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Ubisoft announces next experimental game for PC, Grow Home

Ubisoft announced a new platforming game for PC today, Grow Home. Developed by a small team at Ubisoft Reflections, the game features a red robot named BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), who travels across the galaxy to find a “new species of flora to he…
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Ubisoft Unveils Innovative Procedural Platform Grow Home

Ubisoft Reflections (the team behind the Driver series) has a new game that's very different from its past titles – and it's coming soon.

On a post on the Ubi Blog, Anne Lewis writes extensively about the new project, which is being created by an eight-person team within Reflections. Here's the basic premise:

"Grow Home is the story of BUD, a Botanical Utility Droid sent on a mission across the galaxy to seek out a new species of flora to help oxygenate his home world. He finds the perfect specimen in the Star Plant. "We think of the Star Plant like a giant beanstalk," says Producer Pete Young. "BUD's mission is to grow it to maturity and harvest the seeds it produces. The plant ends up being a towering two-kilometer-high bridge from the ground to his space ship."

As you progress, you'll help grow, guide, and climb increasingly towering plants to reach various destination. These plants will grow procedurally, meaning that each playthrough will be slightly different. The team promises that this odd concept will be accomplished with an intuitive, easy to master control mechanic, allowing BUD to effortlessly scale his natural towers. It's important to note: though the game is being made for PC, the developers say its made to be experienced with a game pad. This begs the question: why isn't it being made for console? Hopefully, those announcements are coming in the near future.

The game looks extremely interesting, and we won't have to wait long to experience it; Grow Home will be released for PC on February 4. Watch the teaser trailer below to get a better sense of the game's look and feel.

[Source: Ubi Blog]

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Tacoma, the next game from Gone Home developers

The next game from Gone Home developer Fullbright is called Tacoma, and it’s a decidedly sci-fi, Rapture-esque journey due out in 2016. Fullbright debuted the game and fresh teaser trailer at The Game Awards tonight.

The game has a site and a Twitte…
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Far Cry 4 review: Home despot

Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Far Cry 4 is about a man returning home to scatter his mother’s final earthly form. Only he gets distracted, goes mountain climbing for a bit, helps dismantle a despotic regime, fights a tiger, runs in circles…
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Xbox’s Atari, E.T. documentary phones home on November 20

Atari: Game Over, the documentary following an excavation for Atari cartridges once rumored to be buried in a landfill decades ago, will premiere November 20 on Xbox Live, director Zak Penn has announced.

Game Over was part of a six-film series…
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Pixel horror finds a Home on PS4 in October

Home, the pixelated horror game from Benjamin Rivers, is due out on PS4 on October 28, “just in time for Halloween,” Rivers writes on the PlayStation Blog. The Vita version will come out soon after, and it is a Cross-Buy game, meaning those who buy…
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Driven from her home, dev speaks out against harassment, irresponsibility

Just days after receiving death threats that drove her from her home, game developer Brianna Wu of independent game studio Giant Spacekat met the alleged facilitator of her harassment head-on. …

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Gone Home dev goes Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

After Johnnemann Nordhagen split from Gone Home developer Fullbright, he formed his own studio called Dim Bulb Games. Now, he’s giving everyone a peek at his next game, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.

And when we say “peek,” we mean peek; there’s…
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Another woman in games driven from her home by harassers

Another woman has been driven from home due to online harassment – and yet again, the victim is a woman in video games. …

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PlayStation Home closes its doors worldwide in March 2015

PlayStation Home, the PS3′s social space where users hang out and play games via avatars, will shutter up worldwide on March 31, 2015, according to a post from PlayStation Network Senior Community Manager “Tempest_Fire”. March 31 was previously…
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