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Project TriForce Teases Upcoming Mass Effect Collectible

Project TriForce, a company that creates high quality video game replicas, teased on Twitter today that a new Mass Effect collectible is on its way. The Instagram image the tweet linked to shows a silhouette of a gun that looks to be the Scorpion from Mass Effect 3.

No details have been revealed yet, except that it will be available for order this week. Check out previous Project TriForce collectibles, such as the Halo Elite and Brute Plasma Rifles and a Batman: Arkham Origins statue.

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Project TriForce Teases Upcoming Mass Effect Collectible

Project TriForce, a company that creates high quality video game replicas, teased on Twitter today that a new Mass Effect collectible is on its way. The Instagram image the tweet linked to shows a silhouette of a gun that looks to be the Scorpion from Mass Effect 3.

No details have been revealed yet, except that it will be available for order this week. Check out previous Project TriForce collectibles, such as the Halo Elite and Brute Plasma Rifles and a Batman: Arkham Origins statue.

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Conker Gets A Corny Project Spark Gameplay Trailer

In March, Microsoft and Team Dakota gave us our first look at the return of Rare’s Conker. Now we have our first gameplay trailer and a release date.

The first episode of Conker’s Big Reunion is priced at $ 4.99, and it will last about an hour. If you’re interested in the creation pack (Conker: Hail to the Remix), including 350 different assets, you can get it along with the first episode and something called Conker Champion (playable in two modes: Champions Quest and Crossroads) it costs $ 9.99.  

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Microsoft makes clear that just because the foul-mouthed rodent appears in Project Spark, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where he’ll stay. The company doesn’t have anything specific to share, but those hoping for a proper sequel to Bad Fur Day need not abandon hope.

You can catch up with Conker on April 23. Project Spark, which you’ll need to play, is a free download. – The Feed

Project Cars Giving Away Free DLC Car Every Month

Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios has announced the first car in what's a series of monthly free DLC cars – the Lykan Hypersport.

The Lykan Hypersport is the first supercar made in the Middle East, and will be featured in the upcoming Furious 7 film. It can go 62 mph in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 245 mph.

It can be yours in May for what Andy Tudor, the game's project director, says is a "thank you to our fans for being so patient for the launch of the game." Project Cars was recently delayed until mid-May.

Tudor says that a full schedule of content for the game will be released "soon."

[Source: Project Cars]

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Our Take
I'm personally not into DLC cars, but I know a lot of gamers covet various vehicles. Apart from a make-good for the delay, knowing what free DLC car will be out when could induce some players to pick up the game if they know when their favorite car can be had. – The Feed

Playtonic Games Clarifies Intentions To Collaborate With Rare On Project Ukelele

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Playtonic Games' Gavin Price spoke of a hopeful collaboration with former employer Rare, and wanted to offer some more details and clarity on exactly what he meant.

If you're unfamiliar with Playtonic Games and Project Ukelele, it's a recently formed studio made mostly of former Rare developers who are working on a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie. Not much is known about the game, currently known as Project Ukelele, as Playtonic is still being very secretive, but you can find out more here and here..

Regarding the original statement that got Banjo-Kazooie and old-school Rare fans a little too excited, Price told The Guardian, “You never know, there are some good old mates of ours down the road [at Rare], they may want to do a little multi-studio collaboration,” when asked about collaboration.

Following that interview appearing online, Price wrote on Playtonic's message boards about what he meant.

I wanted to get across with my Rare comments how that even though we've left them, lots of people are still there who we consider to be our friends and of course we wish them well with whatever they do in their future careers. I don't see us collaborating on a game in future, more a sense that we help cross-promote each others games in fun ways if the chance arose either in Ukulele or other games we do in future. For example, IF Rare and Microsoft were up for it, it would be great to have a certain Bear and Bird lost in one of our worlds and needing the help of our new heroes to get back.

Playtonic Games' Project Ukelele is still very mysterious. It showcased more of the game recently however, and announced a Kickstarter planned for the game in May, which you can read about here..

[Source: The Guardian, Playtonic forums]


Our Take
This is far from damage control – Price just wants to make sure fans who are excited about Project Ukelele have their expectations in check. I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what the game is, but Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor is enough to make me excited. – The Feed

Project Cars’ Track Travelog

A racing game's track roster is just as important as its car licenses, and Slightly Mad Studio's Project Cars title pounds the pavement around the world.

Project Cars tracks span the globe at over 30 locations, including many that will be well-known to racers of all stripes.

The game recently suffered another delay, and the new release date for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions is in May (with some free make-good DLC). The game is also coming to the Wii U, but it has no release date yet.

For another look at the game's customizable weather in action, take a look at my hands-on time with the game.

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Conker Swears Fecalty To Project Spark On April 23

It’s been a while since we heard anything substantial out of Microsoft regarding Project Spark. That changes today as Rare’s foul-mouthed, excrement-obsessed rodent mascot Conker stars in a new trailer.

Beginning on April 23, Project Spark creators will be able to start incorporating Conker into their work with new creation tools. That date also marks the launch of Conker’s Big Reunion: Episode 1.

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The trailer above was created entirely in Project Spark, which means that you can also incorporate flatulence into the game (if that’s something you’re into). While there’s no pricing available yet for the Conker content, you’ll only need the free version of Project Spark to play.

For more on Project Spark, check out our review. – The Feed

Fans Find Hidden Characters In Playtonic’s Project Ukelele Art

Earlier today, Playtonic Games (made of former Rare developers) offered some new details about its Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor, and it hid some extra clues in the art.

Two piece of work in progress art were shown during Playtonic's presentation at EGX Rezzed, and then subsequently released online. The art shown during the presentation, however, was slightly different from the art officially released.

Below you will find the two pieces of art – the officially released art and the art shown during the presentation.

They're identical, except for a character obscured in the leaves in the bottom left corner. At the top of this story, we've highlighted the character so it's easier to identify.

Playtonic teased the hidden character with the following tweet, which implies that there may be more hidden characters to track down.

Update: Immediately above the hidden character, there can be seen an eye, which must belong to an additional, though much more obscure, character. You can click here for a larger version of the image above to get a better look.

The hidden character was discovered and called out by Cairn McDonald A.K.A. ‏@DrSalt on twitter.

The game's initial teaser image, seen below, appears to show different characters than the one hidden in the leaves above, prompting questions than answers about Project Ukelele's cast.

For more on the still ambiguous Project Ukulele, which is heading to Kickstarter in May, head here.

Thanks to Jeremy and zpk2013 for the news tip!


Our Take
We know so little at this point that it's hard to speculate, but I am excited to learn more come May. I wonder if the game will take a cue from Donkey Kong 64 and feature a collection of different playable characters and abilities. – The Feed

Former Rare Developers’ Playtonic Games Show More Of Project Ukelele, Kickstarter Coming Soon

Playtonic Games, a recently formed team of former Rare developers, is still being vague about its Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor, but there are new images, and a Kickstarter is planned.

As part of its presentation at EGX Rezzed, Playtonic showcased its design philosophy for what the still codenamed Project Ukelele will be, and shared a few images of the game, which you can see above and below. Playtonic also announced the game will be supported with a Kickstarter, which launches in May.

Some other confirmed details about the game include that it will be a 3D platformer and it will appeal to fans of Banjo-Kazooie in terms of humor and target audience – don't expect mature content like that of Conker's Bad Fur Day. The game is being built with Unity and during a Q&A session, Playtonic said it considers Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie to be proof of protoypes for its new game. The studio says it is building the game for PC, but would love to bring it to whatever platforms the fans want, but that will be dictated by the Kickstarter.

They purposefully did not show off the protagonist characters (you can see their eyeballs here) because showing them would reveal gameplay mechanics, which they are not ready to share yet. Apparently the characters may have been hidden somewhere in the presentation, however, because this tweet does offer an ambiguous hint.

The team expressed interest in Skylanders and Amiibo-like toy compatibility, but it was far from an announcement or a hint – just an appreciation for the figures and their gameplay implications. Finally, Playtonic confirmed that Grant Kirkhope, composer on both Banjoe-Kazooie games, is involved with Project Ukelele, something Kirkhope reconfirmed with a tweet himself.

Finally, it didn't have anything to do with Project Ukelele, but the team discussed the importance of collectibles and commiserated about the the over-abundance of them in Donkey Kong 64 – a game many of the team members worked on and shared how difficult it was to test. They finished out their presentation saying that collectibles need to mean something.

The presentation was live streamed through Twitch and you can find an archive of it here. For more on Playtonic, head here and here.

[Source: @PlaytonicGames]


Our Take
3D, collectible-driven platformers are few and far between. Can't wait to learn more about the game in May. – The Feed

Report: Project Cars Pulls In For Another Pit Stop, Delayed Until May

Slightly Mad Studios has announced yet another delay for Project Cars. The title was most recently scheduled for an April 2 release after delays from last fall to March before the last postponement.

According to a statement received by Eurogamer, Now the game is slated for release some time in May, though the Wii U version is still unaccounted for. When it’s made available, the title will appear on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Per the statement from studio head Ian Bell, free DLC will be offered at launch to compensate eager fans. We've reached out to Bandai Namco to confirm and will update as we're able. 

[Source: Eurogamer]


Our Take
Project Cars isn’t the only anticipated game to suffer a spate of short-term delays. The Witcher 3 also saw a number of postponements for polish. Given last fall’s many technically disappointing titles, developers and publishers are understandably concerned about pushing an unripe game out the door. – The Feed