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Watch All Of Star Wars Rebels’ First Season Online For Free

Ahead of the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens later this year, Star Wars Rebels is one of the few new pieces of Star Wars media that is considered canon – and now you can get all caught up free of charge.

It's an important storyline in terms of the Star Wars universe, and is already appearing in video game form with mobile games and a Zen Pinball board, which you can see use play below on Test Chamber. It's also supposed to be pretty good. The show is being made available for free as part of the May the fourth Star Wars celebrations, which begins on Monday.

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You can head to to watch the show in full ahead of the premiere of its second season on June 20, which Andrew Reiner can't stop raving about after seeing it early at Star Wars celebration.

[Source: Star Wars, via IGN] – The Feed

Star Trek Fans Can Boldly Go See The Timelines PAX East Demo

During PAX East, we stopped by the Disruptor Beam booth to check in with the developer. We had a chance to sit down with the in-progress Star Trek Timelines, which features characters, locations, and ships from across franchise history.

At the time, we didn’t have any video to show of how the game plays. Disruptor Beam has released a demo reel from PAX East, that will give you a quick look at how you’ll choose missions and select your away team for missions.

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Each of the chapters has a different branching path based on the combination of crew members you have on the team. There’s a blend of planning and chance, as you’ll see in the video above, but there are enough thematic hooks that fans might stick around.

We aren’t clear yet how the monetization will work. After all, this is a free-to-play game. The title will be out on iOS, Android, and browsers later in 2015. For a deeper look, check out our coverage from PAX East. – The Feed

Zen Uses The Force To Release Star Wars Rebels Pinball Tables

Star Wars continues to be a hot topic in the gaming world, as the memories of the first Battlefront trailer are fresh in our minds. While we have to wait months for that game, you can get a dose of a galaxy far, far away this week.

Zen Studios has announced that its eleventh table set in the Star Wars universe will be released this week. This intricate and flashy take on the ongoing conflict between Jedi and Sith uses the current Star Wars Rebels animated series as inspiration.

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Familiar characters from the show, including Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, and the astromech droid Chopper, make appearances during various events. You’ll be able to add the Star Wars Rebel table to your collection this week on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms.

If you want to see the table in action, we put it through its paces in our Test Chamber. – The Feed

Four New Star Wars Games Arrive On GoG, Others Land On Steam

Even though Star Wars Celebration is behind us, Star Wars Day is rapidly approaching. Not familiar with Star Wars Day? Well, it’s held every year on May the 4th.

To celebrate, GoG has added two more titles to its LucasArts catalog Star Wars: Rebel Assault and Star Wars Rebel Assault II are full-motion video rail shooters. These are available as a single offering.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast and Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy have also arrived on GoG. Additionally, the Collector’s CD-ROM editions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter have replaced the standard editions for all previous and future buyers. These versions offer better sound and improved flight.

GoG is offering two bundles through Thursday, May 6 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific / May 7 at 2:59 a.m. Eastern. The Blaster Bundle includes X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Rebellion, Rogue Squadron, X-Wing Alliance, Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, and Rogue Squadron 3D, priced at $ 38.93.

The Saber Bundle includes Dark Forces, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy, Knights of the Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic II, Empire at War Gold Pack, Battlefront II, Republic Commando, and Starfighter. This bundle will run you $ 22.44.

For those who prefer to purchase from Steam, four X-Wing titles have arrived on Valve’s platform. They are: X-Wing Special Edition, TIE Fighter Special Edition, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance.

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Our Take
Expect a flood of classic and new Star Wars games, toys, and tie-in merchandise as we near the release of Episode VII. This is widely considered a good thing… unless Gungans are involved. – The Feed

Replay – Star Wars: Battlefront

After spending a week at Star Wars Celebration, and getting my first look at DICE's upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront revival, I didn't want the Star Wars fun to end. I assembled a new Star Wars Lego set for my work desk, spent the majority of my week working on Star Wars stories for our next magazine, and it didn't take much effort to convince my Replay cohorts that we should go back and play the game that started it all: Pandemic's 2004 hit, Star Wars: Battlefront.

Since no one is likely playing multiplayer online anymore, we take a look at the game's single-player and splitscreen action in the PlayStation 2 version. We discuss all things Battlefront, the anatomy of stormtroopers, our favorite Star Wars costumes, and watch Tim Turi spend a significant amount of time in an AT-ST.

In our second segment, we say goodbye to our dear friend Matt Helgeson as we play a game that he remembers fondly. The third segment in this week's show is the final Super Replay Showdown between Jeff Cork and me. One will fall. One will stand. And both of us end up looking ridiculous, thanks to Ben Hanson's game choice.

As always, leave your comments about our silly little show below, and if you have any problems with the video, check out the YouTube link. See you next week!

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For more episodes of Replay, visit our HUB, or click the banner below to view episodes on YouTube. – The Feed

Star Wars: Rogue One Film Is A Prequel, Will Follow Mission To Steal Death Star Plans

A few details about Star Wars' 2016 film, Rogue One, have been revealed as part Star Wars Celebration 2015. It will take place before Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

It won't be a numbered entry in the Star Wars film pantheon and instead serves as a stand-a-lone anthology film. According to a recent panel covering the film with its director Gareth Edwards (Godzilla), it won't feature Jedis or special powers, and is instead being approached as a grounded war film. The only confirmed casting so far is Felicity Jones, who will be playing a Rebel soldier who is involved in the mission. Here's the movie's official, one-line description:

A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the
Death Star plans in the Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One.

The panel also showed a brief teaser for the movie (which has not begun shooting) showing a lone TIE fighter flying through a forested valley, panning up to reveal the Death Star seen through the clouds in the distance.

The remainder of the the panel, which you can read in more detail about here, saw Edwards talking about how big of a Star Wars fan he is, and how difficult it was for him to not tell anyone he would be directing a Star Wars movie for six months.

For all the news from Star Wars Celebration, head here.

[Source: Star Wars, via The Verge] – The Feed

Taking Star Wars: Battlefront’s Temperature – Our Readers Tell Us How Excited They Are(n’t)

Following the reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront, we posted a reader discussion asking our readers if the game is a must-play title. These are the results of our inquiry.

From the chart below, you can see that there were four general categories readers fell into regarding Battlefront's first showcase: Exuberant, cautiously optimistic, recklessly pessimistic, and finally there were others who actively hated the idea of a new Star Wars: Battlefront – or at least the version we learned about last week.

There were actually two other categories that were hard to place into any of the four above. Comments like "I'd play it if it was on Wii U," from Marbi Z and, "Is that dude wearing a hat made out off a koopa troopa?" from Ozz0912 offered absolutely no indication of their excitement one way or another. Many readers also pleaded the fifth and said they weren't prepared to make any kind of judgment about their interest until they saw gameplay.

Overall, our readers are very excited to play a new Star Wars: Battlefront from the creators of Battlefield, but many had reservations. The biggest callouts against the game included the removal of space battles – a big sticking point for many – and the limited player number. Readers also, surprisingly, said they were upset that the prequel trilogy was not represented. My surprise may just be because of my own personal preference for the original trilogy, however.

Readers also stated they are worried about the game's day one servers. TheDarkestLink wrote, "I want to believe… But I'm also quite wary. I'm not the only one who remembers DICE's past server problems. Battlefield 4 comes to mind. It's a must play for me if the servers work at launch."

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Some like Yob were very disappointed in the game's first look writing, "It looks like a Battlefield game with Star Wars themes and laser guns instead of bullets. The jetpack usage in the video looks just like Titanfall or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. No space battles? Not excited even a little bit for this."

Most, as the chart above shows, were very excited. Reader jesusmbz just wrote, "Yes, yes, hell yes!!!" and Alex K. Porell wrote, "I'm really excited for it, and the fact that it has split-screen is awesome."

One interesting comment came from reader GeneralChurch who wrote they weren't even a Battlefront fan, but they were a Battlefield 2142 fan, and this will likely be a close substitute for that game.

You can check out the full reader discussion here. Star Wars Battlefront is due November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can also read Reiner's extensive preview of the game for more details. – The Feed

Reader Discussion: Is Star Wars Battlefront On Your Must-Play List?

Now that you’ve seen the first trailer and read our impressions of the gameplay, it’s time to weigh in. What do think of Star Wars Battlefront based on what you know?

This morning’s reveal and executive editor Andrew Reiner’s preview gave us a flood of new details. We know which planets we’ll be visiting (at least some of them) and a bit about one of the modes featuring an AT-AT on the rampage.

We know the targeted player counts, release date, and the fate of space battles. Sadly, while you can still pilot iconic vehicles, you won’t be able to dogfight among the stars.

There’s a lot to digest, and we expect your feelings might change as more information and deeper gameplay videos are revealed. But right now, we want to know what you think of today’s new Battlefront information. – The Feed

Star Wars Celebration News Round-Up

Star Wars Celebration is still ongoing, and plenty of news about the new film and Star Wars: Battlefront have already resulted from the show. We've gathered up all the new details here in one place.

Star Wars: Battlefront
The biggest news out of the show for gamers were all the new details about EA and DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront. Along with getting to see what the game will look like, we also got a November 17 release date. You can check out all the Battlefront details below, including our stories about the assorted rumors about the game that were later confirmed.

Report: Star Wars Battlefront Website Source Code Points To November Release

What We Want To See In Star Wars: Battlefront

The Nine-Piece Star Wars Battlefront Art Is Now Complete

What You Don't Know About Star Wars: Battlefront’s Newest Battlefield

17 Things We Learned From The Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer

Opinion – The Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition Is Weak Force

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Reader Discussion: Is Star Wars Battlefront On Your Must-Play List?

Watch The First Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Right Here, Right Now!

Watch The Star Wars Battlefront Livestream Here

An Impressive First Look At Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront's Designer Dishes Some Fresh Details

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Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
It's not a video game, but we've all been fiercely watching for details about the new Star Wars film, and Star Wars Celebration had a number of new details. The biggest reveal from the show was a new trailer, but we also got better looks at the film's villain(s) and newly redesigned Stormtrooper armor. You can check out a few stories about the film below.

Report: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Artwork Leaks, Gives First Good Look At Villain

Check Out The New Stormtrooper Armor From The Force Awakens

Watch The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Now!

Photo galleries
Finally, Andrew Reiner, who is attending the show, posted a pair of photo galleries showcasing the show floor, as well as some of the props on hand from the upcoming film.

Take A Tour Of Star Wars Celebration

Check Out Some Of The Props From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Celebrations still has one full day to go. The biggest bomb shells from the celebration have already dropped, but if any other news results, we will be sure to add it to this round-up. – The Feed

Opinion – The Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition Is Weak Force

As you might expect from the Star Wars Battlefront blowout coverage today, the game is up for pre-order right now. I came across something interesting today courtesy of a friend: EA is offering a “deluxe” digital edition of its upcoming multiplayer title.

Included in the “deluxe” edition (you’ll understand the quotes in a moment) are the following items:

  • DL44 blaster – as made famous by Han Solo
  • Ion Grenade
  • Ion Torpedo
  • Ion Shock (exclusive emote)
  • Victory (exclusive emote)

The first three items on the list (the blaster, the grenade, and the torpedo) aren’t exclusive. They are listed as “instant access,” indicating that you can unlock them through normal play (confirmed to us by EA).

That leaves two purely cosmetic items separating the standard edition from the “deluxe” version. Instead of simply including these things for pre-orders (as has become common), EA is charging $ 10 for them. 

As someone who has purchased a number of special editions in the past, I can’t help but look at this and shake my head. EA is clearly banking on the power of the Star Wars license to hook gullible fans.

And lest you think I am judging too harshly, I looked at some of the other upgraded digital versions available as a point of comparison. Looking at EA's past entries reveals the Battlefront offering to be the weakest of the bunch.

Battlefield Hardline offers three different themed battlepacks (precision, versatility, and suppression) along with an additional 10 gold battlepacks, which may include weapons and gear (or just cosmetic customizations). Dragon Age: Inquisition gave players a special throne, two mounts, a number of multiplayer chests (similar to battlepacks in Battlefield), and the digital soundtrack. Both of these cost players an additional $ 10.

EA was vastly outshined by Sony, which offered an "Anniversary" edition for MLB The Show 15. According to Sony's own valuation, the $ 10 up-charge on this version offered more than $ 25 in in-game currency and item packs (combined value). This doesn't include the cost of the included 30 MLB dynamic themes and the MLB 15 dynamic theme. 

While I’m not sold on Battlefront yet (I’ll wait to see gameplay before making my decision), I can’t fault fans who pre-order. You’ll get The Force Awakens map (Jakku) one week early, so at least there’s benefit to committing prior to release (though maybe not so early). 

Save your $ 10 on the “deluxe” edition. Hide it in a drawer and forget about it until the inevitable season pass or “premium” offering is put on sale and put it toward that. There’s only one emote that this more expensive bundle deserves and it isn’t a thumb’s up.

I’m not opposed to cosmetic DLC, but hiding it behind the absurd “deluxe” label insults the audience. If you want to sell emotes, EA (and that’s pretty much what you’re doing here), just do it honestly. – The Feed