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Scouts Reign Supreme In Battlefield 1′s New Custom Game Mode

DICE launched a new custom game variant in Battlefield 1 today
that puts scouts on the offensive.

The new game mode is called Line of Sight, and forces
would-be snipers out of their comfort zone. The Rush-based variant limits
players down to just two classes: scouts and medics. Scouts enjoy double bullet
damage, which should turn most of the rifles the class uses into one-hit-kill
weapons. As a result, medics better plan on packing their syringes if they want
to keep their team up and running (towards the next objective).

DICE also reaffirmed that Battlefield 1's free Giant's Shadow
map is on schedule for a December release, and that the first paid expansion
will be hitting in March of next year. For more on the game, read Bertz'
, and get educated with his Idiot's
Guide To Battlefield 1

[Source: DICE]


Our Take
I've been enjoying
Battlefield 1's large-scale multiplayer battles, and this kind of variety is a good incentive to keep coming back. Shameless plug: If you're
looking for some sweet custom emblems to taunt your opponents with, check
out my column
from earlier in the month. – The Feed

Survival Co-op Mode Coming To Uncharted 4

Keeping in line with their drip-feed of free content, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is getting a survival cooperative mode in mid-December.

Uncharted 4: Survival puts up to three players against up to 50 waves of increasingly harder enemies over 10 maps on any difficulty. Pirate Warlord bosses invade every 10 waves, as evidenced by the Djinn-wielding Henry Avery in the trailer.

Survival mode also gives players some non-combat-oriented objectives like collecting items, defending a specific area, or taking out marked enemies. Modifiers also change the game up even further by enforcing specific limits like only dealing damage through pistols, melee attacks, or headshots .

Co-op survival has its own progression system, complete with Relic Challenges, exclusive vanity items (that can also be used in competitive multiplayer), unlockable upgrades, and customizable loadouts. Ranking up gives access to Survival-exclusive, one-use boosters, new items, and equipment upgrades. Players can also upgrade during matches by buying better weapons and Mysticals from the cash earned by defeating enemies and completing objectives.

Survival mode will be playable at the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim on December 3 and 4.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
Co-op is a fantastic addition to the steady stream of free updates that Naughty Dog has patched in since the game's release in May. A whole new mode and game type is another great way to supplement the free competitive maps and cosmetic items. Also, I would not be surprised if we see a glimpse of the single-player DLC for Uncharted 4 at PSX in addition to this co-op mode. – The Feed

Two New Heroes And A Brawl Mode Are Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

During the Heroes of the Storm presentation production of this year's Blizzcon, Heroes of the Storm director Kaeo Milker showed off two new heroes and brawl coming to Heroes of the Storm. The latest brawl is called Blackheart's Revenge and will have teams of heroes fighting for different objectives, either helping Blackheart take the harbor or defending it from his onslaught.

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The first up for the new heroes is Varian, the first multi class hero. There will be at least six different ways to play him using either a sword and shield, or twin blades. The other hero is Ragnoros, who can hurl a wave of lava that fills an entire lane or take over a fort to become giant. Both heroes should be available in the coming weeks. – The Feed

How Overwatch’s New Arcade Mode Works

Buried under the news of Sombra's reveal at Blizzcon was the introduction of Overwatch's new Arcade mode (not to be confused with the Brawl type of the same name, now called "Total Mayhem"), which will offer a number of new game modes to play and allow everyone to earn three more Loot Boxes per week.

Taking the feedback that the current Brawl system, "didn't have enough oomph to it," (as Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said), the Arcade is actually a sub menu, which houses a number of new modes, including the current Brawl. The Arcade mode will offer different kinds of a modes, which will be cycled in and out.

Whenever a player wins a match of a new game mode for the first time, they'll receive a single Loot Box. In addition, winning three matches of any game mode in the current Arcade rotation will net players an additional loot box and they can earn three loot boxes this way per week. The weekly timer will reset at the same time for everyone.

But what new modes are there in the Arcade? First, there's a new one-versus-one Mystery Duel mode, which will pit two players against each other in a best-of-nine match. Both players will play as the same hero in this mode, chosen at random each round. Another mode opts for a three-versus-three set up and uses a Counter-Strike-style elimination in a best-of-five format where teams can pick a single, unchanging team composition each round. To accommodate the less crowded mode, Blizzard built a new map, Eco Point, which acts as Mei's home base. The map is smaller than most other maps and was made for the short-lived matches of Elimination and Mystery Duel.

On top of that, some Brawl mainstays will make a return. The six-versus-six Mystery Hero Mode returns, and a new mode called "No Limits." When the Arcade update hits, Quick Play will stay the same, one hero per team limit from Competitive, while No Limits lets players stack up to six of the same hero. Finally, all the other brawls, like Super Shimada Bros. and We're All Soldiers Now, are funneled into a single playlist, called "All Brawls," and teams will cycle between all the Brawls between matches. A couple of new Brawls will enter the fray as well, including one which limits the map Ilios with the giant pit in it and that only lets you play as Lucio and Roadhog. Because all the new modes will split the playerbase, the client will let players know when they're playing in a low-popularity mode, and if a mode is consistently unpopular, it will be cycled out.

The Arcade mode will also host the seasonal modes, like Junkenstein's Revenge and Lucio Ball, though Kaplan did not make it clear whether these Brawls would rotate in and out like other modes, or if they'd only return during the appropriate times.


I didn't feel Overwatch lacked variety (I appreciated the focused nature of Quick Play and Competitive), but this introduces is a ridiculous amount of new ways to play Overwatch. I'm really excited to play the new three-versus-three mode, and I hope enough people play it to keep the mode in rotation for a long time. – The Feed

Overwatch Will Get Two New Maps, Arcade Mode Soon

At this year's Blizzcon opening ceremonies, Blizzard quickly showed off a new Overwatch map after revealing that Sombra will finally be making her way to the game soon. The map will be called Oasis and it'll be set in Arabia.

There will also be an additional map, Eco Point, which will be playable in Overwatch's new arcade mode, which will allow for 1v1 and 3v3 matches. Oasis will be hitting the Public Test Realm in December, and the Eco Point map and new modes will be available for testing (along with Sombra) next week. – The Feed

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Introduces Permadeath Mode

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a video game, but it doesn't have to be in the title's new YOLO permadeath mode.

As you can easily imagine, the mode allows the player only one life in the game, with the loss of that life bringing players back to the beginning.

The mode is unlocked only after you defeat Specialist mode (itself unlocked after you beat the game on any difficulty). Specialist mode has its own perimeters including: healing only through nano shots, degenerative helmet damage, limb damage, and more.

For further info on the game, check out the stories from our cover story hub by clicking on the banner below.

[Source: Activision Blog]


Our Take
Makes sense. – The Feed

First Episode of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode Is Now Free

Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode came to a close last month, and now the first episode, 'The Order of the Stone,' is available for free. The season pass is going to be discounted to reflect this across a majority of the platforms it released on, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, mobile, and PC.

Outside of the standard Season Pass, The Adventure Pass, Season Pass Deluxe, and Complete Adventure packages are also receiving discounts now that the first episode is free.

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While we enjoyed what Minecraft: Story Mode had to offer, we found the ending to be lackluster. – The Feed

Telltale Releasing Another Minecraft: Story Mode Disc

Telltale Games has announced that Minecraft: Story Mode is getting another retail disc. This time around, the disc includes all eight episodes, as opposed to the five episodes that were included in the original retail package.

Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure hits shelves on October 25, and it's available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It's priced at $ 29.99.


Our Take
If I bought the previous release – which was also priced at $ 29.99 – I'd be more than a little peeved right now. – The Feed

Hyper Light Drifter Update Adds 60 FPS, Boss Rush, And An Easy Mode

Despite initial reticence to bring the game up to 60 FPS, a new update for the PC version of the game boosts the framerate, and adds some new modes.

In a post on the game's Steam page, developer Heart Machine wrote, "Many moons ago, shortly after launch, we stated that a 60 fps conversion of the game was no small task; it would take a large pile of months and much effort to implement, if it was even achievable at all. Now we can proudly present our latest update and say it has absolutely been worth the work." Creator Alx Preston also touched on the difficulty of 60 FPS at around the hour mark of this episode of the Playscape: Los Angeles podcast.

You can learn how to opt into the update here, which adds new achievements, a Boss Rush mode, and Newcomer mode, "for folks looking for a less intense challenge." The update is currently only available for the PC version of the game. Other platforms are on the way, however, with Heart Machine writing, "We do plan to expand this update to Mac, Linux (and consoles) after we have some time to make sure this is in the best condition possible."

For our very positive review of Hyper Light Drifter, head here.

[Source: Steam] – The Feed

Test Chamber – 40 Minutes With FIFA 17′s Story Mode

One of FIFA 17's big new features is The Journey – a story mode putting you in the shoes of 17-year-old Alex Hunter as he takes on the Premier League. Editors Matthew Kato and Matt Bertz sample the mode's first 40 minutes or so, exposing some of the choices Hunter has to make, the mode's gameplay, and the beginnings of the story's drama.

Today's Test Chamber runs you through all the elements of the experience – from the conversation system to practices and games. While this touches the core elements, obviously there is still plenty more to see.

For more on the game, check out our review, as well as our guide on how to play as Alex Hunter.

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For more Test Chamber, click the banner below, or check out our hub. – The Feed