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Report: Switch Menu Leak Reveals Extra Storage Space For Dev Units

Nintendo is broadcasting an ad during this weekend's Super Bowl, showing off the Nintendo Switch (and little more than a second of Breath of the Wild). The company's Portugal wing apparently showed a bit more than it had planned to, uploading a version of the ad on YouTube that included a few shots of the console's developer menus.

The video has been pulled, but a fast-fingered NeoGAF user snapped some screengrabs beforehand. The menus show off a few interesting under-the-hood tidbits, such as an option to display the device's remaining battery life as a percentage, brightness settings, and automatic date and time updates.

Perhaps the biggest thing featured, however, is that the developer units apparently feature 64 GB of internal storage, as opposed to the 32 GB that the retail units are shipping with. To be clear, this is storage space, not RAM, so it's not likely that this would have any effect on game development at all.


Our Take
This is slightly embarrassing for Nintendo, mostly for releasing a video that featured placeholder footage instead of gameplay. Players will be able to upgrade their Switch's capacity by 2 terabytes, but I don't think anyone would have complained about having an additional 32 GB out of the gate. – The Feed

Report: Nintendo President Shares Switch Online Services Pricing, VR Considerations

The Nikkei Asian Review is reporting new details revealing subscription pricing for the Nintendo Switch's online services. 

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima tells the Nikkei that the online game services will come at an annual cost of 2,000 to 3,000 yen, or approximately $ 17.60 to $ 26.40. 

Kimishima also says Nintendo is studying the possibility of adding virtual reality options for the Switch, but only if Nintendo is able to resolve issues connected to discomfort using VR over multiple hours. Previously, Kimishima has said that Nintendo has interest in VR, but this latest report indicates the primary dilemma facing the company before committing to VR.

We have reached out to Nintendo for confirmation on both online service pricing and the possibility of VR, and we will update this story if we hear back. 

[Source: Nikkei Asian Review, via @serkantoto]


Our Take
Even if we take these statements at face value, the online services pricing that Kimishima suggests is specifically tied to Japanese currency. Given that Nintendo has previously not had a subscription plan for its online services, it’s hard to know whether Japanese pricing would be the same in North America. – The Feed

Report: Square Enix Puts Deus Ex Franchise On Hiatus

Square Enix recently announced that it was partnering with Marvel for future Avengers titles. One of the studios already mentioned to utilize the property is Eidos Montreal, developers of the Deus Ex franchise. According to a report from Eurogamer, the studio is not only taking on the new license, but will be doing so at the expense of Deus Ex.

Eurogamer is vague on its source or sources, but it says that the Deus Ex series has been placed on hiatus. The studio is officially working with Crystal Dynamics on an Avengers title that won't be revealed until 2018.

Square Enix has officially responded to the article with the statement: "While we are still working on expanding the Deus Ex Universe, along with creating new content and updates for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we're also devoting our talents towards working with Crystal Dynamics and Marvel on The Avengers project."

The report also states that while it works with Crystal Dynamics on the Avengers game, Eidos Montreal is also leading a team working on an unannounced Guardians of the Galaxy project.

[Source: Eurogamer]


Our Take
This makes sense given that the Avengers property is likely to bring in more money than another Deus Ex game would, and there are only so many projects that Eidos Montreal can work on. But it is certainly disappointing for fans who may have to wait for Square Enix and the studio to fulfill its previously stated commitment to them and the series. – The Feed

Download your copy of the GDC 2017 State of the Industry report!

Game Developers Conference officials are happy to release the full results of the 5th annual GDC State of the Industry survey, and now you can download a copy of the full report for yourself.  …

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Report: Internet-breaking DDoS worm traced to chief of Minecraft-focused DDoS guard firm

Security expert Brian Krebs reports the author of the “Internet-breaking” Mirai DDoS botnet malware — and indeed, the business of conducting DDoS attacks in general — is intertwined with Minecraft. …

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Report: Nintendo takes a pass on Switch supporting Miiverse/StreetPass

Nintendo has reportedly told GamesBeat that its upcoming Switch console isn’t expected to tap into the company’s long-established StreetPass or Miiverse social networking systems. …

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Report: Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack During Transatlantic Flight

Update: The Associated Press is reporting that Fisher is now in stable condition, based on details provided by her brother, Todd Fisher. 

Original Story: Reports are filtering out that actress Carrie Fisher is in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital, following a cardiac episode suffered during a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles earlier this afternoon. The news of her hospital status comes via a report from the LA Times. TMZ reports that the incident occurred roughly 15 minutes before the flight landed, and that an EMT on board the plane issued CPR. 

Fisher had recently completed filming for Star Wars Episode VIII. 

No further information is currently available regarding Fisher’s recovery, but we will update this story if we hear more. 


Our Take
Carrie Fisher is a film icon thanks to her central role in the Star Wars films, and her return to those films decades later in The Force Awakens helped to connect the past and future of the franchise. We wish her our sincerest hopes for a speedy recovery. – The Feed

Report: Mobile game revenue tops $41B in 2016, VR makes ‘sobering’ debut

Smartphone owners spent $ 41 billion dollars on mobile games in 2016, according to analytics group SuperData’s annual Year in Review.  …

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Report: Nintendo Switch Won’t Be As Powerful As The PS4

An article on Venture Beat based upon two sources says that the Nvidia graphics processing architecture for the upcoming Nintendo Switch system means it will be less powerful than the regular PlayStation 4 (as opposed to the new PS4 Pro).

According to the article, the Switch uses the Maxwell graphics processing architecture for its custom Tegra processor instead of the Pascal architecture that came out this year because Nintendo didn't want to wait for the Pascal.

Venture Beat "expects" the Switch to have 1 teraflop in performance, while it puts the PS4 at around 1.8 teraflops and says Sony's system that debuted in late 2013 has "much better memory bandwidth performance as well compared to the Switch." By further comparison, Venture Beat says Microsoft is planning 6 teraflops for the Xbox One Scorpio upgrade coming late next year.

The article speculates that by using Maxwell the Switch's price is "likely" under $ 400.

Finally, the article offers a sense of what we can expect when playing the game via its dock (which runs at a higher clock speed) vs. out of it. "In portable mode, games will run at a lower resolution due to the Switch's rumored 720p 6.2-inch screen. On a display of that size, developers could get their games to run even smoother if they dropped the resolution to 540p (the resolution of Sony's PS Vita handheld) and upscaled them to 720p instead."

[Source: Venture Beat]


Our Take
Hopefully we'll know more about the Switch's innards after Nintendo's January event. While I'm pretty sure Nintendo is not aiming for the Switch to be the most powerful console out there, if it is not as powerful as a three-year-old system I wonder if third-parties will put out titles simultaneously on the Switch along with the PS4 and Xbox One that achieve graphical parity, or if the Switch has to host "special" versions that don't look the same. Whether this matters with gamers and which versions of games they buy, of course, remains to be seen. – The Feed

Eve Online dev CCP Games is on the selling block, says new report

Citing “people with knowledge of the matter,” Bloomberg reported Friday that Iceland’s CCP Games, best known for Eve Online, is exploring the possibility of selling off the company. …

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