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The Witcher 3 Experience Bug Fix, Small Text Patch Coming Next Week For All Platforms

Yesterday, we reported that the latest patch for The Witcher 3 was causing a glitch with experience gain from quests. CD Projekt Red is aware and working on it, with a projected timetable to address the issue.

The problem, which appears seems to be affecting some individuals on all platforms according to a recent post from community and website coordinator Marcin Momot. "We would like to let everyone know that we are aware of the XP glitch players are reporting and we are working to have it fixed as soon as possible across all platforms (Monday for PC & patch 1.04 on consoles in the following days)," Momot writes. 

Unfortunately, if you progressed after the bug hit, you won't suddenly get a surge of missing experience when the patch arrives. "The XP won't be added back for the finished quests. Sorry about this," Momot confirms.

However, he says players should still be able to finish the game in the level range intended by the developers. "At the same time we want to shed some light on the issue," Momot says. "First of all, it doesn't impact the game balance in any significant way. Also, you will be able to finish the game with your character achieving a level within the threshold we had in mind when we designed the game."

Also, if your eyes are suffering from the small text, you'll be happy to know relief is on the way. Momot confirmed on Twitter that patch 1.04 will fix this problem. For more on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, check out our review.

[Source: CD Projekt Red]


Our Take
It seems like the best course of action is to save your game and see if you're hit by the bug. If not, you might be in the clear. If you are, it looks like you'll need to make other gaming plans this weekend. – The Feed

Revisiting The Legend Of Zelda’s Fairies Big, Small, And Trapped In A Bottle (You Monster)

While Link’s attire hasn’t changed much across three decades of The Legend of Zelda games, other elements have undergone more drastic transformations. In a video from YouTube creator Master0fHyrule (whom we’ve featured before), you can see how these mystical creatures have changed over the years.

The footage below features 25 games, the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon, and the manga. As you’ll see the winged healers have matured through the years, across home and handheld consoles.

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And, in case you were concerned, Tingle has not been forgotten. He may not really be a fairy (or is he?), but the lovable and slightly creepy fairy fan has earned his place among the twinkling creatures. – The Feed

EA Lays Off Small Number At Visceral Games

EA has confirmed to Game Informer that a small number of staff have been laid off at Visceral. The studio is working on a confirmed, but as yet unspecified Star Wars project.

“We made a small staffing change in our Visceral studio today to support the needs of the studio’s two current development priorities: content for Battlefield Hardline Premium and an unannounced Star Wars project,” an EA representative told us via email.  “We are working to ensure the smoothest transition possible for the impacted employees.”

EA did confirm that Amy Hennig and Todd Stashwick, who are working on the Star Wars project, are unaffected by these changes. EA declined to share specific numbers impacted by the change.

In April, Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis left EA after 14 years. Scott Probst currently leads Visceral’s efforts, including work on follow-up content for Battlefield Hardline and the upcoming Star Wars game.


Our Take
While we’re glad to hear that a small number of people are impacted, any job loss is sad news. Our thoughts are with those who are affected. – The Feed

Unity focuses on small teams doing big things at its GDC event

Unity’s GDC press conference was geared toward not just showcasing Unity 5, but marrying the company’s longtime message of democratized development with a focus on how damn good Unity games can look. …

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EA Lays Off ‘Small Number’ At Montréal Studio

EA has confirmed that it has laid off employees at its Montreal location. The publisher says that the studio remains a going concern and that projects are still in development there.

“We made a staffing change in our Montreal studio to align with our current development and service plans,” a company representative told us via email. “A small number of employees were impacted, and we are working closely with each of them to ensure the best transition possible. The teams at EA Montreal, including BioWare, are working on exciting new projects, and EA is committed to developing great games in our Montreal studio.”

EA’s Montréal studio has produced the Army of Two series, entries in the SSX franchise, and the Wii version of Need for Speed: Nitro. That location is also responsible for some of EA’s work in the mobile space, including versions of Scrabble and Tetris for smartphones.

[Source: Gamasutra]


Our Take
EA was careful to confirm the status of the studio in its note to us about the layoffs. While these job cuts appear to impact a relatively small number of staff, transitions like this are never easy for those affected. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the layoffs. – The Feed

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Gets Small Delay

Dragon Ball Z's current-gen debut is going to take a little longer to release, but only a few days.

Originally set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 17, the game will now now be available on February 24 – an extra day of waiting commemorating every Dragon Ball, presumably. Dragon Ball Xenoverse will also release on February 27 for PC via Steam.

According to Bandai Namco, the game has been delayed, "In order to ensure the highest possible gameplay experience."

For more on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, head here. You can see the full press release for the delay on page two.


Our Take
Seven days is certainly a manageable delay. Though, I do wonder what additional development or changes could be accomplished in seven days. – The Feed

Evolve’s Goliath statue is small child and down payment-sized

Sure, it’s not the ridiculously huge monstrosity that loomed over us at E3, but this statue of Evolve’s Goliath from replica specialists TriForce might be the next-best thing: standing tall at two and a half feet and weighing 35 pounds, this beast is…
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Creating a scene in a small city: Buffalo Game Space

“Buffalo, New York is a city known for several things — chicken wings, harsh winters, Super Bowl losses — but game development is not one of them.” It may be soon, thanks to Buffalo Game Space. …

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Blog: How to be a successful small developer: A Heroes of Loot postmortem

“Don’t build your hopes on them thinking your first few games will come even close to making a lot of money and turn you into a full-time ‘indie’ dev… that’s not how it works.” …

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SteelSeries Stratus Mobile Controller Is Small Enough To Swallow

We don't often cover mobile controllers, but this one is unique enough to grab our attention, and small enough to slide into your back pocket.

Using MFi-certified Bluetooth, the SteelSeries Stratus connects to your mobile device and let's you play mobile games with a more traditional control scheme. The device isn't extremely comfortable, but that's because of it's extreme form factor; the whole unit is about as wide as the palm of your hand. 

"With Stratus, gamers have easy and direct access to a growing roster of great games on iPad that were intended for an immersive, controller-enabled experience," said SteelSeries CEO Bruce Hawver. "We're incredibly excited to be the first gaming peripherals company to develop a standalone controller for iOS devices and are thrilled to see an abundance of high quality game titles rolling out from publishers everyday."

The Stratus is the first Bluetooth controller that works with iOS devices, and all of it's buttons are analog. I even felt a little bit of rumble while playing GTA on an iPad. SteelSeries says that the battery should last for about 10 hours. The controller will set you back $ 99, and will be available later this year. Unfortunately, images don't properly convey the system's size, so check out the video below for a better view of the Stratus in action. 

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Our Take
This is a bit of a gaming oddity. It won't likely appeal to every consumers but some people will like the idea of having a miniature controller for gaming on the go. My limited hands on time with it proved that the controller works, but I did wonder how my hands would feel after an extended gaming session. The price tag seems a little high, but it's actually comparable to other mobile controllers on the market; still, I think more consumers might take a risk on a product like this if it cost a bit less. – The Feed