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Former Call of Duty, Gears of War devs join Bleszinski’s new studio

Boss Key Productions seems to be rapidly staffing up, pulling in experienced shooter developers from around the industry as it ramps up production on Project Bluestreak. …

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Power Rangers studio goes after indie dev team over hero game

Saban Brands, the company that holds the Power Rangers IP, is targeting a rights-sharing deal for Behold Studios’ Chroma Squad. …

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Saints Row studio wants cash incentives to stay in downtown Champaign

Saints Row studio Volition has asked the city of Champaign, Illinois, for around $ 200,000 in incentives, otherwise the company says it may have to move its headquarters. …

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Mobile studio Motiga jumps on the F2P PC bandwagon with new MOBA

Mobile game company Motiga has taken funding from folks like NetEase and SmileGate to develop Gigantic, a free-to-play multiplayer PC action game inspired by MOBA design. …

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Borderlands studio mixes MOBA and FPS in Battleborn

Battleborn is a brand-spanking new IP from Gearbox Software (the Borderlands people), published by 2K Games and due out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC by March 31, 2016. Battleborn is a first-person arena shooter with cooperative narrative and competitive…
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Motor World: Car Factory studio receives $4M in funding

Oh Bibi, the French studio behind popular mobile free-to-play game Motor World: Car Factory, has received 3 million euros ($ 4.1 million) in funding for its next game. …

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Ubisoft Quebec City Studio Will Lead Development On A Future Assassin’s Creed Title

Ubisoft Montreal will be moving out of the lead development role for at least one future Assassin’s Creed title. Ubisoft has announced that its Quebec City studio will be sitting first chair for an upcoming series entry. Ubisoft Montreal is leading work on Assassin's Creed Unity.

In January, Ubisoft announced a $ 28 million CDN  ($ 25.2 million USD) investment in its Quebec City operation. Today, the publisher disclosed that $ 4 million of that will be used to outfit new workspaces nearby the current location. This move will guarantee that the studio will be in its current neighborhood for at least another 14 years.

The move will be finished in spring 2016. Additionally, Ubisoft is halfway to fulfilling its goal of 100 new hires for the studio. The staff-up was announced in January and scheduled to take place over three years.


Our Take
It’s important to note that Quebec City will be leading one of the next titles, but not necessarily taking the reins for the entire franchise. There have been rumors about a direct Black Flag sequel (codenamed “Comet”), and if accurate, it wouldn’t be the first time Ubisoft has released multiple series titles in the same year. – The Feed

Studio heads speak out against Quebec tax break reduction

The next budget for Quebec will cut tax credits to the game industry by 20 percent. This is, unsurprisingly, making studio heads in the region antsy. …

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Evolve studio Turtle Rock eyes Early Access development

Turtle Rock Studios’ creative director and studio cofounder Phil Robb sees the benefits in pulling the veil back on game development. …

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Fez studio starts Polytron Partners to ‘give back’

Polytron Corporation is breaking into the not-publishing (but kind of publishing) business with Polytron Partners, beginning with Panoramical, an audio visualizer from designer Fernando Ramallo and Proteus music man David Kanaga. Fez creator Phil…
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