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Get a job: Vrse seeks a Unity Developer

If you’re “passionate about revolutionizing storytelling through virtual reality,” then this job as a Unity engineer at LA-based startup Vrse might be for you. …

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Get a job: Zindagi Games seeks a Technical Artist

Want to work on 3D mobile games? Southern California-based Zindagi Games is seeking a Maya conversant artist to work on animation and rigging of characters. …

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Get a job: Insomniac seeks a gameplay programmer

The company behind Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive is looking for a coder for its North Carolina studio — to work on a virtual reality project. …

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Get a job: CrowdStar seeks a Unity Developer

The successful, Bay Area-based Covet Fashion studio is seeking experienced Unity programmers to work on a the company’s “newest unannounced mobile project.” …

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Get a job: DrinkBox Studios seeks a 2D Animator

The studio behind Guacamelee and the upcoming Severed is seeking a 2D animator in its Toronto, Canada-based studio. …

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Get a job: Blizzard seeks a new Diablo Art Director

Blizzard is hiring someone with significant art chops and leadership experience to serve as an Art Director on the Diablo franchise alongside the team in the company’s Irvine, CA headquarters. …

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Get a job: Sega Networks seeks a 3D Game Artist

Sega studio Three Rings Design is hiring artists to work on both in-production and new mobile games alongside the team at its Madison, Wisconsin headquarters. …

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Get a job: Hi-Rez Studios seeks a Character Rigger

The studio responsible for Smite and Tribes: Ascend needs an experienced rigger to work with the modeling and animation teams at Hi-Rez Studios’ Alpharetta, Georgia headquarters. …

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Get a job: Blizzard seeks an Art Manager for World of Warcraft

Got some artistic skills and leadership experience? Blizzard is looking for someone like you to be an Art Manager on World of Warcraft alongside the team in the company’s Irvine, CA headquarters. …

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Disgaea 5 Seeks Vengeance This October On PlayStation 4

NIS America has marked the date for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. The first PlayStation 4 entry for the series arrives this October.

The strategy RPG will team hero Killia up with other Overlords to depose the new demon emperor, Void Dark. NIS suggest that the campaign includes approximately 45 hours of play, but the series is known for its expansive side content.

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NIS has also announced a launch day edition that includes reversible cover art, an art book, and the soundtrack. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will be out on October 6. – The Feed