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Gratuitous Space Battles 2 coming soon to PC, Mac, Linux

Positech Games has announced a sequel to its interstellar strategy hit Gratuitous Space Battles, that, the developer claims, will make the titular melees between massive spaceship armadas even more ludicrous.

“[Gratuitous Space Battles 2] uses an…
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Soon Shine to tap out ghosts on the Wii U eShop

Being attacked by a relentless flood of ghosts can be a bit of a hassle, but when they’re susceptible to a good tap and you’re armed with a stylus, there’s a pretty promising way out of the situation. Wii U owners can start containing the problem…
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Railguns at the ready, Quake Live hits Steam ‘soon’

Free-to-play shooter Quake Live is coming to Steam “soon,” some four years after it first hit browsers. Bethesda Softworks Vice-President Pete Hines announced the news at Quakecon yesterday, though he didn’t put a date on the Steam release. Meanwhile…
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AirMech Arena closed beta coming soon

Ubisoft revealed a free to play real-time strategy called AirMech Arena shortly after the festivities of PAX East being developed by Carbon Games. Starting July 23, interested persons can start playing the closed beta.

Need reminding of what AirMech Arena is all about? I admit, PAX East was a while ago, and now that E3 has come and gone, it seems even farther away. Here is the official description of the game courtesy of UbiBlog:

Take control of transforming robots and rule over the battlefield by capturing bases and building armies to help you clear the field of your enemies. Team up in the cooperative multiplayer, head out on your own in the single-player, or take on your friends in the competitive multiplayer with teams of two to three players. The closed beta will include all the features slated to be present in the final product, including these three types of gameplay.

If you want to be among those on the battlefield for the closed beta, be sure to head over to official site to sign up.

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Special Edition Armed Forces Xbox One Controller And Stereo Headset Coming Soon

Microsoft has announced a matching Xbox One controller and stereo headset coming soon to Xbox One.

The pair, which offers, "a modern camouflage pattern and military look," is available for pre-order now. You can head here for the controller and here for the headset. The former is $ 64.99 and the latter is $ 89.99 and they will be available later this year in October.

Soon it will be time to put together a feature similar to this one detailing special edition Xbox 360 controllers, for Xbox One controllers. We've already seen a special edition Titanfall controller.

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Microsoft Not Giving Up On Xbox Anytime Soon

In an employee memo titled "Bold Ambition and Our
Core", Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed and clarified Microsoft's stance
on the Xbox. Despite past rumors of misgivings, the Xbox is here to stay.

"The single biggest digital life category, measured
in both time and money spent, in a mobile-first world is gaming," wrote
Nadella. "We are fortunate to have Xbox in our family to go after this
opportunity with unique and bold innovation."

His understanding that video games are a significant
and growing market is important and may signify more focus on Xbox in the future. If their E3 conference was a signifier for anything, it's that Microsoft does in fact care about video games as well as moving forward in terms of innovation.

"Microsoft will continue to vigorously innovate and delight gamers with Xbox."

In addition, Nadella further discussed continued innovation
with the Xbox One and how those innovations connect to Microsoft's larger
business model. "Bottom line, we will continue to innovate and grow our fan
base with Xbox while also creating additive business value for Microsoft."

Despite a rocky lifespan, it seems as
though the Xbox One has settled down both in the minds and in the homes of many
gamers. Still, the console's sales are lagging some millions behind the
PlayStation 4. The last official word from both companies in terms of sales
came in April, but recent reports plant the Xbox One at around 5 million units sold
with the PlayStation 4 up at 9 million.

Nadella also went forth to address the future and
success of Microsoft's other products, as well as discussing Microsoft's culture,
worldview, and core beliefs, all of which can be read in detail in the memo.

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Our Take
This is definitely good news. I remember hearing the rumors that Microsoft might sell off Xbox a couple months ago. Putting any fanboy narcissism aside, it wouldn't benefit the gaming industry in any way if we were to lose Xbox. – The Feed

Standalone PC Compatible Kinect 2.0 Coming Soon

A listing on Microsoft's online store is pointing to a July release date for a standalone Kinect.

Kinect 2.0 will be available separate from the Xbox One starting July 15, and you can pre-order it by heading here. The standalone device costs $ 199 and is being sold more as a development tool than a entertainment device.

[Source: Microsoft Store, via Gamer Deals, Joystiq]


Our Take
The price tag is surprising, considering the the price difference between and Xbox One with a Kinect and one without is only $ 100. I am no economist, but it seems like removing the Xbox One insignia from the device shouldn't cost an extra $ 100. That being said, this is being sold as a piece of development software and I'm sure because of that, Microsoft isn't counting on selling a huge amount of them. – The Feed

Skywind mod will re-open Morrowind to tourism ‘soon’

It’s been awhile since we heard from The TES Renewal Project regarding their mission to recreate The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind using the engine of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, but a new trailer reveals that the island nation of Morrowind isn’t just…
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New trailer for Morrowind Skyrim conversion reveals public developer alpha coming soon

As an RPG fan, there are a lot of games I am looking forward to in the coming year, like Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, there is one game that I am particularly interested in that isn’t being produced by a development company, nor being boxed and shipped or offering special bonuses for pre-ordering.

Skywind Concept logo - courtesy of

Skywind Concept logo – courtesy of

Skywind, the Morrowind-Skyrim conversion being developed by the TESRenewal Project. The latest trailer ‘Renewal’ teases update 0.9.4 by showing off some beautiful landscaping and interior work done thus far. The ending, however, lets us in on the possibility that there will be a soon to release public developer alpha coming soon, but fails to tell us what the heck that means.

Sounds to be a more technical alpha than what most of us may be used to, but it’s hard to say at this point. All we can do is wait and see… and hope for a summer of Skywind.

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Gory football spoof Blood Bowl will soon tackle tablets

Blood Bowl, Games Workshop’s turned-based take on American football where the players have been replaced by fantasy races and the touchdown dances with copious arterial spray, will soon appear on tablet devices.

According to the game’s website, the…
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