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How To Become A Master Of The Coin Toss, Pac-Man, Monopoly, & More

You're the kind of person who wants to be the best at all
games, right? Not just video games like Street Fighter or Call of Duty, though.
You also probably want to defeat your peers when it comes to playing Scrabble,
guessing a coin toss, rock, paper, scissors, and every other contest under the
sun. Now there's a handy guide that'll
help you hack your way to your full competitive potential.

The Washington Post has published an extensive guide on how
to become that best at several popular games without putting in all that hard
work trying to get good. For example, the Pac-Man entry highlights a few danger
zones to avoid if you don't want to get chomped by ghosts, the best
intersections to bait ghosts towards, and a safe spot where Pac-Man can catch
his power pellet-stinkin' breath.

Some guides are pretty basic, like the aforementioned
Pac-Man tips, while others go further in depth on strategy and even sometimes
physics. For example, one video breaks down the physics behind a coin toss, and
how you can use science to actually come closer to predicting what we generally
consider a random event.

It's a fun read/watch if you're interested in impressing
your friends and winning bets. Just remember not to tell anyone else you read
this article. Oh, crap… – The Feed

Adam Sandler Fights Pac-Man And Donkey Kong In The First Trailer For Pixels

In Pixels, Adam Sandler is joined by Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, and Michelle Monaghan in a battle for Earth against city destroying video games. To answer your question in advance, yes this is a real thing that I did not make up.

Despite knowing about the movie for some time, seeing the trailer for it doesn't make it any less surreal. You can check it out below.

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Along with the actors outlined above, the cast also includes Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) and is directed by Chris Columbus, whose credits include writing The Goonies and directing the first two Harry Potter films, among many others. The movie is also executive produced by Seth Gordon, who directed the Donkey Kong high-score documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

You can learn more about the movie and the viral short film that inspired it by heading here and here. – The Feed

Track The History Of Pac-Man Fever In New This Exists Video

You may have heard of Bucker and Garcia’s hit song Pac-Man Fever before, or the similar Do The Donkey Kong. The novelty song actually managed to reach #9 on the Billboard top 100 soon after it released. A new This Exists video by Sam Sutherland delves into the history of not only Pac-Man Fever and the album of the same name, but also Buckner and Garcia’s careers and the early history of novelty songs in the music industry. You can check out the entertaining and informative video below.

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Thanks to reader Eric Poppe for the news tip. – The Feed

Real-life, giant Pac-Man maze stars in Super Bowl ad

Bud Light’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial sends a clear message: Drink beer, be chased by ghosts. Or is it “Drink beer, have a lot of strangers touch you?” No, no – it’s probably “Drink beer, then run around a ton and don’t throw up!” Or just, “Pac-Man …
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Real-world Pac-Man maze is what dreams, Super Bowl ads are made of

It appears someone on the Bud Light marketing team has shared our daydreams about emulating video game moments in real life. As you can see above, the difference between us is a substantial, dream-fueling marketing budget – according to Game Informer…
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Budweiser Builds Life-Size Pac-Man Maze For Super Bowl Ad

Bud Light recently constructed a life-sized Pac-Man maze in Los Angeles' Fashion District for an upcoming Super Bowl commercial. The ad is part of the company's Up for Whatever campaign, and if the set is any measure of things, it looks like this upcoming ad will be quite the production.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the commercial is called coin and will run for 60 seconds during this year's Super Bowl. Spoilers: but it sounds like the ad is about a man who receives a message in a beer bottle and is then told to go outside, given a giant coin, and gets a chance to play this life-sized version of the classic arcade game. The set looks pretty cool, and we hope it comes back to LA during E3 later this year.

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Our Take
I'm not that into sports, so the ads are the most interesting part of the Super Bowl for me. This looks like a cool set, so I'm interested to see how the ad turns out. – The Feed

University in Spain Puts Up Pac-Man Statue

Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain has erected a Pac-Man statue as tribute to the gaming icon and the university's game development program.

The sculpture is over two meters high, and the commencement ceremony was attended by the Japanese ambassador in Spain, the university's dean, and local city representatives, among others.

The university is the first in the Madrid region to offer a video game development degree. – The Feed

Video: If Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 was released today

We’ve seen variations on this sort of thing before, but this mocked-up glimpse at our industry’s terrifying future is more plausible than most. Something Awful founder Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka proposes what Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 might play like if…
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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX going free-to-play on iOS

An iOS version of Bandai Namco’s high-octane Pac-Man remake Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has soft-launched in New Zealand, suggesting that a worldwide App Store release is imminent.

Released as a downloadable title for consoles in 2010,…
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REVIEW / PAC-MAN Friends (iOS)


I love PAC-MAN. So much so that when I saw a baseball cap with the cheeky fella on it at Glastonbury Festival this year, I knew I had to have it. The simplicity of the character design, the waka-waka noise accompanying you as try and munch down pac-dots, while trying your best to wait for the perfect moment to snag a power pellet and turn the tables on Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde is what makes this game not only addictive, but a pop-culture icon. So when I was told that I would be getting my hands on PAC-MAN Friends on my iPhone for my first game review, ever. I was more than excited.


Retro-inspired artwork fans of the original will love

Retro-inspired artwork that fans of the original will love.


As my thumb hits the app icon my ears are greeted by familiar sounds. Good start. The art style is finely polished, possessing a rich colour pallet with retro-inspired artwork and character design that fans of the series will recognize and love. Sadly, the comparison with the original 80’s arcade version ends here. The game is laid out in a series of levels reminiscent of the ever so popular (but incredibly tiresome) Candy Crush, spread across seven different worlds. Along the way you pick up ‘friends’ that have unique abilities to help PAC-MAN in his quest. Calling them friends is a little inaccurate, however, as collecting these comrades feels more like a burden than a reward, with each one that you accumulate adding to difficulties you face.

Controlling PAC-MAN and his multi-coloured companions was a chore. Foolishly, I chose not to make use of the screen-tilt for maneuvering the little guys around, opting instead for on screen buttons, which, even with my rather slender fingers was an awkward task. PAC-MAN and his chums handle like an overpowered rally car, with their back ends swinging wildly wide, as you make turns at high speed, making avoiding obstacles a little frustrating. But after I made the switch to the other control style, it gave me the desired dexterity.


If you're looking for classic 80's PAC-MAN this is not it.

If you’re looking for classic 80′s PAC-MAN this is not it.


Each level has you accomplishing a set amount of objectives within a desired time limit with an Angry Birds-esque score system that ranks your performance from one to three stars, depending on how well and how many objectives you successfully complete. As you go the levels gets progressively harder, but not progressively engaging. I had been holding out for a level called the haunted labyrinth because it looked like a bonus level that would transport me back – even if only briefly – to the past. It was a ruse. Once I finally collected the 10 magic keys required to unlock the level, rather than getting the chance to flex my thumbs in a familiar blue maze, I was met with more of the same. This is where I called it a day.



If you are a die-hard fan of the original game and desperately need a fix of anything and everything PAC-MAN then this is the game for you. But if you are looking for a glossy re-boot of the 80’s classic, stick to PAC-MAN and forget his friends.


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