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Jam to Smash Bros. 3DS tracks on the go in Sleep Mode

After Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s extensive, impressive recollection of Nintendo’s musical heights, Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS has a lot to live up to. If the incoming soundtrack resembles the quality of its predecessor, the 3DS version could…
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Act out war journals in Samurai Warriors 4′s Chronicle Mode

Considering how complex and extensive war timeframes can be, sometimes they just blur together into a mess of endless fighting and capturing territories. Lucky for us, Samurai Warriors 4′s officers are an organized bunch: In the incoming…
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The Last of Us Remastered’s Photo Mode helps spawn a beautiful trailer

The Last of Us Remastered’s Photo Mode isn’t just useful for capturing those little moments of perfectly-framed opportunity, you know. When used to string together a series of 3D portraits set against the game’s haunting guitar theme, it can help…
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Fan-Made Trailer Puts The Last Of Us Remastered’s Photo Mode To Beautiful Use

Discontent with only being able to capture still photos with The Last of Us Remastered's photo mode, YouTube user Grant Voegtle took the new mode a step further to create an impressive video.

You can check out the video below which (has major spoilers for The Last of Us) collects a series of 3D vignettes from the game's story. It plays out a little bit like the classic Halo 3 "Believe" commercial. It's a beautiful and impressive reminder of The Last of Us' emotional story, and it makes me really want to replay the game.

For our review of Remastered, head here.

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Madden 15′s franchise mode instills confidence, wraps up ratings

EA Sports introduced its changes to Connected Franchise mode in Madden NFL 15 this week, which includes the replacement of the the series’ hot/cold streak system with “game prep” and “confidence.” The team-management mode now has players preparing…
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Take the shot with The Last Of Us: Remastered’s Photo Mode

When things get frantic in action games, the tension can make it tough to appreciate the scene unfolding at our command. The PS4′s Share button has helped players capture moments in snapshots for a while, but The Last Of Us: Remastered’s Photo Mode…
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Twitch’s new ‘Host Mode’ allows channels to cross-promote

Whether you use it to help promote games from developer friends or it evolves in a way for popular channels to curate the feeds they like best, it could be a significant upgrade. …

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Kerbal Space Program adds contracts to expanded Career Mode

Those hoping Kerbal Space Program might offer more space agency management and less blasting adorable Kerbals to their death in the icy void of space should be pleased with the newly-launched First Contract update.

“Players will now have the…
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Japanese gamers can play The Evil Within unedited with ‘Gore Mode’ DLC

While the retail version of Bethesda’s The Evil Within will hit Japan in a censored state compared to other regions, Japanese players will have the option of restoring the game to its full gory glory with add-on DLC available after launch, Famitsu…
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Shovel Knight cheat unlocks Butt Mode

Shovel Knight is brimming with cheat codes – more than 300 collected in this Google Doc so far – but the most adorable, childishly hilarious code unlocks Butt Mode, a cheat that replaces recurring nouns in the game with the word “butt.” It’s like…
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