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Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios May Yet Continue

Despite last month's news of Phil Spencer shutting
Xbox Entertainment Studios, a new report suggests that the property isn't
necessarily dead yet.

Hollywood Reporter
reports that Xbox Entertainment Studios
may find life under the wing of Warner Bros. The Reporter states that the Xbox Entertainment Studios is "shopping
for a new home and has had preliminary talks with Warner Bros about possibly
becoming a stand-alone entity based at the studio."

If said purchase were to happen, Warner Bros. would
merge XES with Machinima. That being said, the Reporter goes further to say that "the talks are still preliminary
and an agreement with Warner Bros. is unlikely." Still, these reports
definitely indicate that some sort of future may exist for the property.

Xbox Entertainment Studios was set to be a highly
engaging and interactive form of entertainment for Xbox owners. The initial
promise was for an assortment of voice-controlled TV apps, new exclusive TV
shows, and other forms of visual entertainment.

By the end, Xbox Entertainment Studios only managed
to pump out two shows. Despite the closure, existing projects such as Halo:
Nightfall and the upcoming E.T. documentary Signal
to Noise
are still in production.

The Hollywood Reporter via Gamespot]


Our Take
Even though the merger of Warner Bros. and XES might
be a bit unlikely, this is good news for those who may be disappointed that
they didn't get the large variety of entertainment they were promised. I for
one hope some sort of deal is made for the property with someone as it feels
wasteful to throw all of those potential projects down the drain. – The Feed

Report: PS4 Share Play Sessions Last An Hour

Gamers have been waiting to be able to jump into their friends' sessions ever since Sony teased the feature for the PS4 before launch. At Gamescom, the company announced the Share Play feature, and it looks like there may be certain perameters.

Share Play allows a friend to play along with you or take over your game remotely on your PS4 if you're a PlayStation Plus member. However, they don't have to be a PS+ member or own or download the title themselves. The feature is coming via the system's 2.0 update this fall.

According to French site, Sony Europe's Jim Ryan says that sessions last an hour, and that competitive Share Play sessions require that your friend have a PS+ membership.

Gamespot adds that Sony says that the number of individual 60-minute sessions you can host is unlimited.

[Sources: via Attack of the Fanboy, Gamespot]


Our Take
We're not sure what steps are required to renew a 60-minute session, but should the hoops not be too obnoxious, it's a small price to pay for a cool feature. – The Feed

Report: Silent Hill resurrected by Kojima and Del Toro

The mysterious interactive horror game Sony teased during its Gamescom press conference? It may just be a window into the future of Konami’s Silent Hill franchise.

Completing the interactive teaser while streaming on Twitch, user “SoapyWarpig”…
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There won’t be a freely available demo of Madden NFL 15 for players to download this year, an EA rep has confirmed to Joystiq. The publisher made a habit of offering a downloadable demo for its annual pro football series since December 2005, when it…
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Report: China Telecom opens Xbox One sales in September

Microsoft’s Xbox One console will go on sale in China this September, thanks to a newly-announced agreement with the country’s third-largest telecommunications firm China Telecom Corp Ltd.

According to Reuters, this arrangement will make the Xbox…
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Report: Google deal to acquire Twitch for $1 billion is so on

Google has acquired Twitch for $ 1 billion, Venture Beat reports, citing people “familiar with the matter.” This follows a report in May that Google (via YouTube) was in talks to acquire Twitch. Twitch offered no comment on the new claim.

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Report: League of Legends hacker made $1,000 a day

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Report: TMNT – Training Lair has Kinect ninja skills, Pizza Hut boxes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Training Lair features heroes-in-a-half-shell with Kinect power, according to recently published box art and achievements. Xbox Achievements (formerly Xbox 360 Achievements) published the cheevos and Kinect-tabbed box…
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