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Rejoice! Namco’s patent on loading screen minigames expires today

For 20 years, Namco has held a dubious patent on “auxiliary games” that play while the main game loads. The patent’s period of exclusivity finally runs out today. …

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Nintendo Patent Shows New Hardware With No Disc Drive And A Controller With Display Screen

A patent filed by Nintendo back in February may offer some hints about the Nintendo NX, or some other forthcoming hardware.

The patent was filed six months ago and published publicly two days ago. NeoGAF found the patent and pointed out a number of oddities about the hardware, which is defined as a, "stationary game apparatus, game apparatus, game system, recording medium and speed control method." The first few terms make it pretty clear it is not a handheld system, but the last few terms, which refer to the hardware as a recording medium and speed control method, are less clear.

Some of the aforementioned oddities include a controller with a display screen (like the Wii U, perhaps) and a the lack of an optical disc drive. There is, however, a card slot which leads to speculation that this game console will not use discs and could perhaps use downloadable content exclusively, or its games will be sold on a cartridge compatible with the card slot. The patent also shows an external hard drive and a communication unit (i.e. the Internet).

Nintendo announced work on a mysterious new console in March codenamed the NX. Little is known about the hardware other than we will learn more about it next year, and that it will be friendly with PCs and mobile devices. You can check out the full patent for the device on the US Patent and Trademark Office website by following the link.

We've reached out to Nintendo for more details about the patent and will update this story if we're able to add new details.

[Source: US Patent and Trademark Office, via NeoGAF, Polygon]


Our Take
It's entirely possible that this could be a redesigned model of the Wii U with no disc drive. Every Wii U game released is available on the eShop meaning the lack of a disc drive wouldn't limit game selection options. It also has many of the same specifications, like the external hard drive and a controller with a screen. Maybe it's a Wii U with a DS game slot? Obviously, the more exciting speculation is this is early patented concept work for whatever NX is, but I am less confident that that's what we're looking at here. – The Feed

Reader Discussion: What Is Nintendo’s New Game System Patent?

An interesting Nintendo patent was uncovered recently that points to new hardware. What do you think it is?

It's definitely a new gaming system, but not much else is known. What do you think it is? NX? A new Wii U? Something completely different? A doomsday device? Let us know in the comments below. – The Feed

Nintendo plays whack-a-mole with another patent suit, wins case

A Texas outfit called Secure Axcess sued over the company’s Wii U console and handhelds; now, a judge has sided with Nintendo on all counts. …

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Nintendo prevails in another patent suit, defending its handheld systems

The DS, 3DS, and Game Boy Advance are safe — as Nintendo successfully defends against a patent infringement suit in an Oakland, California court. …

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Nintendo comes out on top in latest Wii balance board patent case

Nintendo won another patent lawsuit this week after plaintiffs Ithaca Development and Ithaca Ventures withdrew their 2013 Seattle federal court case over Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board peripheral. …

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Lawsuit alleges EA infringed on sports stadium update patent

White Knuckle IP filed a lawsuit late last week against EA, alleging that the publisher infringed on a patent that focuses on methods for updating sports games based on real-life changes. The suit referred to U.S. Pat. No. 8,529,350, which described …
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Federal court dismisses Wiimote patent case against Nintendo

Nintendo has prevailed in yet another patent lawsuit, this time against Texas company UltimatePointer LLC, regarding a case we first reported on in 2011. UltimatePointer asserted that Nintendo’s Wiimote infringed on its patent for an “Easily Deployab…
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Nintendo wins patent lawsuit aimed at the Wii Remote

UltimatePointer has patents for hand-held pointing devices, with which it said it planned to market laser pointers for business use. Apparently the court didn’t see the connection to the Wii. …

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Nintendo prevails in yet another patent suit

Though it suffered a major setback in a case against Philips recently, the video game giant has yet again won a case that could have stopped sales of the Wii U. …

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