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NES creator signs on to help The Strong chronicle video game history

The Strong Museum of Play is teaming up with Japan’s Ritsumeikan University and ex-Nintendo hardware guru Masayuki Uemara to better preserve and exhibit the history of the video game industry. …

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PSA: CCP Games Aims To Help Nepal With PLEX For GOOD Campaign

Following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, Nepal and the surrounding region was absolutely devastated. The death toll was upwards of 6,000 people, with millions of people still needing assistance. CCP Games, the studio behind Eve Online, took notice of the approximately 8 million people affected by the disaster and has decided to launch a new PLEX for GOOD campaign to assist those impacted.

CCP Games says that its community flooded its support ticket system, as well as its social media sites, to request that it launch a new PLEX for GOOD initiative to support Nepal. Previously, PLEX for GOOD has provided assistance to disaster-stricken areas of Japan, Haiti, Pakistan, the United States, and the Philippines. In the most recent PLEX for GOOD campaign, CCP Games raised $ 190,890 for the Philippines in November 2013.

Channels to donate PLEX have opened for this initiative, with the campaign starting this past Friday and running through May 15. Every time a player donates PLEX (an in-game item that grants Eve Online game time), CCP Games will donate $ 15 to the Icelandic Red Cross to assist with its relief efforts. In order to donate, players are asked to contract one or more PLEX to a "CCP PLEX for GOOD" character with a 14-day item exchange contract. To thank players, CCP Games will gift PLEX donors with the Sisters of EVE Food Relief "'Humanitarian' T-shirt YC117" in both male and female. – The Feed

Super Evil Megacorp expands East with help from a Wargaming exec

Wargaming Asia Pacific managing director Taewon Yun has quit his post to join up with mobile MOBA maker Super Evil Megacorp and spearhead its expansion into Japan, Korea and other Asian regions. …

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How a business plan can help your fledgling mobile studio

“The truth is that every mobile game business can benefit from a business plan. Here are some of the most overlooked ways a business plan can help your mobile game business.” …

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Robert Bowling Joins Humble Bundle, Leads New Group To Help ‘Games Be Created’

Robert Bowling has announced that he has joined charity-focused game seller Humble Bundle as vice president and creative director. Bowling, who spent six years as creative strategist for Call of Duty at Infinity ward, left that position to strike out on his own.

Robotoki, the studio Bowling founded, closed in January after a change in focus for the studio’s game Human Development left the company without a publishing arrangement. Now, Bowling is building a new team that will help Humble’s mission of supporting developers and charity initiatives.

“My role as vice president, creative director is focused on the future of Humble and how we’ll be expanding in the next one to five years,” Bowling told us via email. “I have started a new vertical in the company and am currently building a creative team that will be focused on new products and projects.”

With his background in game development, we were curious about how that might come into play at Humble. While there’s nothing to announce right now, there are some hints about what Bowling might be working on.

“One of the new focuses that I’m bringing to the company is to allow games to be created that would not have, or could not have existing without our help,” Bowling explains. “So, if we did ‘dip our toes’ into original development, it would be in a capacity that helped us test and iterate on a feature or service that would be made available to all developers. At the moment however, our goals are focused on helping other developers with their original creations.”

This sounds like it could be in part related to funding, which might create new partnerships that bolster the Humble Store’s profile. Recently, Curve Digital announced a time-limited exclusive deal with Humble Bundle to bring Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones to that storefront first.

As part of that, Bowling says that Humble will be expanding its capacity to further aid its core constituents: developers and gamers. “We are investing heavily in technology and development that will allow developers to increase the accessibility of their games and for players to have more freedom in how they play and access their games,” he tells us. “I will say, that every initiative we’re currently working on holds true to the values that people know from Humble. We want players to have freedom over the content they own, we want developers to have more opportunity for their games, and we want every revenue we generate to provide for charities.” – The Feed

Xbox One Overdog App Seeks To Help The Matchmaking Process

Launched today on Xbox One, Overdog seeks to match players with similar interests and connect them to play online.

It works a bit like a dedicated console social network, letting Xbox One players highlight a bunch of their interests, gaming and non-gaming alike, to create matches with other players. Overdog also wants to connect players with celebrity gamers.

You can check out a video below detailing how the service works. You can also find out more about it on its website, here. Finally, we interviewed former Chicago Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer a few years ago about the service when it was still in its infancy. The app has changed focus quite a bit since then, but Hillenmeyer was one of the original forces behind its inception. You can read that interview here.

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Our Take
Xbox One, to a small degree, has some of these functions already built into the operating system and Xbox Live, so I'm curious to see if the service will find an audience. The idea of finding someone to play online with who shares your obscure interest in a certain type of music or movies is certainly a compelling one, though. It seems like a good idea. – The Feed

Watch A Giant Piece Of Wood Turn Into Majora’s Mask With The Help Of A Few Chainsaws

Griffon Ramsey is an artist who works with wood and tools better know to the video game world as zombie slayers. Her latest creation is a giant Majora's Mask.

You can check out Ramsey's piece, as well as all the work that went into creating it, by checking out the video below. Ramsey has a number of videos on her channel showcasing her woodwork, including a Diablo-inspired piece you can find here.

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For more on the recently released Majora's Mask, you can find out review here and read an interview with Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma about remaking the game (and other questions) by heading here.

[Source: Griffon Ramsey on YouTube, via reddit] – The Feed

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The way that you deliver a game — how you package it up and get it into the hands of your audience — is critical to defining an exceptional game experience. How will your experience keep them coming back for more? …

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Gearbox seeks help crafting the next Borderlands entry

Given the massive success of Borderlands 2 and the lesser but still significant success of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it comes as little surprise that Gearbox is planning another entry in the over-the-top post-apocalyptic shooter franchise.

“We ar…
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Video: Understanding how analytics help you make better games

Understanding analytics data is critical if you want to make your best games. Epic Games’ Jim Brown shows you how, using examples from Fortnite’s development, in this GDC Europe 2014 talk. …

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