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Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist web series sequel in the works

Live-action web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist exhausted the entirety of its first routine on May 23, but Street Fighter fans know how these things go: Round two, fight! Polygon reports that Assassin’s Fist’s production team will be handling…
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NIS America’s new imports include Guided Fate Paradox sequel

Localization specialist NIS America announced three new games for North America and Europe over the weekend, kicking off with The Firefly Diary this fall on Vita. Nippon Ichi’s puzzle-platformer will be followed in 2015 by Guided Fate Paradox sequel…
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Afro Samurai sequel announced for consoles and PC

The Banner Saga publisher Versus Evil revealed that it is publishing a follow-up to Namco Bandai’s 2007 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action game Afro Samurai for next-gen consoles and PC platforms.

Afro Samurai’s sequel is developed by Redacted…
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Wolfenstein: The New Order developer discusses potential sequel

Though a follow-up has not yet been officially announced, Machine Games is already plotting a sequel to its alternate-history FPS Wolfenstein: The New Order, creative director Jens Matthies told Giant Bomb this week.

“We would love to do a sequel,”…
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory sequel coming to PS4

A new entry in Compile Heart and NIS America’s game industry-parodying JRPG series is coming to the PlayStation 4, Gematsu reports.

Hyperdimension Neptunia VII — that’s “Vee Two” — is a direct follow-up to last year’s Hyperdimension Neptunia…
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Rumor: Borderlands sequel called ‘The Pre-Sequel!’

Borderlands is going to the moon, baby! It appears a leak on GamePointsNow has the next game in the cooperative shooter franchise pegged as Borderlands: The Pre-sequel! (exclamation!). So, you know, Gearbox studio head Randy Pitchford wasn’t…
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Minicore heeding feedback for The Sun at Night sequel The Sky Below

Minicore Studios is roughly 30 percent of the way through The Sky Below, a sequel to The Sun at Night and the second installment in The Stray series. The Sky Below again stars Laika, the robot space dog with a big (and probably mechanical) heart, and…
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Ecko Unltd. Says Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Sequel Is In The Works

According to a tweet from the official Ecko Ultd. clothing twitter account, a sequel to Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is currently in the works.

Released in 2006, Marc Ecko's Getting Up cast players as a graffiti artist named Trane as he tags the city of New Radius and outruns the city's opprssive police force. The game was made in partnership with the Ecko Unltd. lifestyle and clothing brand.

The tweet above was sent out when a fan tweeted, "Marc Ecko's Getting Up 2 #GamesThatNeedToExist." Late last year, Devolver Digital brought the game over to Steam. We reviewed the game in 2006 giving it a 7.25.

[Source: @EckoUnltd]


Our Take
Infamous Second Son inspired a conversation about this game in the office recently. In Infamous, Delsin is a graffiti artist, much like Trane. Devolver Digital's re-publishing of the first game last year certainly points to something being in the works. Getting Up was not a particularly memorable game, but it had some interesting ideas, so I'm curious to see what's next for the series. – The Feed

Expect anything but math in zany PC sequel Frog Fractions 2

Among our Best of the Rest picks for 2012 was a small, free Flash-based game called Frog Fractions. Now, the game’s sequel is seeking $ 60,000 on Kickstarter to bring more unexpected fun to players.

Developed by Jim Crawford (under the guise of the…
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Canceled Diddy Kong Racing sequel details emerge

Diddy Kong Racing, developer Rare’s take on the kart, hovercraft and airplane-racing genre, is fondly remembered by many Nintendo 64 fans. Unfortunately the game’s canceled successor, Donkey Kong Racing, never had a chance at earning the same sort of…
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