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Blog: Publishers will soon need indies more than indies need publishers

I feel, nowadays publishers need indies more than indies need publishers. And here we go, Gamasutra puts it as a trend of the year. Here, I explain why. …

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Is A Long Ways Off, But You Can Get The Toys Soon

The 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII is next February. There's a chance Square Enix could celebrate this momentous event with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake at some point in 2017, but that's wishful thinking, especially considering how long it took the company to release Final Fantasy XV. Square has said Final Fantasy VII Remake will be an episodic series, similar in design to Final Fantasy XIII, with each installment being a full-length RPG experience.

Regardless of the hazy future for this game, Square is releasing two action figures for it in April 2017. The newly designed Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace join Square's long-running (and immensely popular) Play Arts Kai line of action figures. Cloud stands in at 10.75", and comes packaged with his Buster Sword, a stand, and a variety of hands. He will retail for roughly $ 120. Barret is the same price, but is slightly taller, standing in at 11.6". He comes with removable sunglasses, a stand, and one extra hand.

Perhaps the release date will sync up with the delivery of the final figure in this line. Here's hoping Square delivers more information on these figures soon. There's a good chance we could hear more in February. – The Feed

Mega Man I-VI Coming Soon To iOS And Android

Capcom has announced that the first six installments of Mega Man are coming soon to a touchscreen near you.

Capcom made the announcement with the above image on its
Capcom Mobile Twitter account, stating the games will be available in January.
No other details have been announced, but the tweet did include a
to sign up for notifications when the games are available. Capcom's
approach to mobile has run the gamut from high-priced ports like Apollo Justice
Ace Attorney ($ 16) to free-to-play games like Street
Fighter Puzzle Spirits

[Source: Capcom Mobile


Our Take
There's no question that
the Mega Man games are classic gaming goodness, but playing them with virtual touchscreen
controls could be a disaster. We'll have to wait and see Capcom's approach to
porting the titles before getting our hopes up. – The Feed

Niantic Assures Fans Pokémon Go Is Still Coming To Apple Watch ‘Soon’

At September's Apple Keynote event, it was announced Pokémon Go would be coming to the Apple Watch. With this version of the app, users would be able to see how their eggs are doing, which Pokémon are nearby, and when a Pokémon enters catching range, all from their watch. It would offer more functionality than the Pokémon Go Plus, which retails for $ 35 (if you can find one).

Since then, we haven't heard much about the app, which was slated to release by the end of the year. Recently, rumors the app had ceased development emerged, stating that the version of the app shown at the event was an "unfinished port." This would be an unfortunate turn for anyone who used the app's eventual release as even a partial motivator to buy an Apple Watch, especially after the appearance of new Pokémon and Holiday-themed Pikachus prompted lapsed fans to return to the game.

However, Niantic aims to cut those rumors off by assuring fans on Twitter that the app is still coming 'soon'.

This tweet does not clarify, however, if this means the app is still scheduled to release by the end of the year or not. We've reached out to Niantic for more details and will update this post should they reply.

[Source: Pokémon Go on Twitter]


Our Take
If Niantic still plans to release the app by the end of the year, they've got about two weeks to do it. Considering we didn't hear anything about it until the rumors started showing up, color me skeptical. "Soon!" – The Feed

Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary Plans To Be Revealed Soon

The first Final Fantasy title released in Japan on December 18, 1987. That means the franchise will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017 – but what will that look like?

Publisher Square Enix isn't quite ready to divulge its plans, but in a recent interview with Famitsu, executive producer Shinji Hashimoto said the company will announce them soon.

Currently, we know that 2017 will see the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Beyond that, we can only speculate. Will there be fan celebrations? Game collections? More remastered titles? Maybe even the first episode of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake? Only time will tell. 

[Source: Famitsu via Gamatsu]


Our Take
Only a handful of franchises can boast the long lifespan of Final Fantasy, so maybe Square Enix has something special planned. Since 2017 marks the series' 30th anniversary AND the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, it would be especially fitting if the first installment of that remake comes out this year. But even if it doesn't, I hope Square Enix finds an appropriate way to thank fans for their years of support. – The Feed

Vivendi now owns 25 percent of Ubisoft, could soon be forced to make takeover bid

French media conglomerate Vivendi has upped its stake in Ubisoft yet again, and now holds 25.15 percent of the company and 22.92 percent of its voting rights. …

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Rumor: New Pokémon Go Monsters Coming Soon

A supposed leaked flier for Starbucks employees points to more monsters coming to Pokémon Go in an update this week.

The flier – an information sheet to prep store employees on a coming Starbucks/Pokémon Go promotion – says that the game is "about to expand with new Pokémon…" According to the flier, the update is scheduled to happen on Thursday, December 8, but it does not go into any detail about the forthcoming Pokémon.

The promotion, apart from introducing a Pokémon-themed frappuchino, will also turn participated Starbucks into PokéStops.

[Source: Reddit user alturrisi via Gamespot]


Our Take
Scrolling down the comments thread of the original Reddit post, apparently the drink itself is gross… – The Feed

Watch Dogs 2 Impressions – Review Coming Soon

Watch Dogs 2 is out tomorrow, and you may be wondering where our review is. Unfortunately, after encountering a game-breaking bug that has halted our progress, our review has been postponed, but it will be posted in the next few days.

While I haven't yet completed the game, I have some impressions to share. For the most part, Watch Dogs 2 builds on much of what lacked in the first game. Hacking is less surface-level than it was in the original, giving a more playground vibe in terms of your abilities. Two of the best additions are your drone and tiny remote-control car, which can access high or tight areas that you can't by foot. Shooting mechanics handle well and are similar to the first game, though stealth continues to be fundamentally more entertaining because of its emphasis on hacking.

Side quests are substantial, fun distractions from the main missions, such as a quest where you have to solve environmental puzzles by finding your way up tall ledges and rooftops in order to make your mark in graffiti. San Francisco is teeming with things to do, such as races with sailboats, drones, and karts. The city itself is vibrant, colorful, and a joy to explore, and overheard dialogue as well as profiling random civilians is amusing.

Watch Dogs 2 has a seamless online experience, meaning you can meet other players in your game and play through co-op missions with a friend or someone you encounter in-game. However, Ubisoft took multiplayer offline because of lag and crashes, meaning that I haven't had as much time as I had hoped to form a well founded opinion on it.

Ubisoft is confident the issue will be fixed by launch, but as of right now the problem persists. Hacking invasions return, meaning that other players can hack into your game and you have to stop their attempts at stealing your data. While these moments can be fun since other players can use hacks against you too, you are forced into this mode when it initiates, and can't exit out of it until it's completed. You're unable to start other missions while this occurs, which hinders the experience if you didn't want to be part of a hacking invasion to begin with. You can, however, opt out of seamless online in the settings, such as turning specific modes on or off.

Watch Dogs 2 also has some big flaws. A game-breaking bug like the one I encountered is a major problem, with the only option being to restart the game entirely, since Watch Dogs 2 does not give you the option to manually save or have more than one save at a time. To have an issue like this at launch is far from a good sign, and one that I found incredibly frustrating. I also saw framerate drops on the PlayStation 4, which can make driving an especially jarring experience when it dips. As for the story, Watch Dogs 2 leaves much to be desired, with a cast of unlikeable characters that seem more concerned about popularity than they do hactivism.

Marcus Holloway is a step up from the empty personality of Aiden Pierce, but he still doesn't feel well-rounded. As someone who was unjustly profiled as a criminal by the ctOS system, Marcus takes on the daunting task of shutting down the ctOS altogether. Although his motivations are meant to be noble, his choices are often tend too juvenile and delinquent to take seriously.

Stay tuned for our full review, and in the meantime, you can find out what this sequel is attempting to do differently this time around. – The Feed

Blog: Why crunch culture isn’t going away anytime soon

“Amy Hennig, former creative director for Naughty Dog, says something has to give when it comes to industry work practices. She’s right, and it starts with studio leaders.” …

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Nintendo Japan shutting down Wii U production ‘soon’

An update to Nintendo’s official Japanese site has confirmed that Wii U production is “scheduled to end soon.” …

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