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Ubisoft opens book publishing house to ‘propel’ brands forward

Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs creator Ubisoft is looking to boost its cross-media brand power with the opening of its very own publishing house, Ubisoft Publishing.   …

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IGF 2017 opens call for judges

Interested in potentially serving as a judge for the 2017 Independent Games Festival Awards? Now’s your chance! …

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Ninja Theory opens real-time cinematography division, Senua Studio

UK indie Ninja Theory has cut the ribbon on Senua Studio, a new division dedicated to bringing realtime virtual characters to life for stage, film, broadcast, games, and VR.  …

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Twitch opens new dev-focused office in Austin, Texas

Video game streaming outfit Twitch has cut the ribbon on a new office in Austin, Texas, a short distance from Zilker Park in the city’s SoCo restaurant district.  …

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Nintendo Formally Opens Door To Diversification In Health, Computer Software

Nintendo has proposed some changes to its articles of incorporation, the document that defines a company’s purpose for existence. While the changes aren’t elaborated, Nintendo is leaving the door open to revisit its shelved quality of life devices.

Of note in the document are two additions to the section that specifically deals with the company’s purpose. The two additions read “Development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and health devices” and “Development, manufacturing and sale of computer software.”

Computer software is a curious inclusion, because an existing section of the document specifically refers to “Production, manufacturing and sale of contents such as games, images and music.” The proposed changes to the articles of incorporation also deal with organizational changes relating to an audit and supervisory committee.

The new document will be up for ratification at the annual shareholders meeting on June 29, 2016.

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Our Take
Changes to articles of incorporation don’t necessary mean that Nintendo will go in these new directions. However, the company is likely investigating possibilities seriously enough that it wants to ensure that shareholders see those decisions as part of Nintendo’s mission. This lays groundwork, but it doesn’t commit the company to a specific course of action. So, no, that doesn't mean the Vitality Sensor project is alive again. – The Feed

Mass Effect Theme Park Attraction Opens This Month

California's Great America theme park has revealed on Twitter that the upcoming attraction, Mass Effect: New Earth 4D, will open May 18.

The previously announced theme park ride will have riders strapped into rumble chairs and wear 3D glasses, while a live performer will guide them through space in Commander Shepard's SSV Normandy ship. Participants will visit distant planets and face off against foes to help save the day.

Click here to view a trailer for the ride. The attraction is exclusive to California's Great America in Santa Clara.

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Linden Lab opens up VR world Project Sansar to outside creators

The company that opened up user generated 3D space with Second Life, and has a plan to do it once again — but this time, in virtual reality. …

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NYU Game Center Incubator opens up to all devs

A $ 450,000 grant has enabled the program, formerly open only to NYU student devs, means that the program is now accepting open applications. …

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Pop Culture Shock Toys Opens Pre-Orders For Street Fighter V Statues

The launch for Street Fighter V has been complicated, and the convoluted rollout for its March update didn’t help matters much. You might be looking for something to keep you anchored down while Capcom addresses the unstable nature of its fighting game. Maybe your anchor is a hefty $ 899 Ryu statue.

Pop Culture Shock Toys has opened up pre-orders for its hyper-detailed statues of Street Fighter V’s cast. All of the world warriors couldn’t make it, but KenCammy, Necalli, NashVega, and Ryu are present.

These statues range in size from Necalli’s 1:6 scale figure to Ryu’s massive 1:3 scale rendering, complete with real fabric for his costume. Nash, Ken, Vega, and Cammy sit in between these two sizes with 1:4 scale casts.

There are two $ 899 versions of Ryu, both his regular Street Fighter V appearance and Battle Ryu, who some fans have referred to affectionately as “Hot Ryu.” Fans have even taken this a step further by modding bearded Ryu to strike…some interesting poses.

Both Ryu statues are already out of stock, but you can pre-order the rest of Pop Culture Shock Toys' available statues here. Prices range from Necalli’s $ 299 to Cammy’s $ 409.99 with added discounts for pre-purchasing. To read our thoughts on Street Fighter V, check out our review here

[Source: Pop Culture Shock Toys] – The Feed

Relentless opens new Welsh studio to make games based on Hasbro toys

Buzz! developer Relentless Software has laid plans to open a new studio in Wales using government funding, creating 70 jobs and working on new games based on Hasbro toy characters. …

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