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Zero Suit Samus Gets Modded Into Street Fighter V

Here comes a new challenger we can get behind.

Nintendo’s not looking to do much with Samus these days. Fortunately, fans are more than happy to throw her into other games, like Street Fighter V. There is no shortage of hilarious and cool Street Fighter V mods, but this Cammy mod from Khaledantar666 is also pretty great.

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[Source Khaledantar666 via Polygon] – The Feed

Zero Suit Samus Gets Modded Into Street Fighter V

Here comes a new challenger we can get behind.

Nintendo’s not looking to do much with Samus these days. Fortunately, fans are more than happy to throw her into other games, like Street Fighter V. There is no shortage of hilarious and cool Street Fighter V mods, but this Cammy mod from Khaledantar666 is also pretty great.

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[Source Khaledantar666 via Polygon] – The Feed

What To Watch This Weekend: Hearthstone, Rocket League, And Street Fighter V

Splits, Invitationals, and more collide this weekend! Well, not really. They're not taking place in the same venue or anything. But they are all happening this weekend and there's a lot of them, so hunker down and watch something!

The Hearthstone Trinity Series finals will pit some of eSports' top teams (like Team Liquid and Virtus Pro) against each other for a shot at the $ 75,000 for first place. (Stream / Schedule)

Street Fighter V's premiere players will face off in a short, invitational tournament, the finals of which take place today. Matches begin at noon central. (Stream / Schedule)

The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare World League Dallas Open is this weekend as well, with teams vying for a huge $ 200,000 prize pool. (Stream / Schedule)

The Rocket League Championship Series returns after a inter-season break. The first week of matches should give us our first glimpse at who's put in the time to improve, who's dropping off, and who's on top. North American Matches begin at 12pm Pacific Time today, and European matches begin at 5:00pm Central Europe Time tomorrow. (Stream / Schedule

The Super Smash Bros. scene will once again unite its top talent in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U at the second Frame Perfect Series tournament. (Stream and Schedule

Phase 1 Eastern Clash of the The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, which pits top teams from China, Korea, and Singapore for a shot at the first-place $ 30,000 will conclude tomorrow, so make sure to check it out. (Stream / Schedule)

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Spring Split Finals are this weekend, and the final four teams have proven themselves worth of facing off live at the ESL Studio in Leicaster, England. (Stream

We're coming up on its final weeks, but the League of Legends Spring Split has some steam left in it yet. .Tune in to see who'll punch their ticket to the Mid-Season Invitational. (Europe Stream / Europe Schedule / North America Stream / North America Schedule)

And of course, the Smite is having its own Summer and Fall Splits (for regions above and below the equator), which you can follow along with every week. (Stream / Schedule)

That's it for this weekend! Make sure to let us know if we missed anything or if there's a scene you'd like us to keep any eye in the comments. – The Feed

Street Fighter IV Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

The list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles for Xbox One continues to grow today with the inclusion of Street Fighter IV, Luxor 2, Poker Smash, and Madballs in: Babo Invasion. The update comes courtesy of Major Nelseon, who posted the news on Twitter earlier today.

Street Fighter V Getting Balance Patch Next Month

Capcom has announced a number of Street Fighter V balance changes and tweaks, which should arrive sometime next month. The biggest changes include an increase in frames for charge moves, from six to ten, and the addition of invincibility to shoryuken attacks in some cases. 

Some character tweaks are also expected in the patch, including buffs for Ryu and Zangief, and some mild nerfs for characters like Urien and Guile. Chun-Li remains mostly unchanged, still reeling from the previous patch which gave her a massive nerf after her Season 1 success. Only time will tell if she will ever regain her former glory.

For a look at the latest character to join the roster, Kolin, as well as some of the Season 2 roadmap for Street Fighter V, you can head right here

[Source: Capcom-Unity]


Our Take
While it's a bit late for the patch to have hit before the Capcom Pro Tour starts, it's good to see this kind of dedication from Capcom on their premiere fighting game. After a fairly stagnant first season meta, it's good to see them try and shake things up more often. – The Feed

Red Bull To Host Expanded Proving Grounds Street Fighter V Tournament

Red Bull is no stranger to eSports, sponsoring a number of players and hosting several competitions. It should come as no surprise, then, that it's announced the return of its Street Fighter V Proving Grounds tournament. This year, however, it's doubling down with a more elaborate tournament format.

The year's Proving Grounds will consist of two seasons across eleven cities, each with a qualifier tournament to determine who will make it to the finals in Santa Monica on DATE. The first season will run from March 4 to Jun 3, while the second season will run from July 1 to October 7.

The tournament will consist of three phases. In phase one, players will fight in qualifiers in each of the 11 cities in a singles format, earning ranking points based on their placement. At the end of the season, the top three players in city will form a team to represent their region. These teams will compete in a round-robin tournament against players in two groups, East and West. The highest ranking teams in both divisions move on to a best-of-three championship match. The winning team will receive a $ 6,000 prize, have their (and the top eight players from their division's) flights to this year's Evo tournament paid for, and free lodging for four nights at the tournament.

There will also be an online qualifier tournament series, the winners of which will be placed in the West division. For those interested in signing up, the participating cities are as follows:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
  • Montreal, Québec, CA
  • Toronto, Ontario, CA
  • Los Angeles, California, US
  • San Francisco, California, US
  • Orlando, Florida, US
  • Atlanta, Georgia, US
  • Chicago, Illinois, US
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
  • Houston, Texas, US
  • Seattle, Washington, US

For each of participating city, Red Bull is partnering with established fighting game talent in the region, including longtime veteran Alex Valle's LevelUp company in California and Larry Dixon and Final Round in Atlanta. 


Our Take
The tournament format is a bit more complicated than we tend to see in the fighting game community (normally tournaments are simple double-elimination brackets), but I like the idea of a tournament with multiple phases. Sounds like something from a sports anime or manga. – The Feed

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Gets Release Date, Price

The Switch-exclusive Ultra Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, which brings the seminal fighting game to Nintendo's latest console, now has a release date.

The game will be hitting on May 26 and will retail for $ 39.99. In addition to bringing everything from Super Street Fighter II Turbo over with an HD finish (a Remix, if you will), Ultra adds two new characters, a first-person minigame called "Way of the Hado" which has you blasting Shadoloo henchmen with Hadoukens, a two-versus-one mode, and color editing for characters.  You can watch the game's debut trailer for Ultra Street Fighter II below.

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[Source: Street Fighter on Twitter]


Our Take
For $ 40? I dunno. The first-person mode doesn't do much for me, and the two new characters don't justify the price for me. I like the idea of having on-the-go Street Fighter to play with a friend, but I'm not sure the joy-cons are a worthy controller to fight with. – The Feed

Watch Street Fighter’s Ryu Hop A Toyota C-HR Over M.Bison’s Psycho Crusher

Cars and retro-style games are… a perfect match, I guess? Last year Nintendo partnered with Mercedes-Benz to add the GLA to Super Mario Maker, and Toyota saw that and said, I'd imagine, "Nope. Check this out."

What we get is Ryu driving the new Toyota C-HR around the world, starting in Japan, then driving across the Atlantic Ocean(!?) to the United States, then back to India, and a few other locales. He does take a pit stop to beat M. Bison while inside the car, the optional features of which include, from what this realistic ad tells us, a laser cannon.

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Are you buying this car or what?


Our Take
That was sick as heck. Dang! – The Feed

Street Fighter V’s Kolin, 2017 Update Plans Revealed

After weeks of speculation, the latest addition to Street Fighter V's roster, Kolin, has finally been confirmed with a new trailer. The frosty fighter made her debut in Street Fighter V's story mode last year, and after a recent Reddit leak it seemed certain she would be the next character for Street Fighter V's second season, which will roll out a different manner than its first season did.

Based on the trailer, Kolin seems to be a rushdown-style character. Utilizing ice-based special attacks, she gets in close to Urien before delivering a flurry of blows culminating in an impressive super move. 

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In addition to the new fighter, Capcom also announced that Season 2's characters, all of whom will be new to the Street Fighter universe, will release every other month, instead of monthly. In the months where Capcom does not roll out a new character, Capcom "will have new information and content to talk about," according to the Capcom Unity blog. Finally, the team is looking to implement balance changes later this year to "bring characters in-line with how we envision them to perform." More info on what those changes will look like should arrive in March.

Kolin makes her Street Fighter V debut on February 28. For a look at the previous roster addition Akuma, you can click here. 

[Source: Street Fighter V's YouTube] – The Feed

Watch UFC Fighter Angela Hill Pose As Street Fighter’s Sagat During Weigh-In

One of my favorite long-standing parts of Street Fighter are the intro animations. At their best (like in Street Fighter Alpha 3), they can give depth to characters that are otherwise caricatures.

So it's no surprise real-life fighters would take inspiration from them. During a weigh-in for a fight, UFC strawweight Angela Hill imitated Muay Thai fighter Sagat's idle animation while greeting her opponent, then switched to the character's cross-armed, laughing victory animation when it was time for photos. You can watch the entire routine below.

Hill is, of course, a Muay Thai disciple herself. Here's hoping she can soon master the ability to chuck Tiger Shots at her opponents (non-lethally, of course). – The Feed