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Microsoft drops plans to make retail Xbox Ones double as dev kits – report

Speaking today at the Develop conference in Brighton, England, Xbox Advanced Technology Group’s Martin Fuller said that Microsoft has “no plans” to make retail Xbox One units capable of functioning as development kits. …

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Report: Classically-animated Cuphead roughly ’40 percent done’

Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, the developers better known as Studio MDHR, are making gradual progress on Cuphead, a run and gun shooter that borrows its novel aesthetic from the era of early Disney cartoons and the works of Fleischer…
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Report: Cross-Buy Comes To 3DS And Wii U eShop, But Not In North America

The Game Bakers are breaking new ground, and helping Nintendo achieve a long-requested feature. The upcoming Squids Odyssey, an action-strategy game, will offer buyers a free version for Wii U with purchase of the 3DS eShop edition, but not if you’re in North America.

According to a report on Siliconera, The Game Bakers were approached by Nintendo of Europe to bundle the two versions. This brings a version of cross-buy to Nintendo consoles, and a step closer to bridging the gulf of accounts across systems.

Game Bakers reportedly approached Nintendo of America and was told that the North American organization isn’t yet able to support it. We’ve reached out to Nintendo of America for clarification and comment, and we’ll update should we receive a response.

Squids Odyssey is out now on the Wii U eShop and coming soon to 3DS. It includes all of the content from previous titles Squids and Squids: Wild West, as well as a new chapter.

[Source: Siliconera]


Our Take
Nintendo has committed to a unified account system moving forward, and this first step offers hope. Figuring out how to bridge the gap between Wii U and 3DS will help eliminate analysis paralysis that exists for Virtual Console purchases that exist on both platforms separately.

It will also create an ecosystem of Nintendo devices, instead of having separate platforms that are largely independent of one another. It also would allow the Wii U to capitalize on the success of the 3DS and, should content port over, give people more confidence about purchasing the home console. – The Feed

Report: Japan’s Hyrule Warriors gets version-specific outfit DLC

Link, Impa, Zelda and a few others will introduce fields of foes to a world of hurt in Hyrule Warriors, but Nintendo Life reports that Japanese fans will earn extra tunics and dresses by ponying up for non-standard editions of the game. The official…
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Report: Gran Turismo 7 probably won’t arrive in 2014

Despite earlier claims that the next entry in Sony’s flagship racing simulation franchise Gran Turismo might race past the development finish line in time for a 2014 debut, creator Kazunori Yamauchi is no longer as optimistic.

“We are working on the…
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Report: Ryse 2 Cancelled Amid Financial Woes At Crytek

Negative news reports continue to circle around Crytek. With its Homefront game already in question, now a Ryse sequel is said to be cancelled.

A few days ago, reports circulated that financial worries at Crytek UK were putting the development of a new Homefront title in question. There were also off-the-record reports that employees had not been receiving paychecks.

Now, new reports from Kotaku and Eurogamer indicate that the fiscal worries run deeper. According to Eurogamer, disagreements about ownership of the Ryse property have led to a falling out between Crytek and Microsoft and the cancellation of a Ryse sequel. This sequel was said to be a full-on action game, using conventional controls and not Kinect.

Now, it appears the game will not happen. The report also says that unpaid employees may be seeking legal action against Crytek.

[Source: Eurogamer, Kotaku]


Our Take:
I'd like to believe that these are just rumors, but there seems to be too much smoke for there to be no fire. Let's hope that Crytek can pull through this difficult time. – The Feed

Report: Crytek UK in trouble, staff leaving

More than 30 employees have left Crytek UK since work began on Homefront: The Revolution in 2011, Eurogamer reports. The high turnover is due to staff being paid late numerous times, and the list of those who’ve left includes key art, design and…
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Love, romance, sex in games: A Lyst Summit report

“There was great food, dancing, swimming, cupcakes, the spoiler boat, painting nails and even a chocolate fountain to be had. Granted, there was little sleep to be had, but that’s a price gladly paid.” …

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Report: Battlefield Hardline to spawn novel beta for Xbox One

The cops versus robbers multiplayer beta test of Battlefield Hardline is currently exclusive to the PC and PlayStation 4, but Xbox One owners can expect a beta of their own at some point prior to the game’s retail launch.

“We will have a beta on on…
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Report: Nordic to publish games under THQ trademark

Nordic Games has acquired the THQ trademark from the now-defunct company, Polygon reported. The mark was purchased in an agreement made outside of the April 2013 property auction following THQ’s demise.

Nordic will now have the ability to publish…
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