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GameStop seeing downturn in Halo, Star Wars — but is it a digital shift?

The company’s most recent quarter showed surprisingly low sales for tentpole titles at the end of this year, but high digital sales may be claiming its numbers. …

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SNL Joins Star Wars Episode VII’s Main Cast For Fake Screen Tests

Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Daisy Ridley and John Boyega appeared on SNL recently, alongside a handful of celebrity guests and impersonators, to show off what the casting process of Episode VII was surely like.

To call out exactly who appears would spoil some jokes, but look out for someone who probably would have been a great Han Solo if Harrison Ford had backed out, and a great option for BB-8, had the technology not worked.

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Game Informer Readers And Staff Tell Their Favorite Star Wars Games

Starting with the release of A New Hope in 1977, the Star Wars film franchise set the world on fire. Merchandise soon became a major part of the culture that formed around Star Wars fandom as the devotees tried to immerse themselves more and more in the universe. As the decades passed, tens of video games set in the Star Wars universe released across various consoles to help fans of the films and expanded universe do just that. Some of them retold the tales of Luke, Han, Leia, and Vader, while others shined the spotlight on the previously unexplored tales of the galaxy.

With Star Wars Battlefront releasing this week, we asked our readers to tell us what their favorite Star Wars video game of all time is. The poll, which posted at the beginning of the week, saw varied responses, but two favorites quickly emerged. Knights of the Old Republic and the original Star Wars Battlefront could probably have been assumed as the first and second favorites among our reader base going in, but the rest of the votes can be kind of shocking. Classic titles like X-Wing and Dark Forces fell at the feet of more recent titles like The Force Unleashed and Shadows of the Empire. At the same time, even more recent games like BioWare's MMO and this year's Battlefront (which the jury is still out on for many readers) received very little love in this poll. You can check out the distribution in chart form below, and see just how the votes fell below that.

  1. Knights of the Old Republic – 38.2%
  2. Battlefront (2004) – 20.5%
  3. The Force Unleashed – 11.6%
  4. Rogue Squadron – 6.5%
  5. Jedi Knight – 4.5%
  6. Republic Commando – 3.7%
  7. Shadows of the Empire – 3.1%
  8. Battlefront (2015) – 3%
  9. X-Wing – 2.4%
  10. Dark Forces – 2%
  11. The Old Republic – 1.4%
  12. Racer – 1.3%
  13. Jedi Power Battles – 0.7%
  14. Galaxies – 0.4%
  15. Super Star Wars – 0.3%
  16. Trilogy Arcade – 0.3% 

We then decided to turn the tables and ask the Game Informer staff that same question. The responses from the editors and interns was much more lopsided, with Knights of the Old Republic pulling away as a clear favorite. You can see the visual representation of those results below.

  1. Knights of the Old Republic – 50%
  2. Rogue Squadron – 12.5%
  3. X-Wing – 12.5%
  4. Shadows of the Empire – 6.25%
  5. Super Star Wars – 6.25%
  6. Jedi Power Battles – 6.25%
  7. Racer – 6.25%

Does Knights of the Old Republic deserve the praise our participating readers and staff members threw its way? As far as our reviews go, it received among the highest praise of any Star Wars game, grabbing a 9.5/10 when we reviewed it in 2003. Do you think there's a better Star Wars game? Did the placement of any particular games surprise you? Let us know in the comments section! – The Feed

Stormtroopers Get New Weapons In Latest Star Wars: Force Awakens Footage

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailers are dropping fast and loose as we approach release date. The latest highlights the weapons of the enemy.

If you've decided to check out from the Star Wars trailer deluge in expectation of seeing the film in exactly one month, I won't spoil anything here. The latest spot, which is 30 seconds long, is made up almost entirely of unseen footage, including at least one Stormtrooper surprise.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens arrives in theatres on December 18.

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Loot Crate Holiday Lineup Packs Star Wars, Doctor Who, And Call Of Duty Booty

Loot Crate, the monthly geek and gamer gear subscription club, unveiled its latest premium crate themes today. The limited edition mystery boxes will contain four to seven collectibles, apparel, gadgets, art, or other products from Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Call of Duty.

Here are the prices and sale dates for the three brand-themed boxes:

  • Doctor Who – $ 50 – on sale on November 20
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – $ 100 – on sale on November 23
  • Star Wars – $ 100 – on sale on November 30

In the past, Loot Crate has partnered with companies as diverse as Bethesda, Bioware, Disney, and Nintendo. Along with its limited edition crates (which non-subscribers can also purchase), the club plans to introduce monthly anime loot and pet loot subscription lines. – The Feed

Star Wars Battlefront Review – A Little Short For A Stormtrooper

The Death Star hangs ominously over a war erupting on the forest moon of Endor. A cacophony of laser fire lights up the darkened tree canopy, drowned out by the clanking of an Imperial AT-ST on the march. The walker is clearing a path to a hidden Rebel base deep within the forest. If this stronghold falls, the war is over. The Rebels are outgunned and seconds away from defeat when Luke Skywalker’s iconic green lightsaber ignites and he springs to action. Luke bats away Stormtroopers like flies, chops down the AT-ST, and the Rebels suddenly have momentum again. The tide of war has shifted to their advantage.

Almost every conflict in Star Wars Battlefront unfolds with this level of intensity and drama – moments that often parallel the excitement from George Lucas’ original trilogy of Star Wars films. From the large scale of the battles to the spot-on animation of the AT-STs, DICE has created the most authentic Star Wars video game experience to date.

The thrill of piloting an X-Wing fighter or soaring through the air as Boba Fett doesn’t last forever, however. Once the magic of stepping into the movies wears off, Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t give the player much to fight for. For developer DICE, the seasoned studio behind the long-running Battlefield series, Star Wars Battlefront is surprisingly light on maps, weapons, and progression systems. The feeling of extreme repetition sinks in early, and outside of enjoying the minute-to-minute Star Wars warfare, hardly any of the unlockables deliver a compelling reason to invest more time. You’re just hopping from match to match, recycling the same tactics and seizing the same points.

Designed primarily as a multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront offers nine modes, ranging from large-scale 40-player wars to intimate 8-player firefights. Each avenue of play unfolds in four maps set across four locations: Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, and the lesser-known Sullust. The best parts of the experience are contained in just two modes: Supremacy, a war over of territorial control, and Walker Assault, a match of attack and defend featuring enormous and heavily armored AT-ATs. The other modes don’t capture the epic scale of war; they are primarily palate-cleansers, yet fun in the smaller challenges they bring.

The ebb and flow of war is handled well, but the spawn points need some work. I was periodically placed directly in front of enemies, leading to a desperate exchange of fire. Additionally, without any form of map tracking, getting your bearings after death is more trouble than it should be.

All of the maps are well designed, allotting wide-open terrain for vehicles to take to the skies, and plenty of enclosed spaces for heated firefights to erupt. Plus, all of your time on the battlefield is rewarding. Running and gunning with a standard Imperial blaster is surprisingly satisfying, while dogfighting in an X-Wing demands skill and precision. The best parts are the rare occasions when you get to control a hero or villain like Han Solo or Darth Vader. These characters are difficult to take down, and can rack up kills quickly. All of these different gameplay avenues control admirably, and are sewn seamlessly into the conflicts.

Some of my top moments of the year are from Battlefront’s multiplayer. Knocking Boba Fett out of the sky with a prayer of a rocket blast, racking up over 30 kills from the cockpit of an AT-AT, and just watching green and red laser fire rip across the battlefield are just a few of the “wow” moments I encountered. Almost every match brings some kind of crazy event or gawk-worthy visual.

As fun as these moments are, they aren’t enough to provide a sense of progression over extended play. For example, my favorite weapon is the Imperial blaster that you get at the outset. The other weapon unlocks (of which there are only 16) aren’t as satisfying to wield, and the ones that pack a punch are limited since they must cool down between uses. The character-specific unlocks are laughably bad; who wants to be a stormtrooper without a helmet? The jump pack, a back-mounted thruster, is the only unlock that changed my play style and payload for specific maps.

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All across the board, DICE favors simplicity, making Battlefront more of a casual experience than the meaty, class-driven competitive shooter the developer is known for. This approach isn’t necessarily wrong, since it allows everyone to jump in and enjoy great Star Wars battles, but the lack of variety limited the time I wanted to spend in my favorite universe.

By no means should Battlefront be considered for its single-player or cooperative play. Both avenues are supported with bare-bones survival and battle modes – neither of which comes close to replicating the large-scale conflicts of the multiplayer component and end up having awkward lulls in the action.

DICE succeeded in creating a Star Wars experience I always wanted to be a part of, but it didn’t hold my interest as a gamer long. It’s a game I plan to revisit often, but not for extended periods of time. Forthcoming DLC could certainly change this approach, but for the time being, the thrills out of the box are extremely limited.

The Season Pass
Star Wars Battlefront is light on content out of the gate, but a season pass promises to reinforce the number of maps, characters, and gear that players can dive into as the DLC rolls out at unspecified dates in the future. The season pass more than doubles the number of maps offered (from 12 to 28), and adds four new heroes, along with a wealth of much needed gear. Given the sparse content available at launch, I can’t help but feel a little cheated by this approach. – The Feed

Test Chamber – How Far Do We Get In Super Star Wars On PS4?

Super Star Wars, a Super Nintendo game from 1992, saw re-release on PlayStation 4 and Vita today, so we decided to see how far we could get.

The game is included in the recently released Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle, but you can also purchase it standalone for $ 9.99 as a crossbuy title, meaning one purchase will get you the game on both PlayStation 4 and Vita.

As fans of the original, Ben Reeves, Dan Tack, and myself decided to take a look at the new version and see how it performs. It has slightly updated visuals in the form of three different visual modes, as well as Trophy support. One thing that was apparently removed from the original game, however, was the presence of cheat codes. We went through the trouble of looking up old codes and translating them from the Super Nintendo controller to the PlayStation 4 controller, but none of them seemed to work. You can check out the result of our code-free run below.

For a longer, more detailed look at the original Super Nintendo game, check out our episode of Replay with the game.

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Learn How Star Wars Snuck Its Way Into Chrono Trigger And Other Obscure Details

The latest Did You Know Gaming episode looks at the SNES classic Chrono Trigger, and why dreams were an integral part of its creation.

Learn how much of the game's soundtrack was born during composer Yasunori Mitsuda's dreams, and how the stress of development gave him a stomach ulcer. The video also looks at what is known about the franchise's future, and a possible character overlap with the game's sequel Chrono Cross.

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Test Chamber – Playing Through The Different Modes In Star Wars Battlefront

Ever since our Test Chamber of the Star Wars Battlefront beta back in October, we've been itching to get our hands on the full version of the game. With Battlefront's release tomorrow, we're taking a look at a few of the various game modes. In the video below we check out Supremacy, Heroes vs. Villains, Fighter Squadron, and Survival.

Plan on getting the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Where’s Our Star Wars Battlefront Review?

The review embargo for Star Wars Battlefront is up at 11 p.m. CT, but you won't see Game Informer's review just yet. I've logged plenty of hours into the game's multiplayer modes, and feel like I've seen every variation numerous times over, but ranking up to earn new gear is a considerable time investment, and we also want to see how the game holds up when it's released to the masses. As you may recall, DICE's latest game, Battlefield 4, ran into numerous network problems upon release, and DICE didn't right the performance for months.

I'm enjoying my time with Battlefront, and look forward to playing plenty more of it, but I worry about the depth it has out of the box. Even in my first few days of playing, the repetition of having only four maps for the game's best modes, Supremacy and Walker Assault, sank in quickly. Can the allure of an authentic Star Wars experience top a light offering? Time will tell.

Until we post the review, my early thoughts of Battlefront are logged in this two-hour video, which shows off most of the modes, including Hero vs. Villains and plenty of vehicle-based action. – The Feed