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Where Is The March PlayStation Plus Games Announcement?

You might have noticed that we’re in the final week of February (leaving us just a few days to collect this month’s PlayStation Plus games). Normally by this point, we know what’s on tap for the following month.

Unfortunately, we may not know until next week, as a Sony representative stated on the PlayStation Europe blog. “Sorry to keep you good folks waiting,” writes Sony’s Fred Dutton. “I appreciate you’re all really keen to see the line-up and that it’s frustrating having to hang on a bit longer than usual. Alas, we’re still not quite ready to make the announcement. I can’t give you a firm time at present as to when the post will go live, but we’re working to get it to you as soon as possible. It may well be next week at this stage.”

This is also a good time to make sure you’ve downloaded February’s games. They are scheduled to rotate out when the store is updated on Tuesday, March 3.

[Source: PlayStation Blog via Gamespot]


Our Take
We want to know what next month’s games are just as much as you do. However, even if the titles are announced after Tuesday, we still have most of the month to nab them. – The Feed

PSA: Sony Announces 8-Week PlayStation Plus Spring Fever Celebration

Sony has announced the 2015 Spring Fever sale, featuring eight new digital-only games. Along with the sale announcement comes release dates for a number of upcoming titles.

Each of the titles carries a 10 percent discount for PlayStation Plus members. The deal extends through the first week of launch.

Here’s the lineup:

  • March 3 – Helldivers (PS4, PS3, Vita)
  • March 10 – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PS4, PS3, Vita)
  • March 17 – Jamestown+ (PS4)
  • March 24 – Metal Slug 3 (PS4, PS3, Vita)
  • March 31 – Axiom Verge (PS4)
  • April 7 – Bastion (PS4)
  • April 14 – Titan Souls (PS4, Vita)
  • April 21 – Shovel Knight (PS4, PS3, Vita)

Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, Metal Slug 3, Titan Souls, and Shovel Knight are cross-buy. Bastion and Axiom Verge will be launching later on Vita and will retroactively be part of the cross-buy program.

Additionally, there will be movie and game franchises on sale during each of the weeks. They are:

  • March 3 – Lego (games), The Hobbit (film)
  • March 10 – Saints Row (games), X-Men (film)
  • March 17 – Assassin’s Creed (games), Transformers (film)
  • March 24 – God of War (games), Spider-Man (film)
  • March 31 – Batman (games and film)
  • April 7 – Dragon Age (games), Lego (film)
  • April 14 – Grand Theft Auto (games), Planet of the Apes (film)
  • April 21 – Call of Duty (games), Taken (film) – The Feed

[Update] Sony Recommits To Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition

Update: While Sony Computer Entertainment America has yet to respond to us, it seems that our European colleagues were able to make some headway. Following yesterday's equivocal quotes from PlayStation's European boss, Jim Ryan, Sony decided to be a bit more concrete.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sony says that server capacity is still standing between PlayStation Plus members and the free, scaled down version of Driveclub. No release window has been mentioned.

Original Story:

Fall 2014 had a surprising number of games release with significant problems. The problem touched third-parties, as well as Sony and Microsoft directly. One such title was Sony’s Driveclub.

The title was originally slated for release alongside the PlayStation 4 in November 2013. It was delayed for nearly a year, and finally arrived to market on October 7.

Despite the delay, Sony still assured that the promised PlayStation Plus version was en route. That plan was pushed out once massive problems with Driveclub’s performance were revealed.

Now, PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan is pulling back even further. In an interview with Metro, Ryan declines to commit that the free version is still coming.

When asked if the PlayStation Plus version is coming, Ryan says that it’s “still being looked at.” When pressed for a restatement of the guaranteed release, Ryan hedges. “I can’t say anything at this stage,” he says.

We’ve reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment America in hopes of getting a more comprehensive statement. President of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida commented directly on Driveclub’s problems and may have more to offer on the situation.

[Source: Metro via Polygon]


Our Take
At this point, delivering the PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub is about fulfilling a promise made in 2013. It likely won’t fulfill the goal of driving many additional sales at this point (at least not with out a strong marketing campaign to invite people to try it again). 

What this could mean though, is that the full version of the game may arrive on PlayStation Plus sooner than it might otherwise have. This helps Sony by incentivizing DLC purchases, even it means forgoing full game purchases. Sony could save resource investment on the free version and go beyond fulfilling its original promise. – The Feed

PSA: Grab Your PlayStation Plus Games For February

If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can download Transistor, Rogue Legacy, and Apotheon among others right now.

The full list of games discounted to zero includes Apotheon and Transistor for PlayStation 4, Rogue Legacy (which is cross compatible for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita), Thief and Yakuza 4 for PlayStation 3, and Kick and Fennick for Vita.

You can head here to download the games remotely. We recently posted our Apotheon review, which you can read here. You can find our Transistor review by heading here. – The Feed

Transistor, Yakuza 4 heading to PlayStation Plus next month

Sony has revealed next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup, announcing that subscribers will receive free downloadable copies of Transistor, Yakuza 4, and more starting next week.

Featured PlayStation 4 freebies for next month include Supergiant Games’ …
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Adventures of Pip is modern cute plus classic challenge

I’m calling it now: the Kickstarted Adventures of Pip from developer TicToc Games is going to win cutest game of 2015. I don’t care that we’re not even to the end of January; Pip is so cute that I want him in a kids’ TV show. He’s so heart-meltingly …
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Joystiq Streams: Resident Evil HD bites back plus free PS4/PC copies!

A whole lot of superstars in this game here tonight, but I want you all to know one thing: This is Resident Evil in high definition. Whose blood? Chris’ blood. I said whose blood? Chris’ blood! Y’all know what time it is!

While the impossible dream …
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Sony to compensate PSN users with Plus extension, discount code

Sony’s offering five days of extra PlayStation Plus membership as its way of making up for the recent network outage. The gesture of goodwill isn’t limited to Plus subscribers, as all PlayStation Network users are getting a one-time 10 percent discou…
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Full PlayStation Plus line-up for January revealed [update]

Update: Sony’s confirmed North America’s PS Plus line-up for January is the same as Europe’s. We’ve updated the post to reflect that and other details.

We already knew Infamous: First Light and The Swapper were coming to the Instant Game Collection…
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2015’s First Month Delivers Infamous: First Light To PlayStation Plus Members

Sony’s European branch has revealed the full lineup of PlayStation Plus titles for the month of January 2015 (at least in that territory). We knew that Fetch-focused Infamous: First Light was coming, and now we know what else some of us will be playing.

Vita owners will be able to chew bubble gum and take names in Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition. They’ll also be able to take on blocky baddies in retro-inspired arcade title Whoa Dave.

PlayStation 3 owners might solve a mystery in DuckTales Remastered. Alternatively, they might take a walk on the darker (more mutated) side with Prototype 2. Finally, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to clone themselves to solve puzzles in The Swapper.

All of these titles will rotate in on January 6, when the PlayStation Store refreshes. We’re still waiting on the official announcement for North America, and we’ll update once we know for sure. We’re also working to confirm which titles will be offered with cross-buy privileges.

[Source: PlayStation on Facebook]


Our Take
If you haven't played The Swapper, then this is your month to celebrate. Seriously, you should make that a priority. As for the rest, this is a solid month. I'm looking forward to finally diving back into Infamous with Fetch. – The Feed