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Details Of More Pokémon For Pokémon Go Are Coming Next Week

Niantic announced this morning that details about new Pokémon for Pokémon Go are coming next week, as well as a partnership with Sprint that creates more PokéStops for everyone.

Details about new Pokémon will release on Monday, December 12. Exactly when and how many Pokémon will be added is unclear. If it's generation 2 in full, it could add 100 new Pokémon to the game. Niantic also says it has more events planned for before the end of the year, as well.

Niantic also announced a partnership with Sprint which will turn 10,500 Sprint, Boost Mobile ,and Sprint at Radioshack stores into PokéStops and Gyms. Those stores will also feature charging stations with Pokémon Go in mind.

[Source: Niantic]


Our Take
I was worried Niantic's plans with Sprint would create exclusive content for the game for Sprint customers. I'm glad to hear that's not the case. I am still playing the game regularly so I am excited for new new Pokémon! Even though Game Informer is based in Minnesota. And It's December. Hopefully it's Gen 2 in its entirety. – The Feed

Rumor: New Pokémon Go Monsters Coming Soon

A supposed leaked flier for Starbucks employees points to more monsters coming to Pokémon Go in an update this week.

The flier – an information sheet to prep store employees on a coming Starbucks/Pokémon Go promotion – says that the game is "about to expand with new Pokémon…" According to the flier, the update is scheduled to happen on Thursday, December 8, but it does not go into any detail about the forthcoming Pokémon.

The promotion, apart from introducing a Pokémon-themed frappuchino, will also turn participated Starbucks into PokéStops.

[Source: Reddit user alturrisi via Gamespot]


Our Take
Scrolling down the comments thread of the original Reddit post, apparently the drink itself is gross… – The Feed

Pokémon Walking Animations Found In Sun/Moon

Dataminers have unearthed an obscene amount of unused animations in the latest Pokémon games. Low-poly walking animations for all 802 monsters have been found in the game's data, leading to some speculation as to what they were for.

Currently the prevailing theories are that the content was cut at the last minute or that it was testing for the rumored Pokémon Stars. We'll keep you updated if any more information comes in.


[Source: @KazoWAR via Kotaku]


Our Take
It seems strange for Game Freak to spend all that time and money creating these animations only to throw them away. I believe this isn't the last time we'll see these walk cycles, though what they're for remains a mystery. – The Feed

Watch Our Game Club Discussion Of Pokémon Sun And Moon

This year on Game Informer's weekly podcast, we debuted a new feature called GI Game Club where we play through specific games and talk about them in exquisite detail alongside our wonderful community. The latest game on the docket is Game Freak's Pokémon Sun and Moon. This is only the first half of the discussion, the second half will be airing on The Game Informer Show on December 15th and will cover the rest of the game.

If you'd like to join in on the fun, you're welcome to play the game up through the end or dabble in any post-game challenges you like and then send your poignant thoughts to [email protected]. We're looking forward to reading your emails on the podcast, so send in your thoughts on anything that stood out as exceptionally great, exceptionally stupid, or exceptionally funny. Let us know how the story pans out, the challenge ramps up, or your team coalesced into a pristine fighting force.

Watch the video below to learn what we all thought of the game's first half.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Feel free to subscribe to The GI Show on iTunes or Google Play, and if you're curious about what we've covered in the past, you can click through to watch our discussions for Final Fantasy VIIUncharted 4: A Thief's End, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the original BioShock. – The Feed

Pokémon Sun/Moon Set New Sales Record For Nintendo

The newest generation of Pokémon games have managed to smash the sales of former games in the series, as well as most other Nintendo titles. Sun and Moon have sold an astounding 3.7 million units in the Americas in the two weeks since the games came out, making it Nintendo's fast-selling game ever in that region. Sun and Moon crushed the previous record held by Pokémon X & Y, with an 85-percent increase in sales.

To give you an idea of how crazy this is, X & Y sold 15.84 million games over the course of their entire lifetime, boosting sales of the series overall to over 280 million units.Though these numbers are impressive, it seems Sun/Moon hasn't sold through its initial shipment just yet, which is probably a good thing considering the product shortages Nintendo fans frequently face.

If you're still on the fence about this game, you can check out our review or watch us play it while Kyle Hilliard answered some questions. You can also check out Kyle's favorite new monsters to catch in Sun and Moon.

Our Take
Nostalgia and Pokémon Go probably fueled these sales numbers quite a bit, but Sun/Moon also addressed some major problems plaguing the series. It'll be interesting to see how much these numbers jump when the Christmas rush sets in. – The Feed

[Update] Niantic Opening Pokémon Go’s Updated Nearby Feature For The Whole U.S.

Update: The updated Nearby features of Pokémon Go is coming to the whole United States and most of Europe.

On its blog announcing the expanded availability, Niantic wrote, "We will be expanding the Nearby Pokémon feature to the rest of the continental United States and large parts of Europe. We will continue to review the feedback submitted on our official social media accounts and in other channels and make changes if necessary."

[Source: Pokémon Go]

Original story [November 22, 2016]:

San Francisco has been enjoying exclusivity on the upgraded Nearby and Sightings features of Pokémon Go – until now.

The feature, which shows off which Pokémon are close to which nearby PokéStops, is now available in states west of the Mississippi River (except Hawaii and Alaska) in America, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the western half of Ontario in Canada, and all of Australia.

In its post detailing the update, Niantic is continuing to refer to the feature as a test, and doesn't offer any hints regarding when the features will be universally available.

In other Pokémon Go news, the Thanksgiving bonus XP event has officially started, and more importantly, Ditto is now officially in the game.

[Source: Pokémon Go] – The Feed

Join Our Game Club For Pokémon Sun And Moon

This year on Game Informer's weekly podcast, we debuted a new feature called GI Game Club where we play through specific games and talk about them in exquisite detail alongside our wonderful community. Next up we're talking about Game Freak's Pokémon Sun and Moon. The game is released on the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th, the first chapter of the two-part Game Club will air on The Game Informer Show on December 1st.

If you'd like to join in on the fun, please play the game and stop after you finish the fourth trial on the second island. Then send your poignant thoughts to [email protected]. We're looking forward to reading your emails on the podcast, so send in your thoughts on the game's story, new Pokémon to catch, Alola region, and the gameplay changes from previous installments. Whatever you'd like! The strange/funny/small notes are always welcome!

Feel free to subscribe to The GI Show on iTunes or Google Play, and if you're curious about what we've covered in the past, you can click through to watch our discussions for Final Fantasy VIIUncharted 4: A Thief's End, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the original BioShock. – The Feed

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s First Global Mission Starts Today

Capitalizing off its impressive sales records, Pokémon Sun and Moon have started a worldwide challenge to catch 100 million of the little monsters. Anyone who has either game can join in the fun, and there's a hefty reward as well.

If the lofty goal of 100 million Pokémon caught is met, then every player who took part will be awarded 1,000 Festival Coins, though even failing will net everyone 100 coins as a consolation prize.

The mission is available until December 13, which should give plenty of time to grab a copy and help out the other Pokémon Trainers.

[Source: Poké] – The Feed

Ranking Every Type In Pokémon From Worst To Best

One of the most crucial parts of learning Pokémon is understanding types. Like fighting game matchups, some Pokémon completely trounce others, and knowing which pocket monster to sic on your enemies at the right time can be the difference between becoming a Pokémon champion and losing to that cocky rival of yours.

But not all types are created equal. Although Pokémon games are usually balanced enough to make sure all types have their uses, Game Freak will never fix the issue where some Pokémon types are just cooler than others. 

We’ve ranked every type of Pokémon from least cool to coolest. If you’re using this list to gauge how cool your current Sun & Moon party is, take the average ranking of every type your Pokémon is, divide it by four, then stop using this list as a way to measure how cool your Pokémon party is.

Look. I like Ground Pokémon. Some of my best friends are Geodudes. But you can’t argue that Ground as a type is redundant. We already have Rock. The ground is made up of rocks (and also other things, but that’s not the point). And if you can argue Ground isn’t redundant, I’m not willing to listen to you.

Normal is as Normal does. It doesn’t help Normal’s cool factor that all the boring, early Pokémon in most games are Normal type, setting them up as the type you either catch within your first hour or want nothing to do with. And also, Rattata is a Normal type. That’s all I need to say.

I’m all for weird types, but the poison type is heavily tainted by the first generation of games. In a generation where Psychic was king, Poison was among the weakest, and that weakness infected a number of Pokémon. Grass/Poison and Ghost/Poison Pokémon were abundant, and it meant Psychic Pokémon were often indispensable.

One of the more recent types, Fairy Pokémon seems to have been created to create a second Normal type that wasn’t as boring (which should tell you how boring Normal is). That plans seems to have worked, however, and the type gave Pokémon like Clefairy and Jigglypuff a second wind.

Being able to fly is certainly cool, but few Pokémon are pure flying types. That’s because Flying is a boring type. No one wants to just be able to fly. You want magic electricity powers, or to also be a dragon. In a game with as many cool concepts as Pokémon, just Flying doesn’t cut it.

Bug works not just a cool type with its own strengths and weaknesses, but as an aesthetic choice. You can usually tell if a Pokémon is Bug type. They were also the secret way to fight Psychic Pokémon in the first generation of games, which made them feel that much cooler.

I’ll admit that being able to spew water whenever you want is a useful skill, but I can already do that, so it’s not that cool. But, Water Pokémon do have the option to live in the ocean away from the rest of the world, which is something I could use right now.

Setting aside that Ground is objectively the worst type, Rock Pokémon are actually really cool. Adding the Rock type to any Pokémon makes them scientifically 10 percent cooler, and Rock Pokémon have some of the coolest designs in all of Pokémon.

Similar to Flying types, you won’t find too many great pure Grass types. That said, Grass at least lets you do cool things like summon sharp leaves and channel the power of the sun into a Kamehameha-like beam.

Find out which types are the best ones on the next page. – The Feed

Kyle’s Favorite New Pokémon Of Sun & Moon

Like all Pokémon games, Sun & Moon includes a plethora of new creatures alongside the classics (spoiler: Pikachu can be caught in Alola). Some, however, stood above the rest for me. A few were revealed in the marketing lead-up to the game, but some were only revealed once the games hit players' hands. Here are 12 of my favorite.

This list is presented in alphabetical order. Feel free to tell me how I am wrong in the comments, though I would prefer a list of your favorite new Pokémon in Sun & Moon.

Crabominable is the evolved form of Crabrawler, who was shown off pre-release. I like Crabominable because he is not what I expected the boxing crab to turn into. He's basically an abonimable snowcrab, which is unexpected, and ultimately very cool.

I'm a sucker for Pokémon based on inanimate objects. As the reviewer of Pokémon X & Y, I was lucky to find Klefki in the wild before it had been revealed, and it's one of my favorites.

It's an anchor and one of those old-timey boat steering wheels covered in seaweed. It's super weird.

There's really one reason I like Drampa, and it's because he reminds me of Falcor from The Neverending Story. It's too bad he can't be your fast-travel buddy.

Golisopod looks bit like a mech that you should be able to crawl into and control. He rides that line of cool and creepy, while remaining imposing.

As you go through Alola's Trials, you will run into Hakamo-o. You must fight all three of its forms (Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o) to complete a Trial. His second form is my favorite, which is a rare for a second evolution. the middle is usually the boring forgettable one.

It's final form, seen above, is just too busy. It looks like it's covered in coasters.

Komala is adorable, and one of the first Pokémon I went out of my way to obtain. I wish it was one of the starter options and evolved into a giant koala sleeping on an armchair or something. This list is in alphabetical order, but Komala probably would be number one if I had ordered the list.

For more new Pokémon from Sun & Moon, including the best Ultra Beast, head to page two. – The Feed