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Obsidian gives your ears a taste of the Pillars of Eternity soundtrack

Just because we can’t play old school-inspired, Kickstarter success Pillars of Eternity right now doesn’t mean we can’t experience it. Developer Obsidian has released a score from the game’s soundtrack to give anxious adventurers a taste of what to…
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Soundtrack For Pokémon Black And White Now Available On iTunes

In Nintendo's continuing efforts to bring its Pokémon soundtracks to Apple's music download service, you can now grab the music of Pokémon Black and White from iTunes.

So far, Nintendo has made available the soundtracks for Pokémon X & Y, Ruby and Sapphire, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Diamond and Pearl, and FireRed and LeafGreen. Nintendo is also promising the soundtrack for Black 2 and White 2 in the future.

To grab the soundtrack for Black and White iTunes for $ 9.99, head here.


Our Take
When Nintendo is done with the Pokémon soundtracks, I hope it moves onto the Donkey Kong Country soundtracks. I would love an easy avenue to grab those. – The Feed

Killer Instinct soundtrack coming in March, composer reveals

Following in the bloody, contused footprints of its predecessors, the recent Killer Instinct reboot will be receiving its own soundtrack album, yet again dubbed Killer Cuts, this March.

Composer Mick Gordon broke the news during a recent Killer…
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Report: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack LP for Record Store Day

Heading out to your local music shop on April 19 for Record Store Day to get some fresh, block rockin’ beats? Keep in mind that the soundtrack to last year’s radically insane Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon might be among your options of choice jams to throw…
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The Last Of Us Volume 2 Soundtrack Out Now, Features Music From Left Behind

When The Last of Us was nearing its June 2013 release, we shared a video featuring composer Gustavo Santaolalla. His haunting melodies helped color the intense relationships among the major players in our Game of the Year selection.

Santaolalla, an Academy Award winning composer, is featured once more on a new collection of tracks from The Last of Us. Volume 2 features more music from the original game along with tunes from the Left Behind DLC, which is slated for release on February 14.

You can purchase the 25-track album from iTunes or Amazon. Those that opt for the entire album (rather than individual tracks) will also get a digital booklet. 


Our Take
I am a firm believer that music in games can make or break the experience. In the case of Santaolalla’s haunting guitar, it is most certainly the former. – The Feed

Resident Evil, Onimusha soundtrack creator hired a ghost composer

Japanese musician Mamoru Samuragochi has admitted to hiring a ghost composer to assist in scoring the soundtracks for Onimusha, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, and other works that he previously claimed to have written himself.

Samuragochi, whom Time…
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Music for zombies: Creating Dead Rising 3′s soundtrack

Oleksa Lozowchuk, music director at Capcom Vancouver, gives a quick breakdown of what went into producing the soundtrack for Dead Rising 3, and some main takeaways from the experience. …

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Tearaway soundtrack has folk-dubstep mash-ups and more for $8

The soundtrack for Vita’s charming papercraft-themed platformer, Tearaway, is now available on the PlayStation Store for $ 7.99. The soundtrack features 44 tracks of original music by Kenneth Young and Brian D’Oliveira, which ranges in style from …
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Atlus details Conception 2 heroines, first-run collector soundtrack

Are you ready to vanquish beasts plaguing the world by producing an army of children? … Oh, you are? Well then! Atlus has shared a glimpse of the seven heroines you’ll be building relationships with in Conception 2: Children of the Stars for the …
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Sonic CD dual remix album tackles the regional soundtrack debate

The game music aficionados at OverClocked Remixed have released a lengthy and comprehensive Sonic CD remix album, honoring the game’s 20th anniversary and addressing its hotly debated dual-soundtrack release.

The Temporal Duality album brings together 39 artists for a three-disc collection of 38 arranged tracks based on compositions from Masafumi Ogata, Naofumi Hataya, Spencer Nilsen, David Young and Sterling Crew. Fans have argued for years over whether Sonic CD‘s original Japanese soundtrack or its completely different North American counterpart is superior, but Temporal Duality balances out with tracks from both versions, letting listeners decide for themselves.

(Editor’s biased opinion: They’re both great, but the US soundtrack is superior since it’s connected so closely with his Sega CD-owning misfit childhood. Your opinion will likely differ.)

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