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White House holds educational game jam

This weekend, the White House invited game developers — from independents to well-known studios — to come, make, and present educational games. …

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New Alone in the Dark, Haunted House games in Atari’s horror revival

Despite recent strife, Atari’s 2014 offensive continues with upcoming reveals of new Alone in the Dark and Haunted House games. Both games are coming to PC this fall, and Atari plans to reveal them behind closed doors at next week’s PAX Prime…
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The Last of Us still the remaster of the UK house

Apparently not contented by its six-week run as the UK No. 1 last year, The Last of Us is now halfway to repeating that success in its PS4 guise. Again, in terms of new releases there’s little opposition to really strain The Last of Us: Remastered,…
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Coveting my neighbor’s house in The Sims 4

I played several hours of The Sims 4 and barely uncovered what it has to offer. There’s been a lot chatter about what’s missing from The Sims 4, but I think there’s already a lot to learn about EA’s latest round of cheeky life simulation.

“We really…
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Botting to a $130,000 profit in the Diablo III Auction House

Bulgarian bot user “Cherokee Brook” details how he made over € 100,000 (over $ 133,000) in a year of exploiting Diablo III’s real money Auction House. …

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Barely Related: Community lives on, buy Laura Palmer’s house

Light up the grills and pop open those cold cans – it’s nerdy news time!

Welcome to Barely Related, a conversational Friday column that presents the non-gaming news stories that we, the Joystiq staff, have been talking about over the past week….
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PSA: Diablo 3 Auction House closes its doors on June 24

The Auction House in Diablo 3 that allowed players to sell items for in-game gold or real-world money will close up shop this week, Blizzard has reminded us. While the option to bid on, buyout or list new auctions was disabled back on March 18,…
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WRUP: House of Cards Season 3 spoiler

Super ultra spoiler, but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is actually the plot for the next season of House of Cards. Also, yes, you have every right to call it House of CoDs going forward.

What’s everybody playing this weekend?…
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House of CoDs: Kevin Spacey to star in next Call of Duty

A big Hollywood star will lend his voice to the next installment of Call of Duty. A post on the official Call of Duty Instagram account has revealed that Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey will lend his voice, and perhaps his likeness, to Sledgehammer’s Call…
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Nintendo joins National Park Foundation for the White House Easter Egg Roll

Nintendo will bring along its fitness-oriented games when it joins the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, in attending the White House Easter Egg Roll. This year’s theme is “Hop into Healthy, Swing into…
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