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Pokémon Go Update Shows You Where Pokémon Were Caught, Makes Incense Compatible With Pokémon Go Plus

The latest Pokémon Go update makes it easier to map your journey as a Pokémon Go trainer across the world, while making Pokémon Go Plus a bit better.

The update adds the city a Pokémon was caught to the bottom of their information screen, along with the date. It also allows players to catch drop an incense item (which attracts Pokémon to their location) and catch any Pokémon who approach using the Pokémon Go Plus accessory.

Finally, the update fixes a few minor bugs, including one which would get some players stuck at the game's loading screen.

[Source: Pokémon Go]


Our Take
Adding a Pokémon's location is a relatively minor update, but for people who travel regularly (or move from location to location frequently), it's a pretty cool feature. And I would love to use incense and catch Pokémon while jogging every morning, if I could find and buy a damn Plus to do it with. – The Feed

Development Officially Ceases On The Fan Created Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon Uranium, an unofficial Pokémon project created by a team of fans, has officially ceased development.

The game was in development for nearly a decade, and was officially released last month. Shortly after its release, however, the creators pulled the game down after a number of sites that were hosting the game received takedown notices from Nintendo. Updates were still being issued for the game, however, for those who grabbed it in time. Today the Pokémon Uranium team took it a step further and announced it would totally be ceasing development on the game.

In a tweet announcing its intentions, the team wrote the following:

Unfortunately, as Pokémon Uranium is a Fan Game, there is a limit to how far projects such as these can go. We are therefore ceasing development on this project. As such, we, the creators of this game, will no longer be offering game downloads, updates, online services or support from Pokémon Uranium.

Earlier this year, a comparable fan project that remade Metroid II also had to stop distributing downloads shortly after launch. You can read more about that game here.

[Source: @PokemonUranium]


Our Take
This is not an unexepected fate for Pokémon Uranium. But hopefully, even though we're no longer able to play it, it can serve as good resume fodder for those that came together to create the project. – The Feed

New Trailer Reveals Version-Specific Pokémon & Features

A new trailer has been released for Pokémon Sun and Moon for the 3DS, highlighting version-specific Pokémon for each title, as well as some of the games' new features.

Passimian is in Sun as a fighting Pokémon, and Oranguru is in Moon as a psychic. You can see their unique abilities in the trailer below.

Also worth note are the different forms of Rockruff for the two different titles, the use of Z-moves, trainer customization, and the Refresh grooming feature.

Nintendo has also announced a January update to the Pokémon bank app to make it compatible for the titles as well as adding the National Pokédex feature.

(Please visit the site to view this media) – The Feed

Pokémon Games Are Coming To Nintendo NX

In an interview with The
Wall Street Journal
, The Pokémon Company
president Tsunekazu Ishihara bolstered rumors that the Nintendo NX will be a
console/handheld hybrid, while simultaneously pledging game support for the
mysterious system.

Although much of the WSJ
article focuses on the success of Pokémon Go, Ishihara did have some promising
words for those who have been pining for a console version of Pokémon since the
original release of Red and Blue.

"The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to
be a home console device or a hand-held device," Ishihara told WSJ. "We will
make games for the NX."

While Ishihara doesn't say what those games will be, The Pokémon
Company only oversees Pokémon games, along with the trading cards, toys, and
other licensed merchandise of the franchise. That doesn't preclude the possibility of a Pokémon Snap
or Stadium-style spinoff for the NX instead of a mainline RPG entry, but if the
NX is both a home console and a handheld (as rumors
and now Ishihara suggest), that means the main series could conceivably show
up on it.

In the meantime, the latest series entry, Pokémon Sun and
Moon, will release on November 18. For more on the game, check out the Eight
Big Changes
Sun and Moon are introducing, along with the 50+
new monsters
you'll be catching.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]


Our Take
The dream of a home
console version of Pokémon ranks right up there with a new 2D Metroid for many Nintendo
fans. Between the sky-high popularity of Pokémon Go earlier this summer and the
potential of the NX merging the home and handheld markets, the odds of a
souped-up sequel seem better than ever. – The Feed

Pokémon Go Update Brings More Stability To Pokémon Go Plus

Niantic recently released an update (1.7.1 on iOS, 0.37.1 on Android) for Pokémon Go. Albeit being a smaller update, it nonetheless adds some improvements, mostly related to Pokémon Go Plus.

The wearable accessory that notifies you of nearby Pokémon and PokéStops became available as of last week. However, some users had problems pairing their device to the game, while others were receiving errors related to the device without actually owning one. This update aims to fix those issues.

You can read the patch notes below:

  • Pokémon GO Plus stability improvement
  • Added quick help when first connected to Pokémon GO Plus
  • Minor text fixes

You can read about the previous update, which introduced the Pokémon buddy system, here. – The Feed

Pokémon Go Plus Is Available As Of Today

The anticipated Pokémon Go Plus is available today at several retailers. The wearable accessory, which pairs with the popular Pokémon Go iOS and Android app, will notify you about nearby PokéStops and Pokémon.

Whenever one of these is nearby, the device will flash and vibrate. It is currently purchasable for $ 34.99 at stores such as Amazon. GameStop also has a listing for it, but it may already be out of stock online as its labelled as "not available."

You can read more about Pokémon Go by checking out our round-up of the craziest news stories, or how the game had a huge impact on editor Andrew Reiner's life. – The Feed

Writing Pokémon Live!: Nintendo’s Forgotten Musical

You probably remember the Pokémon TV series. I'm sure you remember the trading card game, Pocket Pikachu, and even that they're in the process of making a live-action film. What might have slipped through the cracks of history for you is that Nintendo co-produced a multi-million dollar touring Pokémon musical in the year 2000. Based on an entirely new storyline, Pokémon Live centers around Ash Ketchum attempting to collect a new gym badge, discovering shocking revelations about his family, and battling a new Pokémon called MechaMew2. It's pretty weird. On this special edition of The Game Informer Show, we speak to the writer behind Pokémon Live, Michael Slade, about the tricky and surreal process of bringing the Pokémon franchise to the stage. If you enjoy this format, you should check out our previous special edition podcast all about recording the first Metal Gear Solid.

You can watch the video below, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Play, or listen to this episode on SoundCloud. Our thanks again to Michael Slade and also to Chris Mitchell for allowing us to use clips from his YouTube videos of Pokémon Live.

(Please visit the site to view this media) – The Feed

Reader Discussion – Who’s Your Buddy In Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has just rolled out its buddy system, which lets you choose a Pokémon as your buddy and walk to earn candy use to evolve and train them.

It's actually managed to get me back into the game. Being able to take daily jogs with my buddy Pikachu has given me new motivation to get up before work and run for a while. I got excited enough about playing Pokémon Go again that I spent $ 10 and bought a ton of incubators for all the eggs I'd been accruing.

I chose Pikachu not because he's my favorite Pokémon, but because it only takes 1 kilometer of walking distance to earn his brand of candy, and I figure I'm close enough to 50 candies that I can level him up soon. After that, I'll promptly switch to Growlithe of Haunter, Pokémon I'm more keen on evolving.

So which Pokémon did you choose as your buddy, Game Informer Pokémon Go players? Are you trying to level up a ton of Pokémon quickly, or have you embarked on the 625-kilometer journey of evolving a Dratini into a Dragonite? Let us know in the comments. – The Feed

Get A Sneak Peek At Upcoming Pokémon Generations Animated Shorts

The Pokémon Company is releasing a new series of animated shorts, which will be released weekly on YouTube. Pokémon Generations episodes will be between 3 to 5 minutes long, outlining pivotal moments in the series' timeline.

The teaser below shows Red and a few other familiar faces. As expected, they battle.

Episodes will come out weekly, through December 23.


Our Take
I'm not exactly a Pokémon scholar, so the only real question I have is whether the episode length includes the credits. – The Feed

Get In The Pokémon Spirit With Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL

You like Pokémon? Do you like Pokémon and need to pick up a new Nintendo DS XL? Well, aren't you in luck? Nintendo has announced the Solgaleo Lunala Black Edition DS, which is themed to the darker side of the Pokémon Sun/Moon spectrum.

The unit will be available in stores starting October 28 for $ 199.99. That's a couple of weeks ahead of Pokémon Sun and Moon's November 18 launch date, in case you didn't have your calendar handy. 


Our Take
There you go. This one looks like those guys. – The Feed