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Bethesda announces resurrection of long-delayed sequel to Prey

Bethesda announces long-delayed sequel to Prey, previously in development at Human Head studios, now in the hands of Arkane Studios. …

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Report: The Talos Principle Sequel Has Been Confirmed

Last year, Serious Sam developer Croteam took its experience with first-person games in a different direction. The result was The Talos Principle, a philosophical puzzle game that was received well by critics and the public.

Speaking at the Nordic Games Conference today, the studio has apparently confirmed it is working on a sequel. The news came via a tweet from Damir Durović, managing director of Reboot Mag, who was in the audience.

No specific details have been revealed, including timing. We’ve reached out to Devolver Digital, which got back to us immediately. “Ask them where Serious Sam 4 is,” the company told us.

There’s a backstory here. In the months leading up to E3 2014, Devolver (which has a long, fruitful relationship with Croteam), was under the impression that the studio was working on Serious Sam 4. The team dripped assets to Devolver, starting with screenshots and a flythrough gif.

Devolver was starting to get worried, though. There were no renders for Sam, enemies, or even guns. 

Just a couple of months before E3, Croteam uploaded a playable build. It wasn’t Serious Sam 4, though. It was The Talos Principle, and Devolver was happy just the same. While that humorous official comment doesn’t really tell us much, it gave us an opportunity to explore the relationship between the two parties and tell this story. The takeaway? Croteam could be working on The Talos Principle 2, and Devolver is so hands off with its longtime partner that the surprise might not just be for fans.

Haven't played The Talos Principle? Check out our review to learn more.

[Source: Damir Durović on Twitter via Twinfinite]


Our Take
The Talos Principle features some challenging puzzles, and while the comparisons to Portal are fair, the two games are wildly different. The Talos Principle features a heavier tone with strong philosophical leanings, creating an entirely different feel. All of that is to say that it’s worth checking out, and more just like it would be welcome. – The Feed

[Update] EA Signs Coldwood For Unravel Sequel

Update: EA has confirmed that Coldwood is working on a sequel to Unravel.

Original Story:

At EA’s Investor Day this morning, the publisher announced that it is continuing its investment in smaller projects. To that end, it is extending its deal with Unravel developer Coldwood.

Details on the next game haven’t yet been announced, but EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund references the way gamers have attached to Unravel’s Yarny both in and out of the game. “At EA, we love working with creative and passionate development teams, in our own studios and our partners,” Söderlund writes. “Which is why I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve signed a new agreement with Coldwood to work with them on their next project.”

For more on Unravel, check out our review.

[Source: EA]


Our Take
EA continues to discuss Unravel as a “very un-EA game.” Söderlund told us at E3 2015 (right after Unravel was announced), that this is a new direction for the publisher. We’re interested to see how, a year later, EA ramps up its efforts with smaller titles at E3. – The Feed

“Know Your Enemy” Trailer Teases Call Of Duty Sequel

The past few days have seen many leaks for a new Call of Duty game unofficially as of yet titled Infinite Warfare. Now, an official trailer has emerged from Activision, titled only as "Know Your Enemy" and seems to be teasing the upcoming instalment.

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The short, cryptic teaser shows a man saying "We will rip you from the history books," and "The whole world will bear witness to this: our ascension."

The video also appeared in Black Ops III's Nuk3town 24/7 map, along with other hidden messages. The video was discovered by @Prestigeiskey on Twitter:

For more on rumors and information surfacing about the new Call of Duty entry, check out this poster advertising Infinite Warfare's alleged release date with a possible Modern Warfare remaster.


Our Take
There's been several leaks these past few days, and this trailer only makes the past rumors more plausible. While this teaser remains short and cryptic, it nonetheless highly suggests that Activision is preparing for the big reveal. – The Feed

Why we went for a sequel, even if the original was not a hit

“Our findings confirm that there is enough players for high-quality card-battler games that f2p business model for our game would make sense. CCG space is not (yet) filled up with games that sound and taste similar to each other.” …

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Rumor: Alleged Evidence Of Knack Sequel Emerges

Information has allegedly emerged that a sequel to Knack is, or was at one point, in development. According to NeoGAF poster qualitydisc, an animator named Mindy Liang had the game credited on her LinkedIn resume and provided a screenshot of that credit:

The credit is not currently listed on Liang's LinkedIn page. According to qualitydisc, it was deleted. It's worth noting that the company Liang's profile says she works for, XPEC Entertainment, has contributed to Final Fantasy XV's development. Back in February 2015 XPEC revealed that the company was working on "the latter half of the game design" for the game and that the nature of the work had to be kept confidential.

Due to LinkedIn's locking down of caching, we cannot verify that the profile had the Knack II credit on there. We've reached out to Sony for comment on this and will update accordingly if they get back to us.

[Source: NeoGAF]


Our Take
A sequel to Knack, if there is one in the works, might initially seem like an odd choice given the game received a lukewarm critical reception. However, Knack is still associated pretty strongly with the PlayStation 4 given that it was a launch title for the console and was directed by Mark Cerny.

In addition to leading development on the game, he was lead architect for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It wouldn't be that strange to see Sony turning the game into a series as a way to improve its reputation while also trying to catch the attention of a younger audience again with a colorful platformer. – The Feed

‘Large New’ Destiny Expansion In 2016, Full Sequel In 2017

Destiny fans have some more information about their favorite game today. Activision has shared some loose details about what’s coming, including a true add-on slated for this year.

According to the company’s earnings statement, Bungie might be reversing course on its move away from major DLC. The press release for the full calendar year 2015 also indicates that the next game in the series won’t be coming this calendar year.

“Activision Publishing, along with its partners at Bungie, expects to bring a large new expansion to Destiny in 2016 and to release a full game sequel in 2017,” the release says.

Depending on when in 2017 Bungie will release the game, that “large new expansion” might be along the lines of House of Wolves or could be closer to the lauded The Taken King. We’ll update should more information be revealed on the earnings call.

[Source: Activision]


Our Take
Destiny now has more than 25 million users. This isn’t a one-to-one correlation with sales, as multiple users in a home or via trade-in or rental can be attached to a single copy. If Bungie and Activision want to hold onto those players, they’ll need to step things up beyond Crimson Days and Sparrow Racing. – The Feed

Gravity Rush Remastered Reminds Us Why The Sequel Has Great Potential

Gravity Rush, the Vita launch title about a gravity-manipulating amnesiac, is made its way to PlayStation 4 today with a new coat of paint. Along with taking a look at the upgraded version of game, we also discuss the game's minor legacy.

Gravity Rush was a Vita launch title, and at least until now, a true exclusive for the handheld. It was later given away for free as part of PlayStation Plus. The protagonist, Kat, was included in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a downloadable character. Sony clearly had high hopes for the game and its fiction, but it didn't garner much passion. Most who played walked away lukewarm, neither loving or hating the game.

I'm a bigger fan than most (along with former GI editor Dan Ryckert), which I outline in the video below. I love the gravity-manipulating mechanic and I see it as a well-executed base for what I hope will be a good sequel.

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If you're just here to see how Gravity Rush Remastered looks on PlayStation 4, you will find video that's strictly gameplay below.

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For more Test Chamber, click the banner below, or check out our hub. – The Feed

Fan-Made, Valve-Approved Sequel To Half-Life: Opposing Force Will Be Sold On Steam

Valve left a lot of dangling threads back when they went mum on the Half-life's development after Half-Life 2: Episode Two. One of those threads concerns the fate of the protagonist from Gearbox Software's first expansion pack for Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force. There might finally be an answer to that…kinda, sort of?

Prospekt is a mod that functions as as sequel to Opposing Force, letting you play as Adrian Shepard, the soldier you played in Opposing Force, during the events of Half-Life 2. These sorts of things are not usually a big deal. Mods are everywhere, mod-sequels have been churned out for ages, especially for Half-Life. Except that the key difference here is this one has received  "official Valve approval for Half-life 2 license and assets" and will go on sale on Steam for $ 9.99 sometime next month.

According to the developer, Richard Seabrook, the game will be comparable to the length of Half-Life 2: Episode One and will have "13 new levels featuring fully-scripted puzzles and action sequences, all carefully integrated into the Half-Life 2 story."

Here's a trailer for the mod:

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Our Take
Half-life is probably my favorite game of all time so this is just absolutely fascinating to me. Just what does Valve's blessing ultimately mean.  Does that make everything that happens in this mod canon or not? What the heck is going on!? – The Feed

Marvel Shakes Up Phase 3 Film Plans, Announces Ant-Man Sequel

With the release of this summer's Ant-Man, Marvel wrapped up Phase 2 of its cinematic offerings. However, the diminutive hero's box office success ($ 410 million, globally) has warranted an encore, shaking up Marvel's cinematic roadmap in the process.

As Ant-Man’s ending message stated, Scott Lang will indeed return – only this time, Wasp is in tow. The film’s sequel, Ant-Man and The Wasp, is in the works, and is scheduled to premier on July 6, 2018. Due to the new Ant-Man movie, two Phase 3 films have shifted release dates. Black Panther moves from its original July 6, 2018 release to an earlier February 16, 2018. Conversely, Captain Marvel, once scheduled for November 2, 2018, now premieres the following year, March 8, 2019.

Release plans for the remaining Phase 3 films seem unaffected for now. Marvel also revealed three unannounced projects slated for the following dates: May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020, and November 6, 2020.

[Source: Marvel] – The Feed