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Battleborn’s Double XP Weekend Starts Today, First Free DLC Character Coming Soon

Battleborn players can goose their XP earnings this weekend, as part of the hero shooter's first double XP event. A new hero is also joining the fight, too, courtesy of the game's inaugural free DLC.

The XP event starts this morning at 8:00 a.m. Pacific, and it runs through Wednesday, May 25 at 8:00 a.m. You'll earn double command and character rank XP in any story mode missions or multiplayer battles in Battleborn during that period.

Some players will be able to take advantage of that bonus while playing as the game's upcoming DLC character, too. If you have the season pass or participated in the PS4 open beta, you'll be able to unlock Alani on May 24 at 9 a.m. She can be obtained in one of two ways. If you've squirreled away 47,500 in-game credits, you can spend them to add her to your roster. Otherwise, you can use a new Hero Key, which will be given to players who bought the digital deluxe version or who own the season pass. Players can use the key to instantly unlock any hero they want, and it will be returned to their inventory if they complete the required challenge objective or hit the designated command rank.

Alani will be available to all other platforms a week later, on May 31 at 9:00 a.m. Here's what Gearbox has to say about this new fighter:

A member of the Eldrid faction who was raised as a healer, but forced to be a warrior, Alani is all that remains of her order after Rendain’s Jennerit Imperium stole the oceans from her world. As a warrior from a planet with vast seas, Alani’s attacks and abilities revolve around her power to control water to dish out pain, or heal her fellow Battleborn. 

[Source: Battleborn Blog]


Our Take
I've spent several hours with the game, and it hasn't quite clicked with me. I don't know if another character will change the fundamental issues I have with the game, but it's great that 2K is continuing to give players additional content after Battleborn's release, like the publisher did with Evolve. I'll have to give it some more time this weekend – maybe I just needed to see my XP bars fill up more quickly. – The Feed

First Battleborn Patch Coming Soon, Balance Updates On Weekly Schedule

It’s only been two days since Battleborn launched, but Gearbox is already making tweaks and identifying places for improvement. The studio posted a brief note yesterday outlining its plans for the game’s evolution.

One element that has already been implemented is the ability to replay the animated opening. At launch, you only had one shot to see it, but fans asked for the option to see it again. Likewise, the ability to skip it entirely has now been added.

As far as gameplay is concerned, Gearbox says it will be pushing server-side balance changes on a weekly basis. Larger patches that impact client-side code will take a bit longer on console due to certification, but the studio already has items it plans to include in the first one.

Of note, Marquis’ exceedingly long range sniper shot will be getting hit with the nerf bat. No specific timing on the first patch has been announced, though Gearbox says it will be “soon.”

[Source: Gearbox]


Our Take
It was impressive to see a rapid server-side change to respond to fans’ interest in watching/skipping the intro. We’re not sure yet if Battleborn’s multiplayer has long-term stickiness, but weekly balance updates mean that there is likely to be a dialog between fans and devs that, if handled correctly, could help grow the player base. – The Feed

A Pair Of Battleborn Characters Will Be Playable In Rock Band 4 Soon

Battleborn's Thorn, an elf-like archer, and Miko, a… mushroom, will both be playable musicians in Rock Band 4 soon.

Additional details are scarce right now, but this isn't the first time Gearbox has partnered with Harmonix to craft a bizarre, unexpected cameo appearance. Last year, Borderlands' Nisha the Lawbringer and Claptrap were both unlockable dancers in Dance Central: Spotlight. Unlocking Nisha and Claptrap in the Dance Central was actually free and only required the input of a code. Hopefully that is also the case here.

[Source: @RockBand]


Our Take
I'm a fan of these strange overlaps that occur in video gaming every now and then. It's also nice to see Harmonix and Gearbox be so friendly, even though they make very different games. – The Feed

GTA V Online Will Soon Receive New Multiplayer Mode, Minivan, And More

A new vehicle and new adversary mode called Inch by Inch are coming to Grand Theft Auto V Online next week. In celebration of this addition, a plethora of bonuses are available right now including discounted weapons and double GTA$ rewards.

Inch by Inch will have teams trying to deliver a package to an opponent's end zone while directing their way through gunfire. While possessing the package, you can't use any weapons so you must use cover to your advantage while attempting to stay alive. This mode will arrive on April 12.

Until then, GTA Online will also be awarding players double GTA$ and RP through several other adversary modes. Prices for shotguns, sniper rifles, and more will be half off. These bonuses are available from now until April 14.

Lastly, The Vapid Minivan Custom is a new vehicle that will be introduced alongside the new mode on the 12th. You can view a preview of the car below, which will be available to buy through Benny's dealership in-game.

For the complete details of next week's events and the upcoming additions, head to Rockstar Games' website. For more on Grand Theft Auto V, read our review here – The Feed

Blizzcon Returns November 4 And 5, Tickets On Sale Soon

Blizzcon is on for 2016. Blizzard has announced the dates and ticket information for this years celebration of all things Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, OverWatch, and Heroes of the Storm.

The event returns to the Anaheim Convention Center on November 4 and 5. Tickets will be on sale in two batches.

The first group goes up on on April 20 at 7 p.m. Pacific / 10 p.m. Eastern. The second batch goes live at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern on April 23. Tickets are priced at $ 199.

In addition to hands-on demos, players can watch live StarCraft II world championships, Hearthstone World Championships, Heroes of the Storm fall championships, and World of Warcraft Arena world championships. There will also be panels with the publisher’s developers.

News about the virtual ticket, which allows fans to watch from home, and the goody bag for live and streaming attendees will be coming soon. – The Feed

Axiom Verge Is Making Its Way To PlayStation Vita Soon

Developer Tom Happ has announced that the PlayStation Vita version of the sci-fi Metroidvania-style Axiom Verge will be coming on April 19. This news comes on the heels of Happ’s announcement of the Xbox One and Wii U versions of the game.

In Happ’s PlayStation Blog post announcing the release date, he looked back on the development process of the delayed Vita port. Happ discusses the difficulty of porting the game’s engine to Vita, and how a breakthrough in its functionality was only made recently due to Slickhead Games' Tom Spilman.

Happ also took the post as an opportunity to reminisce about Axiom Verge’s first-year anniversary (the original version was released one year ago today). Happ writes:

My life has changed quite a bit from that day, but not necessarily in the way that people might expect. The period leading up to and following Axiom Verge’s release was a challenge, starting with the loss of my longtime canine companion Max just days before launch. I had to sell my car to pay for his treatment, and losing him right before launch put a dark cloud over everything. My son Alastair was born after the game launched, but he was afflicted with a severe case of jaundice that may leave him permanently disabled.

Happ writes that the silver-lining of his situation comes with Axiom Verge’s success, and how fan support has given him the opportunity to support his family. You can read more about Happ’s dog Max here, and his son Alaister here.

Axiom Verge will be cross-buy for PlayStation 4 and Vita, so if you already own the game you can download it immediately upon release. It will be 10 percent off for the first week of the game’s release. Click here to read former editor Bryan Vore’s glowing praise of the Playstation 4 version.


Our Take
The fact that Tom Happ put Axiom Verge together mostly as a one-man project is an extremely impressive feat that's matched by only a few other titles. The tragedies that clouded Happ's life during the original release of Axiom Verge are sobering reminders that supporting indie developers can have a positive impact on their lives. – The Feed

Gearbox’s Battleborn Has Gone Gold, Beta Coming Soon

Is Battleborn a moba? A competitive hero shooter? No one knows what to call it yet, but the game has gone gold, says Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Software's CEO and president.

In a tweet posted early today, Pitchford expressed his excitement over the project's completion, and also detailed what comes next for post-launch support. "Exciting news: Battleborn retail is ready!" Pitchford said. "Back in the day we would say 'Gone Gold!' Team is stoked and hard at work on support, beta, etc." In a separate tweet, Pitchford said that a beta for Battleborn would be hitting soon, but didn't give any specifics as to how it would roll out.

Battleborn is slated to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3. Battleborn's roster was recently finalized with two additional characters.

[Source: Randy Pitchford twitter 1, 2] – The Feed

MonoGame support arriving on Xbox One ‘soon’

MonoGame, an open-source implementation of Microsoft’s XNA 4 Framework designed to be used as a porting tool, is finally getting Xbox One support.  …

Gamasutra News

Rocket League Xbox One And PC Players Can Soon Play Together

If you’re an Xbox One Rocket League player, you’ll soon be able to play with PC users, and vice versa.

In an official blog post from Microsoft’s director of [email protected] Chris Charla, the publisher revealed that it will soon allow developers to offer cross-network support for their games. This opens up the possibility that Xbox One games will be able to connect with people playing the same game on PC or even PS4. 

Psyonix’s Rocket League will be one of the first games to take advantage of cross-platform play for Xbox One and PC . We don't have a specific date at this time, but the feature should unlock later this Spring.

[Source: Xbox]


Our Take
This is great. For years gamers have dreamed of playing games with their friends no matter which platform they were on, and this is a big step in that direction. This isn't the first example of cross-play between a console and PC, but it could help make the feature a more standard addition. Whether we'll actually see cross-network play between Xbox One and PS4 depends as much on Sony as it does Microsoft, so we'll have to wait and see if anything develops on that front. – The Feed

Stardew Valley’s Creator Wants It On Consoles As Soon As Possible

If you pay attention to the Steam sales charts, you'll notice a new indie game gaining a lot of traction. Stardew Valley is a Harvest Moon-inspired farming sim from developer ConcernedApe, otherwise known as sole developer Eric Barone.

On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show, we spoke to Barone about the game's success and the possibility of it making its way to consoles. Barone said that he's been talking to "some of the big names" and promised that "there's all kinds of stuff happening right now."

As for when we can expect the delightful Stardew Valley on consoles, Barone stressed that the game took four years to develop and he's still a one-man operation. "I don't even want to say when it'll come to consoles but it's something I really want to do and I want to do it as soon as I can," he says.

You can watch a clip from the interview below or wait for the full episode of The Game Informer Show later today to learn more about the future of Stardew Valley, which includes better controller support and multiplayer.

(Please visit the site to view this media) – The Feed