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PlayStation Plus In December Serves Up Kings And Blood Dragons

Sony has announced the six PlayStation Plus titles hitting the service in December. You’ve still got through Monday to lock in November’s titles, but you might want to do that before the turkey makes you forget.

Here’s what you can look forward to on the three platforms:

PlayStation 4

  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition
  • King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember

PlayStation 3

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  • SSX


  • Freedom Wars
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken 

For a full rundown of the currently available games you should grab before December, check out our previous coverage. – The Feed

Lego Builder Recreates Entire Fallout 4 Garage, Plus Dogmeat

Every scrap of junk in Fallout 4 has a purpose in crafting the perfect weapon mod or tin shack. One creative Lego builder has decided to take it one step further in the real world, utilizing Legos to recreate a scene straight out of the game.

Known only by his first name, Pierre, the French Lego fan has hopes of becoming a Master Builder, a highly coveted position within the LEGO Group responsible for crafting large pieces for special events. Pierre waited until after E3 last June to decide which game to cover for his next project.

Using only a single photograph on the official Fallout 4 website, he set about recreating the familiar garage scene and power armor. Pierre even included in-game companion Dogmeat using only blocks he already had on hand. From there, it was a matter of repurposing old Lego sets to fit his needs, including various pieces from Star Wars Lego collections.

The creation stands at 61” x 31.5” x 23.6” and includes over 20,000 pieces altogether. Check out the video and gallery below to see a timelapse of Pierre piecing together the entire scene one block at a time.

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Thanks to reader Eric for the news tip.

[Source: Bethesda on YouTube] – The Feed

PSA: Today Is Your Last Chance For October PlayStation Plus Games

This is your friendly reminder that today is the final day to nab your October PlayStation Plus games. A new slate of titles rotates in tomorrow, so make some time to lock in your licenses now.

If you need a refresher, October’s titles include:

PlayStation 4

  • Broken Age
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Unmechanical Extended

PlayStation 3

  • Chariot
  • Kickbeat
  • Kung Fu Rabbit
  • Unmechanical Extended


  • Broken Age
  • Kickbeat
  • Kung Fu Rabbit
  • Super Meat Boy

November takes us to the stars with Mass Effect 2 and gives us colorful wizard robes in Magicka 2. You can check out the full slate of next month’s titles here. – The Feed

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Coming To Vita In December

Last generation’s Civilization Revolution introduced the long-running series to console gamers in an extremely accessible way. Its sequel, however, only debuted on smart devices when it was released last year.

On December 3, 2K and Firaxis are expanding it to another platform. Civilization Revolution 2 Plus will arrive on Vita with new leaders and scenarios.

The additions bring a number of Japanese elements into the game from throughout the country’s history. Leaders include Oda Nobunaga, Heihachiro Togo, and Himiko. Civ Rev 2 Plus also introduces Yamato class warships used during World War II.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
As much as I adore the PC Civilization series, I found time for many a game of Civilization Revolution. Games can be played more quickly, which gave me a quick fix when I didn’t want to sit down for a multisession attempt to conquer the world. – The Feed

[Update] November PlayStation Plus Games Announced

Sony has revealed the first PlayStation Plus games for November. The list includes three for PS4, three for PS3, and two for Vita.

Here's the full list:

PlayStation 4

  • Dragon Fin Soup
  • Magicka 2
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two

PlayStation 3

  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Dragon Fin Soup
  • Mass Effect 2


  • Dragon Fin Soup
  • Invizimals

October’s games rotate out on Tuesday, November 3. You can read up here for the full rundown. 

Note: This story has been updated throughout to reflect the full lineup. – The Feed

New Outlast II Trailer Teases The Dark Side Of Religion, Plus Release Date

The sequel to 2013’s house of survival horror, Outlast, finally has a release window. A new teaser trailer accompanying the announcement also promises to bring the unholy side of evil to the mix.

The teaser trailer most prominently features a burning upside down cross slowly coming into view. Referred to as the Cross of St. Peter or Petrin Cross, the upside down cross is commonly regarded as an anti-authority or anti-Christian icon. The original Outlast had its fair share of religious iconography, particularly the insane priest Father Martin, who blindly worshipped the ghostly Walrider.

The voice heard in the teaser also seems to be reciting portions of verses found in the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible, stating “She made all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever.” It seems players can expect religious fanaticism to play some role in the game.

Outlast II is scheduled to release in Fall 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the full teaser trailer below.

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[Source: Red Barrels] – The Feed

Sony Starting PlayStation Plus eSports League

A French PlayStation website has appeared for PlayStation Plus League – an eSports platform for PS4 players with online tournaments, championships, and other competitions.

The site lists tournaments for games like Battlefield Hardline, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, FIFA 16, Driveclub, Project Cars, Mortal Kombat X, Rocket League, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and a handful of others.

It appears the league will feature teams of various sizes (including solo play), cash prizes, season-to-season competitions, one-off competitions, championships, skill-based divisions, online/offline play, and other structural nuances.

PlayStation Plus League requires subscription to the PS+ service. It's unknown at this time if PlayStation Plus League will be brought over to North America.

For more info, click into the various FAQs on this site

We'll hopefully learn more at Sony's Paris Games Week presentation today. Watch it here.

[Source: PlayStation France]


Our Take
A good move to both provide an esports experience as well as give something extra to PS+ subscribers. – The Feed

7 horror games (plus some movies) every designer should study

Gamasutra speaks to a handful of game developers from across the industry (and the world) to get their recommendations on what horror games designers should play — and why. …

Gamasutra News

Catch Up With The Cast Of Yakuza 5, Plus New Screenshots

Updates have been sparse on the upcoming fifth installment of the action-adventure Yakuza franchise, but new details from Sega shine light on where the series' cast currently find themselves. New character details are also revealed, including a shady former baseball player.

Yakuza 5 features five playable characters in five different Japanese cities. After the events of Yakuza 4, series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu finds himself working as a cab driver in Fukuoka, retired from the Yakuza lifestyle. When his junior and the Sixth Chairman of the Tojo Clan go missing, Kiryu finds himself reluctantly pulled back into the mix.

Taiga Saejima, the imposing Yakuza enforcer introduced in Yakuza 4, was previously sentenced to 25 years for allegedly murdering 18 rival gang members. Now reincarcerated, Saejima is content to serve out his sentence in peace, until circumstances force his hand and his survival skills are tested in the harsh winters of Hokkaido.

Haruka Sawamura, the daughter of Kiryu’s late true love, is now 16 years old. Now living in Osaka, Haruka finds herself caught up in chasing her dream of becoming a TV star, competing in the show Princess League for a chance at fame. The glitz of showbusiness won’t stop Haruka from learning firsthand just how dangerous the entertainment industry can be, though.

Yakuza 4’s wealthy businessman Shun Akiyama is busy attempting to establish a new branch of his loan company Sky Finance. Those plans are unceremoniously put on hold when Akiyama receives news of a former client’s untimely death.

New to the series is former baseball player Tatsuo Shinada. After a promising career is cut short thanks to his gambling affiliations, Shinada now works as a poorly paid adult entertainment writer in Nagoya. His luck is about to change when a mysterious masked man confronts him with a challenge to discover the truth behind his ban from baseball.

For more on Yakuza 5’s story, the design behind protagonist Kiryu, and where series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi found inspiration for the series, check out our previous coverage.

Yakuza 5 is scheduled for release this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, though no specific date has been announced for American audiences. – The Feed

Apple Unveils iPhone 6S And 6S Plus With 3D Touch

Apple just announced the next versions of its best-selling smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and the company's newest phone innovation (slightly) changes the way you can use multi-touch.

Want a quick rundown? Here are main details you need to know about the new iPhone 6S:

  • The iPhone 6S introduces a new color, rose gold.
  • A stronger aluminum chassis should prevent the phone from bending in your pocket.
  • A new 3D Touch feature lets users to press down on the iPhone 6S to open up shortcuts for popular apps, speeding up the time it takes to message friends, check your email, or take selfies. Pressing down on the screen harder will give you new options, such as being able to zoom in on an image.
  • The new phones contain Apple’s A9 processor, which Apple claims is 70-percent faster than last year’s phones.
  • A new 12-megapixel sensor allows users to take highly detail photos and 4K video (last year's models featured an 8-megapixel camera). In addition, users will be able to take "living photos," which can feature a small bit of movement and audio when viewed.
  • A new 5-megapixel front-facing camera will allow for HD selfies and even light up the homescreen when you take front-facing photos as a kind of flash.

Starting on October 25, the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be available starting at $ 199 and $ 299 respectively (with a two-year contract). However, instead of buying a new phone outright, Apple also announced an upgrade program that allows users to receive a new phone (unlocked) each year for a subscription of $ 32 per month.


Our Take
The new iPhone 6S looks good, and I love the new tweaks, but I don't feel a need to upgrade from my iPhone 6 just yet. However, if you're still running with an older phone, now might be a good time to upgrade. – The Feed