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Blog: The advantages of the episodic model

“Developers interested in harnessing this model should look at how to break their project up into episodes as early as possible to identify changes in pacing, storytelling and development cost structure that such a move may require.” …

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Educational software Classcraft to offer freemium pay model

Freemium payment models sometimes draw ire from fans that feel like they’re being nickeled and dimed, but how would students feel about it if it loosely tied into their education? Classcraft Studios is about to find out, as it plans to implement…
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First 4 Figures showcases their latest model: Princess Zelda

First 4 Figures and Nintendo have revealed their latest collaboration together: a 17 inch Zelda model based off of her appearance in Twilight Princess.

Image courtesy of Games Press

As you can see, Zelda is posed elegantly and strongly, with her sword clutched in her hand. All the intricate details regarding her entire dress and jewelery are fully realized to a T, and she stands atop a base inspired by Hyrule Castle, which is reflective (so you can see your own beautiful mug).

Image courtesy of Games Press

First 4 Figures has done impressive work with the Zelda series before, with models such as Link on Epona, Ganondorf, and Zant, and this latest one is equally incredible. Princess Zelda is available to pre-order now for $ 349.99 from the First 4 Figures’ website, and is due for release in Q4 2014. If you want this beauty, you better act fast; only 2,500 will be made.

Image courtesy of Games Press

I think this statue is absolutely gorgeous, but too much money for my taste; what about you guys?

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Epic radically changes licensing model for Unreal Engine

Today at GDC, the Epic founder showcased Unreal Engine 4, and noted that it’s going to a subscription model — $ 19 a month, with devs Epic paying royalties on shipped games. …

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Video: ‘Where the Whales Live: The Pyramid Model of F2P Design’

“For free-to-play, design is more important than production” to retain players — using mechanics, systems, and emergent narrative — says Gamesbrief founder Nicholas Lovell in this free GDC Vault talk. …

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Blog: How emergent design changes your business model

“Emergence increases the possibility space for players, which in increases their engagement. Greater engagement increases player life, and players who play longer are more likely to monetize.” …

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Lionhead Studios embracing games-as-service model with Fable Legends

Fable Legends, the upcoming multiplayer-centric spin on the Fable universe, may end up being quite a different beast than its predecessors. Although new Lionhead CEO John Needham hasn’t announced any business model for the game, he describes his job…
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Fable Legends Is Being Designed Using The ‘Games As Service’ Model

Lionhead Studios has revealed that its upcoming Xbox One title, Fable Legends, will be a bigger departure for the series than we originally thought. Unlike the three core games in the series, which premiered on Xbox and continued on Xbox 360, Legends is being developed as a platform rather than a traditional experience.

“That’s the nature of games as a service – you keep adding systems and features and content,” Lionhead studio chief John Needham told Edge. When asked about the game’s business model, Needham says that the business model hasn’t yet been discussed.”

This could mean free-to-play, subscription, or a traditional price point with extensive microtransactions. The concept marks a shift for the studio and the franchise. 

For more on Fable Legends, check out our preview from Gamescom 2013. For more from John Needham, check out the Edge interview, which has more information on the design considerations being incorporated into Fable Legends.

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Our Take
I really liked what I saw of Fable Legends at Gamescom, but I know my interest will nosedive in a free-to-play or subscription environment. A Defiance-like retail with a la carte add-ons might be a reasonable fit that won’t alienate those of us who know that there are really very few true “free” free-to-play experiences. – The Feed

Supercell reveals latest fiscal figures, defends free-to-play model

We already knew that Supercell was making a lot of money from just two mobile games. Today the company disclosed just how much revenue it has taken over the last fiscal year. …

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Video: Trip Hawkins applies the EA Sports model to education games

EA founder Trip Hawkins shares how the EA Sports model, combining developers with loads of data and professionals outside of games, can be applied to make quality educational games and services for mobile devices. …

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