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Dark Souls II Patch Hits Tomorrow, Here’s What Is Changing

Judging by the amount of email I get requesting Dark Souls II tips, many of you are still working your way through this world of pain and death. The experience could change slightly tomorrow, when From Software drops patch 1.03 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Most of the patch addresses stability issues, like summoned players falling through the world, and multiplayer attempts not connecting. The most noticeable change for most people will be the controller vibrating when an attack is blocked. The patch hits tomorrow North America tomorrow at 4 a.m. EDT, and worldwide at 6 a.m GMT. Here's the full list of fixes detailed by From Software:


  • Failing to create Multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items, such as White Soapstone.
  • Players now receive a small portion of Humanity after successfully
    assisting in a Multiplayer session instead of regaining full Humanity.
  • Starting boss fight with the Looking Glass Knight while summoning other players no longer cancels the summoning process.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some bloodstains, illusions, and messages from being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where “Unable to participate in Multiplayer Session” could constantly appear.
  • Fixed some instances where the portrait of the person you were summoning was different than the actual character.
  • You will no longer be able to take off Covenant rings while being summoned.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some summoned players to fall through the ground at Earthen Peak.


  • Optimized Start Menu and Bonfire Menu performance.
  • Trophy icon for “Holder of the Fort” has been fixed.
  • Controller now vibrates when blocking an attack


  • Bug involving Drangleic Castle door not opening has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Souls to be lost upon death with the Ring of Life Protection equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to fall through elevators while using Binoculars and Magic simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue causing some enemies being hit by arrows at long distances receive 0 damage.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Brotherhood of Blood duels from starting properly.
  • Added a message for players that displays after entering the coffin in Things Betwixt
  • Fixed an issue where all of the items and objects in an area would reset (Without using a Bonfire Ascetic).
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t unlock some items from vendors on 2nd and beyond playthrough.
  • Fixed an issue causing the requirements for the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant be 50 too high.
  • Licia’s conditions for moving have been optimized. – The Feed

Ultra Street Fighter 4 hits Japan’s arcades on April 17

Capcom’s thrice-updated one-on-one fighting game Ultra Street Fighter 4 will hit Japanese arcades later this month, Dengeki Online reports (via Siliconera).

Ultra Street Fighter 4 includes five new characters (Elena, Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and the…
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Minecraft title update 14 hits Xbox 360 today, PS3 tomorrow

The console versions of Mojang’s Minecraft will be updated this week with new items, features, and fixes, adding a significant chunk of content to player-curated sandbox worlds.

Minecraft title update 14 introduces emerald currency and villager…
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Clash of Clans follow-up Boom Beach hits iOS tomorrow

Mobile developer Supercell will release a follow-up to its free-to-play hit, Clash of Clans, exclusively for iOS tomorrow, Apple announced.

Boom Beach expands on Clash of Clans’ premise, challenging players to build a shoreline outpost and fortify…
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Don’t be on the menu when The Forest hits Steam Early Access in May

The Forest is about the scavenging that comes with surviving in the woods, but it’s also about avoiding a band of cannibals that would very much like to scavenge the meat from your bones. The open-world survival horror game finally has a Steam Early…
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Tactical strategy game Breach and Clear hits Steam on March 21

Having proven itself on iOS, Gun Media’s tactical strategy hit Breach & Clear is now coming to the PC, Mac and Linux platforms via Steam.

If that title is totally new to you, you can think of Breach & Clear as a turn-based shooter focused almost…
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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC hits open ocean March 25

Put your mind at ease, Battlefield 4 players. You can make a stand, lend a hand, protect the motherland and join your fellow man IN THE NAVY in the game’s Naval Strike DLC on March 25. The DLC will feature four new maps, five weapons, two gadgets, a…
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The Forest hits Steam Early Access May 22nd

A brand new trailer has been released for the awaited open world survival-horror title The Forest, revealing that an Alpha version will be available through Steam’s  Early Access program on May 22nd.

The Forest was initially slated for an Alpha release sometime in “early 2014″.  In a recent post on the game’s website however, lead designer Ben Falcone stated that the game’s release will not meet that window, but that “overall things are progressing really well”.

The Forest is an open world survival-horror game where players have to survive on an island that is populated with mutant cannibals. It will feature construction, crafting, a fully simulated island, and other survival elements. It will also be compatible with the Oculus Rift. A PS4 release and co-op multiplayer are being considered by the developers. More information can be found on the game’s Greenlight page.

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Final Fantasy IV hits the Amazon App store out of nowhere (just like a randomized battle)

Square Enix has let the world know that their beloved classic, Final Fantasy IV, is now available on the Amazon App store for $ 15.99, for second generation or later Kindle Fire series/ Smartphones and Tablets supporting Android 2.3 or later (I get technical so you gentle readers can make an informed decision!).

Released originally back in 1991 on the SNES as Final Fantasy II and remade IN 3D! for the DS in 2008, Final Fantasy IV remains one of the most popular entries in the FF series, and one of my personal faves.

The Amazon version of FFIV has 3D graphics like the DS release, only optimized for mobile devices, touch screen controls, enhanced audio and voiceovers from the 2006 remake (how many versions of FFIV are there?!), and a difficulty level selection so even newbs can enjoy this blast from the past.

Gamers can download Final Fantasy IV: You Guys Have Been Waiting Forever For This To Hit Android here and can read up on all the Smartphone Final Fantasy titles here. Check out this screenshot with amazing dialogue:

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Xbox One Twitch broadcasting update hits tonight

Twitch broadcasting will land on Xbox One at 4PM PT (7PM ET) today, March 10, a full day before we expected it to hit. Twitch first announced that streaming capabilities on Xbox One would debut alongside Titanfall, which launches on March 11, or at…
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