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Super Mario Maker Level Search Portal Announced

Nintendo announced a new search feature for Super Mario Maker custom levels in Thursday’s Nintendo Direct. Players can now access a new online search portal to list criteria and find appropriate courses to play.

The portal, which can be reached either on smartphones or on a PC, allows players to list criteria like difficulty level and more. Players can also sync courses to their game from the portal for later use.

The portal site is expected to launch sometime next month, and not a minute too soon. According to Nintendo, over three million courses have already been created by players. – The Feed

Blog: The secret to designing the perfect level?

A journey through one game’s design: “What you ultimately want to give to players is an ideal environment in which they can enjoy whatever you’d like them to experiment at its finest.” …

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Fallout 4 Doesn’t Have A Level Cap To Hold You Back

Bethesda has detailed how progress will be handled in Fallout 4. While the skill-based system found in Skyrim won’t be infiltrating the wasteland, there have been some improvements over what you found in Fallout 3.

The SPECIAL system returns, with each of the stats (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) having a range from one to ten. You’ll get 28 points to allocate at the start, and you’ll get to reallocate early in the game after you’ve played for a bit.

There’s no level cap this time out, and the experience-based progression system has been quickened a bit. That means you’ll be able to grow your skills and pick perks from an enormous chart (below). Oh, and this poster is included in every pre-order copy.

Click to enlarge.

Bethesda explains that each perk has its own leveling system and sub-tree. Some ranks require reaching a certain level or having a SPECIAL value high enough. Each of the seven stats has ten perks associated with it. You’ll also be able to boost your SPECIAL levels later in the game.

Beyond that, there are magazines and comics you can find scattered around the world. These will bestow unique skills, with different levels unlocked the more you find.

For more, check out Bethesda’s website.

[Source: Bethesda] – The Feed

This May Be Super Mario Maker’s Hardest Level

Super Mario Maker master @PangaeaPanga is quickly making a name for themselves by making what may be the hardest Mario levels ever created.

We looked at one of Panga's creations this weekend and were absolutely in awe of its execution. Panga showed how to beat another one of their creations yesterday on Twitch, and you can see the level in the YouTube video below. It is absolutely bonkers in the best way.

If you want to try the level yourself, here's the code: 6059-0000-005E-4FB5. Good luck.

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[Source: PangaeaPanga on YouTube] – The Feed

Watch An Expert Beat An Absurdly Difficult Mario Maker Level

With so many Super Mario Maker levels out there, it is difficult to claim one as being the most difficult, but Pit of Panga: Bomb Voyage from creator Panga makes a pretty good argument for itself.

The playthrough of the level comes from YouTube user Bananasaurus Rex who is clearly better at Mario than I could ever hope to be. According to the description of the video, at the time of recording, this level had been attempted 11,000 times and this was the first completion. That number will likely change soon as the level gains in popularity, but it's an impressive feat none-the-less.

To download and try the level yourself, here's the code: 2A8F-0000-0049-9485

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With videos like this, as well as one we recently shared of a very cool, but undeniably disturbing level about Waluigi, it's still odd to me that there is no "upload directly to YouTube" option for playing through Super Mario Maker levels. We asked the game's director and producer about this at E3, and you can find their response here.

[Source: Bananasaurus Rex on YouTube, @PangaeaPanga, @BananaRex, via Reddit] – The Feed

Disturbing Super Mario Maker Level Asks Waluigi To Question His Purpose

What begins as a tricky Super Mario Maker level quickly spirals into a journey of uncomfortable self-reflection for Waluigi.

I'm sure it's not quite what Nintendo had in mind for players to create when it gave players the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom, but it's effective, undeniably creepy, and a reminder that people can get really creative, even with a limited set of tools. You can check out a playthrough of the video below, or if you want to try it out yourself, here's the code: DAF8-0000-0027-7A46

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We're currently taking requests for levels form the community with plans to put together a video sharing them soon. If you've got a level you want us to play, leave a comment on this story right here. – The Feed

Here’s A Surefire Way To Beat Any Super Mario Maker Level

Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. creation factory releases in a matter of days (read our glowing review), and once the general population gets their hands on the game there is bound the be a flood on near-impossible levels to play. If you ever find yourself hitting a wall, just try this nifty trick to help you beat even the hardest challenges.

The goofballs at The Warp Zone show us how to beat any level in Super Mario Maker (yeah, we know this won't really work). Our own Kyle Hilliard's levels weren't nearly that hard, but we wish we could have used this trick to bypass them nonetheless.

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In this classic interview, Koichi Hayashida, director of Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, shares some of Shigeru Miyamoto’s secrets for engaging level design. …

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Black Ops III Beta Gets Level Cap Boost And New Specialist On PS4

Activision and Treyarch have added more to the ongoing Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta on PlayStation 4. If you think you’ve maxed everything out, there’s more to do now, including a new map.

The level cap has been raised to 34, which in turn gives you access to new weapons, equipment, perks, and score streaks. There’s also a new specialist available, a robot named Reaper.

Finally, the Uplink game mode has been added to the rotation. Reached the downed satellite and carry it into the enemy base. Let us know how you’re enjoying the beta.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is due out on November 6 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.


Our Take
When Black Ops III’s setting was announced, there was some trepidation about how it might change the gameplay. I’m interested to hear from those that have reached the level cap what they think now that they’ve played. Based on my own time with it at Gamescom, it still felt very much in line with all of the things Call of Duty is known for. It didn’t suddenly become a different game. – The Feed

Get a job: Ready At Dawn is hiring an experienced Level Designer

The studio responsible for The Order: 1886 is looking to bring on experienced level designers to work alongside the art and programming teams at Ready At Dawn’s Irvine, CA headquarters. …

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