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2K’s Advent Future Revealed As PC-Only XCOM 2

Sorry console fans, it looks like you're not going to be fighting against the Advent forces. XCOM 2 was announced today exclusively for PC, picking up 20 years after the conclusion of Enemy Within.

We lost. The aliens have created an oppressive society under the guise of a better life for all humans (the source of the recent Advent Future teaser site). XCOM is now on the offensive, working from the shadows. 

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The title is under development at Firaxis, who is retooling the soldier classes and customization, while adding new enemies (such as the cobra-headed soldier we see in the trailer above).

XCOM 2 will be out this November on PC. – The Feed

Guild Wars 2 is UK’s first PC-only number 1 since 2010

Newsbrief: NCsoft’s Guild Wars 2 rose to the top of the UK sales charts in its opening week, thanks to a lengthy pre-purchase scheme, making it the third biggest launch for an MMO ever behind World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Guild Wars 2 can also claim to be the first PC-only title to reach number one in the charts since Football Manager 2011 back in November 2010. Meanwhile, last week’s number …

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Sniper Elite V2 gets PC-only vs mode

Sniper Elite V2 will be getting competitive multiplayer modes, but only in the PC version of the game.

Developer Rebellion revealed the 12-player team deathmatch mode on the game’s forums (via). The team is publishing the PC version of the game themselves, unlike the 505 Games-published console versions, so they were able to add the mode of their own accord. A Twitter post on the issue read: “We only had the power to make that decision on the PC version. We chose to include it.”

The game’s co-op options will be available to all, however. It releases at the start of May.

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Report: Epic Working On PC-Only Title

Although some fans may be disappointed that Epic Games has cancelled Gears of War: Exile, there's news that the company is currently working on a PC-only project.

Joystiq reports that company president Mike Capps and lead designer Cliff Bleszinski told a panel at PAX East that Epic is working on a PC-only title that Joystiq says is previously unannounced.

We presume then that Fortnite is not the game in question (although its platforms haven't been officially announced), as that was debuted last year on the VGAs.

Could this be a return to the roots for the Unreal franchise or something else entirely? – The Feed