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Final Fantasy Type-0 Teases Sequel With Fiery Secret Video

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD comes out tomorrow, but due to some copies breaking street date, the secret movie has already been uploaded to YouTube by user Khaled Rizk. While the unlock conditions for the secret movie remain unknown, if you don't mind spoiling the video you can look at the trailer below which features a dying samurai being revived by some kind of spirit or demon.

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It is likely that this trailer is teasing a future entry in the Type series as trademarks have been filed for Type-1, Type-2, and Type-3 which, like the main series, is envisioned to offer stand-alone tales. It is interesting to note that the face of the character, his voice, and sole line of dialog is shared by Ace in Type-0 so it remains unknown how this video ties into Type-0 beyond that. You can check out our review for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD here.

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Our Take
I’m excited to check out Final Fantasy Type-0 tomorrow despite there being a wide range of opinions on its quality. Should it prove enjoyable, I’m certainly excited to check out a Final Fantasy influenced by Japanese supernatural mythology. Considering director Hajime Tabata is focused on Final Fantasy XV, I’m not expecting anything from this teaser for the next few years. – The Feed

Inti Creates Announces Azure Striker Gunvolt Sequel For 3DS

Azure Striker Gunvolt, the Mega Man-inspired 3DS platformer from the studio behind Mega Man Zero, is getting a sequel.

Inti Creates hasn't offered any details about the sequel, and its website is currently down making it even more difficult to learn any new details on Gunvolt's new adventure, but it is coming, and it will be for 3DS. Inti Creates has another announcement planned for today, but technical issues are delaying it slightly.

For our review of Azure Striker Gunvolt, head here.

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District 9 Director’s Alien Film Will Be A Sequel To Aliens

Neill Blomkamp teased and then officially announced his intentions to make a new Alien movie, and some new details about the plans for movie have surfaced.

In the video below from Sky Movies, Sigourney Weaver confirms her involvement in the project (she was part of the cast of Blomkamp's new film Chappie), and Blomkamp shares his intentions to ignore Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. "I want this film to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens," says Blomkamp. Not much else is known about Blomkamp's Alien regarding release date or additional cast members, but the director did confirm it is next project following Chappie, which releases March 6.

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The Alien franchise is hugely influential on modern video games even if recent video game adaptations of the Alien franchise have been hit and miss.

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Where’s My Sequel? – Binary Domain

Binary Domain is – in my opinion – secretly one of the best
third-person shooters from the last generation.

Unfortunately, the game was dragged through the mud thanks to
its focus on voice commands, which was a contributing factor to Game Informer's review. When Binary Domain launched and the voice commands
didn’t work, the failure of a relatively superficial system stole the thunder of its unique conversation mechanics, solid gameplay, and
excellent story.

What It Is:

Binary Domain is a handful of things that don’t seem like
they’d fit together on the surface. Its combat and some of its characters
resemble Gears of War’s brand of squad-based cover-shooting, complete with most
of the mechanical polish you’d expect from one of Epic’s shooters.

It feels good to unload on the robotic enemies, and the
ability to dismantle them with your gunfire is one of its best design choices.
It’s endlessly satisfying to blow up a scrap-head’s leg and watch it crawl
around like a Terminator, or shoot off a head and watch it turn on other robots.
A handful of massive bosses present excellent opportunities to explore the
well-crafted environments and toy with destruction.

Just below the surface is a slightly pared-down version of everything
you’d expect from a last-generation BioWare game. You upgrade main character
Dan Marshall and the rest of the party along with their weapons and skills,
respond to dialogue as you move through the world, and even decide how the
party splits up.

Topping off the excellent gameplay is one of my favorite
science-fiction video game stories of all time. Binary Domain is set in a
future where mass flooding of the planet forces the human race to turn to robotic
help to rebuild and survive. After it’s discovered that someone is violating
international law to create robots that look indistinguishable from humans, a
group of soldiers known as a Rust Crew is tasked with tracking down the man
believed to be responsible.

The story eventually unravels into a satisfying blend of
Metal Gear Solid-level craziness, thoughtful reflection on the technological
future of the human race, and a dash of Japan’s always wonderful take on American
action-hero bravado. The cast of characters steal the show though. The Rust
Crew is more than just cookie-cutter military filler; they feel like real
people, and that makes getting to know them a treat.

The one downfall of Binary Domain is that the voice commands
just don’t work. Fortunately, voice commands can, and should, be turned off in
favor of more traditional inputs.

When It Stopped:

Developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studios, the team behind the Yakuza
games, Binary Domain released in the spring of 2012. The biggest problem with the end
of development for Binary Domain is the same problem that occurs in other
multi-project studios: People leave when the project is over.

Following the release of Binary Domain, director Daisuke
Sato was bumped down to the role of an environmental artist for Yakuza: Dead
Souls. He now works for Konami as an environmental artist for the Metal Gear
Sold series. Losing the director was bad enough, but other key players have
also left.

Lead Designer Hiroyuki Sakamoto hasn’t been credited for
working on anything since Binary Domain, and producer Jun Yoshino now works for
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Toshihiro Nagoshi, credited as a producer
on most of the studio’s prior work, took over as Sega’s chief creative officer
shortly after the game shipped, and has worked sparingly on new projects since.

What Comes Next:

Sega recently
announced more restructuring plans
to move away from the console space,
where games like Binary Domain tend to perform better. The best thing that
could happen to the franchise would be its inclusion in a sale of assets as a
part of current or future changes. Sega clearly wasn’t sure of the game’s
strengths anyways, so it’s probably better off in the hands of someone else.

Abandoning the first game’s multiplayer and voice
recognition is the next step. The voice recognition was a cool idea, but Ryu ga
Gotoku Studios proved incapable of implementing it. I would gladly welcome it
back if it worked, but even the new Kinect struggles with voice commands on
Xbox One. Getting rid of the voice commands would allow the main character to
speak their responses to the rest of the team, and the dialogue options to
expand into something similar to what BioWare offers.

The multiplayer featured far less potential, however, and
there’s no real reason to keep it around. The last thing the shooter genre
needs are more of the uninspired deathmatch and survival modes that were tacked
onto Binary Domain. Shifting some of that manpower to the good portions of the
game, or to story-based co-op could really flesh out an already interesting

If a new game in the series got picked up, the team
developing it would have to decide where to take the story next without ruining
the excellent foundation of the first. Binary Domain didn’t end on a cliff-hanger,
but there’s room to keep going. A post-credit sequence shows main characters
Dan and Faye on the run, so there would be room to expand on the exploits of
the original Rust Crew following the events of the first game.

A better option might be to pick up a different Rust Crew
with new faces. It would avoid trampling what the previous game set up, but
would also be more difficult. If they got new characters right, though, there’s
plenty of room for a tale that runs parallel to the disappearance of the
original crew; or even one that has players hopping about the globe in search
of them.

I’m not kidding when I say I’d put Binary Domain in my top
10 list of last-generation games in a heartbeat. There’s so much potential left
in the world Ryu ga Gotoku Studios crafted, and it seems like a shame to leave
it to die. – The Feed

Rock Band survey hints at modern console sequel

Following the recent release of the series’ first new DLC in nearly two years, it appears that Harmonix might be gearing up for a new entry in its Rock Band series, if an online survey is anything to go by.

“Hello friends! You should fill out this i…
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District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp Shows Off Art From Abandoned Alien Sequel

Last night, the world learned that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was involved in film project in the Alien universe. We didn’t hear this via press release or an exclusive story in a trade publication. No, Blomkamp shared these himself, which doesn’t bode well for the project.

“Was working on this,” he writes. “Don't think I am anymore. Love it though.” The message includes a link to an Instagram gallery featuring a number of images, including Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley and Michael Biehn’s Corporal Dwayne Hicks (with some nasty scars).

Not much information is available, of course, but it looks like Blomkamp’s take on the Alien-verse would have introduced some changes to the Xenomorph. One of the images shows a change in the Facehuggers and their eggs. 

There’s also a look at Ripley’s face as part of a Xenomorph. She’s been cloned before (see: Alien: Resurrection), and this might be another replica of the original, deceased Ellen Ripley (though the presence of Hicks suggests it would have been slotted after Aliens).

Unfortunately, we may never know what Blomkamp was planning for his take on the franchise. For now, we do have some exciting images that set our minds spinning about the possibilities. 

[Source: Neil Blomkamp on Twitter, Instagram] – The Feed

Bravely Default sequel lights up Japan in April 2015

Bravely Second is flying fairly to Japan on April 23, 2015, though there still isn’t word on a Western release. The Bravely Default sequel was due on Japan’s retail shelves this winter, but perhaps the publisher thought releasing it prematurely was u…
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Destiny progress will carry over to sequel, Bungie says

Player progress in Destiny will transfer to the sequel, Bungie Community Manager David Dague confirmed to IGN. Bungie has 10 years to fulfill its promises for the Destiny franchise, and it’s laying out some of the groundwork now.

“It’s been no secre…
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German fantasy epic Blackguards spawns sequel in January

Developer Daedalic Entertainment will return to the dark fantasy world of German pen and paper hit The Dark Eye for a sequel to 2013′s Blackguards to be released on January 20, 2015.

Fans of the first game will be pleased to hear that several Blackg…
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Don’t expect a Blood Dragon sequel from Ubisoft

Despite its status as a critic and fan-favorite, Ubisoft has no plans to develop a follow up to the first-person spoof of 1980s-era action films known as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Ubisoft Montreal creative director Alex Hutchinson broke the sad news…
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