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Don’t Miss: Teaching players without using words

In this 2016 blog post, Ubisoft technical level designer Max Pears explores different methods of explaining game mechanics to players without writing explicit, wordy instructions into a game. …

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Don’t Miss: How to train players right, so they don’t hate learning to play

Designer Mike Stout takes a look at examples of in-game training that skip the boring tutorials and teach players the rules of the game by letting them play the game. …

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Overwatch surpasses 25 million registered players

Blizzard’s ever-popular hero shooter Overwatch just surpassed 25 million registered players. …

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Overwatch Continues To Grow, Now Over 25 Million Players

Some people might be sick of hearing about Blizzard’s expertly-balance hero shooter (I'm one of them), but the game’s sales certainly haven’t slowed down any.

This might not be as ceremonious as when Overwatch hit 20 million players last October and we got Halloween loot boxes, but it's impressive to see how Blizzards newest IP continues to grow. The company celebrated with a virtual fireworks display on its twitter account. If you're still on the fence about Overwatch, maybe our review will convince you to check this game out. – The Feed

Blog: Breaking down the percentage of female players by genre

Using data from over 270,000 gamers, we’ve put together some findings on the percentage of female gamers across game genres. …

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Survey: Women MMO players love The Old Republic, aren’t really into World of Warcraft

Video game consultancy Quantic Foundry has published another analysis of data gathered from its survey of 270k game players that purports to break down which genres of games women play most. …

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To help players train, Riot adds debug-esque ‘Practice Tool’ to League

Riot Games is gearing up to add a new “Practice Tool” to League of Legends, a single-player mode that affords players remarkable game state editing tools they can use to quickly practice strategies. …

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Rocket League Players Have Now Battled In More Than 1 Billion Games

Rocket League continues to pull in fans with its clever blend of soccer and radio-controlled-car action. To what degree, however, may surprise you.

More than 1 billion (yes, with a "B") matches have been played since its July 2015 release, including 31 million matches of the Rumble mode, which launched in September 2016. Those billion matches are split between the game's 25 million players, with half of them being played competitively. Thirty-three percent were casual games, 11 percent were alternative modes, and the final 6 percent were in private matches. 

That means more than 421 centuries of human effort have been poured into the game. Yikes.


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Seriously, yikes. – The Feed

Pokémon Sun & Moon Players Blow Second Straight Global Event

After players failed to meet the goal for the first global event in Pokémon Sun & Moon, developer Game Freak said it would lessen the requirements for the second occasion. Despite this gesture, the players yet again couldn't pull it off. 

For the second global event that started January 6 and ran until January 9, trainers were tasked with using the Island Scan feature to find one million Pokémon, then catch or defeat them. If all participants met that goal, then everyone would have received 2,017 Festival Coins. But the community only came up with 661,000, again falling well short of their goal. As a consolation, participants received a prize of 217 Festival Coins.

During the first event players were challenged to capture 100 million Pokémon, but only came up with 16 million.


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I guess Game Freak should continue to re-scope their global event goals downward until the players have more of a fighting chance. – The Feed

Come to GDC 2017 for Blizzard’s tips on helping players tell their own stories

2017 Game Developers Conference organizers want to let you know about a great game design talk taking place at the show from Blizzard game director Eric Dodds that explores why player stories matter. …

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