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New Project Cars screens want to take you for a ride

Slightly Mad Studios shows off the many shiny vehicles it has in store for Project Cars in the screenshots below as its sim-styled racer speeds toward a launch later this year. The former Need for Speed series developer presents its featured racing…
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‘Kickstarting a project is a full-time job’: The Jotun story

This indie dev made $ 40,000 (and counting!) on his first Kickstarter campaign. How? This blog post explains it all. …

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QUBE sequel squaring up for PS4 with Project Morpheus support

Toxic Games is building a sequel to its late 2011 physics-based puzzle game QUBE. Dubbed QUBE², the sequel is in development for PS4, the studio announced via PlayStation Blog. The first-person follow-up will include refined mechanics and new…
Joystiq RSS Feed engineer heads to Stardock for ‘Project Tachyon’

Stardock, a developer/publisher studio you may not know – but should! – has hired Blizzard veteran engineer Adrian Luff to be its new director of platform architecture. Luff, who helped oversee the development of, will be responsible for…
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Majora’s Mask HD fan project shows off new assets

Artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martinez have been hard at work at recreating a multitude of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask assets in high-definition, resulting in the video you see above, as well as the small puddle of drool you see at our…
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Fan-Made Zelda: Majora’s Mask Remake Project Releases Update Video

Artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martínez released this video in 2012 of the opening Majora's Mask remade in high-definition, but it looks the project was never meant to end at just that video. A new video, which you can see below, shows the pair's progress on rebuilding more of the game's assets and characters. the video also shows their attempts at translating their work into stereoscopic 3D, and you can even see some work being done with a 3DS.

It's unclear exactly what the end goal is here with Belmonte and Martínez's project. It's not being called a remake, but rather a project. Nintendo generally frowns upon these sorts of projects, so there is a good chance it may get shut down.

I reached out to Belmonte and Martínez to find out more and will update when I hear more information. For now, check out the video below.

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Mystery BioWare Project Gets A Second Teaser

When Electronic Arts and BioWare released a video for a new project last week, we didn't know what to think. Now that another "You've Been Chosen" teaser trailer is out, and the situation isn't much clearer.

The latest video, dubbed "Spark," shows a young man get a strange and unexpected surprise when his phone keeps ringing. See for yourself by watching the footage below. 

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The email sent out to the press implies that we'll learn more at Gamescom on August 13…but we'll probably have a few more teasers before then. We'll just have to keep speculating while we wait. 


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BioWare is responsible for some of the most respected games out there, so any project bearing the studio's name merits attention. The supernatural vibe and modern setting are intriguing, but I'm trying to keep myself from getting too excited until I know some details about the game itself. – The Feed

BioWare teases possible new project in You’ve Been Chosen: Nightmare trailer

BioWare and EA have released a short live-action trailer for, what might be, an upcoming project.

The trailer is short, ambiguous, and pretty trippy. Nothing clear is revealed beyond the developers’ logo and a URL to a “You’ve Been Chosen” webpage. Other than a brief cryptic message or two, the website doesn’t seem to feature any significant details either.

Could this be BioWare latest IP? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Project Spark dreams up October release date

Microsoft’s robust game creation tool Project Spark is slated to launch in October, the publisher announced today. The final version of the game maker will arrive on October 7 in the Americas, October 9 in Asia-Pacific countries and October 10 in…
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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd trailer showcases English subs

This fall on PS3 and Vita, Project Diva F 2nd will be the first Hatsune Miku game to present the synthesized singer’s tunes with translated subtitles. Just in case you were worried you were tapping rhythms to some super weird lyrics, here’s a new…
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