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‘Fruit Ninja Kinect 2′ rated by Australian Classification Board

Pretending your limbs are giant, unmerciful blades for food preparation was pretty satisfying in Fruit Ninja Kinect, but if the game’s push for conquering high scores has taught us anything, more is always better. That sentiment might amount to…
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Kinect v2 for Windows launches next week

Microsoft will launch the PC version of its Kinect 2.0 hardware later this month, which will enable Windows PC game developers to build and release games for the voice and gesture device. …

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Standalone PC Compatible Kinect 2.0 Coming Soon

A listing on Microsoft's online store is pointing to a July release date for a standalone Kinect.

Kinect 2.0 will be available separate from the Xbox One starting July 15, and you can pre-order it by heading here. The standalone device costs $ 199 and is being sold more as a development tool than a entertainment device.

[Source: Microsoft Store, via Gamer Deals, Joystiq]


Our Take
The price tag is surprising, considering the the price difference between and Xbox One with a Kinect and one without is only $ 100. I am no economist, but it seems like removing the Xbox One insignia from the device shouldn't cost an extra $ 100. That being said, this is being sold as a piece of development software and I'm sure because of that, Microsoft isn't counting on selling a huge amount of them. – The Feed

Kinect 2.0 finds a home on PC July 15

The Kinect 2.0 may have split from the Xbox One, but it will be ready to find new love with PC partners soon. A Microsoft Store listing highlights a July 15 release date for the Xbox logo-less, PC-compatible 3D camera, meaning we can put Xbox head…
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Save $120 on an Xbox One, Kinect, Forza 5, a game you pick

Wal Mart is offering $ 119 of savings on an Xbox One bundle: You can grab the console (with Kinect), a digital copy of Forza 5, and a choice of whatever game you want for $ 500. There are 18 Xbox One games to choose from for the free option, including…
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Xbox One kicks Kinect to the curb, becomes $399


Ask and ye shall receive. One of the main pillars keeping Xbox One in second place to the PS4 is about to disappear. Starting June 9th you will be able to purchase an Xbox One for $ 399. How did they do this you ask? They are accomplishing this by removing the Kinect. Yes it is true, if you don’t want a Kinect you no longer have to buy one.

When the Xbox One was announced Microsoft made a big deal about how Kinect would greatly improve the next gen gaming experience. Fast Forward to six months post launch and there is only one game that uses it and the controls are not very good. The overall mood in that gaming community is that Kinect is just an unnecessary accessory and Microsoft is finally listening to its fans.

The new Xbox One is available for pre-order on Amazon and ships on the same day as their E3 press conference. You can of course still buy an Xbox One with Kinect if you want, but why would you do that?

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Have Kinect Voice Commands

Skyrim proved that people like shouting at dragons, now you'll be able to use the Xbox One's Kinect to give out commands in BioWare's upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In an interview with the game's creative director Mike Laidlaw in the Official Xbox Magazine, he confirmed that the game will use Kinect voice commands. Laidlaw said, "We're expecting that Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions will ship with a Kinect-enabled voice command feature, just like Mass Effect 3 did."

He also said that SmartGlass features that "make sense" are being considered, commenting, "We want Inquisition to be an experience you can take with you everywhere – to work, the commute home, the living room, bed."

[Source: TotalXbox via Eurogamer]

Our Take:
I'm not a huge proponent of Kinect, but I already have one hooked up and I wouldn't mind having some actual in-game uses for it. However, I assume that BioWare has the good sense to make these features optional. What do you think? Do you want Kinect in Dragon Age? Did you like the voice commands in Mass Effect 3? – The Feed

Joystiq Streams: Picking a fight with Kinect Sports Rivals

Joystiq’s Jess Conditt did not much care for Kinect Sports Rivals. “The biggest challenge in gameplay is often hassling with the Kinect,” chided Jess in her two-star review, “Overall, the games themselves are insultingly simple.” Everything’s worth a…
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Kinect Sports Rivals review: The crowd goes mild

Kinect Sports Rivals looks like a mobile game for the new, hit reality sports show that all of your friends will be watching, according to its prime time commercials. The game is crowded with bright colors, an excitable narrator, a hard-ass trainer,…
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Kinect For Windows v2 Detailed By Microsoft

Windows PCs are going to receive their own version of the Xbox One's Kinect, and a few details were recently revealed by Microsoft. One of the most immediately noticeable is the omission of the console version's glowing "X" logo on the right side of the face. In its place on the Windows version is a simple glowing dot.

Among the other minor changes is the word "Kinect" on the top of the unit in the bottom-left corner. The device requires a hub that connects the Kinect sensor to the power supply and the PC's USB 3.0 port. The post on the MSDN blog indicates that the device is getting "closer and closer to launch," but no specific timeframe was mentioned.

Our Take
It appears that this v2 of Kinect won't make any drastic changes to the device. Hope you enjoy a bunch of buttons showing up over your desktop whenever you need to scratch your head! – The Feed