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Get a job: Cold Iron Studios is hiring a Senior Game Programmer

Cold Iron Studios is on the hunt for an experienced Senior Game Programmer to work on architecture, implementation of systems, and more for a new Unreal Engine 4 project in Santa Clara, California. …

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The Final Defender Arrives In New Trailer For Netflix’s Iron Fist

Netflix debuted a new trailer today for the upcoming superhero series Iron Fist via their YouTube. The trailer, which is a little over two minutes in length, does a good job of showing some backstory for protagonist Danny Rand, who comes back to his family's company after 15 years of being presumed dead.

Fans can also expect some well choreographed fight scenes, and some nods to the greater Marvel Netflix universe that has been growing over the past few years with shows like Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones

You can watch the trailer below.

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Marvel's Iron Fist premieres on Netflix on March 17. You can view the series' New York Comic Con trailer here. – The Feed

Destiny Details Next Iron Banner, Incoming Hotfix

The Dawning event provided some fun content for Guardians to dig their teeth into, including a refined and expanded Sparrow Racing League, along with the addition of Strike Scoring. Now that the holiday event has wrapped up, Destiny players can expect a return to the more regularly scheduled event roll-out; specifically, Bungie has used today’s weekly update to detail the next Iron Banner competitive tournament. 

Crucible players can take to the battlefield next week on Tuesday, January 17, and engage in a full week of ranking up with the Iron Banner vendor, Efrideet. If you’re still looking for an excellent sidearm or rocket launcher, the event should definitely be on your radar, as both weapons will be available for acquisition. In addition, if your armor set still needs either the Iron Banner arms or chest piece, it’s time to equip your favorite gun and get out there to win some matches. 

A new hotfix ( isn’t is robust as some players might have been hoping for, but it does address a couple of notable dilemmas, including the unreliability of Plaguelands enemies to drop necessary patrol rewards, as well as weapon stability issues with both the Nova Mortis and Abaddon, the two newest exotic machine guns in the game. A few other issues are unfortunately not yet being addressed until a later update, including what sounds like a frustrating bug where skeleton keys can disappear from your inventory. Another issue is also not being addressed quite yet, which has caused some big problems for Trials of Osiris players, in which rounds of an Elimination game don’t end when they’re supposed to, allowing a round-winning team to rebuild supers without penalty as the enemy team sits dead. 

Finally, while there’s not much detail, the update does suggest that the Live team (who most recently rolled out The Dawning) is already back at work on a subsequent update. Without any concrete details, a betting man might suggest that’s an early hint of an impending spring update for the game, but we’ll have to wait and see.

You can read the full weekly update on the Bungie site


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Anecdotal evidence from a glance at my PS4 friends list suggests that the Destiny player population is at a particularly low point right now, following the conclusion of the holiday event. Without a doubt, a large percentage of Bungie’s development efforts must be getting poured into the inevitable sequel to Destiny. As such, current players may need to get used to the idea that the game simply isn’t going to see dramatic updates, patches, or new content drops on a frequent basis in the next few months. – The Feed

Get a job: Cold Iron Studios is hiring a Senior Animator

Cold Iron Studios is seeking an experienced Senior Animator to create animations, build custom rigs and skeletons, and more in Santa Clara, California. …

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Watch This Destiny Player Solo Kill Rise Of Iron Raid Boss

Many have tried and failed to accomplish this on their own, but yesterday Destiny player and YouTuber called ScaRdrow singlehandedly defeated the final boss, Aksis, in Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid.

ScaRdrow accomplished this feat with a level 399 Warlock, and detailed his strategy and build on Reddit here. You can watch ScaRdrow's impressive video below.

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Rise of Iron released last month. You can click here or the banner below to be directed to our hub of exclusive content surrounding the expansion.

[Source: YouTube] – The Feed

Watch Danny Rand Punch Through Walls In Trailer For Netflix’s Iron Fist

At New York Comic-Con, Marvel unveiled the first real look at its next superhero Netflix series, Iron Fist. The show, which premieres in March of next year, stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand. 

After being presumed dead for fifteen years, Rand returns to New York, where he has to make tough calls between choosing to follow his family's legacy or continuing responsibilities as Iron Fist. In the trailer, we see him use his glowing hand to punch through walls, and a glimpse at his abilities as a martial arts expert.

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Iron Fist is the fourth Marvel series to hit Netflix, following Daredevil, Jessica Jones, as well as Luke Cage, which recently premiered on September 30. – The Feed

Marvel’s Iron Fist Coming To Netflix In March

We've already seen a little bit of Marvel's upcoming Iron Fist show on Netflix, but the release date was a mystery. However, Netflix has now revealed when its audience of superhero fans can expect to binge on the latest series.

In the teaser trailer below, we don't see much except some ominous smoke rising. Then, the date: March 17, 2017. So mark your calendars now – especially if you've been enjoying Netflix's other forays into the marvel universe, like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

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Destiny: Rise Of Iron Review – Evolution And Expansion Over Reinvention

Any new expansion to Destiny must enrich an already-complex play environment, while simultaneously introducing activities that meet the desires of longtime players and curious new Guardians. Rise of Iron confronts these goals head-on, and while a few problems crop up, it is an admirable success in its own right. More importantly, it continues to evolve Bungie’s grand epic and provides an integrated experience of competitive and cooperative shooting unmatched in the current gaming landscape.

The early days of Destiny hinted at an Arthurian order of knights that predate the player heroes, and Rise of Iron finally pulls back the curtain on that legend. Situated on a suitably lofty social space atop a wolf-inhabited mountain, the stoic Lord Saladin is a lonely survivor of those days, and he takes center stage as players confront the danger that once destroyed the mighty Iron Lords. The campaign that follows is tight and personal, focused on nostalgia and honor. The setup is solid, but the core story feels abbreviated; you’re just getting to know Saladin and picking up speed as the five-mission storyline comes to a close. 

You can find additional meat in a few excellent weapon quests, including a thrilling reforging of the epic Gjallarhorn. I’m also enthusiastic about the new artifact system, which offers new collectibles and reshapes the most boring inventory slot in the game into one of the most flexible, adding options like unlimited sprint or eliminating damage over time effects. 

The new Plaguelands zone is beautifully crafted, mixing existing Earth art with the invasion of a twisted new nanotechnology, and then overlaying everything with a blanket of snow. I enjoy zooming through the area on my Sparrow, but it lacks the secrecy and depth of last year’s Dreadnaught. Likewise, I appreciate the new challenge of the Fallen Splicers, but they don’t feel distinct enough from the normal Fallen. The new Splicer-focused strike is excellent, including its devilish final encounter. But even the refreshed dialogue and enemies for two other strikes aren’t enough to enliven the cooperative strike playlist, which really needs a more robust set of additions to be at its best.

Archon’s Forge is a new arena activity that provides frantic enemy wave fights. The conflicts are intense, but the new mode is hamstrung by some baffling structural issues and needs some changes. Archon’s Forge is too far out of the way to attract regular visitors, and doesn’t encourage easy public joining once a round begins. Players can only hold one entry key and new keys drop infrequently, so your group’s fun can come to a halt just as it begins. 

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The Wrath of the Machine raid is sophisticated and engrossing. The expedition is all about movement, collision, and communication with teammates. Filled with hidden chests, it’s a paradise for treasure hunters. From a battle against a lumbering engine of destruction to a final showdown with a machine-warped monstrosity, the encounters are action-packed. I like how much they demand of every participant, not just a select few. 

A new competitive Supremacy mode is great fun, borrowing a familiar structure from Call of Duty in which players pick up crests after a kill to score. The mode rewards close-range team clumping, but that means supers and grenades can be devastating. A single crest drop can cascade into a frantic skirmish where everyone converges on the scrum. The mode is fast and furious, and much more engaging when played with a coordinating team. It’s also well supported by the excellent new maps, with lots of verticality, pathing options, and evocative themes. 

Private-match functionality is also a major triumph. While options don’t allow for dramatic reinvention of existing PvP modes, they support any existing game style and map to be played with chosen friends or rivals. For the average player, this is a great tool for practice and casual play. It also opens the door for Destiny to enter the tournament and professional gaming scene in a real way.

Whatever the activity, Rise of Iron has gorgeous new gear on offer as rewards, including new ornaments that change the appearance of weapons and armor. I’m disappointed that some of the coolest appearance options are mostly hidden behind a paywall of blind microtransactions, but I applaud the decision to keep the rewards cosmetic. 

Rise of Iron provides a lot of choices to players. From the activity you engage in to the rewards you pursue, the expansion supports any level of engagement. While it doesn’t offer the same breadth and reimagining of core systems found in The Taken King, Bungie’s latest release has a sentimental tone that is refreshing. This adventure through forgotten legends stands strong on its own, and continues an unbroken string of content drops that have each made Destiny a richer universe. – The Feed

Reader Discussion – Are You Playing Destiny: Rise of Iron?

Bungie’s shooter MMO started its third year of service earlier this week, which is pretty impressive.

Are you still playing Destiny? If so, what do you like most about Rise of Iron? If not, what made you stop? Does anything about Rise of Iron excite you or make you think that maybe you should pick up the game again?

I've had a busy week, but I've still been able to play a bit of the game, and so far I'm really liking it. Everything that players liked about The Taken King is still present in this release, and it's got a lot of great new gear to chase. I'm really liking the new Archon's Forge play space.

What about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and stay posted for our upcoming review, but if you like Destiny, we're sure you'll like this. – The Feed

Our Rise Of Iron Live Stream Has Ended

Update: Our Rise of Iron live stream has ended – thanks for watching!

Original story:

Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion releases tomorrow, and we'll be playing it, live on the internet!

We'll be kicking things off with Ben Reeves on Tuesday, September 20 starting at 4 p.m. CT and going until 6 p.m. CT. We'll be checking out the vast array of new weapons and armor sets, Archon’s Forge, and all the other bonuses the expansion has to offer.

To get all caught up on all of our Destiny: Rise of Iron coverage,
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To watch the stream on Twitch, click the banner below, or just tune in using the embedded video below. – The Feed