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Hori’s 3DS accessory gives one hand a second circle pad

One of the bigger issues with playing a Monster Hunter game on the 3DS is the hand cramping that accompanies the game’s camera controls. As discussed in our Deja Review of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the Circle Pad Pro add-on is essential for the 3DS…
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Midna lends Link a hand in new Hyrule Warriors trailer

Twilight Princess’ lovable imp Midna headlines the latest gameplay trailer for Koei Tecmo’s Zelda-fied brawler Hyrule Warriors, showcasing an array of powerful attacks using gigantic phantom hands and summoned creatures. Midna is the latest in a…
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Deck-building roguelike Hand of Fate coming to PlayStation 4, Vita

Tabletop gaming fans, this one’s for you. Indie studio Defiant Development revealed that its “tabletop roguelike deck builder” Hand of Fate is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Funded by a successful Kickstarter project, Hand of Fate is an…
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Konami plays mobile hand with puzzle-battle game Chain of Souls

Konami has dived head-first into the mobile gaming waters with Chain of Souls, an iOS game that blends elements of the puzzle and card battle genres. Using the touchscreen, players must link together three or more runes of the same color to form a…
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Report: Young Man Shot By Police, Allegedly With Wii Controller In Hand

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed in his home by a police officer on Friday, February 14. Reports from eyewitnesses suggest that when he answered the door, an officer immediately discharged her weapon and killed the young man.

Officers were at the Euharlee, Georgia home of Christopher Roupe (pictured above in ROTC uniform) and his family to serve a probation violation warrant for the boy’s father. The family attorney, Cole Law, told Atlanta television station WSB that eyewitness reports indicate that Roupe had a Wii Controller in his hand at the time. 

Reports also indicate that the officers did not identify themselves when Roupe asked before the door was opened. The police officer involved in the shooting allegedly claimed the boy pointed a BB gun directly at her. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is handling the inquiry has not commented on the conflicting reports or even if a BB gun was taken into evidence.

The officer involved in the shooting is on mandatory administrative leave, which is standard procedure in the event of an officer-involved shooting. The funeral for Roupe will be held Friday, February 21. We have requested more information from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and will update should we receive a response. 

[Source: WSB Atlanta]


Our Take
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Christopher Roupe and the officer who will have to bear the consequences of her actions. – The Feed

Toronto’s Hand Eye Society gears up to celebrate Canadian game devs

Gamasutra speaks with Toronto-based dev Jim Munroe (Unmanned) about Hand Eye Society’s upcoming Fancy Video Game Party — an event honoring the work of local Canadian game developers. …

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Replay – Dead Man’s Hand

Many games tried to bring the Old West to the gaming world, but few really nailed it until Red Dead Redemption. One of the attempts was 2004's Dead Man's Hand from Human Head Studios, and it's the subject of this week's episode of Replay.

Click below to watch Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, intern Isaac Perry, and myself test our gunslinging abilities before venturing into a new second segment.

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Check out more episodes at our Replay hub. – The Feed

Darksiders Artist Joe Madureira Tries His Hand At Drawing Zelda’s Link

Darksiders is a game heavily inspired by Zelda, so it seems fitting that Joe Madureira, the creative director and artist behind Darksiders and its sequel, would put together his own take on the Hero of Time. I'm just surprised we didn't see it sooner.

The image showed up on Joe Madureira's Facebook page. Madureira says that this version of Link is a sort of amalgamation of his many different versions over the years. Madureira's take is the younger Link, because that is the version he prefers. He also said that he had such a great time drawing Link, that he would like to do more recognizable characters in the future.

Back in 2008, when Darksiders first released, Penny Arcade tried their hand at a version of Death with Link's armor. It all feels as though it has come full circle.

[Source: Facebook, via Reddit] – The Feed

Free-to-play Ascend: Hand of Kul out tomorrow on XBLA

Free-to-play action RPG Ascend: Hand of Kul will launch on XBLA tomorrow. Developed by Signal Studios, the game was originally known as Ascend: New Gods until being renamed in May. Ascend: Hand of Kul features both single player and asynchronous multiplayer modes, the latter allowing players to invade the worlds of other players.

Among the other games being offered on Xbox Live this week is Alpha Protocol, which is now available via Games on Demand along with Viking: Battle for Asgard, Phantom Breaker Extra and Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver.

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Ascend: Hand Of Kul Out Of Beta And On Xbox Live This Week

Ascend: Hand of Kul has been in beta for most of this year, but everyone else is going to get their hands on it this week. The free-to-play title from Signal Studios arrives on Xbox Live on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

The title, which was previously called Ascend: New Gods, is an online action-RPG. While this is a free-to-play game, according to Signal Studios, there is no premium currency. Instead, the "souls" that are earned in-game can also be purchased with real money. Nothing is walled off from those that choose not to pay, with cash greasing the wheels rather than unlocking a gate.

You can try it out for yourself later this week.

[Source: @MajorNelson]


Our Take
Signal Studios has a strong track record with both Toy Soldiers and the 80s-inspired Toy Soldiers: Cold War. There hasn't been a lot of news on Ascend: Hand of Kul during its development and beta, but I'm hopeful that the amount of time spent polishing the title pays off when it arrives on Wednesday. – The Feed