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Bungie Celebrates The Destiny Community & Level 20+ Players

Bungie has unveiled another weekly Q&A, and in it the developer talks beta nameplates, special badges, high-ranking adventures, and more.

The developer revealed that beta nameplates will be given out for those that participated, and Bungie community members can also earn special badges for their contributions including their forum status and having played multiple Bungie titles. Gamers can pick up these goodies in-game by visiting Tess in the Tower.

Bungie also gave a snapshot of what awaits players after level 20: Heroic mode progressions for Daily Heroic Story Chapters and Weekly Heroic Strikes. These require exceptional gear in order to defeat high-level enemies. Strikes' modifiers also increase the difficulty such as making arc weapons even deadlier. This is good for players, but also makes enemies with those type of weapons harder, too. Bounties are also important for post-level 20 players due to the high amount of XP they deliver.

If you're level 25 on September 16, you can break into the Vault of Glass on Venus for a special run. As Bungie usually does, there will be plenty of other post-release content that will reflect what the developer has learned based on players' experiences so far.

For more info from the Q&A, head over to the Bungie page.

Destiny comes out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on September 9.

In other recent Destiny news, find out how you can upgrade to the new-gen version of the game for free. Also check out the trailer for the PS4-exclusive Dust Palace strike.

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Sony releases level editor that’s open source and engine-agnostic

Developers in need of level design tech, take heart: Sony has released a standalone level editor that developers can download and use for free under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open source license. …

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Level 5′s Fantasy Life becomes reality in Europe next month

Finally, Fantasy Life is confirmed for Europe with a regional release date of September 24. Don’t let the proximity of finally to fantasy in that opening sentence mislead you, the 3DS RPG is a Level-5 joint, even if it does feature music by Nobuo…
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Motes of Light are your ticket past level 20 in Destiny

Though Bungie’s open-universe shooter Destiny features a soft progression cap at level 20, Guardians can continue to grow their abilities thanks to collectibles dubbed “Motes of Light.”

According to Bungie, though characters will be unable to gather…
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Postcards from WildStar: I’m a level 50 interior designer

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Stealth Inc 2 to slink in October’s shadow with returning level editor

When Curve Studios told us about Stealth Inc. 2, its Wii U-exclusive return to a series that never reached Nintendo platforms with its debut title, 2014 was the targeted release window. A month later, during a meeting with Nintendo Life, Stealth Inc….
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Sports-platformer #IDARB takes Twitch chat trolling to a new level

The last thing I expected to see during my playthrough of Other Ocean’s #IDARB at E3 last week was an airbrushed Rick Astley strolling across the screen, but that’s exactly what happened, ruining a likely goal for my chicken-and-duck team. Shortly…
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Get a job: Black Tusk seeks a Lead Multiplayer Level Designer

Black Tusk is looking for someone with multiplayer level design experience and enthusiasm for the Gears of War franchise to join them in Vancouver, British Columbia. …

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Rockstar raises the wanted level in Los Santos

Developer studio Rockstar seems pretty determined to keep the crime level raised in the city of Los Santos with the studio’s new update to Grand Theft Auto Online, titled The High Life.

One of the more exciting features of the update is the mental state feature which will help in identifying whether a player is friend or foe. It works by changing a player’s blip to red or white. The more red a player’s blip is, the more psychotic they may be (killing pedestrians, killing friendly players, mass murder, etc.). The whiter a player’s blip is indicates the friendlier they may be. Additionally, this system will also play a role in matchmaking by having players grouped with those who share compatible mental states.

The update also encourages players to soak in their wealth by allowing them to own two properties at the same time. This perk comes along with new real-estate options and property sales. Additionally, the update adds some new cars such as the Enus Huntley S, Dewbauchee Massacro and the Pegassi Zentorno.

For more information, you can check out the GTA Online website.

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