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Report: Some Linux games unavailable on Steam ahead of Steam Machines launch

If games are Linux-compatible but don’t work well with SteamOS, it appears they won’t have a compatibility icon any longer. …

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League of Legends is putting rule-breakers through psychological testing – Report

The company’s been employing a designer trained in psychology to help reform its “toxic” player base — but is this a step across a line? …

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Report: Last year Star Citizen outearned all video game Kickstarters combined

A new chart compiled from publicly-available funding data suggests that in 2014, people pledged more money to the development of Star Citizen than to all successful video game Kickstarters combined. …

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Report: Harvest Moon Publisher Says Nintendo Is Discontinuing 3DS Game Boy Ports

Nintendo's Virtual Console library of games from classic systems is the icing on the cake for 3DS and Wii U owners. However, according to a recent tweet by longtime publisher of the Harvest Moon series, Natsume Inc., the Big N may be moving on from digitizing the little gray cartridges over to the 3DS.

See Natsume Inc.'s tweet below:

Natsume Inc. has a long track record of working with Nintendo platforms, from NES titles in the '80s to Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories on Wii U. Even though Natsume is a long-time Nintendo partner, we approached Nintendo directly for clarification and confirmation earlier today. We suggest staying cool until we receive the official word on this situation.  

[Source: Natsume Inc. via Destructoid]

Our Take
I've discovered several lesser-celebrated Game Boy gems thanks to the 3DS' Virtual Console, like Donkey Kong and Bionic Commando. The 3DS' library of Game Boy games has also let me go back to the classic Mega Man and Super Mario games for the handheld, complete with the wonderful option to create save states. Hopefully if this news is true, it means that Nintendo is dedicating those porting resources to something else that will benefit 3DS owners. 


For a list of every Game Boy released on the 3DS so far, head over to page 2. – The Feed

How’s horror game SOMA done so far? A 10-day report

“A summary of how things have gone so far” from Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip, which covers the sales, critical reception, piracy rate, and marketing data for the studio’s latest horror game. …

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Report: Hyrule Warriors Legends On 3DS Only Supports 3D On Newer Hardware

From the moment the New 3DS XL launched here in North America, there was already a software divide with older handhelds. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D only works on the newer devices. That hasn’t become commonplace though, but we may be seeing a new form of segmentation.

According to an interview appearing on Japanese site 4Gamer, Nintendo has managed to avoid Hyrule Warriors Legends becoming the next New 3DS exclusive. However, because the game is being ported from Wii U, some sacrifices were made.

Koei Tecmo’s Yosuke Hayashi tells 4Gamer that the the older handhelds will run the game, but they won’t support the stereoscopic 3D feature for which the platform is named. The New 3DS and New 3DS XL will offer 3D support, though.

We reached out to Nintendo for clarification and confirmation two days ago to ensure that the translation was accurate. Unfortunately, the publisher was unable to provide comment by publication.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is due out in North America next year.

[Source: 4Gamer via Polygon]


Our Take
If the options on the table are to ship the game for older hardware without 3D support or not at all, Nintendo is making the right call. Hyrule Warriors was great on Wii U, and making it available for the entire install base is the right financial decision. This also might nudge some people to upgrade, which might be a pleasant side effect for Nintendo. – The Feed

Report: 74% of all Unity mobile game installs are on Android

Unity reports that roughly 74 percent of the 2.5 billion Unity game installs it measured worldwide across 1.1 billion unique devices in four months of 2015 were on Android devices. …

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Report: PlayStation VR will cost as much as a new console

The PlayStation VR headset – which, until this week, was known as Project Morpheus – will retail for the same price as a new console when it hits shelves in the first half of 2016. …

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Report: eSports revenues on track to be $278M this year, $765M by 2018

Revenue generated by eSports games, events and advertising is growing faster than expected, reports market research firm Newzoo, and is now estimated to reach $ 765 million globally by 2018. …

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Report: Anonymous dev decries the state of F2P game design

TouchArcade published an intriguing editorial from an anonymous writer who claims to be a long-time game producer fed up with the state of free-to-play monetization, and what it does to game design. …

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