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Nintendo sued for patent infringement over Wii U display tech

Secure Axcess has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo and various retailers in a Texas court over sales of the company’s Wii U console, alleging it infringes on a 2003 patent. …

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Nintendo prevails in latest 3DS patent scuffle

The International Trade Commission has found in favor of Nintendo in a case involving three companies claiming the gaming giant infringed on their patents with the creation of the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds.

In 2012, Technology Properties Limited…
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Nintendo prevails in latest patent suit

Nintendo 3DS and DSi systems found not to infringe on patents held by Patriot Scientific Corporation, which brought the suit at the International Trade Commission. …

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Sony files patent for modular, transforming PS Move-like controller

What if a PlayStation Move controller didn’t just move but could also transform (and roll out)? Our friends at Engadget have spotted a US patent filing from Sony for a modular PS Move-like controller that would do such a thing. The patent describes a …
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Nintendo wins Wii peripheral lawsuit, obtains suing company’s patent portolio

Nintendo has obtained the entire patent portfolio of exergaming company InterAction Laboratories (a.k.a. IA Labs) following an unsuccessful 2010 lawsuit alleging that Nintendo’s Wii and its peripherals infringed on IA’s patents.

A trial court ruled …
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Nintendo snaps up ‘patent troll’s’ patents after court win

IA Labs tried — and failed — to sue Nintendo for patent infringement back in 2010, and this week Nintendo acquired the now-defunct patent troll’s entire portfolio as part of a court-mandated sale. …

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Nintendo to pay royalty to 3D patent holder for every 3DS unit sold

A U.S. federal judge has established a royalty rate Nintendo will pay to Tomita Technologies International for every Nintendo 3DS handheld console sold worldwide. The ongoing fee stems from a a 2011 lawsuit that found Nintendo liable for damages …
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Blog: Washington takes on patent trolls – what to expect

Patent reform legislation is making its way through Congress — but what should we expect from it? Attorney Jonathan Sparks explains what’s happening right now. …

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Sony Patent Filing Appears To Be New PlayStation Move Controller

A Sony patent filing recently surfaced online, and looks to be a modified version of the Move controller intended to be used with the PlayStation 4.

In general, the controller looks almost identical to the current Move - with one major exception. The picture (above) and the patent filing details a large "touch surface" located below the X button on the unit, much like the touch pad on the new DualShock 4.

[Source: CVG]

Our Take:
I'd wondered if Sony was going to make a next-gen Move controller, as it did have a camera peripheral ready for launch. This patent filing appears to answer that question in the affirmative. I have no problem with the current Move; it works just fine, and I imagine that some technological refinements will mean that the new one works ever better. However, I'm not sure that an aftermarket peripheral of this sort is really going to resonate with consumers. Frankly, I wonder if this is worth the time, money, and investment of resources for Sony. – The Feed

Patent troll crackdown measure approved by House

Patent troll haters, take heart: The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill explicitly designed to punish companies for abusive use of patents today. …

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