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6 tips for success in the Chinese mobile game market

A quick guide to what it takes to make it in the Chinese mobile market — from partnerships to localization tips and an explanation of what kinds of games Chinese users most enjoy. …

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Xbox One Celebrates One Year On The Market With Free Downloads And Giveaways

One year ago today saw the launch of the Xbox One. In celebreation, Microsoft is offering some freebies to early-adopters, and sharing some statistics.

Over the last 365 days, players have earned over 11 billion Gamerscore from Achievements, and spent more than 2 billion communal hours playing the console. Forza Motorsport 5’s Welcome to Forza Motorsport Achievement, Titanfall’s Build Yourself Achievement, Destiny’s Ship Rite Achievement, and Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Spatial Awareness Achievement. Players should also be receiving a personalized e-mail detailing their own gaming statistics, if they opted in to that short of thing.

Freebies include a Year One Gamer Picture, new Xbox One backgrounds, a free rental of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, a free rental of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, and a sampler pack of Dragon Ball Z TV episodes. There's also the chance to win free games and premium content, which you can find out more about on Major Nelson's blog.

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Our Take
This is a pretty cool way to recognize an otherwise innocuous anniversary. I am especially excited about the chance to see
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods for free. – The Feed

GameStop down year-on-year, and the stock market doesn’t like it

Today, GameStop shared its quarterly results, and they show a year-on-year decline for the retailer, despite the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One coming into their second holiday. …

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Report: Sony Plans To Enter Chinese Market With PlayStation 4 This Year

A new report indicates that Sony is preparing to join Microsoft in the Chinese market. The company could ship up to 200,000 PlayStation 4 consoles into the China Pilot Free Trade Zone annually, beginning this December.

Bloomberg reports on a filing, since confirmed to that publication by Sony. Though according to the Sony spokesperson as reported by Bloomberg, the 200,000 unit number is not fixed and could vary.

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in China on September 29, reportedly reaching 100,000 units sold in the first day. Microsoft and its local partner, BesTV, are said to be targeting 1 million units sold in the first twelve months.

We’ve reached out to Sony for more specifics on its plans to enter the Chinese market. We’ll update should we receive a response.

[Source: Bloomberg]


Our Take
Now that the console ban has been lifted in China, this is the right move for Sony. The company is suffering financially, with gaming as one of the few bright spots. There have been over 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold worldwide, and breaching the most populated country in the world opens up an even larger, untapped audience. – The Feed

How the top iOS games market on the App Store: A breakdown

“I took roughly 300 screenshots of the screenshots from 150 games (about half from top grossing, half from top paid in the US App Store) and then analyzed them all.” …

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Titanfall adds ‘Black Market’ and in-game currency system

Respawn Entertainment added a new in-game market to Titanfall known as the “Black Market,” which allows players to redeem credits in the game for burn card packs and insignias. For instance, the game’s standard burn card pack costs 5,000 credits and…
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How Kingdom Under Fire 2 survived a shifting game market for 7 years

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a survivor. Many games die on the vine as production passes the three-year mark, but Blue Side’s MMO sequel to the oddball action-strategy hybrid is now well into its seventh year of development. Enduring false starts, major…
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Nexon continues to chase the mobile market with Studiospiel deal

Free-to-play game company Nexon announced a partnership with Austrian studio Socialspiel today, signaling the company’s intent to continue bolstering its portfolio of Western games. …

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Deep Silver CEO: The Market Needs Someone Like Us

"We were just lucky, you know," Klemens Kundratitz laughs in response to my inquiry about the series of events that led to his company's acquisition of Saints Row, Metro, and Volition Games from THQ in 2013. The CEO of Deep Silver parent Koch Media's affable nature only slightly masks a strategic mind that has led his company out of the shadows over the past year.

Kundratitz lays out a methodical path that ultimately culminated in January's surprise results from the THQ bankruptcy auction. "Step by step, there was a very visible evolution of our company," he says.

He identifies Dead Island as representing a series of crucial growth benchmarks for the company. "First there was the trailer that sold the game that came from the outside, and that game gave us some global exposure and global reach," Kundratitz explains. "That led to the acquisition of the two THQ assets. First we had to prove we could do a global launch. Then we had to prove that we could manage more than one product. It's been long in our strategy to enter into the mobile space, and we did that at the end of last year. This is just the beginning."

Despite the rapid growth, Kundratitz continues to maintain a modest perspective. "It's very important that we don't try to do everything at once. We are certainly an independent publisher," he says. "We like to stress that we are not among the evil part of the industry. Still, we have a reach, and we are very focused on gamers."

I ask him what his thought process was leading up to the auction and how that has changed in the months since Metro: Last Light and Saints Row IV were released. "You can imagine when you sit in this big bidding room in Delaware, and there are all these other companies around you bidding for the assets, and you're the one at the end who prevails," he recounts.

Deep Silver paid $ 22.3 million for Volition and Saints Row. Metro: Last Light cost the company another $ 5.8 million. "You have that thought, 'What did I just do?'" he laughs. "But only for a fraction of a second."

The gamble has paid off. Both titles have recuperated the investment, and Metro: Last Light sold more in its first week than the first title in the series, Metro 2033, sold to that point since its 2010 release.

Kundratitz, who has in the past hinted at more titles in the Metro series, tells me that he has been in contact with the franchise's Ukraine-based team, 4A Games. Tensions have been growing in the region since last year, recently resulting in Russian military incursion and the annexation of Crimea, an ethnically Russian section of the country.

"We've been in touch all along, and we care about their lives," he says. "We are concerned about their working conditions such that they can be productive as a team. Even though a lot of havoc happened around them, the team itself is intact."

While Kundratitz wouldn't confirm what 4A Games and Volition are working on, he did tell me that there will be some big announcements at E3 in June. He also says that the recent acquisitions continue to be a source of growth, but not at the expense of losing the company values or identity. There is no intention of going toe-to-toe with the likes of EA or Activision.

"We believe that the time is absolutely right for an independent publisher to blossom," he says. "We think that we are that independent. We have the majors, as I call them, and a very active independent scene. But we are a global publisher that can fill a gap that other companies have filled in the past, but aren't around anymore. The market needs someone like us." – The Feed

Capcom still having problems tapping the mobile market

While many companies are finding success on mobile while retail games decline, Capcom is experiencing the opposite, with decent packaged sales, but weak mobile sales. …

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