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Dead Space is the first freebie in Origin’s new On the House program

Origin is following the leads of PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold by offering selected free games across limited times – the difference is you don’t pay to be an Origin member. It’s unclear how often Origin’s new On the House program is going to…
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Release dates and a dramatic new trailer revealed for The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 – “A House Divided”

Telltale Games has a present for all of their Walking Dead fans: a trailer for the upcoming The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 – “A House Divided.” Watch the drama unfold yourselves below!

I bet you all are dying to find out when this beauty is coming out! “A House Divided” will launch Tuesday, March 4th for the PlayStation 3 via the PSN and through Steam, the Telltale Games online store, and other digital distribution for PC in North America for $ 4.99 individually or as part of the title’s Season Pass, which gives gamers access to Episodes 1-5 as they come out.

Great news, but what about 360, iOS, and European PSN users? Telltale only mentioned that dates for these platforms will be confirmed shortly, and to check @telltalegames on Twitter for updates. Damn, and I just replaced my old, broken 360 with an Xbox 360 E unit and wanted to play!

At least Vita owners got some good news: The Walking Dead: Season Two is looking to release on the handheld at the end of March. Like its console and PC siblings, the Vita will see Episode 1 and Episode 2 available for $ 4.99 by themselves or as part of the Season Pass.

More information about Season Two can be found at the game’s website. Anyone big fans of the comic, show, or game excited to see this coming so soon?

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The Last of Us cleans house at this year’s D.I.C.E. Awards


Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic PS3 exclusive The Last of Us won 10 out of 24 awards at the 17th annual D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Awards, including Game of the Year.  Hosted by Felicia Day and Freddy Wong, the award show took place yesterday in Las Vegas at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  In addition to The Last of Us, other winners included Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite, the mobile hit Plants Vs. Zombies 2, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.  Check out the complete list of award winners below!


Game of the Year

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

  • The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement in Animation

  • The Last of Us

Outstanding  Character Performance

  • The Last of Us (Ellie)

Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition

  • Bioshock Infinite

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

  • The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering

  • Grand Theft Auto V

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering

  • The Last of Us

Action Game of The Year

  • Bioshock Infinite

Adventure Game of the Year

  • The Last of Us

Fighting Game of the Year

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us

Roleplaying/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year

  • Diablo III

Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year

  • XCOM: Enemy Within

Casual Game of the Year

  • Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Family Game of the Year

  • Super Mario 3D World

Racing Game of the Year

  • Forza Motorsport 5

Sports Game of the Year

  • Fifa 14

Downlodable Game of the Year

  • Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Handheld Game of the Year

Mobile Game of the Year

  • Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Online Game of the Year

  • World of Tanks

Outstanding Innovation in Gaming

  • The Last of Us

Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction

  • The Last of Us


Nominees that did not win any awards include Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider, The Stanley Parable, Dead Rising 3, and The Wolf Among Us: Episode One, among many, many others.  The D.I.C.E. Awards have recognized outstanding games and their development teams since 1996, distinguishing those that push the boundaries for art and creativity, as well as technology in the interactive entertainment industry.  For more information about the D.I.C.E. awards, visit their website.

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House of the Dead: Overkill – The Lost Reels now free-to-play

House of the Dead: Overkill – The Lost Reels dropped from an original price of $ 5 to the much rounder free this week. The iOS remix of the 2009 Wii shooter still features in-app purchases, including $ 2 for the third and final campaign of the story …
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Patent troll crackdown measure approved by House

Patent troll haters, take heart: The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill explicitly designed to punish companies for abusive use of patents today. …

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This Joker’s Fun House Is A Living, Breathing Lego Contraption

Lego builder Paul Hetherington has a special talent for bringing the home-base of Batman's most iconic foe to life. It's not a direct reference to a specific location from the Arkham games, or the Lego Batman games, but it would fit comfortably in either one.

The creation is impressive in photographs, which you can see more of here, but it's not until you see it in motion that you begin to understand why it easily won best in show at BrickCon. Check it the video below to see all of its moving parts in action.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Earlier this month we featured a very impressive Lego rendition of the Arkham Asylum, which you can check out here.

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The experimental art house antics of Saints Row IV’s ‘Enter the Dominatrix’

Volition’s Steve Jaros shares the real story behind Saints Row IV’s ‘Enter The Dominatrix’ DLC, which began life as a Saints Row the Third expansion and ended as experimental interactive cinema. …

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Sony’s Andrew House Expects ‘Sufficient Supply’ Of PlayStation 4 Through Holiday

Last week, on the eve of the PlayStation 4 launch, we had the chance to chat with Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House. during our conversation, we spoke about the shift in messaging the new hardware, the decision process of choosing release dates, and balancing developer and consumer needs.

One of the big changes that Sony has incorporated into its approach with the PlayStation 4 is supply process. “It’s really important when launching a console in a holiday season that you have a very clear statement around what the value proposition is,” House says. “For us, we returned the company to more simplicity. ‘This is a great experience. It’s priced at $ 399.’ That’s the message consumers are going to see in our advertising.”

Sony has wisely moved away from a two-sku launch, which also helps ensure that buyers don’t have a potentially difficult decision to make at the register. While Americans were largely unhappy with multiple launch skus, other parts of the world prefer them. “Historically, Europeans tend to gravitate more toward a greater variety of value skus,” House says. 

Focusing on a single sku also has implications for supply. We asked House how Sony was positioned for this month’s rollout in 32 territories. “[This is] the first platform launch that I’ve ever been involved with where we’ve had such a good production ramp up and a good sense of supply,” he says. “I think that we will be in good supply in the countries that we’ve launched in.”

Sony is also walking the inventory tightrope, trying to make sure that there is enough product in stores for walk-ins throughout the season, but not so much that it creates a perception problem. “You try to strike a balance, particularly for us with such a strong brand in all the European countries and across the Middle East,” House explains. “We are ensuring that we have the broadest reach to ensure that people are satisfied, especially when they’ve been loyal to brand for so long. On the other hand, we’re not engendering frustration by having a shortage of supply. I think through the holiday season that we’ll be in good supply. The sales target that I announced for the company is five million units sold by the end of our fiscal year. March 31, 2014”

While the PlayStation 4 will be in 32 territories before the end of November, Japan will be waiting until next year. “When we choose launch dates, we do it with very careful consideration,” House says. “A huge factor in our determination is where we are seeing the appropriate breadth of great game experiences. There are just some basic differences in that highly networked experiences like online multiplay has taken off to a much greater degree in the US and European markets than it has in some of the Asian markets.”

The markets look for different gaming experiences, and Sony wants to be sure to roll out with an appropriate software lineup for each territory. “We paid careful attention to when we had enough confidence that we would have developed from the ground up experiences that the Japanese consumer would really respond to,” House tells us. “That was the primary decision in pushing back the launch in Japan to a slightly later time period.”

Japan won’t be without a new PlayStation product, though. The Vita TV has just launched in that market, and there is hope that it might arrive on our shores, also. House tells us he was surprised that Western media gravitated toward the device.

“The media response was kind of instant outside of Japan,” he says. “The opportunity for Vita TV in Japan is that you have to-date not seen quite the uptake in video streaming services that you’ve seen in many of the other countries. With a really good understanding of the Japanese entertainment consumer, we had the opportunity for a first-mover advantage. With a device that has a critical differentiating factor, which is great Vita games of which there are a proliferation in Japan, and combined with delivering streaming video services, we could in essence create that market.”

House also took the opportunity to further dispel one of the myths surrounding the run-up to E3 this year. “I was genuinely surprised in the whole discussion around DRM about one thing, which was the assumption or suspicion that we would try to drive the consumer down a very controlled path,” he says. “That surprised me, because it was so far from our intentions, and that’s exactly why we felt it so important to make a very clear statement of intent at E3 and beyond.”

The conversation turned to the trickiness of balancing constituencies as a platform holder. “I take what I hope is a balanced view on that, and it’s the balanced view that any platform holder needs to take,” House says. “What I mean by that is the balance between understanding very strong concerns of folks whose lifeblood is creating great content (and making sure there is recompense for that) and the other school of thought that it’s a way for the most committed consumers to enjoy a broader range of content than they would if used games did not exist.”

House identifies the value of those that regularly trade in games as having indirect impact. “I’ve seen data that the vast majority of used sales go immediately into additional purchases, that they are not somehow being extracted from the overall game economy,” he says. ”Those folks have a very strong influence. Their opinions really count, and they translate into a broader audience purchasing more games. As with many of the debates, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Our approach is, therefore, to balance those two constituencies.” – The Feed

Blog: The story behind ‘that image’ of the indie team in a house

The Forced team banded together for three years, living and working. They told their store in an image which became huge on Imgur and Reddit. This post speaks to the power of viral sharing. …

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot haunted open house begins

Ubisoft has announced a new Open House event for the upcoming title, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Starting today and running until November 4, anyone can join in the quest to gain fame and fortune in Opulencia. The Open House gives everyone a sneak peek of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot while the game is still in closed beta.

To get into the holiday spirit, Halloween-themed castles have been created and Halloween themes and costumes are available for a limited time. Players can customize with new items including a glowing pumpkin head, bat winged headgear, and cool costumes for your looters. The exclusive Bat Wings will be granted to every player joining the Haunted Open House.

Players can sign up or sign in with their existing Uplay account at The Mighty Quest website and will be granted immediate access during the event.

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