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Beware The Blood Moon As 7 Days To Die Hits Consoles In June

After some success on PC, developer The Fun Pimps (with the help of dev Iron Galaxy and Telltale Publishing) is bringing the survival crafting title 7 Days to Die to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June.

The game comes out on the systems on June 28 (retail and download) for $ 29.99, and features an interesting loop where players scavenge, craft, and build up defenses for the oncoming onslaught signaled by the weekly blood moon.

Take a look at the trailer below for more from the devs at the studios, and for more check out its recent live-action trailer.

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Note: The text/headline originally only listed the PS4. The title is also coming to the Xbox One on the same day and for the same price. The text has been amended to reflect this. We regret the error. – The Feed

Vive maker HTC hits rocky waters in latest results

The financial state of the mobile phone maker has declined considerably in the last year, and as the Vive takes off, the company needs a new hit product. …

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Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing Mobile Games On The Way, Miitomo Hits 10 Million Downloads

As part of its full-year financial report, Nintendo has revealed what’s next for its mobile rollout. The company says it has two games launching this fall based on popular franchises.

Fire Emblem is first up. Nintendo says that it will be more accessible than other entries in the series. An Animal Crossing title is also in the works. The company says that there are connections between the mobile game and the titles for “dedicated gaming systems.” It’s unclear if that means a new Animal Crossing game is in the works or if it will tie into Happy Home Designer or New Leaf.

Nintendo also reported that Miitomo has been downloaded more than 10 million times. To celebrate, the company will be holding an in-game event from April 29 through May 8.


Our Take
While I know many people who have downloaded Miitomo, there don’t seem to be the hooks to keep them around. I’m seeing fewer and fewer mentions of the app in my social feed and a significant drop off of in-game notifications. I suspect Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will fare better with more actual “game” and fewer creepy questions that seem designed to figure out your password secret question. – The Feed

[Update] Bully Hits PS4, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus Lands On Vita

Update: Gamers in North America can now purchase two of these games. Bully is available now for PlayStation 4 ($ 14.99). XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus is out on Vita, too ($ 19.99).

We're still waiting to see if Manhunt shows up on PlayStation 4 today. We'll update should anything change.

Original Story (March 21 @ 8:11 p.m. Central):

Isn't today full of surprises? Right now, XCOM Enemy Unknown Plus is available for Vita on the UK PlayStation Store. Better yet? Manhunt and Bully are also playable on the PS4 as PS2 Classics.

We'll have to wait for confirmation on a release on the U.S. PlayStation store, but this is a pretty good sign. 

Bully and Manhunt are selling for £11.99, while XCOM Enemy Unknown Plus has a £15.99 price tag. 

Click on the game titles to visit the UK store to see for yourself: XCOM Enemy Unknown Plus, Bully, and Manhunt

What are you most excited for?

[Source: PlayStation Store UK via NeoGaf via Luke Mears Twitter]

Our Take
This is a good sign for the U.S. getting these games as well. So far, no updates to the store have confirmed this, but remember the UK is six hours ahead. Not to mention, something could be caught up in ESRB. While this doesn't guarantee it, I'd say the odds are staked in our favor. All these things are great. So many people have wanted to play XCOM Enemy Unknown on-the-go. And trophies for Bully and Manhunt? Icing on the cake. – The Feed

Blade & Soul’s New Expansion Silverfrost Mountains Hits This Wednesday

NCSoft West's Blade & Soul (check our our impressions of the game here!) is in for a major update this week as the game launches the Silverfrost Mountains expansion pack on Wednesday, March 23. Servers are set to go live at 9 AM ET.

The expansion adds a plethora of updates – 8 new dungeons, level cap raised to 50, Hongmoon (high tier) skills available for unlocking, 2 new raids, a new open-world PVP map where players can compete for and mine soulstones and moonstones (special materials), and a special Grand Harvest Square server event that's only available during certain times, so players will want to participate when they can!

Big upgrades to clan and clan crafting will also be available. There's a new capital city to hang out in and new zones to level up and explore as well.

Our Take
This is a massive, massive expansion to the existing game. While the last patch gave players some interesting content with the Warlock and additional high-end content, this expansion is all about the endgame with a raised level cap and tons of stuff for high level players to do and explore, both in PvE and PvP. I'm eager to dive back in and take my Destroyer to level 50 and take on some snakes, drakes, and yeti! – The Feed

Rocket League revenue hits $70 million, sales nearly at 4 million

Nearly 4 million copies of Rocket League have now been purchased across PC and PS4, according to Psyonix’s marketing VP, Jeremy Dunham.  …

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Pokémon Photo Booth App Hits iOS

Its functions are somewhat limited, but The Pokémon Company released a photo booth app today for iOS devices.

The app is part of the company's many Pokémon 20th anniversary celebrations. There's not much to it – you can add little captions to your photos that reference Pokémon battles and take a trainer picture. I was hoping you could use it to place Pokémon in your photos, but sadly that is not the case. That being said, however, it is free which means you might as well check it out.

You can download the app here. – The Feed

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Starter Pack Hits Steam For Limited Time

Activision is trying an experiment to bring more people into Black Ops III on PC. The publisher is offering a multiplayer starter pack for a limited time on Steam.

Now through February 29, you’ll be able to pick the $ 15 multiplayer-only version. It includes ranked play, the weapon paint shop, gunsmith, arena, freerun mode, the theater, and the black market. It does not include Zombies, the campaign, custom matches, unranked play, and mod support (when released).

You also won’t be able to prestige using the starter pack. You’ll be capped at level 55. If you decide to upgrade, the $ 15 cost of the starter pack will be deducted from the purchase price of the full version of Black Ops III.

For more, check out our review of the most recent Call of Duty game.


Our Take
The purchase price seems fair, and this is a clever way to boost Black Ops III player counts on Steam. However, I’m reminded that demos used to be a regular part of gaming. I’m not upset that this type of experiment has replaced demos (I’m realistic about the costs and potential yields they offer). It’s simply interesting how the market has adapted to digital storefronts and connected gaming. – The Feed

Popular Half-Life Mod Sven Co-Op Hits Steam As Free Standalone Game

Sven Co-Op isn't just any Half-life mod. It's one of the oldest and highest regarded mods for the game, with countless releases across 17 years of its existence, and now it's on Steam as a free standalone game.

Like its name suggest, Sven Co-Op let's players team up and play through the original Half-life campaign together. However, the Sven Co-Op also has a ton of custom maps that has players working together to accomplish special objectives, like fighting off hordes of enemies and solving puzzles. You can watch the trailer right here:

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Sven Co-Op is available on Steam right now and, again, it's standalone so you don't need Half-life to play it. You can grab it here or through the storefront in Steam itself.

[Source: Steam]

Our Take
I played some Sven Co-Op back when it was new and a few times after that over the years. It's always been a cool, wacky experience. Definitely worth checking out since it's free even if it's a bit hard to look at. – The Feed

Minecraft: Story Mode Hits Wii U This Week

Telltale Games' highly lauded The Walking Dead series appeared on most systems, but never made its way to Wii U. In fact, none of Telltale's games have been on Nintendo's console. That changes on January 21, when the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode hits the Nintendo eShop.

Retailing for $ 4.99, Minecraft's first episode, The Order of the Stone, follows a male or female lead named Jesse, and the quest to retrieve a prized artifact to save the world. A season pass for all five episodes is available for $ 19.99, although Telltale has not outlined when the next four episodes will launch on Wii U.

This version takes advantage of the Wii U hardware, and offers off-TV play on the gamepad, as well as touchscreen control. In Game Informer's review, Brian Shea says that the first episode of Minecraft: Story mode "grabs your attention at a number of points and
sets you down the path of actually caring about what’s going on in a
story set in the player-driven Minecraft universe."


Our Take
Here's hoping the arrival of Minecraft: Story mode opens up the floodgates for other Telltale Games appearing on Wii U. – The Feed