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Elder Scrolls Online: Homestead Update Now Live For PS4 And Xbox One

Since its console launch in June 2015, The Elder Scrolls Online has quickly become one of the most popular MMORPGs around, with tons of free updates along with premium add-on content. While we eagerly await the highly-anticipated Morrowind expansion, publisher Bethesda is keeping us sated with the Homestead Update, out today for PS4 and Xbox One.

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The free update has been live on PC and Mac for several weeks, and it brings some new quests and the ability to purchase and customize living spaces. There are around forty homes to purchase (with either in-game currency or real money), and homes can be decorated with over two thousand unique items, from shelves and furniture to assorted miscellaneous baubles… Yes, including sweet rolls.

For more on The Elder Scrolls Online, check out GI's coverage of the upcoming Morrowind expansion, due out June 6. – The Feed

New Pokémon Are Not Yet Available In Go, But The Promised Update Is Live

The promised update for Pokémon Go is now available, but new Gold & Silver Pokémon are not showing up in the wild yet.

The update changes some UI things (like being able to select Poké Balls and berries more easily), and also gives more clothing options (like being able to remove your hat), but doesn't deliver the big addition yet – new Pokémon.

We'll be keeping an eye on the game to see when the new creatures are available, but for now it's probably a good idea to go ahead and grab the update.


Our Take
It's borderline embarrassing how excited I am to catch new Pokémon. – The Feed

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Digital Issue Is Now Live

If you subscribe to the computer, tablet, or mobile edition of Game Informer magazine, you can now read new, exclusive details about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Following today's cover reveal, our digital issue is now live on web browsers and will be coming to iPad/iPhoneAndroid, and Google Play throughout the day. You can download the apps to view the issue by following this link. All four of these digital options are included in a standard subscription.

The issue launches tomorrow on our third-party subscription apps including ZinioKindle, and Nook.

Not a digital subscriber yet? Convert your existing print subscription here or start a new subscription here.

You can look forward to more online features throughout the month to see how Breath of the Wild truly re-examines the Zelda formula, learn everything we know about the new dungeons, find out what’s in store for the future of 2D Zelda games, and read about Aonuma’s personal favorite Zelda games, among many other Breath of the Wild-focused features. Click the banner below to visit our hub, and be sure to check back regularly. – The Feed

Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Off New Maps And Live Fire Mode

Titanfall 2 may have been overshadowed by more high-profile shooters like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but publisher EA and developer Respawn Entertainment are still supporting their critically acclaimed shooter.

The latest free update for Titanfall 2 will include Live Fire mode, along with two new maps specifically designed for the fast-paced mode. Two teams of six pilots (no Titans here) will fight tooth-and-nail over control of a single neutral flag, and the team in possession at the end of each sixty-second round wins. Sounds simple, right? The new trailer promoting the mode showcases how these matches can get wildly chaotic, thanks to the free movement mechanics and varied weaponry of the game.

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Back in October, GI's Javy Gwaltney gave Titanfall 2 a 9.5, stating that "For first-person shooter fans, Titanfall 2 is a must play." 

[Source: Titanfall 2 Official Website] – The Feed

NBA Live Delayed, Madden To Frostbite, And Need For Speed Coming Next Fiscal Year

Alongside the news of EA's strong strong financial 2016, the publisher/developer had a few teases for the future of its franchises.

A new NBA Live is still on the way, despite setbacks. Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson, said on today's investor call that the next game has been pushed back to fall 2017 from an original release window that put it out before April. Wilson says it is withholding the game in order to release something, "truly innovative and disruptive in the marketplace."

Wilson also stated on the call that EA Tiburon is converting its Madden development to DICE's Frostbite engine, and the new engine will be used for Madden NFL 18 (like we reported last year). We don't know if this means it'll have a Frostbite-based story mode like FIFA's The Journey (which is getting a second season for FIFA 18), but Wilson assures it will offer major enhancements.

A new Need for Speed was mentioned with a fiscal year 2018 release window. Little else was said about the game, but it will have an online multiplayer focus.

Edit: We originally wrote Need for Speed had a 2018 release window. That window for Need for Speed's release is actually EA's 2018 fiscal year, which is now reflected in the headline as well.

Smaller news includes the confirmation that NHL 18 releases in September, EA has plans for a UFC game next year, and unfortunately, despite rumors, EA does not have a new Skate game currently in development.

[Source: Electronic Arts, Polygon]


Our Take
NBA Live is in a tricky position. It is hugely overshadowed by its competition and it has a lot of ground to make up. I'm curious to see how Frostbite affects Madden. It might lead to a rough transition for this year's entry. Skate never really grabbed me personally, but I know it has a lot of fans. I'm sure it's disappointing to hear it's not currently in development. – The Feed

Xbox Live Gold prices set to double in India

The price of both monthly and yearly Xbox Live Gold memberships in India are set to jump significantly at the end of next month. …

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Respawn Lays Out Titanfall 2 DLC Road Map And Details New Live Fire Mode

Respawn and EA have stuck to their free DLC plan since announcing it, and have some new details to offer about what's in store for the future.

Live Fire mode will be available in February. It is apparently inspired by playing speedball in paintball, according to the mode's designer Griffin Dean. In the 6 v 6 mode, players have 60 seconds to grab a neutral flag. Whoever has the flag when the timer runs out wins, regardless of how many lives have been lost up to that point. The mode will be available, for free, in February.

In March, a (sort of) new map, Colony will be available. It is a map from the original Titanfall that is being updated to appear in the sequel.

For our review of Titanfall 2, head here.

[Source: Titanfall 2] – The Feed

Xbox Live Monthly Active Users Reach Record 55 Million

In a Microsoft quarterly earnings report and conference call, it was announced that Xbox Live monthly active users have reached a new record 55 million. This is a significant boost compared to the same time last year.

Microsoft's overall gaming revenue was down 3% year-over-year from September to December (located in the same report), attributed to hardware.

You can read more about Microsoft here

Our Take
People are playing and they're playing online! While single player experiences aren't going away anytime soon (though their death is often predicted by some capricious pundit every year like clockwork), online play is becoming more and more pervasive. Services like Xbox Live are an extension of that. – The Feed

Overwatch’s Year Of The Rooster Event Now Live

Blizzard is unleashing its latest seasonal event today, which honors the Year of the Rooster. The update includes more than 100 new cosmetic items themed to the Chinese lunar new year, and a new brawl that offers a poultry-themed twist on capture the flag.

Starting today, players can earn Lunar Loot Boxes, which contain at least one item of Year of the Rooster loot – whether it's a player icon, spray, victory pose, emote, highlight intro, voice line, or skin is up to the luck of the draw. In addition, players can check out the new Capture the Rooster brawl, in which players race to capture the opposing team's rooster-emblazoned flag and return it safely to their own base.

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For more on Capture the Rooster, take a look at this developer walkthrough of the mode.

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The event is available starting today on PC and consoles, and it runs through February 13. If you see something you like in the trailer above, you should probably start working now, since these things have a tendency to disappear forever once the event ends. – The Feed

Join us for a live quest design session with RPG dev Tanya Short at 3PM EST

We’ll be streaming some live game design from the Gamasutra Twitch channel today at 3PM EST. …

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