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Papers, Please, Gone Home, and more named finalists at the 11th Annual Games for Change Awards

The 11th Annual Games for Change Festival kicks off in New York on April 22, shining a spotlight on video games and developers pushing the medium not just as quality entertainment or educational tools but as venues for social justice. On Tuesday the…
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Animal Crossing devs talk building a second home for the world

Crafting fun out of the everyday is the charm of the Animal Crossing series – its towns entice players to eagerly return on a daily basis, despite already having to juggle reality’s laundry list of obligations. Chatting with neighbors, paying off…
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PS Vita software update makes room for more apps on home screen

A new system software update coming to the PlayStation Vita will add detailed memory card file management to the Content Manager, along with the ability to display up to 500 apps on the handheld’s home screen, according to the PlayStation…
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What makes Gone Home a game?

There has been a lot of (very silly) debate about whether Gone Home is a “real” game. While the “yes, it definitely is,” camp has almost certainly won that particular argument, at a GDC session, Steve Gaynor expanded upon this a bit. …

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Indie horror Home scrolling to PS4, Vita (no, not that Home)

Indie horror Home is coming to PS4 and Vita later this year, and just to reiterate, we’re talking about the game by Benjamin Rivers, and not a bunch of trendily-groomed avatars. Rivers confirmed the PlayStation versions of his pixel-art side-scroller…
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Home creator taking on exploration, escape, and love in Alone With You


Alone With You is an upcoming game from the man behind the indie side-scrolling psychological horror Home, and he’s looking to bring a unique approach to another genre of storytelling. This time, it’s romance.

While a teaser trailer doesn’t…
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PlayStation Home getting trophies in update this week

Time to chuck out the PlayStation 4 and drop the Xbox One like a titan – PlayStation Home is getting trophies! The PS3-only social app will soon be updated to support PlayStation’s brand of achievements, PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris…
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Gone Home coming to consoles

It has been reported by Destructoid that the story-driven first-person exploration game Gone Home will be available on consoles sometime this fall.

The news comes through publisher Midnight City’s official Facebook page, where they also announced that they are working on publishing Double Fine’s Costume Quest II this Halloween. Details on which consoles will be supported, the  game’s pricing, and exact release date are yet to be revealed.

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Gone Home headed to consoles this year from Majesco’s indie label

Indie developer The Fullbright Company announced that its landmark first-person adventure game Gone Home is coming to consoles this year.

Majesco will publish the console version of Gone Home via its recently-launched indie label Midnight City….
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Midnight City publishing Costume Quest 2, Gone Home on console

Majesco’s indie publishing label Midnight City will publish Double Fine’s Costume Quest 2 and a console version of The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home later this year. …

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