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Steam service users must now disclose paid endorsements

Valve has added a new clause to the Steam User Agreement requiring users to disclose when they are using a Steam service to promote something in exchange for money, free games or other rewards. …

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Monument Valley dev: 5% of Android players paid to play

Monument Valley developer Ustwo revealed that only five percent of the game’s installs on Android “paid for.” It divulged “interesting data” about the game in recent tweets, clarifying that a “small number” of the other 95 percent of installs were le…
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The Sims 4 update gets paid time off, adds holiday cheer

EA updated The Sims 4 this week, adding a significant amount of new content to the life simulation game. Your sims can now go after an athletic or business career like Hall of Famer or Business Tycoon and accrue paid time off for any of their occupat…
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Here’s what the feds have to say about paid YouTube content

The Federal Trade Commission has told us that those YouTubers who are paid by publishers to advertise their games must provide clear, obvious disclosure in videos. …

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Don’t Miss: How paid YouTuber coverage boosted Guns of Icarus Online

The charts and graphs in this Guns of Icarus Online postmortem help explain how sponsored YouTube videos, Steam deals and player support can drive a game’s success. …

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FIFA 14, UFC paid Xbox One demos a ‘system error,’ says EA rep

Xbox One users sensed an apocalypse when they found the system’s online store charging $ 5/£4 for demos of EA games FIFA 14 and EA Sports UFC this morning. However, according to an EA Australia representative, panic stations needn’t be manned just…
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Total War: Rome 2 paid DLC sparks fan backlash over alleged cut content

The recent release of the Beasts of War downloadable content pack for Total War: Rome 2 has ignited a backlash among series fans, who accuse developer Creative Assembly of deliberately withholding finished content from the retail version of the game…
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The number two paid app on iOS… is based on a $10 GameSalad template

First the incredibly simple Flappy Bird becomes the number one free app — but now a simple game based on a template is tearing up the paid charts. …

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Judge Sets Royalty Fee To Be Paid By Nintendo On Every 3DS Sold

Nintendo has been on the receiving end of a patent lawsuit from Tomita Technologies. The focus is the glasses-free technology present in the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL handhelds. Following a jury decision, a United States federal judge has now set the amount that Nintendo must pay Tomita for each unit sold.

The judgment amounts to 1.82 percent of the wholesale price of each unit sold throughout the handheld’s life. This is on top of a $ 15 million damage award that Nintendo has already been ordered to provide.

The presiding judge rejected a flat rate amount as it would have represented an “unearthed windfall” for Tomita. The percentage-based award means that the royalty will scale with the price of the 3DS and 3DS XL, both of which will no doubt drop in the future.

[Source: Law 360 via Joystiq, Engadget]


Our Take
This is ruling is similar to the one we saw during the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 generation when Immersion sued both Microsoft and Sony over rumble in the controllers. Patent law is a powerful thing in the United States, even though we sometimes have a hard time weeding out the patent trolls from the truly wronged parties. – The Feed

Klei Entertainment Opens Up Paid Alpha For Incognita

One of my favorite experiences in the PAX 2013 Indie Mega Booth was Klei Entertainment's Incognita. The developer has taken elements of turn-based strategy and blended them with the extended roguelike play of FTL. Put simply, we kind of liked it.

You can see what all the fuss is about right now, as Klei is offering up a paid alpha. The $ 16.99 entry fee ($ 19.99 with soundtrack) gets you access to the current build of the game, with beta and full release coming later when available.

It's currently only available on PC. For more on Incognita, you can read our preview from PAX 2013 and recap from the first gameplay live stream. You can purchase Incognita on Klei's website.


Our Take
I'm not sure how I feel about the concept of paid alphas in general, but this one has me very interested. $ 16.99 isn't a lot to ask if you're interested in watching a game develop over time.

Klei's track record (Mark of the Ninja, Don't Starve) also offers confidence that a final version of the game will happen when ready and that it will be quite good. If you've ever considered buying into a game at the early playable stage, this is a good place to start. – The Feed