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New Infamous: Second Son Trailer Shows Off Neon Powers

Infamous: Second Son’s release is just around the corner, and Sucker Punch has a new trailer that shows off one of antihero Delsin’s superhuman powers

Delsin’s neon ability is a ranged attack, one that creates some pretty amazing particle effects. You’ll also see his smoke ability, which allows him to attack foes seemingly out of thin air. The developers also talk a bit about the game’s morality system and how your choices affect the story and gameplay experience.

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Monolith Soft Shows Off Combat From Untitled Wii U RPG

The game we’ve come to know as “X” was featured in today’s Nintendo Direct, but interestingly left its single-letter moniker behind. In its place though, we see combat reminiscent of Xenoblade Chronicles.

The same MMO flare that fans loved in Monolith Soft’s Wii title looks to be making a return. You’ll see in the clip the player character moving freely between on-foot and mech-based combat. Enemies range in size, and some can be fairly large.

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Monolith Soft’s title does not have a release window, nor does it yet have English voice overs. It might be a while before we get our hands on this nameless (but very intriguing) RPG. – The Feed

World Of Speed Reveal Trailer Shows Racing Across The Globe

Slightly Mad Studios knows its way around the track. The latest game from the Need for Speed: Shift developers is an ambitious PC MMO racing game appropriately called World of Speed. The studio has released a trailer for the game and a batch of screens showing its impressive attention to detail.

“At the heart of World of Speed lies a unique massive multiplayer online experience, which incorporates dynamic social elements and entirely new ways to compete in a racing video game – from an individual to a team level,” says Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad Studios. “World of Speed is an online game and will be continuously supported with innovative and fresh content to keep the competition furious well after its launch.”

As you can see from the trailer and screens, players will tear up the street in areas as varied as London, San Francisco, and Moscow.

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The game, which is being published by, will be free to play when it arrives this spring. – The Feed

Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Trailer Shows Tournament Mode And More Mecha Naruto

The latest trailer shows in video what was shown in screenshot form last week. Tournament mode pits one player against three others, and we also get to see more Mecha Naruto in action.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, which has about twice as many words as the average video game title, will be releasing this year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

To see the game's first trailer, head here.  For more screenshots from the game, head here and here. To see Tournament in action, as well as more footage of Mecha Naruto, check out the trailer below.

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New Kinect Sports Rivals Video Shows Off The Environment

Kinect Sports Rivals, the former Xbox One launch title, is coming soon, and a new video shows off the game's environments.

All of the sports games take place on a single island, and as the weather changes and day turns to night, it will affect aspects of the game. High winds, for example, can knock rock wall climbers from high heights (presumably to their deaths, although the video does not specify) and into the waters below.

Microsoft and developer Rare don't have an exact release date for the game, but is should be arriving this Spring.

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Velocity 2X Trailer Shows New On-Foot Segments

For a game in alpha, Velocity 2X sure does look good. The sequel to Velocity Ultra seems to be shaping up nicely for PS Vita and PlayStation 4, featuring a slick and fluid art style in addition to new on-foot shooting and platforming segments.

If it is anything like the first game, it should make for a great time for fans of scrolling shooters. In a recent PlayStation Blog post, developer FutureLab discussed how the game is exceeding its original visual benchmarks, with the PS Vita version of the game standing toe to toe visually with the PS4 version. You can read more about the process of crafting the game's visuals here.

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Velocity 2X currently doesn’t have a release date. If you're interested in checking out more from FutureLab, the studio released a new Vita title this week called Surge Deluxe. – The Feed

The Wolf Among Us Vine Clip Shows A Horrified Bigby Wolf

We're not sure what Mr. Wolf is looking at in this seven second Vine clip from the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, but he doesn't seem happy about it.

Despite being a story with its roots in childhood fairy tales, The Wolf Among us is a gruesome murder mystery. The first episode set up a dreary world of violence and if this clip is any indication, it's not going to get any more wholesome in the second episode.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smoke & Mirrors is only a few days away. You can find the release dates for its assorted platforms here.

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From Software Shows Off Fan-Made Dark Souls II Shields

In a batch of new Dark Souls II screenshots, From Software is showing off two of the six fan-made shields that were a part of this year's "Shield Design Contest" held on Facebook. Although From Software opted to not use the shield names submitted by the creators, it is cool to see that each shield is woven into Dark Souls II's fiction.

Both of these shields were designed by Gabriel Verdon. The first carried the name "Great Shield of the Raven Goddess" in the contest, but will be known as the "Rebel's Greatshield" in the game. From Software says that it's the "shield of the rebel Raime. Raime and Velstadt were known as the left and right-arms of the king, until their wills clashed, and Raime was deemed a traitor."

Verdon's second creation, the "Guardian Shield," will be known as the "Wicked Eye Greatshield" in game. From Software details it as "a greatshield with an unsettling design. Covered in the prints of countless hands, the true origin of this shield is unknown. No amount of polishing can clear its face of the mysterious hand prints."

Dark Souls II's release date is right around the corner, hitting on March 11 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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South Park behind-the-scenes shows importance of ‘authentic crappiness’

A new behind-the-scenes video for South Park: The Stick of Truth has revealed just how the game came to land in the hands of developers Obsidian, as well as some … enlightening information on the importance of the game’s aesthetic and farts. …
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New Smash Bros. screen shows changes to edge-grab system

Ledges are important in the Super Smash Bros. series. Falling off of them? Bad. Grabbing onto them? Could save your life. Trying to grab one while your opponent hogs it in their invincibility state so you fall to your death? Infuriating. Thankfully, …
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