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Tour the open world of The Legend of Zelda on Wii U

Remember that Legend of Zelda game announced back at E3? You know, the one where Link is definitely not a girl? Well, Nintendo revealed a good chunk of gameplay during The Game Awards this weekend, showcasing a massive, open world as well as the new …
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Replay – The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

With Nintendo's announcement of the 3DS remake of Link's creepiest adventure, we decided to look back at the original.

Released shortly after the groundbreaking Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask reuses characters and assets from the first 3D Zelda title to create the surreal, dreamlike world of Termina. It makes everything feel just a little bit off in Clock Town, and that's before you look up to see the moon eyeing the clock tower as a landing zone.

Join myself, Andrew Reiner, Jeff Marchiafava, and Wade Wojcik, who has spent a lot of time in Termina, as we relive Majora's Mask's three days.

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Legend of Grimrock 2

Legend of Grimrock 2 launched fairly quietly about a week ago. The sequel to the successful 2012 dungeon crawler, Grimrock 2 seems to improve and expand on nearly every aspect of the first game without sacrificing any of the classic exploration, combat, and puzzle solving that defined it. Probably the biggest change is the inclusion of expansive outdoor environments – whereas Grimrock 1 took place entirely underground inside dark dungeons and caverns, Grimrock 2 let’s you explore the surface of the Isle of Nex, traversing opulent beaches, forests, and other outdoor locales. Monster AI is also noticeably improved, and though the combat retains the “dance-like” quality of Grimrock 1, it’s not as easy to lead opponents around the same four tiles without getting hit. Monsters are more likely to anticipate and dodge your attacks, and are less inclined to walk into the range of your weapons. New races, new classes, an upgraded skills system, and a friendlier UI round out a list of improvements that should please fans who were satisfied with the original.


The Legend of Korra review: Bend it like Bayonetta

Bending the elements like folks do in The Legend of Korra is an intoxicating dream. Much as they did in the original Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, many people born in Korra’s world can freely manipulate the four elements through martial arts….
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Brutal Legend PC limited edition coming soon from IndieBox

Indie game distributor IndieBox revealed that it will soon ship a Limited Edition version of Double FIne’s heavy metal action-RTS Brutal Legend to subscribers, celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary and marking the first time its PC version has…
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PSN Tuesday: Shadow Warrior, The Legend of Korra

Though the PlayStation gets the bulk of new additions in today’s PlayStation Network Store update, most of the biggest releases are available on multiple Sony devices.

Koei Tecmo’s musou brawler Samurai Warriors 4 and arcade flyer Race The Sun are…
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REVIEW / Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link Hoodie


We here at That VideoGame Blog get the privilege to review some great games from some of today’s best developers. Something we don’t get to do often, and I’ll admit that this is my first time, is review clothing. But it’s video game related, and based off one of my favorite franchises, so why not?

Mario Hoodie Group 3



An e-mail dropped in my inbox from Paper Rox Scissors PR that TV Online Store was offering exclusive Nintendo hoodies modeled after some of our favorite Nintendo characters. Just in time for Nintendo’s just in time for Nintendo’s 125th anniversary, TV Online Store is currently offering Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Link hoodie sweatshirts. As a boy who grew up wanting to be Link, I immediately wanted to test out The Legend of Zelda Link hoodie!


Nintendo Link hoodie 1

Nintendo Link hoodie 2


Here is the website’s description:

“Who doesn’t love Link? He’s only one of the coolest heroes in video game history! If you’ve always wanted to be like him, this officially licensed Nintendo hoodie will at least help you to pull off his appearance. Featuring his green suit with his sword and shield across the back, this Link hoodie is perfect for any fan of The Legend of Zelda. Show some love for your favorite hero in style with this awesome Legend of Zelda hoodie!”

The hoodie is based off the Wind Waker Link design, which any discerning Zelda fanboy will recognize immediately. The material is soft, the colors are bright, and the hood itself has the signature Phrygian-style cap. The sweatshirt also emulates a tunic in that the shoulders give the appearance of being a separate piece from the sleeves. The belt is purely part of the sweatshirt, but the sword and shield on the back of the are outlined with thread, giving an illusion of depth that makes them appear to be separate from the sweatshirt from a distance. All of these little details make this a solid looking hoodie.


Nintendo Link hoodie Cody 1

Going to vanquish some evil.


It’s no surprise that this this hoodie looked even better in person than in the excitement-inducing product photos; they are after all officially licensed products, bearing Nintendo’s gold stamped seal of approval. But how does it stand up to the elements? Functionally, the hoodie works like a sweatshirt. It keeps you warm and blocks the wind where it can. You can slide your hands into the pockets to keep warm. It also fits very well (I got a large hoodie, which proved true to size).


Nintendo Link hoodie Cody 2

Super cool. And that dude’s right tail light is out.


All in all, this is an awesome hoodie, and would make an excellent gift for any Nintendo fan. I am also looking forward to wearing it around during Halloween, as it doubles as a quick and easy costume. While the initial price tag seems steep ($ 50 retail), it’s definitely worth the price in that you will be wearing it constantly, and you will feel pretty sweet wearing it around. Check out TV Online Store’s website to grab your own.


Mario Hoodie Group 5


Special thanks to TV Online Store and Paper Rox Scissors PR for the hoodie.

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Legend of Grimrock 2 plumbs the depths in mid-October

Developer Almost Human has revealed that its classically-styled first-person dungeon crawl Legend of Grimrock 2 will debut on October 15.

Alongside the announcement, the developer also revealed that pre-orders for the game are now open, and those…
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Endless Legend exits Steam Early Access on September 18

Endless Legend will exit Early Access and launch in full on Steam on September 18, Iceberg Interactive announced. The 4X strategy game entered its alpha phase on the PC distribution platform in April, receiving new factions, “fully functional”…
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The Legend of Korra begins in October

If you’ve recovered from The Legend of Korra’s season three TV finale, read on for more news about the series in video game form. Otherwise, take a few more deep breaths and brace yourselves:

The Legend of Korra game from Platinum and Activision is…
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