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Sony hits ’70-90%’ console market share in Europe with PS4

“Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant,” says SCEE president Jim Ryan. …

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Neverwinter: Rise Of Tiamat Expansion Hits Xbox One Tomorrow Morning

Earlier this year, Perfect World’s free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter released on Xbox One. Those who started this fantastical adventure will have a lot more content to sink their teeth into tomorrow morning.

Along with new quests and heroic encounters, the Rise of Tiamat update includes an onscreen mini-map, performance upgrades, adjustments to queuing, and a 25-player battle with the five-headed draconic goddess Tiamat.

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Our Take
Adam Biessener seemed to have fun when he played the original PC release of Neverwinter a few years ago, so this freebie doesn't seem like a bad deal. If you're bored and you have an Xbox One, this might be the solution for you. – The Feed

Japan’s game market hits record high as consoles decline and mobile grows

The mobile game market has swelled the size of the Japanese market to dizzying new heights — but consoles continue to trend downward. That gain is thanks to mobile. …

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Activision Blizzard Digital Revenue Hits Record 45 Percent Of Total In First Quarter

During Activision Blizzard’s first quarter earnings call, the company touted the continuing growth of digital revenue. The publisher posted $ 581 million in that category.

This represents 45 percent of total company revenues during the quarter, a new record. Part of this is due to the strength of Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, both of which helped Blizzard grow the percentage of non-World of Warcraft revenue as part of the whole. 

For more on Activision Blizzard’s first quarter finances, visit our previous coverage.


Our Take
We continue to see growing importance of digital across the industry, as boxed product revenue decreases. Especially as publishers add more titles like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, digital distribution will continue to flourish. – The Feed

Axiom Verge Hits PC On May 14

The PC version of the modern Metroidvania Axiom Verge is hitting Steam and the Humble Store for $ 20 on May 14. There will be some PC-specific features including Steam Cloud saves and Steam Trading Card support.

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You can check out the PC trailer for Axiom Verge above. While the PC version finally has a date, the Vita version of Axiom Verge, which is Crossbuy with the PS4 version remains undated. You can check out our review of the PS4 version of Axiom Verge, which we really enjoyed. – The Feed

Goat Simulator Hits Xbox One

Major Nelson has revealed the cult hit will be released for Xbox One tomorrow.

Goat Simulator became an unlikely hit, largely due to YouTube videos of the game going viral on the Internet. Tomorrow, April 17, it will have a new console to create a ruckus on when it is released for Xbox One. The game is available for purchase now on Xbox Live for $ 9.99. However, you won't be able to play it until the 17th. An Xbox 360 version of the game will also be released in the near future.

[Source: Major Nelson] – The Feed

Driver Franchise Hits The Water Speedboat Paradise

The Driver series is back – and heading for the waterways.

Ubisoft has released an announcement trailer for Driver Speedboat Paradise, a new boat racing game for Android and iOS phones and tablets. The game will feature tropical locales like Miami, Cancun, and Venice and a number of different gameplay modes.

The game tells the tale of a young hotshot speedboat racer who – naturally – gets involved in some shady dealings and somehow runs into Driver series icon John Tanner.

The game is currently available in New Zealand and Australia (for some reason), but will be coming to other territories in April.

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Our Take
I hope this is good, I was always a fan of the Midway's Hydro Thunder series. – The Feed

BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend Hits This Summer

Aksys Games has announced that BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend is coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the Xbox One in both physical and digital forms sometime this summer. BBCPEX is the enhanced edition of BlazBlue Chronophantasma, the third main entry in the BlazBlue series.

Two new characters are joining the roster, Lambda 11 and Celica, which brings the total number of fighters up to 28. While Lambda is a returning character from Continuum Shift, Celica is a brand new character who fights with the doll Minerva.

Lambda returning might sound confusing for some series fans, but essentially she was brought back to divide Nu-13’s Chronophantasma moveset in half between Nu and Lambda. Each character gets one of the two stances given to Nu-13 in Chronophantasma in order to make the character less complicated to play.

In addition to the new characters, BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend features new story scenarios and also digest versions of the stories of Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift to get newcomers up to speed. One of the new story scenarios will be called Remix Heart and features two characters from the manga – Mai Natsume and Kajun Faycott – alongside series regulars Noel, Tsubaki and Makoto. Finally, a new stage will be introduced and the Guard Gauge system and Stylish Mode will both be revamped.

Our Take
The original BlazBlue Chronophantasma was my game of the year last year so it'll be great to have it on new-gen platforms with new content. It's also nice to see that the series is returning to being multiplatform after Chronophantasma missed the Xbox 360. – The Feed

Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth DLC Hits Next Month

Explore an ancient library in a realm between human and demon worlds in the upcoming Lords of the Fallen: Anicent Labyrinth DLC.  

This story DLC delves deep into hidden secrets and comes with all-new enemies to combat. New weapons, armor, and shields will be included. Get a glimpse of the new enemies and gear in the trailer and screenshots below.

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Lords of the Fallen is an Action RPG with challenging gameplay that takes place in a fantasy medieval world, where the human Harkyn fights against the ruling gods. Read our review of the game here.

The DLC is coming to Steam, Xbox One and PSN Europe on March 3, along with the PlayStation 4 version arriving in the U.S. on March 4. – The Feed

Call Of Duty Havoc DLC Hits PlayStation Systems And PC Later This Month

While Xbox gamers are already experiencing the new Exo Zombies mode, those playing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC are waiting patiently. You won’t have to hold out too long, though.

Activision has dated the expansion for February 26. As a reminder, the Havoc DLC includes four maps (Core, Urban, Drift, and Sideshow). It also comes with Sledgehammer’s spin on Treyarch’s zombie mode.

You can check out a trailer featuring the celebrities of Exo Zombies for more. You can also see what you’ll be getting into with the maps. For even more, there’s always our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review. – The Feed