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Tower of Guns opens to PS3, PS4, Xbox One fans in early 2015

Tower of Guns, a bullet-hell-style shooter that’s sprinkled with roguelike elements like procedurally-generated rooms and loot, will open fire on the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One (via the ID@Xbox program) early next year. The upcoming ports were announced i…
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Microsoft opens its coffers to cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Alongside cash and credit, Microsoft will now also accept Bitcoin in exchange for digital content, including music, movies and games on its Xbox consoles and Windows devices.

Bitcoin fans wanting to use their money on Microsoft’s goods have a few ca…
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Red Faction: Guerrilla opens Steamworks public beta

Red Faction: Guerrilla is the latest game to completely shed its Games for Windows Live coat, and will now begin testing full Steam support features, Nordic Games announced. The publisher invited players to participate in a public beta of the game’s…
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On the back of mobile success, InnoGames opens new studio

The Hamburg-based studio, best known for making browser games, has an iPad hit — and now expands to Dusseldorf to beef up its mobile offerings. …

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Unreal Engine Marketplace opens, UE4 free to educators

*You enter a building marked with the Epic Games and Unreal Engine logos. As you do, a cheerful voice comes over the intercom.*

Greetings, shoppers! Welcome to the just-opened Unreal Engine Marketplace, where Unreal Engine 4 developers can peruse…
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The Long Dark’s Early Access sandbox opens September 22

It can be fun to wonder whether you could survive being stranded in the wilderness using solely your wits, but actually testing that theory isn’t particularly advisable. The Long Dark is probably a safer way to get your answer, and developer…
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Hearthstone Naxxramas Plague Quarter opens its doors tonight

Curse of Naxxramas, Hearthstone’s single-player content styled – and named – after the floating necropolis of Naxxramas from World of Warcraft, will be receiving its first update tonight. Following Blizzard’s plans to release each of the locale’s…
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Report: China Telecom opens Xbox One sales in September

Microsoft’s Xbox One console will go on sale in China this September, thanks to a newly-announced agreement with the country’s third-largest telecommunications firm China Telecom Corp Ltd.

According to Reuters, this arrangement will make the Xbox…
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Shadowgate opens the doors August 21 on Steam

Shadowgate, the Kickstarted and revamped first-person adventure game, launches on August 21 on Steam for PC and Mac, and it’s due to hit iOS and Android devices in the fall.

The shiny new Shadowgate comes from the creators of the original MacVenture…
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Cannon Brawl opens fire on Mac

Turtle Sandbox Games’ Early Access version of Cannon Brawl now allows Mac users to compete in its competitive blend of Worms-style 2D land domination and real-time strategy elements. Today’s added Mac support precedes plans to launch Cannon Brawl’s…
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