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Some PS4 games will see performance juiced on PS4 Pro via upcoming ‘Boost Mode’

An upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update (4.50) will include a “Boost Mode” which allows some PlayStation 4 games to perform better on the PlayStation 4 Pro, even if they don’t officially support it. …

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Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Off New Maps And Live Fire Mode

Titanfall 2 may have been overshadowed by more high-profile shooters like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but publisher EA and developer Respawn Entertainment are still supporting their critically acclaimed shooter.

The latest free update for Titanfall 2 will include Live Fire mode, along with two new maps specifically designed for the fast-paced mode. Two teams of six pilots (no Titans here) will fight tooth-and-nail over control of a single neutral flag, and the team in possession at the end of each sixty-second round wins. Sounds simple, right? The new trailer promoting the mode showcases how these matches can get wildly chaotic, thanks to the free movement mechanics and varied weaponry of the game.

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Back in October, GI's Javy Gwaltney gave Titanfall 2 a 9.5, stating that "For first-person shooter fans, Titanfall 2 is a must play." 

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Watch Game Informer Editors Try To Stay Alive In Resident Evil 7′s New Survival Mode

Resident Evil 7's first wave of DLC packs, called Banned Footage Vol 1, launched today. Included in the pack is a mode called Ethan Must Die, which has protagonist Ethan working through the Baker Estate to take on dastardly Marguerite in the Green House. However, the rules have changed from the main game. There are no save points, the house has been rearranged, enemies are deadlier, and items are randomized. 

Editors Kyle Hilliard, Javy Gwaltney, and Jeff Cork decided to put their skills to the test in a deadly game of Pass The Sticks. How did our trio do? You can find out right here:

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Respawn Lays Out Titanfall 2 DLC Road Map And Details New Live Fire Mode

Respawn and EA have stuck to their free DLC plan since announcing it, and have some new details to offer about what's in store for the future.

Live Fire mode will be available in February. It is apparently inspired by playing speedball in paintball, according to the mode's designer Griffin Dean. In the 6 v 6 mode, players have 60 seconds to grab a neutral flag. Whoever has the flag when the timer runs out wins, regardless of how many lives have been lost up to that point. The mode will be available, for free, in February.

In March, a (sort of) new map, Colony will be available. It is a map from the original Titanfall that is being updated to appear in the sequel.

For our review of Titanfall 2, head here.

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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Game Mode is a ‘biasing’ act in favor of games

“Right now Game Mode is about biasing the game from a GPU perspective so it gets more of the cycles if it’s in the foreground, and from a CPU perspective,” Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill explains to Rock, Paper, Shotgun. …

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Test Chamber – Overwatch’s New Capture The Rooster Mode

The latest Overwatch event, Year of the Rooster, features a new capture the flag mode (called "Capture the Rooster"), which is an interesting addition for at least one reason: it's the first mode where the action isn't centralized to a single area.

You can watch me try to figure this mode out with fellow editor Dan Tack as we talk about how the mode changes Overwatch matches, characters we think are cool, and poorly-timed Ultimates.

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Leaked Overwatch Trailer Shows New Skins, Hints At New Mode For Chinese New Year Event

After a tease last week for a Chinese New Year event, many Overwatch fans are curious for what's in store. The Year of the Rooster event goes live tomorrow, but a leaked trailer that surfaced on Reddit, provides an early glimpse at some of the skins and hints at a new mode. 

With most events, a bevy of new skins become available alongside other extra goodies for characters, from highlight intros to voice lines. The leaked trailer, which you can view here, shows new skins for Tracer, Symmetra, and Mercy. People are speculating based on the video that a "Capture The Flag" mode of some sort exists based on Tracer pictured with a flag saying, "The objective is mine!" Time will tell if this is true and part of a brawl or new map entirely. 

Game Informer will be posting information and video of the event once we know more and it goes live. 

[Source: Weibo via Reddit user tf2manu994 – The Feed

The Division Introduces New Game Mode In Latest Patch

Ubisoft took today to detail its big upcoming update for The Division. Patch 1.6 serves as one of the more significant updates we've seen to the game since launch, addressing a broad number of issues in regard to gameplay and balance. Right now, this is an in-progress-version of the patch that's planned to release on the public test server. PC players will be able to see these changes first hand starting tomorrow. 

If you own the Last Stand DLC, which is included with the season pass or can be purchased separately for $ 15, you get access to this new game mode once the patch hits. In it, you engage in eight versus eight PvP combat and secure data before the Rogues can, fighting for control over three tactical locations on one of four Dark Zone maps. A new incursion called Lost Signal will also be available, which takes place in a civilian TV broadcast center taken over by the Rikers gang. Players venture through three different wings, all with different combat scenarios and their own rewards. Completing them all gives you access to a final boss.

Separate for the Last Stand DLC, several tweaks and changes are being made to the game, including expanding the Dark Zone's map and adding leaderboards, new events, and a legendary difficulty. Combat changes include increased time to revive a downed teammate, bleed no longer blocks sprint (now it reduces your movement speed), and body shot damage has been slightly increased in PvP. Players can also now fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints and will no longer lose experience and funds when killed in Dark Zone if they are not Rogue. Recalibrations are also now unlimited in crafting. 

The patch also makes some big fixes, increases rewards on Incursions, and tweaks some skills. For a full list of all the changes, you can check out the complete 1.6 patch notes here, which Ubisoft has said is subject to change.

No official launch date has been set for the patch to go live for everyone, but at least this confirms we're getting closer. 


Our Take
I recommend reading through the entire patch notes as it looks like Ubisoft has a lot in store for this update. It's very promising that they're expanding the Dark Zone map, hopefully giving us more areas of New York to explore. Time will tell how all the gameplay changes shake out, but at least PC players can be the guinea pigs starting tomorrow. – The Feed

NHL 17 Adds Competitive Seasons Mode To Hockey Ultimate Team

Ultimate team is the only destination for many sports gamers these days, and like it did for Madden Ultimate Team a few years back, EA Sports has added a new post-launch way to play the mode in NHL 17.

Hockey Ultimate Team Competitive Seasons is a new structure structured around…a season. Now, the in-game season length is set by EA itself, and the first season (called the All-Star Season) goes from today to January 31st.

Within that season are four rounds. Complete at least three games in the round and you'll earn points and be placed on a leaderboard for the round. Naturally, rewards (such as special packs and coins) will be doled out for your ranking within each round, and there are also rewards for how well you do for the entire season. Click on the first source link below for the full list of rewards for the mode's inaugural season.

HUT Competitive Seasons is part of the game's third content update, which itself also includes gameplay tuner tweaks, EASHL player class updates, new sweaters, and more. Click on the second source link below for that list.

[Source: EA Sports (1), (2)]


Our Take
I would hope that similar to Madden's Draft Champions, even if you go 0-3 you'd still get something for your troubles. It'll be interesting to see how/if developer EA Canada tweaks the various rewards as the seasons progress. – The Feed

GTA Online Adds Collection Time Mode, Dewbauchee Specter Car

Grand Theft Auto Online shows no signs of slowing down as Rockstar today announced a new vehicle and Adversary mode that should give players more to do and a new ride to do it with.

Collection Time has two to four-player teams fighting over  literal bags of money. Each player starts with one bag of money, which drops upon death and can be picked up by anyone. The team with the most bags at the end of the match wins. To celebrate the launch of the mode, Rockstar is offering double cash and reputation rewards for playing Collection Time until January 30.

Also until January 30, players can save 25 percent on Benny's upgrades (including the Executive Upgrade, which adds the shop to players' own garage) to welcome the game's latest vehicle, the Dewbauchee Specter, a lightweight sports car.


Our Take
Dewbauchee is a pretty good name for a car. It's also nice to see Rockstar's still adding new modes for longtime GTA Online players to mess around in. – The Feed