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Bethesda Reveals Quake Champions Free-To-Play Model

After opening sign-ups for Quake Champions' closed beta, Bethesda has revealed how it plans to monetize Quake Champions, and it's fairly simple.

Players will be able to run around fragging each other as Ranger, one of the game's characters, for free. If they feel the need to branch out into other characters, they can buy access to every other character for a single unannounced price. Both kinds of players (those who pay and those who don't) will be able to play with and against each other, sharing the same maps and modes.

Anyone who doesn't feel like paying can also earn champions with an in-game currency called Favor, though this will only unlock a character for a set period of time. Players can also use Favor to buy backpacks that unlock rune challenges, which, when completed, will allow players to earn characters and skins.

[Source: Polygon


Our Take
This seems like a pretty standard free-to-play model, though the limited unlocks through Favor are a new wrinkle. Let's hope it doesn't mean unlocking characters over and over is annoying. – The Feed

New 3DS XL Gets Pikachu Yellow Model In February

With Pokémon coming off of its biggest year since the first wave of Pokémania hit in the late '90s, Nintendo is looking to capitalize with a New 3DS XL model that features the series' iconic mascot. The Pikachu Yellow New 3DS XL features a full-body image of the mouse Pokémon on the front of the system.

Since the special edition handheld is a New 3DS XL model, it includes improved head-tracking for 3D, an added C-stick nub, and better battery life. However, in keeping with previous New 3DS models, it does not include a charging cable – a somewhat ironic fact given the electric nature of the monster featured on the system.

The Pikachu Yellow New 3DS XL hits stores on February 24, just one week before Nintendo's new system, Switch, launches worldwide.


Our Take
The Pokémon brand is still surging in popularity thanks to the Pokémon Go phenomenon last summer and the record-breaking sales of Pokémon Sun and Moon. New 3DS systems have been hard to come by since the holiday season, so hopefully this signals the next wave of units to be released into the wild. Here's hoping Nintendo actually makes enough for those who want to buy it can do so without hassle. – The Feed

Atlas Reactor Season 2 Welcomes New Character, Free-To-Play Model

Over the next 10 weeks, Trion Worlds' Atlas Reactor is getting a slew of content, including a new freelancer (read: character), modes, and a free-to-play model.

The game's Season 2 update lets anyone try the game out and purchase characters individually with a new in-game currency, called Flux.

The update also adds Brynn the Skywarden, who can create cover at her location, with a second character planned for later in the season. You'll be able to try Brynn out in a five new modes introduced over the course of season as well, with the first being All-Random. The game's beginning hours, existing characters, and ranked system have each received some tweaks as well, easing players and making losses in competitive play a bit less devastating.

You can read more about the update here, and watch the game's initial trailer here.


Our Take
Atlas Reactor always looked kind of interesting, and with the game now being free-to-play, that may encourage more people to jump in. Which is good, because as the multiplayer space gets more crowded, free-to-play seems like the only option for any game that needs a consistent player base to make it fun. – The Feed

Super Mario Run: The best model of a mobile platformer, the worst model of selling

Super Mario Run is an innovative platformer in mobile games and the worst example of selling. …

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New Model of PlayStation 4 Officially Announced, Along With Release Date And Price

At this year's PlayStation Meeting, Sony finally announced what we had already known for a while: a newer, slimmer model of the PlayStation 4 is coming.

The new model will work much the same as the current one, though it represents a "new standard moving forward" for Sony. The new model will launch on September 15 and will cost $ 299. – The Feed

Hacks suggest The Division’s networking model may be fundamentally flawed

Game networking consultant Glenn Fiedler notes how a number of The Division hacks suggest developer Ubisoft Massive may have implemented a fundamentally insecure “trusted client” networking model. …

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Cliff Bleszinski’s LawBreakers ditches distracting free-to-play model

“I think it took away from development. We ended up being focused on how to get money, as opposed to how to make a good game.” …

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Water interaction model for boats in video games: Part 2

Avalanche Studios senior software engineer Jacques Kerner is back with more of the deep physics work behind Just Cause 3′s advanced boat simulations. …

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Marvel Puzzle Quest Arrives Without Free To Play Model Today

Marvel Puzzle Quest has been a mobile hit, where it’s been free-to-play since launch. As we reported earlier this month, the console release is going to shift to a premium model. It arrives today.

The $ 14.99 base game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 today. The Xbox 360 version appears to be available now, the PlayStation versions are not posted as of writing. An Xbox One version is also planned and may simply not be available on the marketplace yet.

Additionally, there are two DLC story lines. One features the Hulk, as the Dark Avengers attempt to recruit him. Purchasing the Science Friction DLC gets you Punisher. Completing it on Hard lets you add Hulk to your team.

The other stars Deadpool, in The Case of the Cold Chimichangas. Purchasing it gets you Doctor Octopus. Completing on Hard gives you Deadpool.

Each of the DLC packs will cost you $ 3.99. We'll update as we learn about the Xbox One version release.

Update: Publisher D3 has confirmed that the Xbox One version will be arriving later this year. No release date has been announced.


Our Take
I'm a big fan of the Puzzle Quest series, and the free-to-play mechanics here have put me off this installment. I'm looking forward to playing this without the microtransactions. – The Feed

30 day PlayStation Now subscription model arrives in the UK

Sony has introduced a new 30 day subscription model to its PlayStation Now streaming service in the UK. …

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