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How Undertale’s soundtrack tells the story of its characters

“We come to perhaps the most common use of leitmotif — the representation of characters. Nearly every major character in the game has an associated leitmotif, often spanning multiple tracks in the soundtrack.” …

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After A Delay, You Can Now Download Disasterpeace’s Hyper Light Drifter Soundtrack

Hyper Light Drifter released on PC and Mac about two weeks ago. Its soundtrack was originally supposed to release on April 10. After a small delay, the soundtrack is now available for download.

Composer Disasterpeace (known predominantly for his work on Fez and the film, It Follows) asked for two extra days to finish up the soundtrack on April 7, pushing it beyond its initially planned release date. Last night, he finally released it. The soundtrack is $ 5 to download, and as our review indicates, it's definitely worth a listen. You can grab it here.

For our review of Hyper Light Drifter head here. For a handful of tips to take with you against the game's challenge, head here.

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Hyper Light Drifter's music is real good. You should listen to it. – The Feed

Official Soundtrack For No Man’s Sky Gets A Release Date

The official soundtrack of No Man's Sky is coming to all territories just before the launch of the game. No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe has been composed by UK instrumental group 65daysofstatic, who revealed the news today.

The group spent over a year composing the game's ambient music, which includes ten original tracks and another collection of six "soundscapes." These are being fed into the game using variable loops, sound textures, and melodies to create a "self-generating soundtrack" that complements the game's staggering number of locations.

The album is being released by Laced Records on June 17, and will be available for purchase and streaming at all major digital music retailers. The first full track, "Supermoon," has been released on SoundCloud to mark the announcement. For more on No Man's Sky's soundtrack, check out our video interview with 65daysofstatic, or click the banner below to see all of our No Man's Sky features. – The Feed

XCOM’s Double Vinyl Soundtrack Now Available For Preorder

Iam8bit opened up pre-orders for vinyl versions of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2's soundtracks today. Let’s be honest, horrible things have happened to us in XCOM 2. Hopefully this vinyl collection doesn’t conjure up too many traumatic memories.

This double vinyl set is a collaboration between iam8bit, 2K, and Firaxis, and carries an impressive list of bullet points that would make any audiophile drool. The work of composers Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo, and Tim Wynn has been mastered specifically for the tractor-beam blue vinyl.

The wrapping that packages the two 180-gram heavyweight vinyl records is designed by Filip Hodas, and features both Sectoid and human skulls. The sturdy physical collectible is also topped off with the inclusion of digital versions of the soundtracks.

The vinyl set costs $ 35.00 and pre-orders will ship Spring of 2016. For a more extensive list of what tracks are included on each record, check out iam8bit’s store. For more of our coverage on XCOM’s alien invasion, click here.

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Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody Provides The Soundtrack For Suicide Squad’s First Full Trailer

Suicide Squad's first full trailer offers up extended looks at Jared Leto's Joker, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, and the rest of the squad.

You can check out the trailer below which offers a good taste of the tone the film is going for, which is surprisingly colorful, maybe even silly.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Suicide Squad arrives in theatres this August.

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Stream The Force Awakens Soundtrack For Free, Includes 13 Minutes Of Unreleased Music

John Williams' brilliant score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens can be streamed for free on Disney's Awards Website. If you already own the soundtrack, you'll still want to listen, as this cut of it features 13 minutes of unreleased music not found on the CD or digital versions of it.

John Williams Fan Network also found a way to download all of the tracks as MP3 files, which you can see here. The website has also compiled a handy list of track names, although the new tracks do not include official names. Click here to start listening to Williams' wonderful music.

Lucky members of the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Science are reportedly receiving physical versions of this extended soundtrack. – The Feed

Composing an 8-bit soundtrack in Famitracker

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far with composing my first fully individual soundtrack in Famitracker, it’s that you’ll never stop learning. I discover new things and techniques every day.” …

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Composing an 8-bit soundtrack in Famitracker

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far with composing my first fully individual soundtrack in Famitracker, it’s that you’ll never stop learning. I discover new things and techniques every day.” …

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Don’t Miss: Composing the soundtrack for a Fallout wasteland

In this classic 2010 feature, Obsidian audio director Scott Lawlor talks about composing the soundtrack of Fallout: New Vegas by merging elements of the previous games’ scores with a new aesthetic. …

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Prepare For Fallout 4 By Purchasing The Official Soundtrack

The sound of Fallout 4 is filled with more than Death Claw roars and nuclear detonations. A sophisticated score hides in there as well, and you can purchase the official soundtrack days before the title’s launch.

The 65-track soundtrack is scored by award-winning composer Inon Zur, whose previous game credits include Fallout 3, as well as the EverQuest and Dragon Age series. Individual songs can be purchased on iTunes for $ 0.99 and the full album goes for $ 15.99. 

Fallout 4 releases November 10 for current gen consoles and PC. For more on the game, check out our feature detailing the game's development history – The Feed