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Raw Fury aims to set up fund that helps devs pay Steam Direct fees

If the price of Valve’s upcoming fee-based Steam submission system is up in the ~$ 1k range, indie publisher Raw Fury is thinking about establishing a dedicated fund for non-partner devs to use. …

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Steam Direct Set To Replace Steam Greenlight

Valve announced today via the Steam Blog that Steam's current Greenlight program will be ending this year, and will be replaced by a new initiative called Steam Direct. After Launching in 2012, Steam Greenlight served as a more streamlined approach for publishers looking to sell their games on the Steam marketplace, as opposed to the heavily curated method previously employed by Steam. 

Details on Steam Direct are scarce, though the Steam Blog does detail some of the communications they've done with publishers regarding submission fees in the new program. 

The next step in these improvements is to establish a new direct sign-up
system for developers to put their games on Steam. This new path, which
we’re calling “Steam Direct,” is targeted for Spring 2017 and will
replace Steam Greenlight. We will ask new developers to complete a set
of digital paperwork, personal or company verification, and tax
documents similar to the process of applying for a bank account. Once
set up, developers will pay a recoupable application fee f or each new
title they wish to distribute, which is intended to decrease the noise
in the submission pipeline.

While we have invested heavily in our
content pipeline and personalized store, we’re still debating the
publishing fee for Steam Direct. We talked to several developers and
studios about an appropriate fee, and they gave us a range of responses
from as low as $ 100 to as high as $ 5,000. There are pros and cons at
either end of the spectrum, so we’d like to gather more feedback before
settling on a number. 

Steam Direct doesn't have a specific date yet, but is set to arrive Spring 2017. 

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Our Take
There's no way yet to predict how this will affect the publisher side of things, but this could very well be a quality control measure to help prevent good games from being buried by shovelware that seems to have infested the Steam marketplace in the last few years. – The Feed

Devs react to Valve’s planned fee-based Steam submission system

It would be an understatement to say that Valve’s announcement of plans to replace Steam Greenlight with a fee-based game submission system sparked some passionate responses from game developers. …

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Valve to replace Steam Greenlight with a fee-based game submission system

Heads up, devs: Less than five years after launching the service, Valve has decided to close down Steam’s Greenlight platform and replace it with ‘Steam Direct’, a fee-based game submission system. …

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Steam Discovery 2.0 analysis: Valve shares latest metrics

Valve Software’s Alden Kroll shares fascinating insights into his company’s efforts in handling the influx of game releases on Steam. …

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Devs, don’t post positive Steam reviews of your game under fake names

Game developer Lunyov Artem Pavlovych has copped to posting positive reviews for his game under fake names, not long after Valve delisted him from Steam for the infraction of Steam’s review policy. …

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Steam now supports some fight sticks and a variety of Xbox controllers

A handful of new controllers are now officially supported by Steam’s built-in configurator, including several Xbox gamepads and some third-party PlayStation 4 controllers. …

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Provocative Visual Novel Ladykiller In A Bind Comes To Steam

Ladykiller in a Bind, the new erotic visual novel by indie developer Christine Love, just hit Steam. The game was available on both and Humble's store when it was released back in October but not on Valve's digital storefront.

Many had assumed the reason the game wouldn't be available on Steam was due to its highly-charged sexual nature, Love told Polygon that Valve was, "extremely supportive and immediately understanding," after she talked to them about the game's content.

Though we didn't officially review Ladykiller in a Bind, fellow editor Elise Favis and I had a lengthy chat about how it approaches sexuality and representation in interesting ways.

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Our Take
Though Steam has seemingly always played fast and loose with what gets in the store and what doesn't, it's nice to see games as unique and provocative as Ladykiller in a Bind make it onto the digital platform for a larger audience to experience. – The Feed

Steam Reaches 14 Million Concurrent User Milestone

For the first time in its 13-year history, over 14 million people were on Steam at the same time, marking a new all-time high for the service.

The new peak happened at around noon today, when 14,207,039 people were all online at the same time, buying games, playing them, and (most likely) looking at Steam trading cards and Counter-Strike gun skins. This does not seem to come as a result of a new game launch or event, but rather a slow and steady increase of users every day, as you can tell by the steady uptick in users every day on Steam's own stats page for the service.

Along with the service-wide numbers, the page also lists the most popular games on the service. As of this writing, the ten most popular games and their peak users today on the service are:

1. Dota 2: 951,942
2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 675,195
3. Grand Theft Auto V: 116,230
4. ARK: Survival Evolved: 71,280
5. Team Fortress 2: 70,612
6. Garry's Mod: 68,020
7. Rocket League: 65,190
8. Football Manager: 2017 64,433
9. Rust: 63,709
10. Arma 3: 53,102

Dota 2 continues to be the most popular game on Steam, although today, it and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were jockeying for the highest concurrent users. However, Dota 2's all-time peak user number (1,291,328 players) still beats Global Offensive's (850,485 players) by a large margin. It also shouldn't be surprising that Valve's own games (the previous two mentioned as well as Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod) are among the services' most popular games, since they are only available to PC users on the service. Survival games like ARK and Rust are also extremely popular, as is Grand Theft Auto V. Most surprising, perhaps, is the ongoing popularity of Rocket League, which was able to crack the top 10 and be the PlayStation 4's most downloaded game of last year.

[Source: Steam]


Our Take
Well hey, Mazel Tov to Valve! Sales downtimes and overcrowding issues notwithstanding, they run a pretty good service. Here's to 15 million. – The Feed

Latest Steam update lets players customize Xbox One, 360 gamepads

Valve has continued its push towards universal controller support by bringing Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Generic X-Input configurator support to the platform.  …

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