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Blog: When should I consider paid user acquisition?

Have you been working tirelessly on your game towards a global launch, but haven’t thought about how you’re going to market it? Kongregate shares some tips on how to market effectively. …

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Blog: Taking Assassin’s Creed Pirates from paid to free-to-play

This article presents the journey of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Pirates from a premium app to free-to-play, analyzing all the price adjustments made to increase revenue along the way. …

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Nintendo Switch Paid Online Service Includes Monthly Game Download And Added Online Play For Classic Games

Earlier tonight, Nintendo outlined its new approach to online services for its upcoming system, Switch. After the Nintendo Switch press conference, the company expanded on what its paid services will deliver to players.

At launch, all players will have access to online gameplay for free. However, once the paid component launches in fall 2017, online gameplay, online lobby and voice chat, and benefits like the ability to download a free game each month and have access to exclusive deals will be limited to those paying for the subscription service. 

On Nintendo's official site for its online service, the company states that the monthly game download is either an NES or SNES game. In an interesting twist, the website states that the SNES games (and potentially the NES games, the wording isn't clear – Ed.) will feature "newly-added online play." The website is unclear on what exactly that means, and if the download only allows you to play the game for a month, or if the download is only made free for a month. Also unclear is whether or not players who cease to subscribe to Switch's paid online service will retain any games they download at no additional charge. This feature appears to be set to launch in fall 2017. 

Since the statement on this feature is a little ambiguous, you can check out the full quote from the Nintendo site below. 

"Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super NES) game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month."

You can see the full chart  that differentiates the capabilities of paid service subscribers to non-subscribers below.

Nintendo Switch launches on March 3 and retails for $ 299.99.

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With Titanfall 2, Respawn makes a show of ditching paid map packs

Respawn’s mech-enhanced shooter Titanfall 2 is out this week, so the studio is hyping its plan to break with common practice and make all multiplayer maps/game modes it adds to the game free. …

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Fans upset after Early Access title Ark: Survival Evolved gets paid DLC

Ark: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard has been lambasted by fans for releasing a premium expansion while the game is still in Early Access. …

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The Division’s Next Two Paid Expansions Have Been Delayed

Ubisoft announced today that two upcoming paid expansions for The Division have been delayed. Massive, the lead studio working on the game, is working on feature and gameplay improvements that will happen before the DLC is released.

Survival, the third paid add-on, was supposed to be out this summer. Instead, Massive is taking the time to work on patch 1.4, which it expects will be out in October. That update will include bug patches, systems improvements, and quality of life upgrades.

Between now and then, Ubisoft will be tapping the community for feedback, including bringing some players to Massive in Sweden to help give input. Survival will be out sometime between 1.4 and the end of the calendar year.

Last Stand, the final paid DLC that has been announced, will now be out in early 2017. It was originally scheduled for this winter.

[Source: The Division on Twitch]


Our Take
Delaying DLC to improve the game experience makes a lot of sense. It’s not an easy decision to make, especially as it creates a gap between major content drops that would otherwise keep existing players engaged. The Division has some systems I really like, but I’d love to see some things tightened up. That seems like what this upcoming patch is set to do. – The Feed

CEDEC survey sheds light on how much Japanese game devs get paid

Japanese game industry trade body CESA recently polled nearly 2,000 game devs in Japan about how much they’re paid, and the results suggest it’s less than devs in the West. …

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Are paid apps dead? There’s only 1 among the US 50 top-grossing, and it’s Minecraft

Even when you narrow down to focus only on the 50 top-grossing mobile games in the US, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the only premium entry — the rest are free-to-play games. …

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Disclosing paid content legally: A practical guide

Whether you’re a developer, blogger, vlogger, YouTuber or streamer, when it comes to creating paid content, there are certain legally required disclosure requirements you need to know about. …

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Blog: The paid mods question

Reader Kevin Murphy writes: “A look at the economics of the paid mods debate, and how damaging it could be to the industry depending on how it would be implemented.” …

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