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Razer CEO Offers To Help Mojang With Virtual Reality Minecraft

Yesterday, Mojang founder and Minecraft creator Markus “notch” Persson expressed his disapproval of the deal that saw Facebook purchase Oculus for $ 2 billion. Persson, who backed the Oculus Kickstarter at the $ 10,000 level said that he was canceling plans for Minecraft on the platform because “Facebook creeps me out.”

In response, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan reached out to Persson via Twitter. “Perhaps we can help out,” he writes. “Will be in touch.”

At CES, Razer unveiled plans for a modular computing system and a wearable with two OLED screens. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that that the company is considering (or is already in development with) its own VR project. We’ve reached out to Razer for clarification and will update should we receive a response.

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Our Take
Razer seems a likely suspect to join the VR race. With VR taking off and the company’s motion-based Hydra controller already in use for some head-mounted display input solutions, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised for Tan and company to announce its own plans. – The Feed

Tetris used to help curb addictive cravings in UK study

UK researchers have found that playing a game of Tetris can help reduce cravings for people with addictions. The study, published in scientific journal Appetite, was designed to test Elaborated Intrusion Theory, which suggests that cravings are not…
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Hinder or help in Dead Nation PS4 streams

The PS4 port of Housemarque’s top-down arcade shooter, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, will have an interesting feature called “Broadcast+,” where streamers can have viewers directly affect their game through a voting mechanic. During certain…
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Killer Instinct patch to help fighters avoid Jail time

Spinal’s introduction to the Killer Instinct roster hasn’t been as smooth as Microsoft would’ve hoped. After adding the character and a new “Jail” feature, where players who habitually disconnect from online matches get paired up with similarly…
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Ubisoft Massive Getting Help From Ubisoft Reflections For The Division

With Ubisoft’s quarterly financial report due on Monday February 10, the conversation is no doubt likely to turn to the status of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Today, Ubisoft has announced that its Reflections studio (Driver: San Francisco, Just Dance 4 in collaboration with Paris) will be aiding Ubisoft Massive.

Develop interviewed Reflections’ managing director Pauline Jacquey on the arrangement. Reflections, which is based in Newcastle, has five different teams, one of which is now dedicated to The Division. This represents approximately 40 percent of the studio.

Ubisoft has a history of collaborative projects among its many studios. For instance, the number of studios contributing to the Assassin’s Creed series has grown over time, with eight different Ubisoft development houses playing a role in the most recent title.

Still, when we met with Ubisoft at E3 2013, when The Division was announced, it was Massive’s experience and vision that was the focus of the conversation. As of right now, The Division is scheduled for release in 2014. At this time though, press has not been afforded hands-on time and much is still unknown about how the game will work. The Division is slated for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

[Source: Develop]


Our Take
I don’t take this as a good sign for the progress of The Division. The 2014 target for the game has been excessively ambitious, and the additional staff seems to indicate that the progress isn’t moving as quickly as Ubisoft would like. I do not expect The Division during calendar year 2014. – The Feed

Jonathan Blow bringing The Witness to VR with Valve’s help

Today, the creator of Braid announced that he plans to bring his upcoming game to VR platforms — and is doing so with the direct help of Valve. …

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La-Mulana 2 Coming Soon..with Your Help!

Fans of the MSX-inspired La-Mulana can rejoice with a new installment planned.

If you are unfamiliar, La-Mulana is a 2D action-adventure platformer where you become protagonist Lemeza, an archaeologist attempting to uncover the secrets of the eponymous ruins of  La-Mulana. The game was very difficult with confusing puzzles, challenging bosses, and some devilish traps. The difficulty only made the victories and solutions so much more sweet when you achieved them.  Nigoro, the makers of La-Mulana, wanted to appeal to a larger audience with their take on what 2D games can still offer by remaking the game from scratch, toning down the difficulty and bringing it to the WiiWare service and subsequently porting it to PC.

Now, Nigoro wants to continue to appeal to a larger audience with the sequel, and they hope to help fund it by crowdsourcing on Kickstarter, which has been very successful for indie developers in recent years.  Nigoro director Takumi Naramura says in the new Kickstarter video that he feels “evolution of 2D gaming stopped sometime after 3D games became mainstream.”  In La-Mulana 2, he hopes to continue where 2D games could have left off, if they kept evolving.  In this direct sequel set 5 years after the end of La-Mulana, you will play as Lemeza’s daughter, Lumisa, as she returns to the ruins her father visited those years ago.  The game is boasting 18 areas, over 9 bosses, 40 sub-bosses, 50 tracks on the soundtrack, and I bet a good bit of tricks and traps as well.

If this is anything like La-Mulana, it’ll be a fantastic adventure, like playing through a 2D Indiana Jones movie (the good ones, not Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).  The Kickstarter has been up for less than 24 hours as of writing this, and it has already received over $ 72,000 with 32 days remaining.  There are some great incentives for backing the project like receiving a copy of the game, getting access to the alpha version, and many more.  There are also some exciting stretch goals offered like home console versions or playing as a new character and some funny ones like Curry Party and Curry Hell (check it out!).

If this sounds like something you’re into or maybe you’re already a fan, you can find the Kickstarter here to check it out!

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Study: Dance games help bladder control, urinary incontinence

Dance games can help you burn off calories, lose unwanted weight, tone your muscles and teach you some sweet moves to bust out at the next wedding you’re invited to. According to a study published in Neurology and Urodynamics, they can also help …
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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has been abducted, send help

Alright you Earthling larvae fellow humans hahaha (nervous laughter), it’s Saturn’s Day, and your minds understand what is about to transpire: it is time for the Wrapup Web! Come in, make yourselves at home, that we may welcome you with various …
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Blog: How games can help players think about their lives in new ways

From money to personal happiness, games have the power to make players consider their own human experience. Game designer Brandon Bozzi explains how. …

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