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Report: Sony Plans To Enter Chinese Market With PlayStation 4 This Year

A new report indicates that Sony is preparing to join Microsoft in the Chinese market. The company could ship up to 200,000 PlayStation 4 consoles into the China Pilot Free Trade Zone annually, beginning this December.

Bloomberg reports on a filing, since confirmed to that publication by Sony. Though according to the Sony spokesperson as reported by Bloomberg, the 200,000 unit number is not fixed and could vary.

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in China on September 29, reportedly reaching 100,000 units sold in the first day. Microsoft and its local partner, BesTV, are said to be targeting 1 million units sold in the first twelve months.

We’ve reached out to Sony for more specifics on its plans to enter the Chinese market. We’ll update should we receive a response.

[Source: Bloomberg]


Our Take
Now that the console ban has been lifted in China, this is the right move for Sony. The company is suffering financially, with gaming as one of the few bright spots. There have been over 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold worldwide, and breaching the most populated country in the world opens up an even larger, untapped audience. – The Feed

Report: Sony to ship 200K PS4s to China by December

Sony plans on bringing 200,000 PS4 systems to China by December, Bloomberg reports. The number comes from a filing on the Chinese (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone website, which reportedly notes that Sony intends on shipping that many consoles to the…
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Report: Cyan Worlds’ Myst To Make The Jump To Television

Cyan Worlds’ Myst series stands out as a seminal point-and-click franchise. Myst’s mysterious worlds are tied together through books that transport the reader to different locations.

Deadline reports that Legendary TV has signed a deal with Cyan Worlds to create a television show based on the franchise, which was introduced in 1993. The Myst games allowed players to explore, solve puzzles, and uncover the story at their own pace.

Deadline’s report also suggests that there will be a tablet app tie-in with the series, though it’s not clear if that will be a game or a second-screen experience.

Reports of a Myst movie emerged in 2010, though that project never materialized. That film was based on a trilogy of books based on the games.  

[Source: Deadline]


Our Take
Myst isn’t the first place I’d expect a television company to look for an adaptation, but it does have potential. The titles have a mysterious quality that is engaging, while not being so strictly defined as to limit what could be done on the small screen. – The Feed

Report: Microsoft Sells 100,000 Chinese Xbox One Units In First Day

Microsoft seems off to a strong start in the Chinese market. The company’s partnership with BesTV has reportedly yielded early success.

According to Chinese news site 17173 (and translated by Kotaku), Shanghai Media Group (BesTV’s parent company) has revealed that more than 100,000 units were sold to customers in the first 24 hours. Microsoft and BesTV are targeting sales over 1 million in the first twelve months.

Xbox One was released in China on September 29, with Microsoft entering the market after a twelve-year ban on foreign consoles. The ban, which was originally instituted to protect children from alleged bad effects of video gaming, was lifted in January 2014. 

[Source: 17173 via Kotaku]


Our Take
With the Japanese gaming market transitioning in significant numbers to mobile, home consoles need a boost in Asia. This new market opens up a new, largely untapped market for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo that could make significant difference to all three companies. In turn, this could open up new software opportunities exported from China. – The Feed

Report: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round sees 2 new fighters

On top of its upgraded and expanded content, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will feature two new fighters, one female and one male, Siliconera reports. The lady fighter is new to the Dead or Alive franchise, while Koei Tecmo hasn’t clarified whether the…
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Report: Tencent trumps EA, Sony and Apple in terms of game revenue

A new market research report further reinforces the notion that free-to-play and mobile game firms are competing with (and, at least in Tencent’s case, eclipsing) traditional AAA game companies. …

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Report: Smash Bros. glitch is MASSIVE

A glitch in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, which is currently available in Japan, sees Yoshi go through quite the growth spurt. If you’ve ever had fantasies of Godzilla in a Yoshi suit, prepare for them to potentially come true in…
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Report: Destiny bug leaks expansion mission names, descriptions early

Missions, strikes and raids, oh my! A bug in Destiny has reportedly leaked the names and locations of several pieces of content set to arrive with the expansions for Bungie’s sci-fi shooter, the first of which is due in December. According to a…
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Report: America favors gaming consoles for media streaming

Game consoles aren’t really game consoles anymore. Sure they play games, but they’re also capable of plenty of non-gaming activities. In today’s age, we have an abundance of apps and features installed on our consoles that make watching our favorite…
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Report: Lords of the Fallen PS4 is 1080p, Xbox One is 900p

The only difference between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Lords of the Fallen is in the resolution: Xbox One is 900p, while PS4 is 1080p, City Interactive Executive Producer Tomasz Gop tells VideoGamer.

“Probably the resolution [on Xbox One] is…
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