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The Lego Batman Movie SDCC Trailer Shows Robin’s Hilarious Origin

The Lego version of Batman was a huge hit with fans when he appeared in The Lego Movie, so it only made sense when Warner Bros. and DC announced that he would be getting his own humor-injected film. The movies look to stand in stark contrast to WB and DC's live-action films which, to this point have been much more serious in tone.

With The Lego Batman Movie, the team is definitely not afraid to show the sillier side of Gotham's oft-scowling Caped Crusader. In the trailer, we're introduced to Lego Robin and learn how he joins forces with Lego Batman. It's much funnier than that description makes it sound. You can view the trailer below.

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To see the other trailers that have been released for The Lego Batman Movie, head here and here. The Lego Batman Movie is scheduled to hit theaters February 10, 2017. – The Feed

Nintendo Shows Off NES Classic Mini With Throwback Slogan

Nintendo has rolled out its first advertisement for the upcoming NES Classic Mini. Following in the footsteps of countless other plug-and-play devices with onboard game libraries, the upcoming homage console will bring with it 30 games.

The replica NES comes with an HDMI cable, one controller (additional pads will be available for $ 10), and the 30 titles listed here. It also comes with a heaping dose of nostalgia, as evidenced by the first commercial.

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“Now You’re Playing with Power” was Nintendo’s slogan during the Nintendo Entertainment System’s heyday. While you might miss out on blowing in your cartridges (we should never have done that), stacking them two high to get a game to work, and praying a glitch didn’t destroy your high scoring run, this gives you a way to relive the glory days.

The only thing it seems you’ll be missing is the CRT scan lines. Maybe Nintendo will surprise us with a true nostalgia mode as we play these games in HD. – The Feed

Atlus Shows Off First 18 Minutes Of Persona 5

Yesterday, Atlus hosted a live stream where the publisher drop a heavy amount of information about its upcoming JRPG, including footage of the first 18 minutes of the game in action. For those unafraid of spoilers or a lack of English audio and subtitles You can watch the whole thing right here:

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Be sure to check out our E3 impressions of the game here. – The Feed

New Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows Off Tokyo 42′s World, Weapons, And Gameplay

Isometric/action shooter Tokyo 42 was first announced in March, and then we got a playthrough video that took us through some of its colorful but deadly levels. Now we have a closer look into the duo behind the project, and how they are working to bring Tokyo 42 to players in 2017.    

Maciek Strychalski and Sean Wright are the developers behind SMAC Games, and are working on their first-ever title Tokyo 42 with publisher Mode 7. Inspired by the Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed series to name a few, Tokyo 42 follows a freelance assassin as he takes on missions within a 3D world that you can look at from all directions.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Strychalski and Wright explain how the project came to be, what games inspired their own, and how they are building it up block by block into a colorful and vibrant world ripe for sniping missions. Every building they make is a completely custom design, so the world feels original and non-replicated. Strychalski states, "Each building I want to build from the ground up as opposed to copy/paste it."   

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We also get a look at some early work on new parts of the
game which have never been seen before. In a meeting with Mode 7, Wright shows off a new gameplay mechanic involving charge pads, some new weapons like sticky grenades and bananas (yes, bananas),  and how you will be able to snipe targets from great distances across the map. – The Feed

New Trailer Shows Off All The Different Properties In The Final Fantasy XV Universe

Fans will be able to sink a lot of hours into the Final Fantasy XV universe, as Square Enix is releasing a mobile game, a movie, and an animated show based around the property. A new trailer, released today, serves as a reminder that there will be more media than just the core game.

Aside from the main Final Fantasy XV RPG, fans will be able to play the upcoming Justice Monsters Five, a pseudo-pinball game. There is also Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, a parallel story to Final Fantasy XV, which will fill in what's happening in the kingdom of Lucis while game protagonist Noctis is on his road trip. That road trip will also be featured in the animated series, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, which debuted in March and is a prequel to the events of the main game. Make sure to read our impressions of the series, thus far. 

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For more on Final Fantasy XV, make sure to check out our exclusive coverage from our May 2016 issue at the hub below. – The Feed

Lost footage shows Call of Duty game set in ancient Rome

Activision seem intent on firing the Call of Duty franchise into the far flung future, but the series almost went in the opposite direction thanks to Skylanders developer, Vicarious Visions. …

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New Headlander Gameplay Shows Tons Of Bodies You Can Attach Your Head To

One of our stand out indies of PAX East 2015, whacky platformer Headlander, got a new gameplay video so you can see exactly what robotic bodies you will be able to attach your disembodied floating head to.

In Headlander you play as an astronaut who can jump around to different bodies in order to solve puzzles and learn more about your forgotten past. It is being published by Adult Swim with developer Double Fine, you can check out the announcement trailer here, or the new gameplay trailer below.

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Headlander is coming to PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4 sometime in late July. For more you can check out our opinion on it when we took a closer look at its 70's sci-fi charm at PAX East. – The Feed

The Technomancer’s Launch Trailer Shows Off Giant Creatures

The Technomancer, an action/RPG set on Mars, arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 28. The intriguing narrative, branching skill trees, and specialized classes may be of interest to fans of the Mass Effect series.

The latest from developer Spiders Studio is much different from the fantasy setting of its previous work on Bound By Flame, but has a lot in common with the older Mars: War Logs. Players control Zachariah, a skilled warrior on a war-torn red planet. As a Technomancer, players make use of electricity to take down foes. We learn more about Zachariah's character in the trailer below, including details on his love life and mission to contact earth.

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We also get a good look at some of the enemy clans in this trailer, as well as the massive mutant creatures that can be discovered and fought. Mars appears to be a fleshed-out world with tons of secrets to uncover.

With a robust number of side quests, companions, a crafting system, and the promise of replay value, The Technomancer could be a surprise hit for RPG fans this summer. – The Feed

Xbox Shows Off Game Of Thrones-Themed Xbox One

Xbox France has revealed a Game Of Thrones Xbox One console in celebration of the sixth season's finale. The console isn't for sale, but Xbox France is giving away several via sweepstakes on its social media channels.

Microsoft is giving away three of the special edition consoles. The contest will be held on its Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, though it's unclear whether or not territory restrictions apply.

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It was recently revealed that Game Of Thrones' star Kit Harrington would be in the newest Call Of Duty, Infinite Warfare. Check here to read our interview with Harrington. 

[Source: Xbox France on YouTube] – The Feed

New God Of War Shows A Familiar, But Subdued Kratos

Sony opened its 2016 E3 press conference yesterday with no shortage of spectacle, leading in with a full orchestra – one that scored the entire evening – and revealing the newest entry in its long-running God Of War series. While the game, titled God Of War, stars a Kratos we've seen before, he's not as brash as the warrior we've come to know over the past 11 years.

Taking a Nordic influence this around, we see Kratos with his son, teaching him how to hunt on his own and brave the wilderness. While there is no shortage of violence and death – a staple of the series – we see Kratos exhibit, potentially for the first time in the series, restraint. When his son disobeys him, firing his bow at a deer before being given direction, Kratos' temper immediately flares, raising his voice, and yanking the bow from his son. But, he stops himself mid-sentence, lowering his voice, opting to be stern, rather than forceful. It's a stark contrast for a character who has become synonymous with brutality and gratuity.

Furthermore, the new God Of War looks to be taking a more intimate approach to its gameplay and design. The camera has been lowered to hang above Kratos' right shoulder, instead of the unmovable cinematic camera of previous games, and combat looks slower and more methodical, perhaps taking influence from games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

As of right now, we don't know too much about God Of War, but Sony did show off a fairly lengthy demo last night. You can also check out a few new screens in the gallery below. – The Feed