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Why your niche game might need survival mechanics to survive on Steam

Find out how one developer took the survival mechanics he enjoyed on Steam and helped implement them into the strategy game he was working on. …

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Nintendo might not have flourished without help from the Yakuza

A recent video from Eurogamer takes a deeper look at Nintendo’s origins as a playing card company and how the Yakuza and illegal gambling rings helped the company survive. …

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Relinquishing Armored Warfare, CEO says Obsidian ‘might not tackle a game like this again’

“Large MMOs are really beyond the ability of an independent developer to manage unless that developer gets huge,” Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart tells Eurogamer from a new post-Armored Warfare world. …

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$19.3M live-in game studio might be heading to Scotland

The Scottish city of Dundee could play host to a new kind of game development studio featuring¬†built-in accommodation to provide game devs¬†with a “fully immersive live-in experience.” …

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New Might & Magic Title Brings Out The Miniatures

Painting miniatures sounds great in theory, until you realize you can't even make a paint-by-numbers look right. Have no fear, Ubisoft's new Might & Magic title – subtitled Showdown, brings the act of figure painting into the virtual world, and not only makes your creations look good, but lets you focus on brining them into battle.

The game starts out with 20 characters (seven heroes and 12 creatures), with players earning coins to unlock everything via play. You can then customize/paint them through either an auto fill-in tool or freehand.

Once you've got everything looking good, you bring your hero and up to three creatures into an arena that lets you battle against the other side in real-time, complete with the ability to program your creatures. The game features a 30-mission single-player campaign that lets you get used to combat before you take your creations online to face real opponents. Winning gets you rewards like new attacks, paint colors, and other fun stuff.

Might & Magic: Showdown is now in Steam Early Access for $ 20.

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[Source: Ubisoft] – The Feed

GT Sport Might Be The Most Realistic Looking Racer To Date

Sony recently showed off the next racing game from Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo Sport. The game is a visual wonder and will support 4K HDR, and PSVR. Check out the trailer below.

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Why StarCraft II might be the key to creating advanced AI

“It is treating the data in the game as a visual format, so that a learning AI can take in this information and actually start playing like a humans.” …

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Watch Dogs 2 Easter Egg Might Be Teasing New Ubisoft Game

Ubisoft has had a rough history with its games leaking – especially in the Assassin's Creed series. Watch Dogs 2 seems to poke fun at this, giving players a mission to hack into Ubisoft's San Francisco office and get an early peek at what the developer is working on. 

In the video from Kotaku below, players hop on the roof of the building and take control of cameras to spy on the goings-on in the studio. At one point (at the 2:20 mark), you can even see a trailer for an apparently unannounced Ubisoft game.

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Is this an actual new space game with a Western theme? Or is it just a decoy created as a joke? Who knows? But it's nice to see Ubisoft having a little fun with it. 

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Our Take
Companies are coming up with increasingly inventive ways to tease upcoming projects, so it wouldn't be completely crazy to assume the "leaked" game here is real. On the other hand, the studio may just be trying to throw people off the trail. Maybe there's nothing more to say either way; it might just be a neat Easter egg in Watch Dogs 2 and nothing more. Only time will tell. – The Feed

Rumor: A Snapshot On A Subway Might Have Revealed The Name Of The Next Tomb Raider Game

Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of our favorite games from last year and tons of players have been eagerly awaiting news of a follow-up. Both Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix has been pretty mum on the subject but a snapshot of a laptop by a traveler on the subway in Montreal might have just let the priceless artifact out of the bag.

Here's the picture:

The text is a bit blurry but you can make out "Shadow Of The Tomb Raider" up there in the top right corner. Could this be the name of Lara's next big adventure? Kotaku claims to have sources telling them that the game title is legitimate.

 We reached out for a comment from Square Enix and they wrote back immediately, saying "We don't comment on rumors and speculation."

[Source: Reddit]


Our Take
It's worth noting that this could be the name for anything Tomb Raider related. A mobile title. Tie-in comic or novel. It could also just be a working title. Or it could be someone's idea of a goof. We'll have to wait to find out. Until then it's probably best to take the title with a fair amount of skepticism. – The Feed

How might Dunbar’s Number affect the future of MMORPG design?

What does the future of MMORPG design hold? Well according to Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert, it’ll be anchored around improvements to social design. …

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