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Report: Guns no longer okay in Apple App Store screenshots

Even if your game is perfectly okay to sell on the store, a policy change suggests it’ll get rejected if you try to include pictures of firearms in your App Store screens — until you change them. …

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Report: Layoffs strike EA Montreal

Electronic Arts confirms layoffs at its EA Montreal division this week, and a source close to those affected suggests this may mark the closure of the Montreal branch of EA Mobile. …

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Report: Ouya gets $10 million investment from Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba invested $ 10 million into microconsole maker Ouya last month, The Wall Street Journal reported. The two companies have seemingly agreed to bring Ouya’s software and game library to Alibaba’s set-top box. Ouya announ…
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Expect global game industry revenue to stabilize in years ahead – report

At the start of 2014 we forecast $ 100B games revenue by 2017. Other analysts followed with similar forecasts throughout the year. We were wrong. …

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Report: Blizzard sends statue to 10-year WoW veterans

We know you play World of Warcraft. It’s okay, millions of people do. But have you been touring the world of Azeroth since the beginning? If so, you might be in for a treat from Blizzard, according to posts on the MMO Champion and forums.

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Report: DRM not to blame for Far Cry 4 woes, says Microsoft

Following a sudden Xbox One Marketplace delisting that coincides with reports that some players could no longer play their legitimate digital copies of Far Cry 4, Microsoft has issued assurances that these woes were not the result of draconian Xbox O…
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Report: Steam Controller design finalized, more at GDC

After a number of revisions since its inception, the design of the Steam Controller has reportedly been finalized and will be introduced during March’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski discussed the officia…
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Report: Xbox avatars to get a facelift on Xbox One

Xbox avatars may soon return in an upgraded form on the Xbox One, PC platforms, and mobile devices, a pair of recent Microsoft job postings indicate.

“As we cross the threshold to a unified operating system and product experience across Microsoft, i…
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Report: Ninja Theory’s Hellblade coming to PC as well as PS4

It may still be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 in the land of the consoles, but Ninja Theory’s upcoming action game Hellblade will also find a home on PC.

“I think PC offers us a level of freedom that we haven’t had before,” Ninja Theory co-founder …
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Report: Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 already in development

It appears that only two months after the launch of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, developer Scott Cawthon is returning to the world of twitchy night watchmen and deadly pizzeria animatronics for Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

The photo you see above recent…
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