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Trailer Shows The New Content Of The New-Gen Guacamelee

As promised in March, Gucamelee is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U, and a new trailer shows off some of its added content.

Along with all the DLC made available for the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the game, the upcoming Super Turbo Championship Edition has a number of other additions. Players will ride boats and avoid lava in the new Canal of Flower area, and fight enemies and a new boss, Trio of Death. Players will also have access to the new destructive Intenso combat mode, there will be support for multiple save slots, and a there are a number of other small additions.

Unfortunately, there is still no release date for the game other than "soon". For our review of Guacamelee on PlayStation 3 and Vita, head here.

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Our Take
Guacamelee was on my top 10 list for 2013, and I am looking forward to an excuse to revisit the game. – The Feed

Latest Evolve Trailer Shows New Hunters, Map In Action

Yesterday, we brought you new information about Turtle Rock's upcoming shooter, Evolve. Today, we've got a trailer that shows the four newly announced characters in action.

Watch the video below to see The Dam level, as well as Bucket, Hyde, Maggie, and Lazarus. One of the things that makes Evolve interesting is how there are several different characters that can fulfill the roles within a the game's four classes. Now that we've seen the second round of these characters, we're able to see just how much variety Turtle Rock is providing with its roster.

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Evolve is set to release Oct. 21 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For more information on the game, be sure to visit our hub by clicking the banner below. It's filled with exclusive coverage, including video features and interviews with the developers. – The Feed

New Trailer Shows Gameplay From Left 4 Dead’s Japanese Arcade Port

We still don't know exactly how the game plays, or the structure of its cabinet, but a new trailer shows off how the gameplay will look.

Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot like Left 4 Dead. In fact, it looks exactly like Left 4 Dead, but with less accuracy, and what appears to be redisigned protagonists. Around the one-minute mark in the video (after the "Run and Shot" title card) there is a man in a plaid shirt that I don't recognize from Left 4 Dead, or is sequel.

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For more on Left 4 Dead: Survivors, Taito's Left 4 Dead port for Japanese arcades, head here.

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Our Take
I'm curious how the gameplay works, because it doesn't look like an on-rails light-gun shooter – which was my original assumption of the game's mechanics. Left 4 Dead is best enjoyed with people next to you, so I like the idea of it being set up in arcade situation. It seems like it could work very well. – The Feed

First Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire gameplay shows 3D legendaries

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have shared the first gameplay glimpse of Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, the upcoming “full remakes” of Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire. According to a screengrab from Pokemon website Serebii brief trailer (posted…
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One man developer Fenix Of Green Studios shows off projects at C2E2 2014



Mixed in among the comic book vendors, there sat Fenix Of Green Studios and its one man dev team. Haven’t heard of Fenix Of Green Studios? Neither had I, but this is what C2E2 is all about, especially for those whom we haven’t seen anything from yet. Show me your (soft)wares!

Ethan Dillon, the one man team himself, was there to take us through his projects that he has been working on for mobile devices. We were greeted with 3 tablets, each showing off retro-looking games that beckon the years of old school Atari and our love of arcade cabinets. He is currently working on three projects at the moment, Purger.exe, Angle Vox, and Pit Black. All three games feature retro graphics, an original soundtrack, and the hard work and sweat of one single guy.

Fenix Of Green's Ethan Dillon at C2E2

Fenix Of Green's Ethan Dillon at C2E2.

I was only able to play Angle Vox, a game where you control 3 different shapes (square, circle, triangle) in a series of platforming levels. But the twist is that each shape represents a certain play style. Therefore, playing as the square was more of a Super Mario style of play, whereas playing as the circle gives you more of a Sonic the Hedgehog feel to it. The levels are challenging, and the game works well on the mobile touchscreen.

Talking with Ethan, he said a lot of people were comparing his game Pit Black to Limbo, and watching fellow TVGB Editor Andrew Burrage play, it seemed like a reasonable comparison… it was like watching a creepy retro version of Limbo. I would definitely take that comparison as a compliment.

Ethan said he hopes to get the games out soon. Although, according to some recent posts on his twitter account @fenixofgreen, it appears that their first release will be Gigamites. This wasn’t on display at the booth, but this may have been something he was working on knowing it would hit the App Store soon.

For more info on Fenix Of Green Studios, head over to the official facebook page.

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Watch Dogs Season Pass Trailer Shows New Playable Character And Campaign

Watch Dogs' planned DLC will offer a hefty update to the game by adding a new playable character with their own campaign, and a number of other additions.

The season pass will be $ 19.99 and offer players a new single-player campaign, and the chance to play as T-Bone, who is a, "brilliant but eccentric hacker," with a southern accent and dreadlocks, and he likes to blow things up, because he's not a hippie.

The season pass also unlcocks new missions and outfits for Aiden, an exclusive untouchables pack which dresses Aiden up like a classic gangster, and the digital trip mode. Digital trip mode appears to give Aiden something similar to Google Glass that changes the way everything looks and puts Aiden on the hunt for cyborgs. Purchasing the season pass also gives owners the chance to start playing the DLC a week before everyone else.

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For more on Watch Dogs, check out our extended hands-on preview here, as well as a breakdown of the recent multiplayer trailer. Watch Dogs is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 27 and to Wii U sometime later this year.

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Japanese Trailer Shows Characters And Court Room For Upcoming Early History Phoenix Wright

The next Phoenix Wright is going back in time, taking place in Japan's Meiji era, and a new Japanese trailer shows what the game will look like.

A few details about the game were revealed last week, which you can read more about here. The game takes place some time between the years 1868 to 1912 and casts players in the role of one of Phoenix Wright's ancestors, Ryuunosuke Naruhodo. It was also revealed Series creator Shu Takumi is back on board to fully direct after serving more of a consulting role on Dual Destinies.

The trailer below is in Japanese, so it's difficult to glean many details without knowing the language. The game does not have a confirmed release for North America, or an English title as it is currently called Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Ryuunosuke
Naruhodou no Bouken.

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You can read our review of Dual Destinies here, or take a stroll down memory lane in our feature about the series' funniest characters.

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Our Take
I'm excited to see the series take this radical historical turn. Phoenix Wright has never offered a particularly realistic representation of the study of law, but there is some truth in its portrayal, and I am interested in seeing how law works in Japan's history. It will be a slightly educational experience. – The Feed

Chris Roberts Shows Star Citizen’s Dogfighting In Extensive Demo

Chris Roberts gave Star Citizen backers an extensive, early look at the game's dogfighting module, which should be coming within the next month. The event took place last night, on the eve of PAX East, but you can see the hour-long presentation now.

The clip below is Roberts' presentation in its entirety. It shows the game's impressive attention to detail, which begins in the virtual hanger and the animated sequence of entering a ship. Even the simple act of getting seated and putting on a helmet has a little extra pizzazz (one of the benefits of having such a large dev team). Once the bay's shutters are opened, you can see the ship-to-ship battles.

According to the in-game fiction, this dogfighting module is actually a simulation itself, called Arena Commander. Watch the video below to see it in action and to learn much more about the module. The top video is Roberts' entire gameplay presentation. The bottom video is a compilation of all of the gameplay showing during it.

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For more on Star Citizen, read our in-depth interview with Roberts. He talks about returning to game development, crowdfunding, and much more.

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Our Take
The crowd backed the game, so they're clearly invested in Star Citizen in several ways. Still, it's hard not to share their vocal enthusiasm when the player character gets settled into the detailed cockpit for the first time or locks onto an enemy target. The game looks fantastic, and it has to be satisfying for Roberts to be able to deliver some of the things he was aiming for with his Wing Commander series. – The Feed

New Trailer Shows Bound By Flame’s Combat In Action

The latest trailer for the upcoming previous- and current-gen fantasy action game, Bound by Flame, shows its combat in action.

You can check out the trailer below with shows combat from the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It has a bit of a Dark Souls flare to it, and previously the game's project manager, Walid Miled, did say the game's combat is intentionally difficult calling it, "no walk in the park." You'll see assorted weapons and combat stances in the video, as well as a little bit of stealth.

Bound by Flame is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on May 8. For more on the game, check out its original announcement here, as well as more details and its previous trailer here.

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Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty gameplay video shows Abe’s return Oddysee

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssey for the original PlayStation is getting a fresh coat of paint – and new window curtains, and fresh carpet, and a redone kitchen, and okay we’re gonna stop here. Point is, it’s getting a serious overhaul with the upcoming…
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