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Home dev’s oddly romantic sci-fi adventure, Alone With You

Alone With You is a sci-fi exploration and adventure game that throws off creepy and romantic vibes in equal measure. Coming from Benjamin Rivers, the creator of horror game Home, this sounds just about right. Alone With You is due out in 2015 for…
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Sony sets a date to shutter PlayStation Home in Asia

The PlayStation-branded virtual world will be shut down in Asia next year, even as Sony continues to regularly update and support Home in Europe and North America. …

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PlayStation Home turns off the lights in Japan this March

After closing its doors to new content last August, Sony has decided to turn off the lights on PlayStation Home in Japan entirely.

The PlayStation Home social network will end in March 2015 in Japan, Sony announced on the Japanese Home website. A…
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Gone Home developer rebrands as ‘Fullbright,’ just Fullbright

The Fullbright Company, development studio of Gone Home fame, is nixing the “company” part of its name and is now simply called “Fullbright.” The developer released a new logo to mark the occasion – we feel a strange thirst for root beer for some…
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Trailer for Xbox’s Atari E.T. documentary phones home

Remember when a bunch of people hung out in a landfill for a weekend and it didn’t end in total disappointment? In April, the devoted among us choked on dust in Alamogordo, New Mexico while Xbox Entertainment Studios and Lightbox Entertainment dug…
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Shantae: Risky’s Revenge finds a home on Steam this month

Following a stay in the purgatory of Steam’s Greenlight district, WayForward has announced that classically-styled platforming adventure Shantae: Risky’s Revenge will make its Steam debut on July 15.

“Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut hits…
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Kinect 2.0 finds a home on PC July 15

The Kinect 2.0 may have split from the Xbox One, but it will be ready to find new love with PC partners soon. A Microsoft Store listing highlights a July 15 release date for the Xbox logo-less, PC-compatible 3D camera, meaning we can put Xbox head…
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Retail Special Edition Of Gone Home Now Available In SNES-Themed Box

The formerly download-only Gone Home is now available in retail form with some added goodies.

The special edition of the game is $ 29.99 and you can order the North America version of the game here, and the European version of the game here. Included in the bundle is the game on a disc, as well as a download code redeemable on Steam. You will also find the game's soundtrack and all of its audio diaries in mp3 form, a special poster featured in the game, a sticker, a 40-page designer's notebook, and a special Lisa Frank inspired DVD case to hold the game, all packaged in box that has been mocked up to look like a Super Nintendo version of Gone Home.

For our review of Gone Home, head here.

[Source: Fullbright, via Polygon]


Our Take
I'm still a sucker for boxed games, and the fact that it comes in a faux-SNES box makes it even harder to ignore. It's too bad this version of the game didn't launch alongside the game when it released last August. – The Feed

Gone Home Boxed Special Edition goes international on July 3

Those who haven’t already enjoyed the critically-beloved Gone Home via digital distribution can pick up the game at retail in a new “Boxed Special Edition” which arrives on July 3.

Developer The Fullbright Company has teamed with Merge Games to…
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Threes, Device 6 take home Apple Design Awards

Apple doled out its Design Awards earlier today, giving its stylish, pearl white nod to several games. Alongside lifestyle apps like Cinemagraph Pro and Sky Guide, Apple recognized Threes, Device 6, Blek, Monument Valley and Leo’s Fortune for…
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