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Konami Outlines Details On Paid Metal Gear Online DLC

Late last month, Konami revealed that some new DLC would be making its way to Metal Gear Online in March. Today, the publisher has providing additional information on the Cloaked in Silence pack, which includes three maps and Quiet as a playable character. You'll also be able to add some additional personality to the game – but it'll cost you.

The Cloaked in Silence DLC will set you back $ 3.99, and it includes the following maps (with descriptions from Konami):


  • Coral Complex: A dedicated Motherbase environment, allowing players to access tall towers, use storage containers and other internal areas as cover for tactical advantage. Coral Complex mixes open areas and a myriad of hiding opportunities.
  • Rust Palace: Set within Afghanistan, the Rust Palace is a large multi-level building. The skeletal nature of the decrepit ruin means that cover is scarce, and the internal areas are rich in dusty rooms and high-up sniping positions.
  • Azure Mountain: An outdoor plain under Africa’s baking sky. A small cluster of buildings offers scant cover, with only derelict walls and occasional scrubland surrounding the massive rock known locally as the Cradle of Spirits. 


Players can also use Quiet in the game, taking advantage of her movement speed and ability to jump up to areas that would otherwise require the use of a ladder.

Players who want to use in-game emotes will be able to do so in several new downloads, which Konami is calling Appeal Actions. Characters can equip up to five of these emotes. Each of these downloads – the Basic Appeal, Battle Appeal, Dance Appeal, and Hero Appeal packs – costs $ 1.99.

There will be a free update to the game in March, too, timed with the release of the paid DLC. It adds a new competitive mission type called Sabotage, where players have to either destroy or Fulton the opposing side's missile before the timer ends. Attackers have to first hack into computers to deactivate an electromagnetic barrier, at which point defenders can either focus on rearming the barrier or protecting the missile. – The Feed

New Maps, Playable Quiet Coming To Metal Gear Online

Konami has announced that new maps as well as a playable Quiet are coming to Metal Gear Online in March. The publisher revealed the news on its Metal Gear Online Twitter account earlier this morning:

The maps included are Rust Place, Azure Mountain, and Coral Complex–all familiar locations to anyone who's played through the game's singleplayer mode. Quiet will be a unique character, one of several characters that a random player is given access to at the beginning of each match that have special abilities and weapons.

There is no word yet on whether this DLC will be free or players will have to shell out some cash for it. Konami intends to release more details on Monday and we'll update accordingly.

[Source: Twitter] – The Feed

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Moves More Than Six Million Copies

Konami has reported its earnings for the most recent fiscal quarter, with a big boost to its gaming business. The improvement comes from impressive shipments of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain since its September release.

The 6 million copies of Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear game gave Konami a 37.5 percent jump in revenue for the digital entertainment segment. While Metal Gear Solid V wasn’t the only game released by Konami, most were intended for Japan only (excepting Pro Evolution Soccer).

The improvement in digital entertainment has propelled the company to a 62.6 percent jump in operating profit to ¥17.4 billion ($ 146.6 million) for the first nine months of the fiscal year. However, Konami only shows two games to be released outside of Japan in the foreseeable future.

Both of these titles are Yu-Gi-Oh games. One is slated for iOS and Android in the spring. Another is due for 3DS in the summer.

[Source: Konami]


Our Take
Konami will have a hard time keeping this momentum going without AAA worldwide releases in the coming months. The company says its committed to Metal Gear and console development, but we’re waiting to see the reality of those claims. – The Feed

Did You Know Gaming Tackles Metal Gear Solid’s History

Did You Know Gaming is an informative video series on Youtube that digs up history and trivia about certain games. In the past they've covered the likes of The Simpsons: Hit and Run as well as Star Wars games that were cancelled for various reasons. The latest video infiltrates the lesser-known bits of the first Metal Gear Solid's history.

Among the more interesting tidbits is Kojima describing what he wanted Snake to look like originally and a rundown of just how many scenarios that pop up in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake actually appear again later in Metal Gear Solid; said scenarios includes a fight on an elevator with some bad guys where you're outnumbered and a sequence where you battle a frenemy ninja. You can watch the video here:

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You can check out other videos from the Did You Know Gaming channel covering Nintendogs, Sonic Generations, Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Golden Sun, Splatoon, Chrono Trigger, Uncharted, Super Mario Maker, Silent Hill, Sonic Adventure 2, Jak & Daxter, amiibo, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Persona, Dr. Mario, Dragon Age, Zelda: Majora's Mask, Tetris, Monster Hunter, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, more Halo, The Last of Us, Pokémon, more Pokémon, even more Pokémon, Pokémon Snap, Assassin's Creed, Mario, Jet Set Radio, Mega Man, Fire Emblem, Donkey Kong, Killer Instinct, Rayman, Mass Effect, Dragon Quest, Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Star Fox, Punch-Out, Metroid, Zelda, more Zelda, even more Zelda, Final Fight, Doom, Dragon Ball Z, multiple Super Smash Bros. videos, Team Fortress 2, Harvest Moon, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, the history of the Wii U, NES, Genesis, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo 64, the DS, the PlayStation, PlayStation 3, and two covering the Game Boy by hitting the links.

Source: [Youtube] – The Feed

Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Is Impressive, But Likely Not Long For This World

Fans have many ways of expressing their adoration for their favorite games. Fan art, cosplay, lego models, and more are celebrated by developers and publishers. Unfortunately, there is a line in the legal sand, and a new Metal Gear Solid fan project has likely crossed it.

Shadow Moses is intended as a complete recreation in Unreal Engine 4 of the original PlayStation Metal Gear Solid. It’s also not at all sanctioned by Konami.

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That likely means that the publisher will be bringing the legal hammer down soon. Airam Hernandez, the creator of the project, acknowledges he’s aware of the copyright issues and says he hopes that being open about the initiative will have a positive result.

We just need to clarify something:

Konami owns the MGS copyright and therefore sooner or later 

we will need their full permission.

We have therefore chosen to openly share this project from the beginning so that we can deal with any issues that may arise as they come. 

We believe this is better than putting years of work into a project only

to get it shut down.

Please, respect this decision.

Thanks for your attention,


With Shadow Moses now public for the world to see, we’ve reached out to Konami for comment. We’re interested to see how the publisher will react to the project, especially in light of last year’s messy split with series creator Hideo Kojima.

[Source: Shadow Moses on Facebook via Destructoid]


Our Take
Konami could slam the lid on this, but it also could do something unexpected. It’s not unheard of for developers and publishers to take talented fans under their wings and give them legitimacy. Konami could leverage resources and bring Hernandez in to make this a reality. In doing so, it would earn some much needed good will from the gaming community and create something special as it figures out what it’s going to do with the franchise. – The Feed

How To Get Your Missing Buddy Back In Metal Gear Solid V

Some players were disappointed to learn that you permanently lose access to one of your buddies if you complete certain missions in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Well, thanks to a recent patch, you can now reunite with that buddy – if you know what to do.

Warning! The article contains SPOILERS beyond this point!

In order to get Quiet back after the events of mission 45, you need to go back and replay mission 11 several times. This sounds like one of those fake "secrets" that gamers use to trick each other ("Seriously! You can bring Aeris back to life!"), but I promise, it actually works. 

The process isn't complicated. Just keep playing mission 11, using non-lethal means to defeat Quiet (I use the supply drop technique to get it done quickly). Do it enough times – between six and eight seems to do the trick – and the text before "Cloaked in Silence" will change from [Replay] to [Reunion]. That's the sign that you're almost done; just complete the "reunion" version of the mission (everything plays out the same) and Quiet will be back in your buddy list afterwards. 

Watch the video below to see the footage of the process in action.

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For about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, read our review and watch our spoiler-filled chat about the ending. – The Feed

Konami Commissioning Metal Gear Solid V Prosthetic For An Amputee Gamer

In May 2012, London resident James Young tragically slipped on a train platform leading to the loss of his arm and leg. The now 25 year old gamer has adjusted to his life with humor and perseverance, even going so far as to create Halloween costumes that take advantage of his amputations.

Today, Konami announced that it has selected Young to participate in The Phantom Limb Project. The publisher is teaming up with prosthetics artist Sophie De Oliveira Barata to create a custom arm based on the art style featured in the most recent Metal Gear Solid game.

Barata’s past work includes sleek droid-like limbs, a feather-adorned arm, and science fiction-inspired “gadget arm” with compartments in the fingers and swiss army knife attachments. Her gull gallery is available on her website, and we've included some of her work below.

Young and Barata will be featured in a three-part documentary detailing their stories and the creation of this unique prosthetic. You can follow The Phantom Limb Project via the official website.

[Source: The Phantom Limb Project, The Alternative Limb Project, Daily Dot] – The Feed

Metal Gear Solid Composer Releases Satoru Iwata Tribute Song

A musical duo including Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino released a new tribute song to the late Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata today. The composer pays tribute through a piano and saxophone medley inspired by Earthbound.

“The passing of Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata had a profound effect on me," said Scarlet Moon Records producer Jayson Napolitano. "He wasn't simply some suit running a company, but was truly passionate about videogames, and knowing he was putting on a smile for all of us around the globe while he was most certainly suffering broke my heart.”

The tribute song is a cover of the Onett theme from Earthbound, known in Japan as Mother 2.

Hibino and pianist AYAKI, known in duet performances as Gentle Love, are selling the song for $ 1 to collect on Nintendo licensing fees and distribution. All additional proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society in Iwata’s memory. Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a growth in his bile duct. Iwata worked on the original Earthbound as a programmer before becoming president of HAL Laboratories and then president of Nintendo in 2002. You can read a comprehensive look back on his life and career here. – The Feed

Konami Ships 5 Million Copies Of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In its half-year financial briefing, Konami disclosed that it has now shipped 5 million copies of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This is inclusive of digitally sold copies, pushing Konami’s gaming business sales and profit significantly ahead of last year.

Revenue grew 17.5 percent to ¥51.7 billion ($ 427.6 million) and segment profit jumped by 71.6 percent to ¥12.7 billion ($ 105 million). Konami corporate-wide operating profits nearly doubled from this point last year, with net gains more than twice the FY2015 half-year totals at ¥7.8 billion ($ 64.5 million).

With the exception of its health and fitness business, Konami saw revenue gains in digital entertainment, gambling, and pachislot and pachinko machines. All of the company’s divisions experienced positive net profit for the first six months of the year.

Unfortunately for gamers, Konami has absolutely nothing announced in its console and PC pipeline. While it’s safe to expect another Pro Evolution Soccer next year, all of the company’s other owned properties are, as of now, missing in action.

[Source: Konami]


Our Take
The future of Silent Hill, Contra, Castlevania, and even Metal Gear are completely up in the air. Konami has certainly paid lip service to staying in the console market, but with nothing announced for North America at all right now, we’ve only faith to go on. – The Feed

Spoiled! Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Analyzing the story of Metal Gear Solid V is like unpacking a dusty old box of tangled Christmas lights – once you think you've straightened it all out, you're still left with some burnt-out bulbs. Thankfully, several Game Informer editors have now beaten The Phantom Pain and have united to try to make sense of the most recent twists and turns. Sit down and strap in for a meaty deep dive packed with spoilers all about Snake's most recent adventure.

Editor's Note: This feature was originally published on October 6.

This episode of Spoiled! features Metal Gear lore nuts, Joe Juba and Tim Turi, alongside Andrew Reiner who tries to piece the madness together from a safe distance. This is your last warning: The video below contains spoilers.

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For more episodes of Spoiled visit our hub page. – The Feed