IP to work with as our third franchise, because we believe we can create something very special. It is creatively stimulating, already has a high worldwide profile, and is a perfect match for our expertise."

[Source: London Stock Exchange via Gamasutra]


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Any guesses? – The Feed

Game dev outsourcing firm Virtuos opens mobile-focused Paris studio

Virtuos, a video game development company best known for working as a contractor on games like Watch Dogs 2 and Gravity Rush 2, has opened a new studio in Paris that’s devoted to mobile games. …

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$19.3M live-in game studio might be heading to Scotland

The Scottish city of Dundee could play host to a new kind of game development studio featuring built-in accommodation to provide game devs with a “fully immersive live-in experience.” …

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Former Rockstar North chief Leslie Benzies establishes new studio

Former Rockstar North president and Grand Theft Auto V producer Leslie Benzies is trying to engineer a move back into the games industry after allegedly being forced out of Rockstar. …

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Playdead co-founder forced to cash out $7.2M in shares and depart studio

New details have emerged that shed more light on the reasons behind Dino Patti’s departure from Limbo creator Playdead.  …

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Rovio opens London studio to create new online franchises

Mobile juggernaut Rovio has opened a new in-house studio in London that will focus on creating massively multiplayer online games.  …

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