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The Director Of Deadpool Is Developing Sony’s Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

If you're feeling a little confused after reading that headline, well, uh, it's real. It's a thing that's happening, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Just over a week after stepping away from Deadpool, director Tim Miller has set his sights on a new gig: developing an adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog for Sony Pictures. Miller and his longtime Blur Studio collaborator Jeff Fowler have been tapped to work on the project, on which Fowler would make his feature directorial debut.

The film is apparently intended to be a CGI-animated/live-action hybrid and family-oriented. Just to make sure we're clear here: we're talking about the director of the critically acclaimed and absolutely filthy Marvel comic adaptation suddenly developing a movie around everyone's favorite hedgehog.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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I got nothing, y'all. – The Feed

Watch Sony’s PlayStation Meeting Live

Sony is hosting its PlayStation Meeting today at 2:00 CDT, and many expect the company to officially unveil the PlayStation Neo upgraded system that skipped out on E3. Whatever happens, you can see it here live.

Other possible, if not probably, offerings on the docket could be the PS4 Slim that's already leaked, as well as more from PlayStation VR.

Check back later this afternoon to see the full press conference as it happens. – The Feed

Uncharted 4 helps Sony’s games division to strong quarter

Rising PlayStation 4 hardware and software sales have eased Sony’s games and networks services division through the first quarter of this financial year. …

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Sony’s Bend Studio Unveils Post-Apocalyptic Biker Game Days Gone

Sony's Bend Studio announced Days Gone, a post-apocalyptic game starring what looks like a surviving motorcycle gang.

Not much is known about Days Gone at this point, but it looks like from the trailer that you'll be playing as a biker in a hopeless world. It looks to hold a theme of loss, as the main character recalls the memory of a loved one as he rides down the road on his motorcycle.

Gameplay shows some harrowing survival, motorcycle traversal, and brutal combat with other humans – and ghastly, zombie-like creatures. There's a lot of shooting, running, and holding out for survival against swarms of these monsters. The chase gets more and more intense as hordes of zombies corner our hero high atop a tower before the gameplay demo ends.

You can see the full trailer below.

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No release date was given for Days Gone. – The Feed

The Highs And Lows Of Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference

Here we are at the end of the beginning. It's been two days of press conferences, and we just wrapped up Sony's E3 2016 stage show.Tomorrow we transition from big news beats (and sweeping orchestras) to in-depth previews.

With Neo confirmed before the show even began and PlayStation VR a known quantity, we weren't quite sure what to expect. The Last Guardian release date? Crash Bandicoot's return? A surprise from Sucker Punch? 

Here are the big takeaways (both high and low) from Sony's presentation in Los Angeles.

HIGH: Two Brand New, Unannounced Games Open The Show

With a full, sweeping orchestra, Sony thundered into E3. Opening with a live demo of God of War set a powerful tone, especially as it seems that Kratos' – or someone who looks an awful lot like him – next adventure takes place in an open world.

Santa Monica Studio is changing the setting, and has found a way to create a slightly mellower hero. We don't know yet what brought him north, but showing him in the role as teacher and guardian is the kind of refocus the series needs.

The other new title, Days Gone, gave off a solid The Last of Us vibe. In fact, it wouldn't have surprised us at all were Sony Bend's name not at the trailer's start. Hopefully this deviates enough from Naughty Dog's post-societal setup. 

Leading with two new games was a smart move. Sony had a weak game showing in 2015, and while these two are both likely 2017 (or later), it's nice to know the drought will end.

HIGH: Resident Evil VII Isn't Just Coming Soon, It's Also A VR Game

Capcom and Sony surprised the heck out of everyone watching the PlayStation press conference. Not only is Resident Evil VII finally coming, but it's out in January.

A demo is available right now for anyone with PlayStation Plus, and the full game is going to be available as a PlayStation VR experience. This is the jolt Sony needed for its VR platform. Resident Evil is a known quantity and it showed well in first person at the conference.

It's unlikely RE7 is exclusive to PlayStation 4, but it had a darn good showing on Sony's stage.

HIGH: PlayStation VR Is Bolstered By Star Wars, Batman, and Final Fantasy

In addition to Resident Evil VII, Sony locked up two huge gets for PlayStation VR. Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission will put players in the cockpit of Star Wars' most iconic starship. 

Batman VR, developed by Rocksteady, puts players underneath the cowl. With Joker's haunting voice revealing the experience, we're not quite sure what to expect from this VR title, but we'll know soon. It's due out this October.

Finally, Square Enix is getting in the VR game. Players will be able to take the role of Prompto, one of Final Fantasy XV's characters. It's unclear how deep this experience is, but with Capcom, Warner Bros., and Square Enix all throwing in with Sony, the prospects for launch are looking up.

HIGH: A Relentless Flood Of Game Announcements, Many Of Which With Some Form Of Exclusivity

Sony brought its A-game to E3 this year. And while many of the trailers were for games coming further down the line, there is a lot to look forward to. God of War, Death Stranding, Days Gone, The Last Guardian (now with an actual release date), Farpoint, Detroit: Become Human, and a number of PSVR exclusives, all paint a rosy picture for Sony.

The press conference was all meat, with very little wasted time. Closing with a playable demo of Days Gone give us gameplay looks at a few new announcements.

And we can't forget Spider-Man. Is Marvel letting Sony lock this one up? And if so, for how long? Regardless, revealing it on stage ties the game (at least for a little while) to Sony's platform. The surprise after all the rumors is that it isn't Infamous developer Sucker Punch that's developing. In fact, it's Insomniac, which has become a multiplatform studio.

Update: We just found out that Sony has locked up exclusivity for Spider-Man.

LOW: PlayStation Neo Is A Giant Question Mark

Both Microsoft and Sony have effectively announced the death of the current generation. Console manufacturers believe we're ready for a mobile phone style ownership structure. The only way that works is with high value, platform holder-endorsed upgrade programs.

Both companies want software to make the transition from generation to generation, which is great news for gamers. However, shortening console refreshes to three or four years could become costly quickly. And if both companies are chasing 4K and VR specs, both major evolutions, will Microsoft and Sony both find reason to iterate so quickly? 

We didn't expect that new consoles would be coming so soon, but change is in the air. Whether it ends up bolstering the console market or crippling it is something we're eager to find out. – The Feed

A Partial List Of Games Appearing At Sony’s E3 Booth

Sony has rolled out a list of games you’ll be able to find in its booth at E3. However, since there are likely some surprises in store, expect there to be some additions once the doors open.

Here’s what we know will be playable at Sony’s booth right now:

PlayStation 4

  • Abzu – 505 Games
  • Brutal – Stormcloud Games
  • Cryptark – Alientrap Games
  • Darkest Dungeon – Red Hook Studios
  • Don’t Starve: Together – Klei Entertainment
  • Everything – Cat Head Productions
  • Headlander – Double Fine / Adult Swim Games
  • Gnog – Ko_op
  • Killing Floor 2 – Tripwire Interactive
  • King of Fighters XIV – Atlus
  • Let It Die – Gung Ho Online
  • Loot Rascals – Hollow Pond
  • Eitr – Devolver Digital
  • Manifold Garden – William Chyr Studio
  • Masquerade: Songs and Shadows – Ysbyrd Games Worldwide
  • Mother Russia Bleeds – Devolver Digital
  • Night in the Woods – Infinite Fall
  • Rain World – Adult Swim Games
  • Shadow Warrior 2 – Devolver Digital
  • Thumper – Drool
  • Xing: The Land Beyond – White Lotus Interactive
  • Yakuza 0 – Sega

PlayStation VR

  • Battlezone – Rebellion Interactive
  • EVE: Valkyrie – CCP Games
  • Harmonix Music VR – Harmonix
  • Headmaster – Frame Interactive Studio
  • Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
  • Rez Infinite – Enhance Games
  • Super Hypercube – Kokoromi/Polytron
  • Thumper – Drool
  • Wayward Sky – Uber Entertainment

Notable absences include Horizon: Zero Dawn (even with its delay), The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, and anything that might be playable on a PlayStation Vita. Of course, this is only a partial list, so those gaps might be filled in before the doors open on Tuesday, June 14. – The Feed

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida on the risky business of virtual reality

“We didn’t set out from pricing first because we knew that getting VR right was going to be a big challenge. We had internal technical milestones that we wanted to hit.” …

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Sony’s Having A ‘Launch Party’ For Six Upcoming Games

Sony has announced a “Launch Party” event to celebrate the release of six games over the next month and a half. The news comes with the announcement of release dates for a few of the offerings.

Each of the six games will be discounted 10 percent for pre-orders. Here’s what you can expect and when:

3/15/2016 – Salt and Sanctuary
3/22/2016 – Day of the Tentacle Remastered
4/5/2016 – Enter The Gungeon
4/12/2016 – Stories: The Path of Destinies
4/19/2016 – Invisible Inc.
4/26/2016 – Alienation

(Please visit the site to view this media)

You can get a quick look at each of these in the trailer above. You can also find our coverage of each linked to their names.


Our Take
I'm always glad to see indies get some attention, and grouping them together in this way creates a critical mass. I'm eager to check out Enter the Gungeon in final release (as I've enjoyed it in preview). I also will finally get a chance to play Day of the Tentacle, which I missed so many years ago. – The Feed

Learn about PlayStation VR, direct from Sony’s Richard Marks

In his speech from Unity’s Vision AR/VR Summit, Sony’s Magic Lab man provides an overview of development for the upcoming platform and showcases Sony’s internally developed VR experiences. …

Gamasutra News

Learn about PlayStation VR, direct from Sony’s Richard Marks

In his speech from Unity’s Vision AR/VR Summit, Sony’s Magic Lab man provides an overview of development for the upcoming platform and showcases Sony’s internally developed VR experiences. …

Gamasutra News