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Longtime BioWare Writer David Gaider Leaves Company

If you've enjoyed BioWare characters like HK-47, Cassandra, and Dorian, you might need to sit down for this one. David Gaider, the writer responsible for those characters (and a stable of others) has left BioWare after 17 years.

The announcement came from Gaider himself over Twitter this morning.

In addition to writing individual characters, Gaider also helped create the whole Dragon Age setting, and he has written several Dragon Age novels. We already knew that he was moving on from Dragon Age to work on a new project, but now we'll just have to wait to see what's next for the writer.

Our Take
As a fan of Dragon Age and other BioWare franchises, this is a big deal. Even for those who don't recognize his name, Gaider has been helping to steer the narrative direction at BioWare for a long time. I have faith in the rest of the writing team at BioWare, but I can't ignore the fact that Gaider is the creative force behind some of my favorite characters in video game history. I hope that his next gig is still somewhere within the industry. – The Feed

Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw leaves Valve after 18 years

Half-Life scribe Marc Laidlaw has confirmed to Gamasutra that he has left Valve Software. …

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Man Leaves His Super Nintendo On For Nearly 20 Years To Preserve His Save

Twitter user Wanikun really, really, really did not want to part with his save of Umihara Kawase.

Certain cartridge game suffered from a flaw where the save within the cartridge would die once the batteries were dead. Wanikun had a novel solution for this: he kept his console on for nearly 20 years.

He did have to unplug the console once while moving but managed to hook the game back up before he lost his save but still, he calculates that the console has been running for nearly 180,000 hours.

[Source: Rocket News24] – The Feed

Report: Hideo Kojima Officially Leaves Konami (Possibly For Real This Time)

It seems the drawn out divorce of Konami and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima could be hurtling toward a finale. Nikkei is reporting that as of today, Kojima has separated from the publisher.

The Nikkei story suggests that Kojima, who spent the better part of the 30 years at Konami, will be opening his own studio. We’ve reached out to Konami for comment on Kojima’s current status with the publisher and we’ll update should we receive a response.

The messy breakup first came to light when Konami removed Kojima’s name from Metal Gear Solid series boxart. The company then canceled Silent Hills, which Kojima was working on with Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro. The Los Angeles branch of Kojima Productions was later shuttered.

Along the way, rumors emerged that Kojima had already departed (refuted by Konami). The most recent dust up occurred at The Game Awards earlier in December as host Geoff Keighley revealed that Konami exercised legal leverage to prevent Kojima’s attendance.

For an in-depth look at the events of the past year transpiring between Kojima and Konami, check out our previous coverage.

[Source: Nikkei via Polygon]


Our Take
At this point, it’s unlikely Konami is going to comment about anything related to Kojima. This sordid tale won’t be over until he formally announces his own studio and can talk about what’s been going on over the past year. – The Feed

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted Edition On PC Leaves Early Access Today

Secret Ponchos, the overhead multiplayer shooter, is no longer an early access PC title, starting today.

The game released in PlayStation 4 back in December of last year, but its PC iteration has taken a bit longer to be considered an official release. This version of the game adds four more outlaws, two new maps, new skins, and a single-player arcade mode, among other additions. You can find more details here.

For our review of the PlayStation 4 version of Secret Ponchos, head here.

[Source: Secret Ponchos, via NeoGAF]


Our Take
The general consensus, as well as our own, on Secret Ponchos has been mostly negative. The game has a very cool western style, however, and it has the potential to find some new life on PC. I'm hopeful that its time in early access will have some positive results. – The Feed

Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel leaves Microsoft

Lococycle, Splosion Man, and The Maw developer Twisted Pixel has left Microsoft to become an indie studio once again. …

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Mark Skaggs leaves Zynga, as casino devs rise up

He’d been with the company since 2008, shepherding the development of games like FarmVille and CityVille. …

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Ingress developer Niantic Labs leaves Google behind

Niantic Labs, Google’s in-house game studio, and the team responsible for augmented reality cyberpunk thriller, Ingress, will soon become an independent company. …

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ESPN Commentator Who Criticized Esports Coverage Leaves Network

Earlier this year, ESPN took a major step into Esports coverage with Blizzard’s collegiate Heroes of the Dorm tournament. The Heroes of the Storm event drew a great deal of interest, though some of ESPN’s own staff weren’t quite happy with it.

In April, Colin Cowherd stated that he’d quit if forced to cover Esports. "Somebody lock the basement door at mom's house and don't let 'em out," he said at the time. "I tagged out at Harry Potter. I tolerated Donkey Kong. I'll tell you what that was the equivalent of there: of me putting a gun in my mouth and having to listen to that. Unbelievable. You know what the funny thing is? Listen to how intense they are. Those guys are totally into it."

Today, Cowherd and ESPN have parted ways. “We’ve enjoyed a mutually beneficial run with Colin for over a decade,” writes ESPN president John Skipper. “He came to national prominence on ESPN with his unique perspective on sports and society. Endings also bring new beginnings, for ESPN and Colin, and we thank him and wish him the best.”

[Source: ESPN]


Our Take
While there’s no link between Cowherd’s statements and his departure, at least he won’t be forced to cover Esports (or have to tolerate his employer doing so). Given the growing popularity on top of an already enormous fan base (and an ESPN Magazine issue devoted to the subject), I suspect we’ll be seeing more coverage on the network. – The Feed

Shadowrun Chronicles Leaves Early Access, Offers Online Campaign Co-Op

Cyberpunk fans are likely already familiar with Harebrained Schemes' excellent Shadowrun Returns reboot. Because the role-playing world featuring cybernetic elves and orcs is too big for one studio, developer Cliffhanger Productions is officially releasing Shadowrun Chronicles – Boston Lockdown today on Steam. The game lets distant shadowrunners team up to take on the co-op campaign.

Cliffhanger released a new trailer for Shadowrun Chronicles, offering a glimpse of the game's bleak vision of a tech-infused fantasy future. 

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Shadowrun Chronicles was recently announced back in 2011 as Shadowrun Online. It entered Steam Early Access last year. For more information on Shadowrun Chronicles, and to pick up the game yourself, head over to the game's Steam page.

Our Take
Since Shadowrun Chronicles was first announced, Harebrained Schemes announced their Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter, got it funded, released the game to positive reviews, and funded another campaign on Kickstarter. That's a lot of Shadowrun since Cliffhanger Productions first announced its game (both games are officially licensed via rights holders Topps and Microsoft. Hopefully the several ongoing Shadowrun products don't confuse fans, and some folks check out Chronicles' intriguing online co-op. – The Feed