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Video: Understanding how analytics help you make better games

Understanding analytics data is critical if you want to make your best games. Epic Games’ Jim Brown shows you how, using examples from Fortnite’s development, in this GDC Europe 2014 talk. …

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Call for participation: The Game Outcomes Project needs your help!

“Currently, there’s little or no actual data on how different factors such as crunch/overtime, production methodologies, or team size impact the success or failure of projects in the game industry. We hope to change that!” …

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You Can Help Decide The Fate Of The Newly Announced Might & Magic Heroes VII

Though we have plenty of RPG news coming from titles we expected to see at Gamescom 2014 like Dragon Age: Inquisition, we also received an announcement for the return of a recognizable role-playing title. Today, Ubisoft and Limbic Entertainment announced Might & Magic Heroes VII, asking fans to get involved in the direction of the game's development.

The stained glass-stylized reveal trailer shows off four members of main character Ivan, Duke of Griffin's council, and Ubisoft is polling fans to decide which other two potential factions to join the game. Fans can join the Shadow Council community on the game's website to cast their vote.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

So far, we know the skirmish, duel, and hot seat multiplayer modes will return. Factions like the Haven and the Necroplis will be returning for sure, while the current community vote is between the Sylvan and Fortress factions.

Might & Magic Heroes VII will release exclusively for PC sometime in 2015. For more, check out the screenshot and art gallery below. – The Feed

PlayStation 4 sales help Sony post quarterly profit

Sony revealed encouraging quarterly results this morning, with year-on-year sales between April and June boosted primarily by the PlayStation 4′s success. The company announced a Q1 net profit of 26.8 billion yen (around $ 265 million), up no less…
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Lara seeks professional help in Rise of the Tomb Raider reveal

If you finished the (quite excellent) reboot of Tomb Raider, you know that Lady Croft has some post-traumatic issues to work out. Apparently, so does the audience in their interpretation of the issues presented in the new Tomb Raider….
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Apple moves to help parents put the kibosh on kids’ iOS spending

Apple has announced a new Family Sharing feature for the upcoming iOS 8 that will make it easier for parents to stop their children from racking up massive bills via in-app transactions. …

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Viktor to seek help sorting out realms on Steam in June

If everyone could just agree to stay in their own realms, there’d probably be a lot fewer instances of heroes getting saddled with the responsibility of solving conflicts larger than themselves. Of course, when your world consists of an Overworld and…
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Buy Dota 2 Championship Compendium And Help Unlock Dota Rewards

Valve has recently started selling it's 2014 digital program for the upcoming Dota 2 eSport championship, and proceeds from the compendium are helping boost the prize pool to staggering new heights.

This year's Compendium allows fans to follow the competitors and make predictions on matches. It digital program costs $ 10, and $ 2.50 of that money goes towards The International's prize pool. As this pool grows, Dota 2 strech goals unlock, giving Compendium owners and other Dota players access to things like new chat emoticons, new music, and new environmental effects.

Last year, Valve pulled off a similar crowd funding system and broke prize records with over $ 2.8 million in prizes awarded. This year's compendium just went on sale and Valve has already raised over $ 3.2 Million in prize money.


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That's a lot of money, and it makes me wish I was good at Dota 2. The stretch goal system is a clever insentive to get more players to purchase this program and invested in the competition. – The Feed

Epic wants your help building the next Unreal Tournament

After a nearly seven year hiatus, Epic has announced plans to create a new entry in its beloved Unreal Tournament franchise. Even better: The game is going to be released at no cost, and Epic wants fan input on its design.

Epic made this…
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Mark of the Old Ones, a Lovecraftian Metroidvania platformer, is nearly funded on Kickstarter and needs your help!

Mark of the Old Ones is a Metroidvandia physics-based 2D platformer with elements of Lovecraftian horror. If you like any or all of those things, you’re in for some good news! Developer Hit the Sticks has less than 72 hours left to go to get their project completely funded, and you can still chip in!

In Mark of the Old Ones, you control Mogal, an eldritch ball of tentacles than can interact with its environment in a variety of unique ways. Moving around in the game world, the cavernous metropolis of Namaset, looks totally fluid and dynamic. Instead of pre-baked animations, you reach out and interact with objects with your tendrils, allowing for a vast array of possibilities, for puzzle platforming.

Taking inspiration from titles like Metroid and Zelda,  and borrowing the thematic principles of H.P. Lovecraft, this promises to be an interesting addition to the 2D puzzle platformer genre. On Hit the Sticks’ Kickstarter page, you can check out their trailer, some concept art, a preview of the game’s musical styling, a playable demo, and even a breakdown of the developer’s finances, which is always a good sign.

The project is about eighty percent fully funded, and if that doesn’t seem high enough for you, remember that the final days of a Kickstarter project are always the most powerful!

You can find the Kickstarter page for Mark of the Old Ones here:

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