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How To Get Your Missing Buddy Back In Metal Gear Solid V

Some players were disappointed to learn that you permanently lose access to one of your buddies if you complete certain missions in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Well, thanks to a recent patch, you can now reunite with that buddy – if you know what to do.

Warning! The article contains SPOILERS beyond this point!

In order to get Quiet back after the events of mission 45, you need to go back and replay mission 11 several times. This sounds like one of those fake "secrets" that gamers use to trick each other ("Seriously! You can bring Aeris back to life!"), but I promise, it actually works. 

The process isn't complicated. Just keep playing mission 11, using non-lethal means to defeat Quiet (I use the supply drop technique to get it done quickly). Do it enough times – between six and eight seems to do the trick – and the text before "Cloaked in Silence" will change from [Replay] to [Reunion]. That's the sign that you're almost done; just complete the "reunion" version of the mission (everything plays out the same) and Quiet will be back in your buddy list afterwards. 

Watch the video below to see the footage of the process in action.

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Konami Commissioning Metal Gear Solid V Prosthetic For An Amputee Gamer

In May 2012, London resident James Young tragically slipped on a train platform leading to the loss of his arm and leg. The now 25 year old gamer has adjusted to his life with humor and perseverance, even going so far as to create Halloween costumes that take advantage of his amputations.

Today, Konami announced that it has selected Young to participate in The Phantom Limb Project. The publisher is teaming up with prosthetics artist Sophie De Oliveira Barata to create a custom arm based on the art style featured in the most recent Metal Gear Solid game.

Barata’s past work includes sleek droid-like limbs, a feather-adorned arm, and science fiction-inspired “gadget arm” with compartments in the fingers and swiss army knife attachments. Her gull gallery is available on her website, and we've included some of her work below.

Young and Barata will be featured in a three-part documentary detailing their stories and the creation of this unique prosthetic. You can follow The Phantom Limb Project via the official website.

[Source: The Phantom Limb Project, The Alternative Limb Project, Daily Dot] – The Feed

Metal Gear Solid Composer Releases Satoru Iwata Tribute Song

A musical duo including Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino released a new tribute song to the late Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata today. The composer pays tribute through a piano and saxophone medley inspired by Earthbound.

“The passing of Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata had a profound effect on me," said Scarlet Moon Records producer Jayson Napolitano. "He wasn't simply some suit running a company, but was truly passionate about videogames, and knowing he was putting on a smile for all of us around the globe while he was most certainly suffering broke my heart.”

The tribute song is a cover of the Onett theme from Earthbound, known in Japan as Mother 2.

Hibino and pianist AYAKI, known in duet performances as Gentle Love, are selling the song for $ 1 to collect on Nintendo licensing fees and distribution. All additional proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society in Iwata’s memory. Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a growth in his bile duct. Iwata worked on the original Earthbound as a programmer before becoming president of HAL Laboratories and then president of Nintendo in 2002. You can read a comprehensive look back on his life and career here. – The Feed

Konami Ships 5 Million Copies Of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In its half-year financial briefing, Konami disclosed that it has now shipped 5 million copies of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This is inclusive of digitally sold copies, pushing Konami’s gaming business sales and profit significantly ahead of last year.

Revenue grew 17.5 percent to ¥51.7 billion ($ 427.6 million) and segment profit jumped by 71.6 percent to ¥12.7 billion ($ 105 million). Konami corporate-wide operating profits nearly doubled from this point last year, with net gains more than twice the FY2015 half-year totals at ¥7.8 billion ($ 64.5 million).

With the exception of its health and fitness business, Konami saw revenue gains in digital entertainment, gambling, and pachislot and pachinko machines. All of the company’s divisions experienced positive net profit for the first six months of the year.

Unfortunately for gamers, Konami has absolutely nothing announced in its console and PC pipeline. While it’s safe to expect another Pro Evolution Soccer next year, all of the company’s other owned properties are, as of now, missing in action.

[Source: Konami]


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The future of Silent Hill, Contra, Castlevania, and even Metal Gear are completely up in the air. Konami has certainly paid lip service to staying in the console market, but with nothing announced for North America at all right now, we’ve only faith to go on. – The Feed

Spoiled! Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Analyzing the story of Metal Gear Solid V is like unpacking a dusty old box of tangled Christmas lights – once you think you've straightened it all out, you're still left with some burnt-out bulbs. Thankfully, several Game Informer editors have now beaten The Phantom Pain and have united to try to make sense of the most recent twists and turns. Sit down and strap in for a meaty deep dive packed with spoilers all about Snake's most recent adventure.

Editor's Note: This feature was originally published on October 6.

This episode of Spoiled! features Metal Gear lore nuts, Joe Juba and Tim Turi, alongside Andrew Reiner who tries to piece the madness together from a safe distance. This is your last warning: The video below contains spoilers.

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Konami Says ‘Sorry’ For Metal Gear Online Launch Woes

Metal Gear Online has had some struggles in its first week. There have been server and matchmaking issues that have impacted a number of players.

As a way to make up for the problems, Konami is giving Metal Gear fans two different things. First, everyone will receive 3000GP to every player. This will automatically be applied after today’s maintenance.

The XP Boost period has also been extended. If you’ve already activated your boost, it will be applied for three weeks instead of two.

Thankfully, there's a pretty solid single-player game you can spend your time with. Just remember to go offline so menus don't get bogged down if the servers hitch.

[Source: Konami]


Our Take
Unfortunately, the FOB and general connectivity problems Metal Gear Solid V suffered during the first month hinted at MGO issues. I think when I get back to it, I’m going offline permanently and ignoring the online features (and all of their related problems) permanently. – The Feed

How To Play Metal Gear Solid V Like A Professional

Metal Gear Solid V is finally here, and by all accounts, Hideo
Kojima has delivered another
. His greatest accomplishment, however, is providing me with the
opportunity to write another masterpiece of my own, once again providing
hapless players with my priceless insight.

I've written so many of these invaluable features that I
can't even work links to my previous articles into a natural sentence anymore (instead
just go read: SkyrimFar
Cry 3
, Tomb
Last of Us
, Dark
Souls II
, and Borderlands:
). However, if you're new, here's what you need to know: I love sharing my professional gaming
skills with regular, non-gifted players like you. Why? Because even though
being an exceptionally skilled gamer is rewarding in its own right, helping
less fortunate players improve their skills is even more rewarding. I don't know why it feels so good to help you –
it's probably just because I'm a really kind and awesome person. Regardless,
I've funneled my incredible wisdom into the following guide to help you play
Metal Gear Solid V like a Professional Gamer – i.e. the elite few who are so
good at games, we actually get paid to play them.

For each entry I describe a common situation in MGS V, and
how an amateur gamer might respond to it. If this description sounds familiar,
don't worry – the vast majority of players are just as bad as you are!

Following each amateur entry is a pro description, which
outlines how I personally handled the same situation. Make sure to study them
closely and try to replicate them in your own game – doing so will bring you
one step closer to playing like a professional.

Situation: Months
before The Phantom Pain's release, you decide to play through the Ground Zeroes
prologue to catch up on the story.
How an amateur
handles it:
Play through the relatively short main mission, then complete a
few optional side quests and challenges to unlock bonus content in MGS V.
How a pro handles it:
Start Ground Zeroes an hour before you plan to go to bed, because it's a
short game anyway, right? Watch in confusion as the opening cutscene introduces
a bunch of characters you've never seen before because the only Metal Gear game
you played was MGS 2, even though it's supposedly not a "real" MGS game because
it starred that blond guy everyone hates. Fall asleep halfway through
the opening cutscene because holy crap is it long. Wake up at 3:00AM and go to
bed, then put the game back on your shelf the next day.

Situation: Launch
day of MGS V is finally here!
How an amateur
handles it:
Watch a quick video recap of Ground Zeroes on YouTube because
you beat that game months ago, then dive right in.
How a pro handles it:
Figure you should finally play through Ground Zeroes. Re-watch the lengthy
opening cutscene, while almost nodding off again. Contemplate the odds of you
having narcolepsy, then rejoice when the game finally gives you control of
Snake. Immediately walk backwards off a ledge overlooking the ocean, then
unwittingly press the drop button and fall to your doom. Restart the mission
while hoping that won't be part of the data that The Phantom Pain imports.

Situation: After
playing through The Phantom Pain's prologue, you find yourself in the middle of
How an amateur
handles it:
Pull up your map and find the shortest route to your current
objective, then ride D-Horse to said objective.
How a pro handles it:
Blindly run towards the objective without looking at the map because you've
got a marker right there in the environment that even counts down your distance
to it. Then run right into a giant canyon wall, hindering your progress. Walk
around the wall looking for a way up, continually sliding down gentle inclines
and inspecting cracks that you can't actually climb up even though you played
through a crack-climbing tutorial earlier. Finally pull up your map to see
you've been wandering the wrong way the whole time. Call in D-Horse and ride
him in the opposite direction for what feels like forever, then pull over to a
quiet spot to check your map again. Once you get your bearings, exit the menu
to see a massive bear walking toward straight toward you. Pull out your
tranquilizer pistol and shoot it in the face 10 times only to see that it could
care less about your feathery little darts. Try to run away as he charges, then
get knocked off of D-Horse with one swipe of his massive bear paw. Get up and
run back to your horse, then tackle him to the ground because you accidentally
pressed the dive button instead of the interact button. Patiently wait for
D-Horse to get up while the bear swipes you again, this time critically
injuring you. Impotently try to bandage your wound while the bear mauls you to
death, then respawn all the way back in the canyon you initially got lost in. Pretty good.

Situation: You're
in the middle of an enemy-occupied fort, and the one guard you want to extract
is within eyesight of several other enemies.
How an amateur
handles it:
Create a series of diversions to lure the guard someplace
private, then incapacitate him and carry him to a secluded location for
How a pro handles it:
Obsessively sneak back and forth between hiding spots in the fort because it's
loaded with guards and you can't decide who to take down first. Continue
looming around the target until a sandstorm rolls up. Contemplate the odds of
you being able to sneak in, grab the guard, and get out before the storm ends,
knowing that every second you hesitate makes your success that much unlikelier.
Finally decide to throw caution to the wind; ambush the guard, choke him out
from behind, attach a fulton balloon to him, then run back and dive behind
cover in one suave, continuous motion. Listen to the soothing voice of the
iDroid lady tell you that your extraction failed, because of course you can't fulton a guy during a sandstorm. Take comfort
in the fact that at least the sandstorm prevented anyone else from seeing what
an idiot you are.

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properly rescue prisoners… – The Feed

[Update] Konami Patches Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Bug On All Platforms, Server Problems Persists

Update #2: Konami reports that all five platforms have now been patched. Unfortunately, server problems still persist.

As of this writing, Xbox One gamers are likely to experience FOB problems and menu sluggishness while connected online. Additionally, Konami has yet to restore full functionality to the FOB mode.

Update #1 (September 17, 2015 at 5:37 p.m.): Konami has updated its post with new information. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PS3 has now been patched to squash the game-breaking bug. 

Original Story (September 14, 2015, at 7:29 a.m.):

After announcing that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shipped with a game-breaking, save-corrupting bug last week, we have good news. Konami has patched the offending problem on two platforms.

Those playing PlayStation 4 and PC are in the clear on this one. The patch is undergoing final testing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and will likely be available soon.

The error was triggered by bringing Quiet on one of two missions as your buddy. While Konami did put a finer point on it and offer a way to avoid the problem, this patch eradicates it completely.

Unfortunately, Konami continues to have intermittent server problems. The company's website is currently reporting issues with both current-gen platforms.

Online connectivity problems permeate the single-player experience, resulting in sluggish menus. These hangups can leave players stuck on the iDroid screen during a mission, which can impede stealthiness. Taking your game offline immediately remedies the problem.

We'll update when Konami sounds the all-clear on the other three platforms.

[Source: Konami]


Our Take
This was a quick turnaround on the patch, but I'm still surprised that this made it into final retail code. I'm also dismayed at the online issues. While the impact is minimal (and easily fixed) right now if you ignore Konami having to restrict the FOB mode, I have little faith in Metal Gear Online's performance when it arrives. – The Feed

Metal Gear Solid V’s D-Dog Intro Is A Lot Weirder With Ocelot’s Crotch

Metal Gear Solid V is a
great game
, but there's no game that can't be made better by mods. The PC
community is hard at work manipulating Kojima's latest masterpiece, and the
results are…weird.

The video below comes from Facebook user ED-E,
and shows what happens when you replace D-Dog's puppy model with a full-grown
Ocelot. It just so happens that the character model defaults to crotch level,
which makes his playful nuzzling of Big Boss all the more awkward. A similar mod video hit earlier this year, when YouTube user tmacc posted a video of Ground Zeroes' lengthy intro, with the guard dogs replaced by human soldiers. However, the results weren't nearly as hilarious as this:

(Please visit the site to view this media)

That said, Tactical
Modding Operations
ups the ante by showing us what some of Quiet's ridiculously
scenes would look like if they starred Ocelot as well.

[Source: Facebook,
YouTube (1), (2), Quiet
videos via Polygon] – The Feed

Here’s A 60-Second Recap Of The Events Leading Up To Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid has always had such a zany story that it’s sometimes easy to get lost in what’s actually happening. Fear not, here’s a recap of all the important events leading up to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The historians at Lore in the Minute! break down Snake's story in the following video. For a more detailed breakdown of the game's lore, check out our own recap of the important people and places in the series.

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